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BCR 126 is here!

Wednesday Sept 19, 2007  Vol 2040 - Petraeus Maximus

Quote of the Day

"America is a pretty scary place 
  right now, but I think we'll be OK 
  once Hillary takes charge."
   -- Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow A Petraeus Myth
Arrow Tasers and Cowardice HOT
Arrow The Real 9/11 Scandal 
Arrow Electrifying Kerry speech HOT
Arrow Hardees is 'of the Devil' HOT
Arrow No Way Out of Iraq
Arrow Blackwater Thugs
Arrow Swear-Him-In Expulsion
Arrow Hilary Duff w/ Vaseline



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"Rudy is attacking Hillary for refusing to attack for attacking Petraeus. 
  And, listen to this, General Petraeus was once stationed in Egypt, the birthplace of Omar Sharif, 
  who once did 'McKenna's Gold' with Eli Wallach, who was in 'Mystic River' with Kevin Bacon" 
     -- Bill Maher

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Petraeus & the 'Central Front' Myth
  by Robert Parry

As Gen. David Petraeus outlined plans for a long-term U.S. military occupation of Iraq, he relied heavily
on two arguments favored by his civilian superiors in the Bush administration but not supported by the facts
- that al-Qaeda views Iraq as the "central front" in the war on terror and is eager to drive American forces out.

To support his position, Petraeus cited the views of senior U.S. intelligence officials based on captured
al-Qaeda documents. However, in a letter, terrorist Atiyah told Zarqawi that "the most important thing is
that the jihad continues with steadfastness and firm rooting, and that it grows in terms of supporters, strength,
clarity of justification, and visible proof each day. Indeed, prolonging the war is in our interest." [Emphasis added]

Every day al Qaeda beats up the American military the terrorists grow stronger.
We're getting our ass kicked by old school cave-dwellers and teenage handjobs.

Why do we pay $40B a year for a military that can't beat Kid Nation?

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Used with permission


"Mr. Mayor, this is an odd question but I think you'll understand it: Is it weird being this liked?"  
    --Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade, blowing Rudy right on FOX News,   Link

 The same people who got so terribly upset about a 2-second glimpse of Janet Jackson's breast
 don't mind seeing FOX whores performing fellatio right there on their damn TV in the living room?
 Or, in this case, maybe it's cunnilingus.

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Join the Solution


 Tasered for Non-Silence
  by Greg Palast, as seen on


"Palast said you won the 2004 election - isn't that amazing?
There were multiple reports of disenfranchising of Black voters on the day of the election
in 2004 in Florida and Ohio. ... How could you concede the election on the day?"

We warned you: 'Armed Madhouse' is a dangerous book. Andrew Meyers was attacked by cops,
zapped with tasers and arrested after demanding that John Kerry answer the question.

Meyers said, "In this book, it says there were 5 million votes and you won the election. ...
How could you concede the election on the day?"

Meyers asked related questions including a query as to why Kerry refused to vote for impeachment.
When he passed his alloted one minute mic time, five cops jumped him, threw him to the ground,
shot him with taser shockers.

Kerry, true to character, stood immobile.

Is this it for John Kerry's career in politics?

Can he survive another screw-up of this mega?
What was that kid's crime, illegal speaking?
And they tasered him for non-silence?

Hey John, maybe it's time to hang up the old track shoes and call it a career.
You were a hero - 35 years ago.
You're nothing but a drag on the party now.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Finally, an electrifying John Kerry speech

  Let this be an example - Hold your tongue!

Christ, look at him!  How many times did they taser this guy?


A University of Florida student got Tasered by police and forcibly removed from
a John Kerry event Monday after he interrupted the program with a bunch of questions.
There is video of the takedown, and it is excellent.

There had several cameras from multiple angles.
If you're low on time Video Two is pretty goddamn chilling.

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Me loving my shirt at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA
 Tiffany P.
(Keep up the great work!)


"The surge is working and morale is up - way up! 
  It is so much better than often conveyed by the liberal media."  
     -- Hollywood elite actor Chuck Norris, who, like every right-wing liar, 
         forgets that FOX News is top-rated on cable,  Link

 Why do the whining bedwetters pretend they can't get their "message of truth" out
 when more people watch FOX Whore news than CNN Whore news?

 They want to scream, "We're Number One" while at the same time screaming,
 "It's not fair that we can't reach anybody."

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Brothers & Sisters on Sundays

Subject: soldiers raping soldiers


I feel obligated to refute your lastest Monkey Mail, where that Monkey insists
that female soldiers in the Middle East have no fear of being raped. My daughter
recently served a tour of duty as a Navy Doctor in the Middle East combat zone.

She reports that a large incidence of problems they are seeing among female personnel
are urinary infections due to the female personnel 'holding it in' during the night rather than
venture out to the bathrooms after dark, for fear of being molested by their 'fellow soldiers'.

Sad but true. It just doesn't get much reporting.

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Hardees is evil and unAmerican
 by Donald H. Wildmon (The H stands for 'handjob')


Hardees/Carl's Jr. is hitting new lows in their latest round of television commercials. 
After offending families with Paris Hilton and Hugh Hefner-driven ads over the past few years, 
the hamburger chain is taking its history of sleaze marketing to a new level.

Oh please - what's more American than a girl washing a car in a bikini?
Ever been to a charity car wash in the summer?
You think those cute, thin, wet young girls are wearing burkas?

One of the latest ads, now on national television, depicts a sexualized female teacher in a high school classroom
doing a stripper-style dance on top of her desk, while male students do a rap song about her "flat buns."
Click here to see this ad (Warning: This ad will grow hair on your palms and make your testes shrink.
This nasty, nasty ad is provided only for the purpose of educating our members).

C'mon, it's a takeoff on Van Halen's 'Hot for Teacher.'
Yell at them for being 20 years behind, like former comedian Dennis Miller, not for corrupting our yoots.

In another ad, a scantly-clad woman gyrates to a countdown of things she wants a man to do to her.
All the time, she is eating a "patty melt" sandwich. Click here to see this ad (Warning: This nasty, 
nasty ad is offensive and provided only for the purpose of educating our members).

Yeah, sure.
You gotta wonder why Donald Wildmon got in the porn-watching business.
He and his sex-is-bad sheep have like 150 VTRs going at all times.
They watch non-family shows, looking for something to bitch about.

Hey Donnie, this is the business you've chosen.
You watch porn all f-ing day AND you make money from it.

What makes you any different from Larry Flynt besides the fact
that Flynt's not a hypocrite who lies about liking to watch porn?

Do you have a camera in the Men's Room at Handjob Central?

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Subject: Skull and Bones forever baby!!!


John Kerry proved the Swift Boaters correct again.  He is a coward!!!
Just let that kid get tasered in Florida and did nothing to stop it when he clearly could have.
Just as in 04 when he let is Skull and Bones butt buddy steal the election without any fight!
Skull and Bones for life Baby!!

The police in this country are way out of control.
You can't even talk or they are ready to tackle you and taser your ass for non-conformity.
Why does one need to be tased when six punk ass cops are on top of the kid?
I'd like to take one of them one on one and after I whip that ass I would taser that pig.

The boys in Iraq are fighting for our free speech while Punk Ass cops run around here
in the US preventing it without ramification?  Seems the cops have the Blackwater immunity
in this country and nobody gives a shit, Kerry just stood there and said nothing.
Keep Hammerin!!!!
 California Dave

That's so creepy.
It sounds like he got tasered with no air in his lungs, and before he could scream,
first he had to inhale and it must've been the longest second of that man's life.

I remember watching an old U2 bootleg, way back, maybe from the 1992 US tour.
Mid-song, I think it was "Still haven't Found," Bono saw some security guards wailing 
on some dude with their sticks, probably in Philly, if I remember correctly..

He stopped the song cold dead and screamed into the mic for those cops to quit beating the man. 
Bono said,  "That's not going to happen at a U2 concert."

All it took was the balls to speak up.

One thing's for sure, John Kerry ain't no Bono.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Neck Deep: The Real 9/11 Scandal 
 by Nat, Sam and Robert Parry

As Bush tries to squeeze 16 more months of political advantage from America's 9/11 memories, it is worth 
recalling how different history might have been had Bush heeded intelligence warnings in the summer of 2001.

Bush's supporters have worked mightily to foist off blame for the attacks on Clinton, but the truth is that the 
key developments in the emergence of Osama bin Laden and his terrorist band date back to the Reagan-Bush 
years of the 1980s - and the missed opportunities to stop the attacks fell heavily on George W. Bush's watch.

That reality is recalled in this excerpt from the new book, 
Neck Deep: The Disastrous Presidency of George W. Bush:

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"Increasingly negative attacks against other Democrats aren't going to end the war,
  deliver universal health care or turn John Edwards' flagging campaign around.
   -- Phil Singer, spokesman for HRC, Link

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

I can't find any verification, but I've read that Josh Marshall (Talking Points Memo)
sided with the "Taser that bastard" crowd.  

  Let this be an example - Hold your tongue!

That would disappoint me, if the rumor is true because I respect Josh and 
it might be the first big mistake I've seen him make - if it's true.

Whore CNN dismissed him as a "publicity seeker with a web page," which is why you'll 
never see me in Andrew Meyer's position.  Who could I count on to stand up for my 
tasered ass when CNN calls me nothing more than a publicity whore?  

I'm a lot more pissed about this (and the Kerry coward reaction) than I was yesterday
because after I published, I had time to watch the various videos from many angles.

BTW, if speaking too long is a crime, Kerry should be on Death Row.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Mukasey AG Nominee

In 2001 or 2002 (I think) Federal Judge Michael Mukasey, currently nominated for Attorney General
by President Bush, registered under a pseudonym and began to post at NPR's "Community" internet forum.

Rule #1 of the old forums (the forums are gone now-- and not replaced) was that you should use your real name.
I managed to trace and identify Mr. Mukasey and outed him as federal judge.
It's only a minor crime (I think) under the Patriot Act to disobey website rules, but Mr. Mukasey seemed to want
to discuss issues that related to cases in his court docket or might be reasonably expected to be there in future.
Typically, those were the sort of things we discussed.

I'm sorry that I do not have access to this information directly, but I have checked with some other
"Community" members who also remember the incident.

If a pubic hair on a can of Coca-Cola was enough to set the nation in a tizzy over Clarence Thomas'
nomination to the Supreme Court, inappropriate discussion of issues on a public forum seems fair game.

I assume that NPR has kept data-backups of the old "Community" forum
and could easily search for the name Mukasey.

If NPR has destroyed this digitally-stored information, I feel confident that it is retained
by Law Enforcement Agencies and Intelligence Agencies.

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Lewd Larry

Audio - Video

From our good friends at

Subject: a soldiers's mom

As the mother of a soldier i feel petraeus did betray us.
he has just helped these criminals in this administration, prolonged their murder and maiming of our brave troops.
If we had run an ad like that before another general betrayed us ie colin powel at the u.n, maybe we could have
saved a whole lot of american lives and limbs and stopped the suffering of millions of innocent people.

Ohhhh yeah...they say, "Violence is waaaay down in baghdad"
Now i read today that all diplomatic travel in baghdad is being suspended from leaving the green zone.

If it is so freaking peaceful over there send in john mccain to do our diplomatic work.
Hell he can go anywhere at anytime and stroll around neighborhoods in baghdad,
like it was a summer day at an indiana farmers market.
 carol b

Carol, excellent point.
If we had demanded the truth from Powell, an extra 3,791 soldiers could've enjoyed 
a Labor Day Barbecue with their loved ones but nobody asked Powell to tell the fucking truth.

Powell decided he'd rather be Bush's House Nigger than save those 3,791 - and counting -  lives
yet he can still go on Jay Leno and yuk it up and sell books, the traitorous, murdering bastard.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Click for More

Marcia Ball Live in Oklahoma City
This Friday Night

Subject: NBC Dateline Predators

I have to agree with you there. I caught part of their ongoing "investigative" series, in which some guy
had sat outside in his car, lost his nerve, and drove off. They chased him down and arrested him for
thinking about committing a crime and changing his mind! I couldn't believe it.

Larry Craig, Republican asshole that he is, was nailed in much the same way. I have no sympathy for his
being outted as a closeted self-hating gay man, but he didn't commit a crime. All he did was advertise his
desire to have sex, and that's not illegal, I don't care who you are or where you come from. But it's like you say,
just because you are arrested and convicted doesn't mean you have actually committed a crime, it just means
you might have needed a lawyer willing to ask the judge what crime was committed.

And as for the seeming increase in tasering of people by the police, I suggest that police training should
require that each officer issued a taser be tasered at least twice a year, so they can always know what it
feels like. Same with pepper spray. They'd be a lot less likely to whip out the stun gun at the drop of a hat.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

...unless you have 1,000 military assault weapons and you spend al day raping children in Waco.
Then you have permission from the GOP to fight the federal government, (if a Democrat's in charge.)

Remember: G. Gordon Liddy says, "Shoot for their heads" of the United States federal agents
because unlike our soldiers that Bush marooned in Iraq, these guys wear body armor.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Student defends Kerry cowardice

Some have questioned Sen. John Kerry's actions (They mean inaction) during the now infamous incident
at the University of Florida in which student Andrew Meyer was eventually Tasered by a campus cop.
Why didn't Kerry do more to intercede?

For instance, he could've, in that stentorian voice of his, strongly asked the police to stop manhandling Meyer.
He could've even pre-empted the police before the tussle started by asking them to back off Meyer.
He might've mollified Meyer by saying, "Let's talk after the event."
He might've taken action instead of standing there like a coward.

An eyewitness to the entire episode, Clarissa Jessup, indicates Kerry did try to deescalate the matter,
and did just about tell the police to stand down.  Here's the transcript:

"John Kerry did try to interfere with the police. at one point, police where holding on to meyers.
kerry got to a point where he almost lost his composure and said officer guy. you, let him go.
(Who wrote this miscarriage of the English language?)

i do want to hear his question, i do want to hear to what he has to say. i do want to answer him.
that was at the point the officers said will pull you aside to ask your question. but as he was
attempting to ask his question. the officers themselves appeared to me to make themselves
clear not allowing him to stay and hear the question and yelling into his ear."

The video on YouTube has drawn more than 840,000 hits. (a million by now)
See the video on the web site of the tasered student, Andrew Meyer.


Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Why spend $110B on Hillary's Health Care when we can
spend $2000B to kill 4,000 American soldiers?

Subject: MoveOn's Petraeus ad

Cliff was enraged, but I think MoveOn is onto something.
Last week, Petraeus. This week,  Giuliani - each, according to Move On, betrayed us.

We, the American public, were BETRAYED.
We were led to believe, but on the basis of lies. We trusted, but were deceived.

Betrayal is the perfect meme. It gets people worked up, enraged, and energized.
It removes the blame for permitting the election - TWICE! - of the lying Bush crew.
We weren't saps, we weren't to lazy or busy to get out and Protest,  we were ... BETRAYED.


Personally, I like it. It puts the blame where it belongs - on the Republican manipulators,
the Republican liars, the Republicans who would take our most fundamental desires
(in this case, for safety) and use them against us.

This is where the obligatory bashing of the Democratic Party and its leadership would ordinarily go.
However, I just can't go there. We need better Democrats - but I find no joy in savaging the ones
we have now. MoveOn needs to keep up its "betrayal" message. It's a winner.
 Cheryl H

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For instance, every day we get maybe 60 cartoons, but use only 30 or so.
We need someone to post the best toons that we don't have room for on the page.

Blogging is easy, especially if your IQ is greater than 64.
Why start your own blog for family and friends when you could
Bart-Blog and be read by dozens your first day on the job?

Blogging is like sex - it works if nobody else is around,
but it's so much more fun when you're not alone.

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Subject: Kerry the coward

Yeah the guy who got tasered is definitely a right wing nut... asking why Kerry conceded the election
and didn't fight the results where black voters rights were alleged to have been infringed. Sounds like
what Right-wingers are always screaming about... infringement of black voters. You might want to
actually watch the video again... the kid was a left-winger asking why Kerry didn't stick to his liberal
values and why he was such a coward for not even putting up a good fight 3 years ago.

And I believe that he got tazed for his 'Skull and Bones' question, honestly!
 Taco Sauce

Who else will ask Kerry the tough questions?
Wolf the Whore?
The Whore Times?
Tim the Whore?
The Whore Post?
Judas Maximus?

No, they won't ask, so this kid tried and got tasered for it.

Whore CNN said this morning, "We understand Andrew Meyer has a web site,
so maybe this was just a publicity stunt."


This kid was doing YOUR job because you're a pro-Bush network that won't do it.
YOU haven't asked the tough questions and somebody has to - so this guy did.

If you weren't so busy licking Bush's ass you might have time to ask tough questions.

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Fraud Thompson's free time on TNT


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Male Hotties

Women only, please.


"Gosh, no one has told me that there's any major reserves in the Everglades, 
  but maybe that's one of the things I need to learn while I'm down here." 
    -- Fraud Thompson, taken by surprise when... (NO need to finish that sentence.)   Link


 Why is Fraud Thompson taken by surprise EVERY TIME he's asked a question? 

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

No Way Out


Thousands of Iraqis, many hunted as traitors because they assisted America's war effort, are finding
the bridge to safety blocked. Their admission to the United States as refugees is being delayed by a
tortuous application process and lumbering bureaucratic reviews.

This latest failure was detailed in a cable sent to the State Department earlier this month by America's
ambassador in Baghdad, Ryan Crocker, and first published Monday in The Whore Post. (Crocker
did not mention the problem in his happy-talk presentations on Capitol Hill last week.) And it is only
part of a much larger refugee crisis that is already threatening to spread Iraq's chaos throughout the
region - and one Bush refuses to accept as his responsibility.

Bush has insisted that candidates for refugee status must first be vetted by the United Nations, which
has already identified nearly 10,000 Iraqis as desperately in need of resettlement in the United States.
In February, American officials promised to process 7,000 refugees by Sept. 30, later downgrading
that goal to 2,000. And as with every other pledge on security and political progress in Iraq, American
officials have failed spectacularly to achieve even that lower target. So far, only 900 refugees have
made it to the United States this year.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

The mayor donated this "Republican St" retired sign to 
Drinking Liberally, and we were invited to fix it I supplied the stickers!

Tom Ross
Democrat precinct officer
AND BC supporter!!

Subject: Larry Craig

Bart, as a public service, can you give us readers a heads up
when it's once again safe to use a public men's room without fear
of being propositioned by a Republican elected official?

Steve, I doubt that "All's clear" will come any time soon.
They say the first step to recovering is recognizing you have a problem and
so far the GOP is in complete and total denail about their homosexual urges.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Send e-mail to Bart


"Schwarzenegger says if Republicans want to win, they have to become more like him. 
  Today, Mitt Romney gave a speech with a dozen walnuts in his mouth."  
      -- Conan O'Brien

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Pigboy's Sad, Syphilitic Quotes

"If NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning were smart, he would change his race today."
   -- the vulgar Pigboy, still angry that he lost his dream job because he is a racist pig

"Even if all of our current warmth is manmade, it has been a small price to pay 
  for the health and prosperity and long lives we now enjoy."
   -- from Rush's new book, "If I was Lying about Global Warming." 

"Despite what Mrs. Clinton, or the Breck Girl, or anybody else says, 
  health care is not a constitutional right."
  -- Captain Oink, who doesn't need a health care provider because he makes $30M a year
      by firming up the prejudices of the stupid and the weak and the ignorant, racist bastards.

"Performance is colorblind, folks. Ask Tiger Woods."
   -- Pigboy, who's right this time

 If you're the "greatest golfer of all time," whitey just miiiiiight let you in the Clubhouse.

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Can the US live without hired thugs?


Extra Sleazy Rice and Maliki agreed that U.S. diplomats must be free to travel around Iraq, but how they will 
do that is now a point of contention. The U.S. embassy in Baghdad relies heavily on Blackwater's thugs to guard 
its personnel as they visit government ministries and other sites around Iraq. American diplomats have not been 
able to travel outside the Green Zone since Iraq suspended Blackwater's goons following a firefight Sunday that 
resulted in the murders of at least eight Iraqi civilians. "We're there to strengthen the Iraqi Government. We're not 
able to do that all in the Green Zone," Rice said she told Maliki in the conversation. And, she claimed, he agreed. 

Rice told the whore press traveling with her that the two governments are negotiating a way for the embassy to 
operate safely and allay Iraq's concerns about what it says is excessive force by Blackwater's thugs. To pressure
Maliki into allowing Blackwater's goons to continue robbing, raping and killing, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad has 
stopped all ground movement of American diplomats throughout Iraq outside the Green Zone. 

If Bush's personal goon squad isn't free to terrorize, murder and steal, why bother to stay in Iraq?

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Marty's Entertainment Page
always has good stuff.

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Bruce Yurgil Toon-Off Semi-Finals - Round 11

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 Iraq pumped 3.5Mbarrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Some people celebrate Bush's bloody oil war...

Some don't.
x 3,787....3,791

We lost  4 since yesterday.

What sub-human bastard would get
3,791 soldiers killed just to steal some oil?

How much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters
and his front company is moving to Dubai.

 $100M a day,
$200M a day,
$300M a day - where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

Subject: donation

Hey Bart.

I'm trying to advertise for this fundraiser I'm doing for leukemia & lyphoma.  .

I'm running in memory of my dad who died a few years back.
 Jim in Brooklyn

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PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

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'Swear Him In' Provokes Expulsion
  by Ray McGovern

"Swear him in." That's all I said in the unusual silence as first aid was being administered to
Petraeus's microphone at the hearing before the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees.

It had dawned on me that when Chairman Ike Skelton, D-Missouri, invited Petraeus to make his presentation,
Skelton forgot to ask him to take the customary oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
I had no idea that would be enough to get me thrown out of the hearing.

I had a flashback to a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in early 2006, when Patrick Leahy, (D-Rubberstamp)
reminded chairman Arlen Specter, that Specter had forgotten to swear in the witness, Alberto Gonzales; and how
Specter insisted that that would not be necessary.

Now that may, or may not, be an invidious comparison. But Petraeus and Gonzales work for the same boss,
who has a rather unusual relationship with the truth. How many of his senior staff could readily be convicted,
as was the hapless-and-now-commuted Scooter Libby, of perjury?

Ray, you're lucky they didn't taser you.
Free speech gets you tortured in Bush's Amerikkka.

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