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Thurs-Friday  Oct 18-19, 2007  Vol 2058 - Porqué no?

Quote of the Day

"She helped me put it on vibrate." 
   -- Rudy the liar, after getting 40 calls
       from his 3rd wife during speeches   Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Media Buries Iraq Dissent HOT
Arrow Colbert for President HOT
Arrow Pre-Existing Conditions 
Arrow Coburn & VA Tech Bill HOT
Arrow Health Care for Kids
Arrow No Time for Warrants 
Arrow Candidates abusing God 
Arrow O.R.U. head steps down 
Arrow Stacy's 'Comebacks' 


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"Hillary is not the first politician in Washington to declare 'mission accomplished' a little too soon."
   -- Barack Obama on Leno, going for a two-fer when asked if Hillary was "a shoo-in."

 Excuse me, Mr. Obama, Mr. Honesty, exactly when did Hillary declare she'd won the nomination?

 I don't mind a politician calling an ant hill "a mountain" because politicians lie - that's what they do.
 But when you wrap yourself in the cloak of honesty and claim, "I'm not like those people,'"
 and then turn into one of them after you find yourself 25 points behind, that doesn't work.

 So if you want to tell lies, that's OK with me because I want a Democratic president.
 But you might want to knock off that "honesty" bullshit because you're clumsy at it.

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Media Buries Iraq Dissent
  by Robert Parry

Last summer when two pro-Iraq War pundits returned from a Pentagon-guided tour of Iraq,
the New York Times gave them prime op-ed space to re-invent themselves as harsh war critics
who had been won over by George W. Bush's "surge."

The deceptively packaged op-ed by Brookings analysts Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack
- which then was amplified by their many appearances on TV news shows - proved very influential
in shaping the congressional war debate. More Here

By contrast, a few weeks later, the Times editors buried a report by seven U.S. non-commissioned
officers who were on 15-month tours in Iraq and offered a more negative assessment. The Times' editors
stuck their account, entitled "The War as We Saw It, at the back of the Aug. 19 "Week in Review" section.
(Two of those soldiers - Staff Sgt. Yance T. Gray, 26, and Omar Mora, 28 - have since died in Iraq.)

Now, senior Washington Post editors, who have been major Iraq War enthusiasts from the beginning,
have given even more dismissive treatment to an anti-war op-ed written by 12 former Army captains who served in Iraq.

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Used with permission

Colbert for President
 Can he actually get on the ballot?


He hinted at a possible run for the White House on Larry King last week, but Stephen Colbert
made it official Tuesday night: he's jumping into the presidential race in his home state of South Carolina.

"After nearly 15 minutes of soul-searching, I have heard the call .I am hereby declaring that I will enter
the presidential primary in my native South Carolina, running as a favorite son," Colbert said on his show.
"I defy any other candidate to pander more to the people of South Carolina - those beautiful, beautiful people.

They say Colbert, as a joke, wants to run on both GOP and Dem ballots - that's a mistake.
If he runs on just the GOP, he could get up to 20 percent and become a force in the Fascist Party.

How stupid are Republicans?  The White House invited Colbert to speak at that White House
Correspondent's dinner when Bush was there, remember?

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Subject: Windows

Bart, I recently read that Gates installed a back door for NSA to enter eveeryone's computer.
It's called  KEY AND NSAKEY.

We need to get another operating system.
   JLH, Florida

 Jennifer, thanks - I'm a fan of your still photography work.

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"Barry Crimmins is not only a comedy genius,
he's a legend without a paycheck."
-- Bartcop 

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Heada State

Audio - Video


"The twentieth century was marred by wars of unimaginable brutality, mass murder and genocide.
History records that the Armenians were the first people of the last century to endure these cruelties.
The Armenians were subjected to a genocidal campaign that defies comprehension and commands
all decent people to remember and acknowledge the facts and lessons of an awful crime in a century
of bloody crimes against humanity. If elected President, I would ensure that our nation properly
recognizes the tragic suffering of the Armenian people."
    -- George W. Bush, 2-19-2000   Link

 It's funny - Bush pretending to think genocide is a bad thing.
 Guess who holds this millenium record for mass murders?


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Rush's Dumbest Quotes

"When I learned to ride a bike, I ended up scraping the knuckles as I was learning to balance.
  But never once did I think of going to the hospital or calling a reporter."  -
   -- the vulgar Pigboy, starting early on the knuckledragging

"The sight of an old man being hit by a truck...touched off a feeding frenzy among witnesses who
  allegedly stole the dying victim's groceries.' At least the old man was able to afford groceries
  in America. The Democrats tell us this is not possible."
   -- the Methane Factory, pretending there are no poor people because he's super-rich

"You ever wonder why males die before females?
  Well, the quick answer is because they want to."
  -- His Oinkness, attacking women again because, with all his millions, he can't get one to stay.
      Instead, he flies to nearby countries with a bottle of Viagra looking for young boys.

"Keep that child rapist
  away from me, would you?"

"The Democrats are really taking a lot on the chin..."
   -- Poor Rush, pretending Larry Craig is a Democrat

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Bob's Discount City

Bob's Discount City

Pre-Existing Conditions
 by Robert C. Koehler


Deep in the heart of the postwar hell that awaits many injured and emotionally shattered vets
lies a memo so toxic with cynical irony it deserves to be posted on,
the U.S. Army's official teen-entrapment Web site.

"We can't fix every Soldier. We have to hold Soldiers accountable for their behavior.
Everyone in life beyond babies, the insane, and the demented and mentally retarded
have to be held accountable for what they do in life."   (Except America's Murder Monkey)

One no-longer-useful soldier - among the 22,500 discharged in the last six years with a pre-existing
personality disorder - is Army Spc. Jon Town, who was knocked unconscious by a 107-millimeter rocket
while serving in Iraq and was awarded a Purple Heart.

But the Army has ruled that the hearing loss and headaches he has suffered ever since were the result of a
pre-existing personality disorder, a diagnosis divined without input from family members or anyone who knew
Town before he enlisted and passed the Army physical. No need, see. These guys all had dormant conditions
that family members wouldn't have noticed anyway. Only trained Army docs can determine their existence,
after which they have no choice but to deny the poor schnooks disability pay and medical care.

Why do kids still enlist in this nightmare? You sign up to "help protect your country," but when
you're disabled on the job, the military doctors claim you were defective when you signed up
and then they throw your unemployable ass under the bus and ask for more volunteers.

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Coburn Stalls Virginia Tech Gun Bill
 Jesus Twin must've received specific orders


"I am certainly understanding of the fact that some veterans could be debilitated to the point that
such cataloguing is necessary, but we should ensure this process does not entangle the vast majority
of our combat veterans who simply seek to readjust to normal life at the conclusion of their tours.
I am troubled by the prospect of veterans refusing necessary treatment and the benefits they are entitled to.
As I'm sure you would agree we cannot allow any stigma to be associated with mental healthcare or
treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury," Coburn wrote to acting Veterans Secretary Gordon Mansfield.

Why do mentally unstable ex-soldiers need more guns?

Subject: Tom Coburn

I have to send my condolences for having to be represented by Tom Coburn,
the only senator willing to stand up for gun rights of the mentally disturbed.

Jesse Helms was my senator for years, so I know these things tend to happen.

I live in Virginia now, home to both the NRA, and the largest shooting massacre in U.S. history.
 Richard Kimble

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Subject: How they'll try to beat her

I have figured it out. They are going to whisper that she is a queer.
That is how they are attempting to beat her. They think it'll get em enough votes.
  Jeff from PETA

After what the Bush bastards did to Ann Richards, they're ready for that.
I really, really, really hope they try to pull that shit.

Hillary could reply, "We've been happily married for 30 years.
Besides, open up a newspaper or turn on a TV  - everyone knows the GOP 
is the party of we-hate-ourselves, bathroom toe-tapping sons-of-bitches."

The faster they pitch, the farther she's going to hit the ball.

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Fire Michael Weiner

Audio - Video


"This is such an amazing American story that one ancestor, a man that came to Maryland,
could be responsible down the family line for lives that have taken such different and varied
paths as Dick's and Barack Obama's."
    -- Lynne Cheney, saying she discovered that Obama and her Dick share an ancestor,  Link

 Translation: A Cheney raped a slave and Obama is a descendent of that crime.

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Health Care for Kids

If only the Democrats had the brains to frame an issue the right way - such as:

"For an unpopular war that's killed almost 4,000 soldiers, Bush will spend

 We Democrats asked Bush to sign a bill for kid's health care that cost

but Bush vetoed that bill because he said it was "too expensive."

We spend $2 trillion dollars to get our soldiers killed
but we can't spend 1.7% of that to keep our kids healthy?

We can't give you what you want, what's important, as long as Republicans
are in a position to say, "Bush's oil war comes before kid's health care."

Help us vote these bastards out in 2008 - vote Democrat."

But no, they don't have the brains to pull that off.
What's wrong with our retarded party?

How much trouble are we in when Ol' IQ-of-64 Bart could do a better job?

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No Time for Warrants
Claim: Wiretap Delay Hurt Search For Missing Soldiers


Bush cronies racing to find three kidnapped American soldiers in Iraq last May labored for nearly 10 hours
to get legal authority for wiretaps to help in the hunt, an intelligence official told Congress on Thursday.

As if this group of thugs ever respected the Rule of Law...

The top U.S. spy agency, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, sent Congress a timeline
alleging the wiretap effort as Bush bastards make their case to wary Democrats for a permanent
expansion of its authority to eavesdrop on the foreign communications of terrorism suspects.

"In order to comply with the law, we were required to spend valuable time obtaining an emergency
authorization to engage in collection related to the kidnapping," said Ronald Burgess, principle whore
to Mitch the Bitch McConnell (R-Passes for Straight).

The timeline shows that at 10 a.m. EDT on May 15, after three days of developing leads on the whereabouts
of the three missing soldiers, U.S. agencies met to discuss ways of obtaining more intelligence.

Concluding at 12:53 p.m. EDT  that requirements for emergency eavesdropping approval had been met,
officials spent more than four hours debating "novel and complicated issues" in the case. They spent about
two more hours to obtain final approval from then-AG Tortureboy Gonzales, who was traveling.

They have phones on today's jets - why didn't they call him?
Wasn't saving those lives important enough to bother him?

The wiretap began at 7:38 p.m.  Bush bastards then had 72 hours to obtain a FISA authority, which was granted,
a U.S. official said.  Mitch the Bitch said that an outdated provision in the eavesdropping law made the approval
necessary because the targeted foreign communications were carried in part on a wire inside the United States.

We learned this week that Bush was tapping everyoneseven months before 9-11.
That means they just want to spy on people and not leave a paper trail.

They can't be trusted - we need to put these criminals on trial.


Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Murdoch's latest spin attempt

Dear Ballpeen;

While traversing Manhattan I came across a headline in that "fish wrap" called The N.Y. Post that shows
a picture of a local G.I. who was abducted by Al Queda - the generic term for the 500 or so factions over there.

According to the liar from down under, a 10 hour delay in obtaining a phone tapping warrant prevented
our government from "listening in to the thugs" involved.   I didn't bother to read further since we all know
they can obtain a warrant to listen for 72 hours with no proof of anything and they are never refused.

You're right - that's obvious.
Why do they lie so blatantly about that which we know is false?

First of all, we are upset about DOMESTIC wiretapping and I doubt they sent this boy to a Brooklyn basement
for safe keeping (although I hear they gave Osama a liquor store in Miami in gratitude for his playing along).

Secondly would they have any reason to call some "cell" over here to discuss it knowing we listen in?
It's my guess that if there was a 10 hour delay it was because THEY screwed up.

Don't you love the part about how they "debated" the issue for hours?
These thugs "debate" by barking, "Go fuck yourself," then breaking any laws they don't like.
They get away with these lies because the press covers for them and the Democrats are scared.

Considering their lack of concern for the average G.I., this would be no surprise.  This is all to counter
the recent news that the Donut-in-Chief and his boys were listening to us well before 9-11.
So when your "Reagan grandchild" brother-in-law say's "See, we need looser FISA rules,"
don't bother to answer him anymore, just punch the liar in the mouth.

You don't need his Christmas cards anyway.
 The "Huey" Crew- Chief

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"That would be embarrassing and you sure wouldn't want to put your family through that indignity"
    -- Jon Stewart, on Sen. Larry Craig (R-Gay) explaining that he reached underneath the bathroom stall
        because he didn't want to leave the Men's room with toilet paper stuck to his shoe

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This call to arms for Democratic investors from the cofounders of Blue Investment Management,
an ethical investment fund. The Blue Index-the companies in the S&P 500 that are socially
responsible and have also supported Democrats over the last five election cycles outperform
the market by nearly 20%, and outperform red S&P 500 companies by 23%, they assert.

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Some Germans OK with Nazi rule
 In America, it's 24%  - in Germany it's 25%


A quarter of Germans believe there were some positive aspects to Nazi rule, according to a poll
- a finding that comes after a popular talk show host was fired for praising Nazi Germany's attitude toward motherhood.

Pollsters asked whether National Socialism also had some "good sides such as the construction of the
highway system, the elimination of unemployment, the low crime rate and the encouragement of the family."

Forsa said 25 percent responded "yes" - but 70 percent said "no."

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"Scrape the bottom of the 'Global War on Terror' Islamofascism nutbasket
  and you find they've pretty much all signed on as Rudy advisors."
     -- Josh Marshall,   Link

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Bloggers who post on the Bartcop Forums

Subject: genocide

Just as our present administration commits genocide in Iraq (one million dead Iraqis)
you have taken the viewpoint that it's better to ignore genocide than to infuriate a country
that allows our criminal administration to continue its own version of genocide.

I hope you would reconcider your response.
Thank You

If we want the genocide in Iraq to stop, we have to get rid of Bush.
The alternative is allow Bush/Rudy to win - then complain about the genocide in Iran, too.

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"It shows we're running a very efficient and effective campaign
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"Giuliani travels in style. He spent $2,010 at the Greenbrier in West Virginia,
  $4,034 at La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, Calif., and $5,370 at the Fairmont in
  San Francisco. He also spent more than $565,000 reimbursing corporate
  supporters for private jet travel and an additional $800,000 on charter jet travel."

 Imagine what he could do with our unlimited taxpayer money...

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Subject: Jeb Bush - V.P. Nominee

Bart, it's a truly frightening scenario that scares the hell out of me.

The ReThug Presidential candidate of your choice wins the Republican nomination.
That person chooses Jeb Bush as his V.P. running mate.
Then, the president "mysteriously" dies sometime in the first year.
Jeb becomes President
 Peter C

 Pete, not gonna happen.

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Richard Roberts Takes O.R.U. Leave


 I'm guessing he's guilty.  Why go into the fraud religion business
 if not to steal money from the sick, the old and the stupid?

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Subject: why oil is $88 a barrel

The reason why oil is $88 and climbing?
They elected an oil man as president, that's why.

The reason the US is no longer the holder of the moral high ground?
They elected a failed oilman as president.

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Marty's Entertainment Page
always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Presidential Candidates are abusing God


I have a real problem with candidates who are abusing God for political purposes. I am an Atheist
but even as an Atheist I can see that if I were a believer, using God for political advantage is disrespectful
of the deity they claim to believe in. I would think if I were running for office and believed in God
I would be a lot more respectful. I sure wouldn't be using his name to try to sucker people.

John McCain, for example is claiming that he prays every night the United States doesn't go to war
with Iran while looking for a way to start a war every chance he gets. Barak Obama is now playing
the God card hoping to find religious Democrats who will buy his story. Mike Huckabee told the
National Rifle Association that he believed that there will be duck hunting in Heaven.

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Bruce Yurgil Toon-Off Semi-Finals - Round 17

 Click to vote for your favorite Bruce Yurgil toon

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M  barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Some people celebrate Bush's bloody oil war...

Some don't.
x 3,829....3,830

We lost another soldier since last issue.

After killing 3,830 soldiers
what do we do with our war criminals?


How much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters
and his front company is moving to Dubai.

 $100M a day,
$200M a day,
$300M a day - where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

'Catholics' by Louis CK

Don't watch this while drinking milk

Audio - Video


"Republicans say, "We have the finest troops in the world." 
  But when it comes to a really sensitive mission, we hire Blackwater."
    -- Bill Maher, right again

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Help win "Best Liberal Blog"

Usually I don't care, but they're giving the awards
away in fabulous Las Vegas on Nov 8, 2007

Vote often, Arianna will be there.
Maybe I can convince her to debate :)

Subject: donation

I've been reading your page a long time for free and now it's time to pony up.
I heard about your website from Mike "Have I told you how miuch I hate these people" Malloy.
 Steve S

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