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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

BCR 130 is here! HOTHOT

Weekend-Monday,     Dec 15-17, 2007      Vol 2085 - Frozen Fog

Quote of the Day

"Why don't you like Huckabee?
  Because you're gay, or what?"

    -- Imus, always a dick


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Killing them Faster
Arrow Bolton: Why I Hate CondiHOT
Arrow Those Wacky Dems
Arrow Huckabee and Crime HOT
Arrow GOP Loves Torture
Arrow Why we Hate Hillary HOT
Arrow Kissyface Loves McCain
Arrow Are we better than that?
Arrow Brooke Burke and Dell


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"Not that what one blogger thinks matters that much, but if Huckabee gets
the nomination, I'm voting Democratic. It's not just an idle threat; I just won't
vote for him and in fact won't even vote third party or stay home. I'll vote for
the Democratic candidate, even Hillary. I won't be a party to selling out everything
the party is supposed to stand for to a liberal ideology," unhinged Jacksonian."

   -- some blogger called 'Ace of Spades," for whom Huck isn't Nazi enough 

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Killing them Easier, Faster
  by Robert Parry

"A war fighter needs to know one of three things: Do I let him go? Keep him?
Or shoot him on the spot?” Pentagon weapons designer Anh Duong told the WaHoPo.

Duong supervised the Joint Expeditionary Forensics Facilities project, known as a
“lab in a box” for analyzing biometric data, such as iris scans and fingerprints,
that have been collected on more than one million Iraqis.

The labs – collapsible, 20-by-20-foot units each with a generator and a satellite link
to a biometric data base in West Virginia – will let U.S. forces cross-check data in
the field against information collected previously that can be used to identify insurgents.
These labs are expected to be deployed across Iraq in early 2008.

Duong said the next step will be to shrink the lab to the size of a “backpack”
so soldiers who encounter a suspect “could find out within minutes” if he’s
on a terrorist watch list and should be killed.

I'm tired of this war.
I'm tired of the daily body count.
I'm tired of these Fascist bastards ruining our country.

Sure would be nice of the braindead Democrat weasels could find a way to end this.

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


Those wacky Democrats...

I've often complained that the biggest problem we have is that
we just don't want to win as badly as the Fascist bastards - so we don't.

Take XM Radio, for example.

There are three or four (or more) Fascist bastard channels and the only voice
that 70 percent of America has is Air America Radio. Meanwhile, all of the
Fascist bastard channels are pounding the Democrats 25 hours a day, eight days as week.

But on weekends, AAR turns into a silly joke of a station.

On Sundays, they have some idiot preacher on there, trying to save our souls. (as if!)
Saturday I heard some damn cooking show on AAR - Don't we want to win?
(Dumb question)

Mike Malloy is on AAR from 9-midnight, K-Drag time, and I only listen to AAR in my car
and I rarely get behind the wheel after 9PM so I can only hear Malloy on my computer,
which is OK, but why can't we hear Malloy reruns on weekends?

On the weekends, they could do Malloy's Monday show, then Randi's Monday show,
Malloy's Tuesday show, then Randi's Tuesday show, but no, because we don't want to win.

We'd rather hear some preaching handjob and some damn cooking show, instead?
Meanwhile, the Fascist bastards are POUNDING away, "The liberals hate America,
the Democrats don't support the troops, Bush is doing a great job, the liberals suck donkey,"
etc .

Why doesn't our side care if we win or not?
And how did we all get stuck in the party of "Who cares if we win?"

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: rape victim pardoned

Yes, that's right, the Victim was pardoned.
And, Bush wonders how he would react if it happened to one of his daughters.
I know how I would react if it were my daughter!! What an idiot!

I saw Bill Clinton interviewed for a solid hour by Charlie Rose the other night.
The man is a freak of nature genius I tell you! Even my 11 year old boys could
tell a difference. And then we have this president who doesn't even know his own mind.
...or wants to continue to protect the Saudis by allowing them to do whatever they want
as long as they keep the oil and the money flowing to his friends.

And then I had to sit politely and be told in my Sunday School Class yesterday that the
office of the president should carry at least a modicum of my respect. Hmmmm....does
that apply when there is a Clinton in office....cuz I don't remember much respect around
here for Bill....a man who is actually literate.

Saudi Gang-Rape Victim Pardoned,
Bush’s Reaction and MSM Reporting Unpardonable


Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Bolton: Why I Hate Condi


Bush's foreign policy is in free fall and puts the nation's security at risk, says John Bolton.
Bolton told the Der Spiegel weekly that Bush needed to rein in that bitch Condoleezza Rice.

"His foreign policy is in free fall. The president is acting against his own judgment and
instincts (and is) under the influence of Rice," he told the magazine.

Bolton said Rice's was the dominant voice on foreign policy and that she was a
channel for the views of liberal career bureaucrats in the foreign ministry.

"Bush does not supervise her enough. That is a mistake," he was quoted as saying,
adding that a moderate foreign policy was a threat to US security.

"North Korea will, for example, now keep its nuclear weapons. And the Iranians have
got a signal from our own intelligence services that they can do whatever they want.

"I am not as confident as the intelligence services that Iran has stopped its nuclear weapons program."

Translation: Bolton's in for a piece of the BFEE crime loot and he wants to invade Iran.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Huckabee and Crime
It's worse than just Wayne Dumond
    by Joe Conason


According to good old Huck, the fault still lies elsewhere, presumably with that
nebulous "system." How could anyone believe that he would let a vicious killer
and rapist walk free? It is all too believable, if only because Huckabee continued
to exercise his powers of clemency and commutation just as foolishly and frivolously
for years after he should have learned better from the DuMond mistake. He bestowed
those favors on prisoners he happened to meet, on prisoners with personal connections
to him or his family, and especially on prisoners recommended to him by pastors
whom he happened to know from his own previous career as a Baptist minister and
denominational leader. As with DuMond, whose case was pleaded by a preacher
named Jay Cole, prisoners guilty of heinous crimes could be washed clean in
Huckabee's estimation if a pastor of his acquaintance importuned him. Among the
thugs to whom he granted clemency was a robber who had beaten a man to death
with a lead pipe.

For several years after 1996, when he first considered parole for DuMond (he was
released in 1999), the Arkansas governor freed as many as 1,000 prisoners. Some
were undoubtedly deserving of release, but others were dangerous and violent felons
like DuMond who should have been kept behind bars. Huckabee's questionable
methods and motivations never changed until prosecutors, the media, his fellow
Republicans and virtually the entire state of Arkansas rose up in protest against his idiocy.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Red Dawn

The whole point of Red Dawn was how the tracking of gun ownership
would lead to our downfall. The Ruskies came in quick, fast, and in a hurry,
then looked the local gun owner records up and then dis-armed all the
'honest law abiding gun owners...'

It must have been an NRA endorsed movie implying that just letting anyone
buy a gun without tracking that gun would be better in the long run.

  The Tick


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"Whoever wins this caucus is likely to win the nomination,
  and win the presidency....We may just win this thing."
  -- Obama, expecting Hillary to roll over and quit fighting,       Link

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

GOP blocks bill to end torture


Senate Republicans blocked a bill yesterday that would restrict torture.

The legislation, part of a measure authorizing the government's intelligence activities
for 2008, had been approved a day earlier by the House and sent to the Senate for what was
supposed to be final action. The bill would require the CIA to adhere to the Army's field
manual on interrogation, which bans water boarding, mock executions and other harsh tactics.

Senate opponents of that provision, however, discovered a potentially fatal parliamentary flaw:
The ban on harsh questioning tactics had not been in the original versions of the intelligence bill
passed by the House and Senate. It was a last-minute addition during negotiations between the
two sides to write a compromise bill, a move that could violate a Senate rule intended to protect
legislation from last-minute amendments that neither house of Congress has had time to fully consider.

The GOP loves torture? Who knew?

Just think, if our side had half of my IQ of 64 they could use issues like this to win elections,
but they can't figure out how to frame an argument and that's why we keep losing elections.

John Kerry lost to the stupidest crook in America history - how is that possible?
All the Democrats have to do to win is list the facts, but they refuse to do that.

"But Bart, we're too stupid and too scared to fight!"

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Dallas Cowboys Lose again



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Solar on a tight budget?
CitizenRE Solar Rental
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Subject: blacklisted

Hi Bart

This will be my third attempt to get a url to you which you probably already have,
but in case you don’t, you should have it, and put it on the top of your page somewhere.

The first time I just pasted in the url of the page with the main document on it, congressman
Wexler’s call for impeachment hearings on Cheney, and it came back almost immediately
as rejected by server and why, I kid you not bart, because it had a BLACKLISTED URL.

So now I am trying again and pasting in the url of his campaign page which has
a video link to that statement,,
and hope it is not blacklisted.

It’s actually not funny.
I now have official affirmation that there is such a thing as a Blacklist, that mail to and
from your address is monitored, and that to get on the Blacklist you have to speak out
against Cheney/Bush.

Why let your server control you?
Tell them to FO and sign up with marc@perkel if you want freedom

If there was a better host I'd use 'em, but nobody's as good as Perkel.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Consumerama - The internet directory of consumer protest sites
plus consumer news, advice & commentary

Why everyone hates Hillary


Hillary Clinton is battling to contain a deepening crisis in her presidential bid amid
evidence that Barack Obama is riding a late surge of support in the two critical states
that kick off the party nominating process in the new year, Iowa and New Hampshire.

With less than three weeks before the first votes are cast, there are new signs that the tide
may be turning against the former First Lady. She has seen her once impressive lead in
both states evaporate in several new polls, while her message has been overwhelmed by
headline-making stumbles by her campaign team. It is a startling reversal for Mrs Clinton,
who until recently had successfully cultivated an air of invincibility about her campaign.

The "tide" was never for her in the first place.
When she was 30 points ahead, the whore press had no choice but to report that,
except media like Kos who ran phony polls that showed her at less than one pertcent.

Plus, the last poll I saw showed her ahead by 5 in Iowa and 7 in New Hampshire.
I guess we'll find out in 15 days.


Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Bernie Ward

Hi Bartcop,

Please consider posting this link on your website:

The site will link you to a petition:

Bernie is one of the few local progressive voices here in the S.F. Bay Area
(along with Ray Taliaferro) broadcasting on KGO radio. Before I heard about
Mike Malloy through you Bernie was my most passionate voice for the Left.

Sounds like this whole accusation is a Shrub conspiracy to me.

Thanks for your time,

Does Ward have a defense?
If so, why doesn't he use it and say something?

I caught a whore headline, "Ward opens up about child porn charges"
which is exactly what I wanted to read, but when you get into the story,
it says, "During a phone interview on Tuesday, he said he wished
he had a chance to give his side of the story on his radio show."

What does that mean?
He won't clear up the problem unless he can speak into his own microphone?
If he's innocent, why doesn't he say so?
And why did he send this "kiddie porn" to some lady who turned him in?

I'm all for giving a lefty the benefit of the doubt, so why doesn't he speak?

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

How gay are Trent and Mitch the Bitch?

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: guns

If law enforcement breaks down, your personal guns will save you from mobs for a day or two.

You just admitted owning guns can save your life.

But if order is not restored soon, you are dead no matter how many hunting rifles you own.

Rachel Maddow would be proud of you.

If the government turns against you, you are dead regardless.

I would have 200 million armed Republican helpers.

Any member of the military will tell you that an organized army will always make
short work of civilian population, regardless of how heavily the local yokels are armed.
There are plenty of examples of how to starve and pummel a city into submission.

Is that why none of our boys have died in Baghdad since 2003?

What the chicken-hawks don’t understand is that you can destroy a democracy
with brute force, but you can’t build one that way.

Having a bunch of rat poison laying around the house doesn’t make you more healthy.
Burning a copy of an Ann Coulter book doesn’t make you smarter.
And having a bunch of guns laying around doesn’t make you more free.

Thanks for the great site,
  Dave H.

Dave, I can tell you and I aren't going to agree on this issue.
Thanks for sending in your opinion, I'm sure many readers agree with you.

Oh, and burning an Ann Coulter book does make you smarter :)

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"If he's nowhere in Iowa, struggling in New Hampshire, tied third in South Carolina,
and now third in Florida, how on earth is Giuliani supposed to win the nomination?"

     -- Andrew Sullivan, afraid the uber-Fascist might lose,     Link

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Der Schimpanse!

Hi Bart!

Not quibbling, but if you mean the real German word, here's the real German spelling.

Keep Hammerin'!


I was never good at German spelling.

|Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"As a loyal Dem, I was angered several months ago by the MSM's sensational
and disproportionate coverage of Hillary's cackling on Meet the Press. However,
after watching that spectacle in the last debate - I've had enough. Her sense of
entitlement and "who-does-he-think-he-is" presumptiveness is offensive. Those
15 seconds yesterday were her Howard Dean moment."

     -- an Andrew Sullivan reader, upset with Hillary's who-does-she-think-she-is laugh,


 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

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Subject: guns

Bart, apparently you have some detractors saying that people should
give up their guns because the federal government has bigger guns?

How is that different than, "if it's going to happen, you might as well just lay back and enjoy it?"

Rights don't go away just because someone has the ability to trample them.
 Rich in NC

PS - keep reminding people to email and call Reid and Pelosi!


Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: guns

Bart, Sometimes you say incredibly stupid things.

Gee, it's nice to meet you, too.

It doesn't matter if there are 80 million guns in Texas or 800 million.
The people would have to be willing to use them... and that isn't going to happen
in Texas or any other state.

Face the facts, Bart.

Moi? Face the facts?
You ask too much.

Most of the people in this country aren't fighters, freedom or otherwise.
They're cowardly little sheep who are quite willing to be led by anyone.
You don't have to look any farther than the Republican Party to see that.
If you honestly believe the people in this country would grab their weapons
and rise up against a threat, foreign or domestic, you're the king of La La Land.
 Ray in Gillespie

We won't know unless Bush says "I'm staying in the White House,"
and puts tanks in the street to keep protesters from gathering.

If/when that happens, I'll be too busy to look you up to say I told you so.

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"I want Democrats to be back in the majority in Washington
   and elect a Democratic president in 2008."

    -- Kissyface in 2006, promisng to help elect Democrats in 2008 if he won,      Link


"I endorse John McCain for president."
    -- Kissyface the liar in 2007     Link


 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Bush

Bart, you wrote:

> Bush is a killer perhaps because something terrible happened to him in childhood.

I think when your four year old sister dies and your mother goes off to play golf,
the message is clear: You count for zero.

Has anything happened to the five of us "kids" then, or now,
my mother would have been, and would be today, completely undone.

Remember Eric, one of the Littleton shooters?
The day after he killed his classmates and himself, his mother kept her hair appointment!
Kept her HAIR appointment!
That's a Barbara Bush type, and with predictable results.

GWB is a mass murderer first and foremost on an industrial scale,
a total insensitive monster psycho....just like dear old truckdriver-in-pearls mom.


Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

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Vulgar Pigboy Quotes

"Don't be surprised if you see Hillary and Michael Bloomberg on a third-party ticket."
    -- Rush the drug addict, saying something even more stupid than usual

"I'm in stunned disbelief: I actually was praised on The View today."
   -- The Methane factory, crowing each time that Hasselbitch mentions his name

"Sports fans have never been all that upset with steroids; it's just these sportswriters.
And I guarantee you: if some of these little shrimps in the liberal sports community
could make themselves two feet taller tomorrow, they'd do it."

    -- His Oinkness, still bitter that ABC fired him for being such a black-hating, Nazi bastard

"There's an old soap opera rule: Villains don't die.
  Villains just don't get written out -- good guys get written out."

   -- the Pigboy, explaining why Reagan, Helms and Thurmond died of old age,
      while Jack, Bobby and Martin were murdered by the vengeful Republicans

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: guns

It's good to see a liberal blogsite run by someone who doesn't think gun ownership is a pathology.

I have seen Red Dawn. It's good, fluffy Cold War fun. And you're right, they never could have
beaten a dedicated, armed insurgency. Something Bush hasn't learned.

Something I thought of as we were drowning here in Washington.
They flew nearly 4 million tons of food and fuel to Berlin during the 1948 airlift.
But today, Bush can't drop a f-ing sandwich on New Orleans.

Thaks for your attention, love your site.


We still have never gotten an answer on Katrina, and I thought of something horrible.
Is it possible Bush let those people die just to send a signal that he didn't care for blacks?

It's 440 miles from Dallas to New Orleans, call it 8 hours by truck.
Why couldn't Bush call Wal-Mart and have 50 trucks full of food, water and whatever
delivered to New Orleans 12 hours after the storm was over? It's that easy.

At the time, they said, "We can find out who to blame later," but they never did.
And all the pro-Bush press coverage couldn't compete with those TV images.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Send e-mail to Bart

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Our find-a-reader feature has been disabled.
We'll try to have that fixed by next issue.


Also, I'm thinking about doing BCR Show 131 tomorro,
so if you want to discuss someting on the radio, Send an e-mail to Bart

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Kissyface loves McCain



Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Why I Hate Hillary by LJBK



Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Marty's Entertainment Page
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 Iraq pumped 3.5M  barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Some people celebrate Bush's bloody oil war...

Some don't.
x 3,891....3,894

We lost another 3soldiers since last issue.

We have 3,894 dead soldiers.

We'd like to bring the soldiers home,
but the Bush bastards want to save face.


Exxon makes $108M - every day

That's why Bush raped Iraq and killed Saddam

How do we know for sure?
Iraq's oil wells have NO METERS!


 $100M a day,
$200M a day,
$300M a day - where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

Are we "better than that?"
 by Ray McGovern

Abu Zubayda refused to provide information about al-Qaeda’s infrastructure, so he was
flown to a secret CIA prison where the interrogation team strapped Abu Zubayda to a board,
wrapped his nose and mouth in cellophane, and forced water into his throat.

In just 35 seconds, viola! Abu Zubayda starting talking. That is called waterboarding.

The 15th & 16th century Spanish inquisitors were not squeamish, and had little need for
euphemisms like “alternative set of procedures” that are part of Bush’s lexicon.
The Spanish called this procedure, "Torture by water"

Lacking cellophane, they inserted a cloth into the victim’s mouth, forcing the victim
to ingest water spilled from a jar starting the drowning process. Four centuries later,
the Gestapo put out technically improved releases of this system of torture.

Quick; someone please tell Michael Mukasey, who told reporters on Dec. 11
that he still cannot decide whether waterboarding is torture.

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Subject: donation


I got in a couple of donations,
but they didn't say anything.


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