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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

Monday: We've had to take an unexpected trip.
If my laptop FTP works, we could have an issue tonight.
If not, I can post on the Bartblog, hopefully.

BCR 129 is hereHOTHOT

Thurs-Friday  Nov 8-9, 2007  Vol 2069 - Donkey off 

Quote of the Day

"I say it, you believe it, and that's how it works." 
     -- Rush Limbaugh, describing the belief system
         most Republicans use

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Dems Living Fecklessly 
Arrow Senate confirms torture HOT
Arrow Hillary's girlfriend?
Arrow Cigs worse than Pot HOT
Arrow Bhutto under arrest
Arrow 1-in-4 Homeless Vets HOT
Arrow Why I hate Hillary... HOT
Arrow GD Piece of Paper 
Arrow Rihanna - no rehab 



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"I have chosen not to put the country through another agonizing Supreme Court battle.
  It is time for the nation to heal."
    -- Stephen Colbert, announcing the end of his presidential campaign after Obama ordered
       (according to CNN) South Carolina Democrats to keep him off the primary ballot, Link

 Why is Obama afraid of Colbert?
 Was he afraid of coming in third in South Carolina?

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Democrats' Year of Living Fecklessly
 by Robert Parry

Democrats not only failed to mount a sustained challenge to Bush's policies, they avoided any systematic hearings
that would educate the American public about why Bush's presidency has represented such an extraordinary threat
to the Republic. They have acted as if the people simply should "get it" without any more information.

This Democratic tendency to de-value information - and a timidity toward real oversight - can be traced back to the
1980s when accommodating Democrats, such as Rep. Lee Hamilton of Indiana, sought to finesse, rather than confront,
abuses of power by Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush during the Iran-Contra Affair and related scandals.

The pattern deepened in 1993 when Bill Clinton won the presidency and the Democrats still controlled Congress.
At that point, they shelved investigations of Reagan-Bush crimes, including clandestine military support for Saddam,
drug-trafficking by the Nicaraguan contra rebels, and still-secret dealings with Iran.

You see?
It's all Clinton's fault.

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Used with permission

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"I'm proud to say that the tide has turned in Iraq and we're winning that war. And if we don't
let down our troops, they're going to bring home a victory that will protect us here at home
from today's threat -- totalitarian terrorist Islamism that's trying to take our liberty from us."
    -- Sen.Joe Lieberman (I-Kissyface), Link

 What Kissyface is saying is, since most people in Baghdad have either been killed of fled,
 we can call that a victory because there are fewer people left to be murdered.

 There's a segment of BCR 129 on this, with Jesus-like parables.

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Senate confirms torture and law-breaking
 Schumer and Feinstein led the Water Boarding Parade


The Senate confirmed Tortureboy Michael Mukasey as attorney general Thursday night to replace
Tortureboy Alberto Gonzales, who was forced from office because he was a torturing law-breaker.
President Bush thanked the Senate. "He will be a loyal cromie," Bush said his his fake ranch in Texas.

Republicans were solidly behind Bush' nominee. Democrats said their votes were not so much for Mukasey
as they were for restoring a leader to a Justice Department left adrift after Gonzales' resignation in September.
In the end, Mukasey was confirmed by a 53-40 vote. Six Democrats and one independent joined
Republicans in sealing his confirmation.

The choice, according to one of those Democrats, was essentially between "whether to confirm Mukasey or
to leave the Department of Justice without a real leader for the next 14 months," said Sen. Feinstein of California.
"This is the only chance we have," she said, referring to Bush's threat to hold his breath if he didn't get his way.
But members of her own party didn't agree.

"This is like saying when somebody murders somebody with a a baseball bat and you say, 'We had a law
against murder but we never mentioned baseball bats,'" said Patrick Leahy, D-Rubberstamp.
"Murder is murder. Torture is torture."

Besides Schumer and Feinstein, Democrats voting to confirm torture and law-breaking were:
Evan Bayh of Indiana, Tom Carper of Delaware, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

I'm curious - can anybody name a lower standard than,

"I voted to confirm a pro-torture attorney general because
  our fake cowboy president said this was the best deal we'd get"

Seriously, can you think of a worse excuse?

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"Failure is simply not an option."
   --Condi, on the upcoming US-sponsored Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, Link


Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Robert Parry and Hillary


I don't think Parry is talking about Hillary; I think the  "improprieties" he's commenting about about may
pertain to her  husband. If you watched the last debate, the subtext of a lot of  Obama's comments was
veiled references to the discord seen during the Clinton administration, implying that it was all the Clintons' fault.
I haven't seen any Internet stuff, because I use the Intenet  for work, except when I'm reading,
but I have heard comments from other people. As usual, instead of  attacking her on the issues, they go for the sleaze.

Keep hammerin',
 Ann in Philly

Parry is clearly anti-Clintons. I would prefer that he flat-out state that, but he's just hinting at it 
as "an objective reporter." That bothers me.  What I got from that piece was 
"You'll be sorry you nominated another sex-crazy Clinton."

Parry has had a thorn in his paw since 1993, when Bill failed to investigate Poppy Bush.
He apparently thinks Clinton should've known the BFEE would become bigger and more
powerful, then they'd fix the next two elections and invade countries for profit and destroy
the Constitution and stupid Bill Clinton didn't have the brains to see that 15 years ago.
Another chord seems to be, "She'll make the same mistakes as Bill" if we screw up and elect her.

Before I wrote my reply to his "Hillary's Vulnerability" column, I read Parry's previous column,

How Bill Clinton Let Bush I Off Hook which is a re-hash of his previous How Bill Clinton Let 
Bush I Off Hook column from a few months ago, which, hopefully, was a re-hash of a column he 
wrote in 1993.  It's hardly fair to Monday-morning quarterback "what Clinton should've known" 15 years ago.

He wants to beat up the Clintons for that "mistake" again and again and I fail to see the point.

It's real easy to look back at 15 years of history and write, "If Clinton had gone after Bush
in 1993, maybe the Bush Dynasty would be less powerful than they are today and Bill 
Clinton - in 1993 - should've known what a mess Bush would make from 2000-2008."

Bill's "mistake" is a central theme to "Neck Deep," Parry's latest book.

On Parry's website it says:

"But a sub-theme of Parry's book is how Bill Clinton and other accommodating Democrats
failed to hold George H.W. Bush accountable for his behind-the-scenes abuses of power
and thus opened the door to the Bush restoration in 2000.  This history is important 
again today as Hillary emerges as the Democratic front-runner..."

It looks like Bill will take a hit every time Parry pushes his book, which is often.
I might get tired of seeing what I consider to be a false charge repeated again and again.

Then his next column was titled "Hillary's Vulnerability," and it was about sex rumors.

Of course, much of my anger is a result of expecting so much more from Robert Parry.
I don't like the "most important site on the web" attacking the Democratic front-runner
because her husband failed to see the future as, apparently, Bob Parry could back in 1993.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

They call her Hillary's girlfriend
 The BFEE - in trouble? - play the lesbian card

Apparently the buzz is about Huma Abedin, who takes a good picture.

She is Hillary's appointment secretary - a very powerful position.
They say the scumbag right will hint that she's Hillary's 'special friend.'

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

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"Giuliani has now argued that his tenure as Mayor of the Universe New York City gives him better
foreign policy credentials than Joe Biden, a keener understanding of torture than John McCain,
more experience at Ground Zero than the actual recovery workers, and a unique ability to secure
the nation's borders against illegal immigrants. At least now his contention that Wife #3 is a
bioterror expert thanks to her nursing background seems a little less out of left field."
    -- Christopher Orr,   Link

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Subject: Obama stood up

Instead of being the drunken idiot you always are,
print the exact speech Obama gave on the Iraq war.

Here's an idea, put it right next to Hillary and Edward's cheerleading.
Bet you are too chicken.

Gee, a link might've been nice - you want me to scour the internet for a particular speech?
Plus he's probably given more than one speech on Iraq, which one did you like?
Still, I can't see how that changes anything.

If Al Qaeda had brought down the Sears Tower and killed 3,000 Chicagoans,
I don't think Obama's Illionois constituents would settle for a few verses of Kumbaya.

If Obama was a senator in 2003 and voted against the war (Don't explain the war vote to me)
I doubt he'd win his next election and he'd be swept into the dustbin of history.

...and blow me on the drunken idiot comment.

Where's your web page with sober and intelligent political insight so we can compare?

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

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Cigarettes worse than Pot
But what do those pointy-headed scientists know?

A Swiss study suggests that teens who use only cannabis appear to function better than those
who also use tobacco, and are more socially driven and have no more psychosocial problems
than those who abstain from both substances, according to a new report.

Although teens who smoke both marijuana and tobacco seem to have more psychosocial problems
and thus may be worthy targets for preventive intervention, those who smoke marijuana only also
should be monitored closely and counseled.

So, tobacco users need an intervention.
Pot smokers only need monitoring,

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

1 out of 4 homeless are veterans
 We chew them up, we spit them out


Veterans make up one in four homeless people, though they are only 11 percent of the population.
And homelessness is not just a problem among middle-age and elderly veterans. Younger veterans from Iraq
and Afghanistan are trickling into shelters and soup kitchens seeking services, treatment or help with finding a job.

The Veterans Affairs Department has identified 1,500 homeless veterans from the current wars
and says 400 of them have participated in its programs specifically targeting homelessness.

It's estimated that 194,254 homeless people out of 744,313 on any given night were veterans.
20 years ago, the estimated number of veterans who were homeless on any given night was 250,000.

Bush sent over a million soliders into that mind-fucking meatgrinder. And now that they need help,
Bush said "Fuck 'em" and pushed for a another round of tax cut for the super-rich and the oil companies.

But let's not impeach the murderous bastards.
Let's save impeachment for something serious, like a blow job.

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Bhutto under house arrest in Pakistan
 Isn't this another Bush-created disaster?


Pakistani police placed opposition leader Benazir Bhutto under house arrest Friday, uncoiling barbed wire in front
of her villa, and reportedly rounded up thousands of her supporters to block a mass protest against emergency rule.

Bhutto twice tried to leave in her car, telling police: "Do not raise hands on women. You are Muslims.
This is un-Islamic." They responded by blocking her way with an armored vehicle.

The former prime minister had planned to defy a ban on public gatherings and address a rally, where police used
tear gas and batons to chase off hundreds of supporters who staged wildcat protests and hurled stones.
Dozens were arrested.

Looks like Musharraf handles protesters like Bush does.

Further afield, a suicide bombing at the home of a government minister in the northwestern city of Peshawar
killed four people. Minister for Political Affairs Amir Muqam was unhurt.

The attack underscored the threat posed by religious extremists that Musharraf and Bhutto are sparring over.
It was cited by Musharraf as the primary reason for imposing the state of emergency last Saturday.

Isn't this another Bush-created disaster?
I haven't had time to follow any of this, but the whore media says Bhutto went back to Pakistan
on Bush's suggestion - and now this nuclear power is very, very unstable.

I guess $100 barrels of oil was just the beginning.
Think how much oil will cost once Al Qaeda gets the bomb.

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Subject: idea for Pigboy

To mark the end of his probation for doctor shopping at the end of this month
Rush should celebrate by going on eBay and auctioning off the receipt for the $3,000
he paid for his bail as well as the one for the $30,000 he had to pay the State of Florida
to defray the cost of the investigation.

Then he could match the money raised and donate the funds to drug rehab related charities.
And just in time for the Holidays! Imagine the look of sheer joy on the face of your favorite
Rush Limbaugh fan when they open this much sought after keepsake on Christmas day!

It's a gift they are sure to treasure for years to come!

Who says there's a writers strike?

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Subject: Giuliani's mob convictions

Giuliani was able to convict John Gotti, the godfather of the Gambino crime family
only because of the testimony of Sammy "the Bull" Gravano and only got that because
he gave Gravano a deal of a lifetime: witness protection after only a couple of years in prison.

Gravano personally killed 19 people, including a cop.
For better or worse, Giuliani made this deal.
It was not intensive questioning, it was a sweetheart deal.

Not the sort of deal I want made with any top terrorist,
a walk in exchange for outdated information.

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Why I hate Hillary... HOT
 by Dick Morris (R-Whore)


 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"I'm puzzled by all the neoconservative bloviating and war-whooping about Iran and the near
deathly silence about the deteriorating situation in Pakistan. I mean, we have actual terrorist
training camps in Waziristan that are just sitting there, ripe targets for the sort of quick special
forces strikes that the Turks are laying on the PKK in Northern Kurdistan (with our not-so-tacit
approval). But I haven't read much in the Weekly Standard about the need to act against
Al-Qaeda-Not-in-Iraq. Bill K, N-Pod, you remember Osama, right? What gives?"
    -- Joe Klein, asking questions Bill Kristol (R-Apocalypse) can't answer,  Link

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Subject: John Edwards


Well, I thought you would be able to crow a little bit.
Crude oil is at $98 per barrel (and climbing).
I think you called that one a while ago.

All I here on the news lately is Hillary this, Obama that.
I think the media really wants one of these two candidates, because they know that only a white male can win.
I will vote for John Edwards in the primary, hairstyle and all. In the general election, I will vote for any Democrat,
but I truly worry about our chances if it's Obama or Hillary. I'm not hating either one, but both will bring out the
dregs of Republican society to vote against them. It seems these are the only two Dem candidates you hear about.

I've vented,
Chris in Ohio

Chris, is there any evidence that Edwards can handle the massive, right-wing slime machine?
I want an angry knife-fighter to go against them, not a nice guy with a message of hope and sunshine.

We did that hope and sunshine crap twice, remember?

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Subject: pictures not loading?

Hi Bart,

The same thing happens to me when I visit your page, but I discovered that going to a link
then returning to the page causes it to fully load.  Then I can enjoy all the toons that were blank!

Thanks for the laughs - and astute commentary.
 Barbara in New York

Hmmm, I will huddle with my technical staff and investigate further.

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Bloggers who post on the Bartcop Forums

...again, just like Bush!


"The state of emergency in Pakistan signals yet another low point in Bush's foreign policy
-- a stark demonstration of his paltry influence and his bankrupt principles...One consequence
of this crisis is that Bush's 'freedom agenda' is finally bankrupt. He will never again be able
to invoke it, even as a rhetorical ploy, without evoking winces or laughter. "
    -- Fred Kaplan, underestimating Bush's level of self-denial,  Link

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Subject: Veterans

George Bush took away free healthcare for veterans.  I know this because my husband is a Vietnam veteran
and has had some health problems so we went to the VA.  It is a long story but we make too much money
(over 30,000 a year for a couple) for them to help us.  George changed this in the beginning of his administration.

The Vets centers in this country have been devastated by cuts and the one here in the Peoria, IL area has
only one counselor available.  I think we will be fine but I know of many veterans who aren't.
It is truly disgusting what they have done.

My suggestion to you is to contact Larry Scott as
He may be able to tell you more about how this administration has hurt the veterans of this country
no matter when they served.  He wrote an article a couple of years ago on how an aide to a Republican
legislator (I believe) told him the plan was to dismantle free healthcare for veterans.  It is very sad and we
are angry at the Dems, too, for not stepping up more to stop this terrible injustice.

Support The Troops-- Write Congress to End the War
and Demand They Restore Free Healthcare to All Veterans

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Syphlitic Quotes

"I am not going to go out and grab a bunch of leaves and take them inside
  when I have to use the bathroom. I am going to use toilet paper!
  I'm going to try to be as hygienically correct as I can!"
     -- Rush, on how to clean your ass clean enough to pass the Army physical  Link

 Butt Rush, why didn't that work for you in 1970?

"I think we're missing the whole point of all this waterboarding stuff anyway.
  Who are we talking about?  We're talking about the type of lowlifes that
  behead people and plot things like 9/11!"
     -- Rush, on why those suspected of a crime should just plead guilty,    Link

 Butt Rush, when YOU were arrested, you claimed you were innocent and being "set up."
 Why is it different for them? Because they have darker skin?

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Louisiana Gov Blanco w/ reader Blake


"The new Pakistani general, he's just been elected -- not elected,
  this guy took over office. It appears this guy is going to bring stability
  to the country, and I think that's good news for the subcontinent."
     -- Dubya, in the fall of 1999, as he campaigned for the presidency, asked by
         a reporter to name the leader of Pakistan, (he couldn't),   Link

   Actually, the facts are a little worse than that.
 The reporter said, "Can you name the president of Pakistan?" and Bush snorted
 and flashed that shit-eating grin that works on Txans and the retarded and said,
 "No, CAN YOU?" challeneging the reporter to answer his own question.

 All the signs were there, Bush was a brainless, child-misfit, who never won antyhong
 that his daddy didn't pre-fix up-front - and we did our best to point them out.

 We told you back in 1999 that Bush was, by far, the stupidest man to ever seek
 the office, and that he was mentally unbalanced, but nobody listened at the time..

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

'A Goddamned Piece of Paper'


Bush's choice for attorney general [Michael Mukasey] told senators the Constitution does not
prevent the president from wiretapping suspected terrorists without a court order."

Wow. That's quite the claim, dontcha think, considering the Fourth Amendment kind of implies
-- you know, in an unequivocal, iron-clad, irrefutable implying sort of way -- that wiretapping
without a search warrant is, well, gosh, just so darn unconstitutional. (If confirmation's needed,
I suggest consulting any fifth grade American history class.)

Then again, maybe Mukasey's never read that far. Maybe he lost interest in the Constitution and
put it aside after getting bored by the Third Amendment: "No soldier shall, in time of peace be
quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner
to be prescribed by law."

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Whose candidate?

Bart, I like HRC, but I'm worried that she may be the Republican candidate, Rove's candidate,
and the swift-boaters are just winding up for her nomination.

Are you thinking we should nominate a nice, non-polarizing candidate like Gore or Kerry?

I envision a multitude of registered pubbies voting in their Democratic Primaries for Hillary,
and that's just the legal play.  If the nutters can make her the candidate along with legit dems,
then the preparation for attacks can be focused earlier on a single candidate.

You have a good point in that we have 50 bad systems to manipulate.
The GOP slime machine will do a great job of smearing anyone we nominate.
The trick is nominating someone who will fight back, someone who wants to win.

If after 8 years of Operation Fuck Shit Up, the "people" elect another parade float
for a preznint like googliani, we can kiss democracy's ass goodbye, for good.

Keep swingin'

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Subject: $100 a barrel oil

I remember two years ago when oil hit $50 a barrel and I said
"Just wait till Bush gets the price of oil up to $100 a barrel."

My friends said no way would oil ever get to $100 a barrel.
But here we are at $100 a barrel. But this is nothing.

Just wait till oil hits $250 a barrel. Every time Bush says
"World War III" or talks about attacking Iran we get a little closer.

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

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Subject: Hillary

Do you actually think 'IF' they had some kind of sex details on Hillary they would have sat on it all this time?
(anyone heard of 'Fox faux news?') esp. if she had a gay affair?

Please. No way would that be kept from the public.

It's not like she's a Republican in Congress. (OUT Linsey Graham and esp. that whore of whores
Mitch 'the bitch' McConnell - they make me want to toss up my lunch - here I'm going to be mean
-'Hey tinkerbell, you're out if you give kids healthcare' - hate these kinds of hypocrites).

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Marty's Entertainment Page
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Bruce Yurgil Toon-Off Semi-Finals - Round 20

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M  barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Some people celebrate Bush's bloody oil war...

Some don't.
x 3,855....3,859

We lost another 4 soldiers since last issue.

We've have 3,859 dead soldiers.

We'd like to bring the soldiers home,
but someone is stopping us.


The soldiers have 437 days until
sanity returns to the White House.

How much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters
and his front company is moving to Dubai.

 $100M a day,
$200M a day,
$300M a day - where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

Subject: donation

Your last issue was Gold, Baby! GOLD!
Note:  In a fucked up world of hate and ignorance, you always
guarantee a good laugh and a good right-wing monkey ass-kickin'!

Here's a modest donation to keep you swinging that hammer!
Your Friend,
 Mike D.

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