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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

BCR 131 is here! HOTHOT

Friday,     Dec 21, 2007      Vol 2088 - Reid, Pelosi - OUT!

Quote of the Day

"She's in the Chris Dodd mold
  without the sense of honor."

    -- Andy Sullivan's daily Hillary slam   Link

  Where would Andy be without her?
  Where would Arianna be without her?
  Where would Dowd be without her?
  They'd all be staring at their monitors
  whining and crying, "I got nothing!!"

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Hillary vs Barack
Arrow Edward's Love Child? HOT
Arrow Cuervo Christmas Cookies
Arrow 'Cool Kids' Hate Her HOT
Arrow Barry Crimmins Rules
Arrow Shots to the Best! HOT
Arrow Re-Raped by Halliburton
Arrow Charlie Wilson's War
Arrow Heidi Klum in Aspen

t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops etc


"It doesn't bother Giuliani to put a dress on to do 'Saturday Night Live.'
  I don't trust him. Why do you break up with your wife and move in with gay guys?"

    -- Larry Flynt, Political Kingmaker and destroyer of GOP hypocrisy,    Link 

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Hillary vs Barack
  by Robert Parry

Because of Sen. Clinton’s unique status as the first former First Lady to run for President
– and because her husband was succeeded by a Republican – she is the first candidate to
have both her and her spouse be subject to regular, long-term surveillance by an Executive
Branch agency controlled by the opposing political party.

Since they left the White House in 2001, Bill and Hillary Clinton have been under the
protection of the Secret Service, formerly a branch of the Treasury Department and now
part of the Homeland Security Department. Records are maintained showing where they
go and whom they meet.

I'm confused again - Bob Parry already ran this story.

Are we to the point where whenever someone has a little writer's block
just do a slam piece on Hillary because it's a guaranteed sure-fire hit?

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Subject: Church of Reality members

Dear Church of Reality Members,

This is the time of the year that we celebrate Newton's birthday who actually was born
on December 25th. Since we are a new religion and don't have a lot of traditions yet
I'll share with you all my special cranberry sauce recipe. I'm served this to about 100
people and those who have commented said that it's the best cranberry sauce ever.

I'm not a professional cook but I'm really good at a few things. This is something I
invented myself so if you find it as good as others then maybe this will become part of
a tradition for generations to come. And this is easy enough to make that even I can do it.
And when it comes to cooking, if I can do it, anyone can.

First, think of this as two parts, the part you cook, and the part you don't.

First you start with a bag or two of fresh cranberries, depending on how
many people you want to feed. I usually use 2 bags because you can't
make too much of this stuff. So I put two bags on a pot and I add two
cans of mandarin oranges and a small can of crushed pineapple. Then I
add raisins, maybe 1/4 as many raisins by count as there are
cranberries. If you have dry coconut throw that in at this time. If your
coconut is moist save it for later. You need enough liquid to boil the

Heat the berries to the point where some of the berries begin to pop and
then stop cooking. Let it cool down some. While it is cooling you can
start preparing the cold stuff to mix in. You'll need some celery,
apples, and nuts. Pecans, walnuts, and/or sunflower seeds are all good.
I like a mix of them myself. Makes it more interesting.

Chop up equal amounts of celery, apples, and nuts so that the volume of
this mix is about 50% of the volume of the cranberry mix you just
cooked. Chop finely. Use sweet apples. Then drain off the excess liquid
from the cranberries. (you might want to save the liquid - will explain
later.) Then find a big enough bowl to dump it all together and mix. If
you didn't cook the coconut then add in some coconut at this point. Then
add in some brown sugar and some cinnamon. The throw the mix in the
fridge to cool and your done.

If you are serving ham you can use the cranberry sauce liquid and mix it
with brown sugar and mustard to create a glaze for the ham.

So - this is really easy and really good. I think I might write this up
as an edict as sort of the first official holiday religious food. Most
religions don't have their holidays figured out when the religion is
just 9 years old. It usually take hundreds of years. But I don't want to
wait that long.

So - try it out and let me know how you like it and have a happy holiday
from the Church of Reality.

Marc Perkel
First One
Church of Reality
"If it's real, we believe in it!"

A shot of Chinaco for Marc Perkel

Perkel put 'Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore' on the web
way back on 1996, and he's been a real friend ever since.

Without him, I'd likely still be stuck at that car lot.

Do yourself a favor - check out and


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Edward's Love Child?


With two short weeks to the Jan 3 Iowa caucuses, things are getting dirty.
While mostly keeping their own hands clean, surrogates are throwing buckets of mud..

Katie Couric has been asking presidential hopefuls whether voters should trust an adulterer.
The way they answered, their directness or lack of it, their body language, and the coy looks
on their faces proved a psychologist's dream.

Hillary's aides have been mentioning Obama in the same breath as drug dealing and cocaine.
Rudy, who has been facing awkward questions about his whore and his indicted police chief,
accused Romney of employing illegal immigrants. And yesterday, despite denials, the National
Enquirer suggested a friend of John Edwards was pregnant with his child.

Why doesn't this writer name names?
Who is spreading the awful rumors?
Or is the writer just making shit up for a story?

If you don't name names, maybe it never happened?

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Cuervo Christmas Cookies


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"Rush doesn't think for himself - he's not paid to be a thinker - he's an entertainer.
I can’t remember the last time that he has veered from the talking points from the
DC/Manhattan chattering class. If they were praising Huckabee, he would be too."
  -- a DC-based Huckster, on why the vulgar Pigboy hates Huck,       Link

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Why 'Cool Kids' Hate Hillary

 by Gene Lyons


Ever since the Oct. 30 Democratic debate in which Russert and Brian Williams abandoned all
pretense of evenhandedness, repeatedly inviting Edwards and Obama to characterize Hillary as a
two-faced opportunist, it’s clear that the Cool Kids at Beltway High are determined to take her down.

Both rivals were foolish or ambitious enough to play along. Obama cleverly puts it this way:
“We’ve had enough of... triangulation and poll-driven politics. That’s not what we need right now.”
Yet their voting records are extremely similar.

Obama also claims he’s beyond partisanship. “I’m not an ideologue, never have been,” he told “This Week.”
“Even during my younger days when I was tempted by... more radical or left-wing politics, there was
a part of me that always was a little bit conservative in that sense; that believes that you make progress
by sitting down listening to people, recognizing everybody’s concerns, seeing other people’s points
of views and then making decisions. ”

Hence, my question:
Exactly what’s the difference between wicked triangulation and praiseworthy compromise ?
Isn’t it a distinction without a difference?"


I guess Gene Lyons is "in love" with "his imperial Hillary?"

Or, maybe he just wants a fair fight and regime change, like I do.


Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"I hope to see this headline somewhere, perhaps in the Whore Post:
'America to Clinton(s): We're Just Not That Into You.'"

  -- Jonas Goldberg, liar, whore and son of bad seed,     NationalWhoresOnline

And who is Jonas's daddy?


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Subject: Bush kills one of mine

Bart, I sang at the funeral of my friend's little brother, SFC John J. Tobiason.

He was killed outside his tent in the green zone. It's still under investigation.

In his coffin he looked more like a mannequin than a man. Nothing like the
goofy and fun-loving fisherman, sports-freak, brother, son, and friend who
was so cherished by his loved ones here in Minnesota.

The honorary guard at the services were a bunch of hairy, haggard vets with more
dignity in their pinky than George W. Bush or Dick Cheney have in their entire
blood line. They stood outside both services holding American flags in 10 below
zero windchill from the time the first cars hit the parking lot until the last cars left.
The respect and honor they displayed and deserve is beyond words, Bart.

As I sang, I looked out at our Governor, Tim Pawlenty, sitting in the front row.
He's a Republican, but it was pretty cool that he made the time to be there...early.

Too bad the prick who sent our beloved John (Tobi to his friends...Tobi-Wan-Kenobe
to his CLOSE friends) Tobiason to his death, George W. Bush, hasn't been able to
make the time to attend a single funeral for those he has sent to die...for oil profits.

Gino in Champlin, MN


A shot for Tobi and all the brave soldiers
who fell victims to Bush's insatiable greed.

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"I'm not real happy with Hillary for not coming on this program. Obama was
on yesterday and John Edwards will be on tomorrow. Chris Dodd has been on
repeatedly, I bet John Edwards has been on this program 15 times this year.
We've had Richardson on, Kucinich in studio and on repeatedly, who benefits?
I am done with the Clintons."
     -- Ed Schultz, who called Hillary "my girlfriend" last time she was on his show.     Link


Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Who links to


"Hillary has been on Ed's show 3 times this year, most recently in September.
Something is fishy here. Schultz has ranted frequently about Hillary.
The same day of the rant, Chris Matthews asks him on his show to
"discuss" her.  Schultz has mentioned many times in the past that he
wants his own show. Is Ed willing to take down Hillary in the process?

     -- Lonnette33 at,    Link


Would a radio guy sell his dignity to get his own TV show?

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

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Subject: Merry Christmas

Kim the Okette


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Consumerama - The internet directory of consumer protest sites
plus consumer news, advice & commentary


"Can you explain why oil companies support a candidate
who is supposedly trying to eradicate them?"

    -- a student, asking Bill Richardson about the $523,000 he got from BIG OIL    Link

"Your facts are not right. Those numbers, they've got to be
another candidate's. Probably a Republican's."

   -- Richardson, saying the kid's got his facts wrong - does he?    Link

"I was disgusted really. He just disregarded the facts
and avoided a good amount of the question."

   -- the student         Link


This must be a false quote. Everyone knows Hillary's the only candidate who's ever told a lie.

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Vulgar Pigboy Quotes

"This notion that I was nothing until Bill Clinton came along is absurd.
   Clinton had nothing to do with building this radio show,"

    -- Rush the drug addict, playing pretend

"I can't find any ChapStick in here. I have everything
  else in this desk but I can't find any ChapStick!"

   -- The Methane factory, preparing for his date with Clarence Thomas

"Shouldn't Congress be responsible for their spending?
  After all, it's our money! Or was, until they took it."

    -- Piggy Pigboy, apparently upset about the two trillion Bush spent to kill 4,000 soldiers

"The media get everything wrong and there's no accountability.
  If they were a drug company, they'd be out of business."
    -- His Oinkness, who is an expert on pharmaceuticals

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


Barry Crimmins (D-Legend) looks at 2007


Could 2007 somehow have been avoided? Where does one begin to recap 12 months
of such willful self-parody? Isn’t it insulting to explain why, say, waterboarding is wrong,
especially when one of the few people who needs this clarified is the new attorney general?

Corporate and political hoodlums spent the year doing three things: planning crimes,
committing crimes, and covering up crimes. If this is news to you, no summary will
bring you up to speed. So here are just some highlights of 2007, because it would be
cruel and indecent to make you remember it all.

This is great stuff - Barry Crimmins is a genius.
try to make time to read all of his 2007 recap.

Barry, this shot's for you.

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Subject: Bush Chews Peace Tour


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One for the Hillary haters...

Worldwide Bartcop

They read it in Marrakesh, Marrakech, Morocco

They read it in Gold Bar, Washington

They read it in Gdynia, Gdansk, Poland

They read it in Novato, California

They read it in Voloshskoye, no country given

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Peregrin is posting the best 'toons
he can find on the Bart Blog!

You like 'toons?

Got this from the BartBlog.
Have you seen all the great toons posted there?

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More Gang Rapes by Halliburton
Bush bastards foot-dragging investigation






Yesterday, I heard them talking about this on AAR.

The guy filling in for Randi (Is it Sam Sedar?) said someone called
one of the doctors
who treated the lady who testified recently and the doctor said he couldn't remember her
because there had been too many instances of Halliburton thugs drugging and
women that they couldn't tell the cases apart without their personnel files.

What was Bush's reaction?

   "Do I look like I give a fuck?"


Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: BCR Show 131

Bart, I feel bad about laughing so hard about what happened
to your original show, but you cracked me up. The whole show
was so good...maybe the best(?).

Merry Festivus to you and yours!


Jackie, you're a fast listener.
That show just went up!


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Marty's Entertainment Page
always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

It pays to advertise on

Still at 2006 prices!

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M  barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Some people celebrate Bush's bloody oil war...

Some don't.
x 3,895....3,896

We lost another soldier since last issue.

We have 3,896 dead soldiers.

We'd like to bring the soldiers home,
but don't worry - help is on the way!

Exxon makes $108M - every day

That's why Bush raped Iraq and killed Saddam

How do we know for sure?
Iraq's oil wells have NO METERS!

 $100M a day,
$200M a day,
$300M a day - where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

Review: Charlie Wilson's War
 by Lisa Pease

What do you get when you mix a cocaine-snorting playboy Congressman, the sixth
richest woman in Texas, and a blue-collar CIA officer with a huge chip on his shoulder?
Why, the largest covert operation in history, and a hilarious, award-nominated film about it.

“Charlie Wilson’s War” has been billed as a political satire or comedy. While the film
ripples throughout with truly hilarious moments, it is based on the true and very serious
story of the largest covert operation in history.

The film depicts how Charlie Wilson (Tom Hanks), a Democratic from east Texas, was
inspired by a Dan Rather broadcast, a newswire story, and the allure of the glamorous and
fervently anti-communist socialite Joanne Herring (Julia Roberts) to fund Afghanistan’s
ultimately successful resistance against its Soviet invaders in 1980.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Feinstein has been voting with/for Bush for years,
but does Schumer realize how much credibility he's lost
by being the man who nominated Torture ?

Subject: donation

Bart, our long national nightmare is STILL not over,

Pauline D


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PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

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A special shot of Chinaco for Chicago Jim

He works with me on an almost-everyday basis, and that's not easy.
He's the brains behind  and he has more patience than Walter Reed.

Please stand and join me in this special shot of the good stuff for Chicago Jim!

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Heidi Klum in Aspen

Heidi, go by the Hard Rock.
Last time I was there, they sold me shots of Corralejo Anejo
for just $3 and the crazy bastards said I could keep the shotglass!

Can't beat a deal like that...


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