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 Thursday  June 18, 2009  Vol 2351 - Sawdust Pie

Quote of the Day

"While 37% believe Obama is taking on 
   too many issues at one time, 60% say
   he's taking on so many issues because 
   (Bush left him) so many problems." 
     -- Whore Street Journal,   Link 


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Monkey throws feces 
Arrow Forget about bipartisanship
Arrow Night of the living neocons HOT
Arrow Barney Frank rips Obama 
Arrow Letterman and Young Sluts HOT
Arrow HBO Censors Artie Lange 
Arrow Pope deplores priest/child sex HOT
Arrow America's Sweetheart 



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"You know, I think that Wall Street seems to maybe have a shorter memory 
  about how close we were to the abyss than I would have expected."
    -- Obama, getting mean about Wall Street calls to 'get government out of the economy'    Link

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Monkey throws feces at Obama policies
 He defends torture - but it's not torture


Der Simian Fuhrer fired a salvo at Obama on Wednesday, asserting his torture policies were within the law, 
declaring the private sector, not government, will fix the economy and rejecting the nationalization of health care.

"I know it's going to be the private sector that leads this country out of the current economic times we're in," 
the idiot said to applause from other idiots. "You can spend your money better than the government can spend your money."

Repeatedly in his hourlong speech and question-and-answer session, Mr. Monkey said he would not directly 
criticize Obama but he would hurl his own feces at him from time to time. Several times, however, he took 
direct aim at Obama policies as he defended his own during his eight torturous years in office. 

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Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Forget about bipartisanship
 by Gene Lyons


Obama was elected with perhaps the best chance in a generation to reform America's unjust and grotesquely inefficient 
health care system. To do so, however, he'll have to conquer not only entrenched special interests like the insurance and 
pharmaceutical industries and the American Medical Association, but his own sentimental rhetoric about bipartisanship.

According to David Broder, "The president has told visitors that he would rather have 70 votes in the Senate for a bill that 
gives him 85 percent of what he wants rather than a 100 percent satisfactory bill that passes 52 to 48." That kind of talk 
gets a certain kind of Beltway pundit purring like a house cat on a windowsill.

It's a mistake anyway. As the source for this heartwarming anecdote presumably was Sen. Charles Grassley R-Iowa, 
who recently dispatched a peevish Twitter message complaining about Obama's "sightseeing" while visiting France to 
commemorate D-Day, perhaps it needn't be taken too seriously...

In a column for politico.com, our bipartisan friend Grassley recently wrote that should it be enacted, "as many as 119 
million Americans would shift from private coverage to the government plan." That, in turn, would "put America on the 
path toward a completely governmentrun health care system. . . . Eventually, the government plan would overtake the entire market."

Translation: The public plan must be stopped because it would be too good; private insurance companies simply 
couldn't compete. Really, could they be any sillier? One minute they're yelling that Medicare costs are busting the 
budget; the next they're freaking out about how controlling costs will lead to rationing."

Why are doctors fighting to keep this broken system?
I know why BIG insurance and BIG Pharm are fighting it - they're making millions 
while screaming "Poverty,"  but what's the doctors' excuse?.

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  Here's a closeup of that pesky fly 
Obama swatted during his interview.
Cig-smoking Man.

 Subject: Can right-wing hate talk lead to murder?

Normally when someone like Limbaugh dips his pail further into the cesspool than usual,
and is subsequently criticized, the wingnuts begin to loudly blat and bleat about Freedom of Speech,
which is all well and good, but there are still questions that should be asked.

An example would be when does the repetition of an accusation presented as fact become less an "idea"
than a subversive brain washing technique?

What is the difference between healthy "debate" and "indoctrination"?

O'Reilly is (typically) refusing to accept any responsibility for this Tiller murder and had Glenn Beck 
on his show to discuss the situation.They both concluded that it was the guy who "pulled the trigger" 
who must bear responsibility for the killing and him alone.

Following this logic,we must also admit that Hitler, who although given to some *cough* "curious" ideas,
never actually personally laid a hand on anyone during WW2, and therefore must have been innocent.
 Scott in Soviet Canuckistan.

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Call the BartPhone 1-800-530-2979 and leave your
2 minute message or question or joke or impression to be played on BCR.

If you screw it up, just say it again and I'll edit the bad part out.

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"I wonder if there isnít more freedom on the streets of Tehran right now than we are seeing here." 
      -- David Dreier, gayer than Barney Frank,   Link

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

 Subject: Irony defined

David Letterman, comedian, talk show host and part time liberal apologising repeatedly
as he falls on his sword while eduring the slings and arrows of unending criticism for doing his job
while conservative political analyst, and Fox News filth prop Ann Coulter wears the outrage regarding
her "they would have ended up posing for Playboy" comment about the Jersey wives like a "badge of honor."

So what is the worst trait of our liberals?
Their unwillingness to fight or their tendency to stab their own in the back?

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Mike Malloy Live


"I come from Minnesota. Weíre still in a recount with Coleman and Franken.  
 Coleman won the race on election day, but that was challenged repeatedly, over and over, 
 with what we feel may be fraudulent vote [sic], and weíre very concerned about what comes forward."
      -- Michele Bachmann, blaming Coleman's loss on ACORN,   Link

 If I call Bachmann "a crazy whore," why do some women claim that I just insulted all women?

 I get hate mail saying when I run a picture like this...


 I'm really insulting ALL women but I can't understand that.
 If YOU think Palin's not a whore, then we disagree on that.

 When I run a picture like this...


 am I calling all men, and thus myself, a whore?  Of course not - so stop pretending
 that I think all women are whores when I call Palin a whore.

 I'm not David Letterman.
 I'm not going to let anyone else tell me what I mean when I publish something.

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Subject: Obama

Obama may be on his way to being the most hated president in history.
The scorn and  vitriol of the right-wing nutbags is nothing compared to what
will be heaped upon him by liberals and moderates if their hopes for change are dashed.

I hope Obama knows he's skating on very thin ice with the people who stepped up to support him.
If he fails to keep his promises  - or at least explain why he cannot - he will end up being 'most  hated.'
His only consolation will be that Bush will still hold the record as 'worst president ever.'
 Joanne from Wisconsin ...

You make a good point.
That illogical gushing over Obama last year could turn to illogical hatred in a heartbeat.

To this day I don't understand what happened to the Democrats in 2008.
Does anybody?

I saw Harry Shearer on the Tonight Show and my first thoughts were about what a total
bastard and piece of shit he was towards the Clintons last year - and I always liked the guy.. 
The Clintons didn't deserve any of the illogical hatred that was spewed by Randi, Schultz,
Maddow, Olbermann and the other pillars of the Left

Richard Belzer is another one - we drove from DC to Baltimore in 1998 hoping to get
his autograph on the set of Homicide, now I can hardly stand the son of a bitch.
He sat in for Randi last summer and his hateful anti-Clinton rants sounded just like Randi's.

Bob Parry, one of the best guys on our team, went completely bat-shit insane last year
Who can explain what we went thru in 2008?

The Clintons stood in the way of Obama getting in the White House so they had to be destroyed.
They had to be made into racists for Obama to get to the White House so at this point, let's hope
Obama never becomes a victim of that craziness from which he benefitted so much.

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Barney Frank rips Obama


Barney Frank, one of the nationís leading gay rights champions, blasted Obama yesterday over a 
controversial anti-gay marriage court filing and is calling on Obama to explain himself.

"I think he made a big mistake. The wording they used was inappropriate," Frank said of a brief filed by Obamaís 
Department of Justice that supported the Defense of Marriage Act.  The DOJ brief, which has touched off a firestorm 
of anger in the gay community, argued that states should not have to recognize same-sex marriages from other states, 
just as states donít have to recognize incestuous marriages or unions involving underage girls.

When will Obama catch up to Ted Olson on gay rights?

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Night of the living neocons


Like Rasputin, the unhinged "Mad Monk" whom they sometimes seem to have adopted as an intellectual role model, 
the neoconservatives who brought us the Iraq war refuse to die. Although they have been figuratively stabbed, poisoned, 
shot, garroted and drowned, they somehow keep standing, still insisting that history will vindicate Bush's glorious crusade. 
In a world governed by the Victorian moral code conservatives claim to uphold, they would be shunned, shamed and forbidden 
to appear on television or write Op-Ed columns. But because Beltway decorum apparently requires that disgraced pundits be 
given a permanent platform to bray their discredited theories, the rest of us are condemned to listen to their ravings.

What caused the neocons and their fellow travelers on the right to sit up in their coffins this time is the almost certainly rigged 
Iran election and the massive unrest that has roiled the country in its aftermath. Outraged that Obama has not behaved like 
their hero Bush and begun loudly rattling his saber, the neocons have denounced him as -- you guessed it -- an appeaser. 
In a piece titled "Obama's Iran Abdication," the Wall Street Journal's editorial page, that bastion of unreconstructed neocon
lunacy, attacked Obama for not supporting the Iranian protesters more vigorously and derided his "now-familiar moral equivalence" 
in citing the 1953 CIA-backed coup that toppled Iranian leader Mohammad Mossadegh. In an Op-Ed two days earlier, the paper's 
Visigothic editors, who have been calling for the U.S. to bomb Iran for years, took the opportunity to climb into the Wayback 
Machine to pay homage to one of George W. Bush's greatest hits. "It turns out that the 'axis of evil' really is evil -- and not, 
as liberal sages would have it, merely misunderstood," sneered the editors, suggesting that the crackdown should make 
Obama rethink trying to strike a grand nuclear bargain with Iran.

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

 Subject: Florida vote count loudmouths


Hey Bro, of all the graphics youíve put up over the years that one of those GOP staffers 
raising hell at the Florida vote recount is the one that makes my blood boil the most. 

Every time I see it I think of how many Union halls had members sitting and waiting for a call, any call, to action. 
I can only wonder what may have been if pansy Al Gore told a staffer to call down to the local Ironworkers, 
IBEW or Fitters for a little counter balance. Sometimes a royal ass kickin goes a long way. 
God I hate being in the pussy party.
  Danny Detroit.

Yeah, thinking he knew what he was doing, Gore called on all democrats to stay away.

That means every protestor in Florida was a Rethug so the TV cameras showed "the public"
chanting for "sore loser Gore" to conceed.

How did a couple of fighters like us end up in this party of quitters?

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"Time to man up, Barack. It's unseemly to keep blaming your predecessors. 
  I mean, why stop at Bush? Why not go back and blame Hoover?" 
      -- the vulgar Pigboy, pretending again

 Butt Rush, Clinton handed Bush peace and prosperity.
 Bush turned that into a bankrupt country mired in two wars.

 What the fuck is wrong with you?

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Subject: Letterman

I actually think Letterman's joke was pretty funny.  
Palin's pissed off because she knows that her underage daughter got pregnant right under her nose.  
Palin is a conservative 'abstinence only' idiot whose daughter got knocked up at 16 - and then she 
tried to turn the whole thing to her political advantage.

Letterman's joke did not, in my view, promote underage sex or pregnancy, or suggest that it would be funny 
if Palin's daughter got pregnant.  It skewered two famous people for their questionable morality and character.

If either of the Palin parents had taught their daughter about birth control and had paid attention to what she 
was doing instead of advancing their careers and snowmobiling or whatever, there would be no joke.  
Now, Sarah is making a big show of protecting her daughter, but when Bristol was sixteen and having sex, 
that protection was nowhere to be found.
 Peter F

Dear Bart,
I hated it when John Lennon retracted his "more popular than Jesus" remark.
I hated it when the Rolling Stones changed the words of "Let's spend the night together" 
    to satisfy the overweening moralists of the Ed Sullivan Show.
I hated it when Bill Clinton said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."
I hated it when Phelps ate humble pie over his bong photo.

I hate it everytime someone knuckles under to self-righteous moral authority -- it was 
someone who refused to knuckle under who put an end to the McCarthy disgrace.

I hate it now that Letterman felt he needed to apologize to Palin. He should have said 
"Get off your moral high horse, the joke wasn't aimed at your 14 year old daughter."

The world would be a better place if 10% more people had 50% of your moral courage, Bart.
 Johnny "Fuck the Pope" Rojo 

God Bart, I don't get it.
I've always been a huge fan of Letterman, but why did he take this lying down?
He made a joke about an adult girl, his writers just got screwed up about which
ignorantly named girl was at the ballgame.  Why not have his writers scour other
comedy shows for quotes about the daughters that Palin never protested?

And where was all this outrage from NOW and protests in front of
Limbaugh's studios when Rush was calling Chelsea Clinton a dog?
 Kevin in Texas

Maybe Dave's confused about why the whole world caved in on him over a dumb joke.
He's been telling dumb jokes for 30 years and suddenly everybody hates him.

I would've like to see him fight on, but whore CBS could fire him over this.
How sad would it be for Palin to end Letterman's career?

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Pope deplores priest/child sex
 He's almost willing to do something about it


Pope Benny the Rat deplored priests who were unfaithful to their vows and called Thursday for a 
"frank and complete acknowledgment" of the Catholic Church's weakness in a letter to priests around the globe.

The letter was the first public statement from Benedict since that Irish commission issued a report last month detailing 
"endemic" molestation and rape at church-run boys' facilities and ritualized beatings at girls' schools from the 1930s 
until they got caught in the 1990s.

Benedict didn't specifically address the clerical sex abuse scandal that has convulsed the church in the United States, 
Ireland and elsewhere. But he was clearly referring to the scandal in saying there had been 'situations which can never 
be sufficiently deplored where the church herself suffers as a consequence of infidelity on the part of some of her ministers.'

What a fraud this Pope is.
*I* am more Christ-like than he is.

...and until recently, I was smarter than the president of the United States.

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Subject: You are being set up, my man

Better read more widely on Iran because you seem to be in on the stampede to de-legitimize an election that looks fairer than most of ours.  

Just HOW do you know the election in Iran was fixed?

Did you read "A 'Coup' in Iran? We Don't Know."

or "US Media Campaign to Discredit Iran"

or "Why Ahmadinejad Won the Iranian Elections"

or "Wishful thinking from Tehran"

or "What If Ahmadinejad Really Won?"

or "Why the US Wants to Delegitimize the Iranian Elections"


You mean one million Iranians have flooded the streets of Tehran 
for the last six days in a row because Ol' Bart is easily fooled?

Or are you saying that tight political races are often won by 33 points?

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Dave Quotes

"Welcome to the 'Late Show. Now, when I call your name, please come forward and pick up your apology." 

"I want to get through tonight's show quickly so you folks can get to the 'Fire Dave' rally."  

"It's nice that people hate me who are no longer just part of my immediate family." 

"My son tells everybody at school that his father is Conan."  

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Subject: Why are you obsessed with Left vs. Right?

Man, some of the stuff on your site is good, but why are you so hung up on the left vs. right paradigm? 
It just doesn't make sense. If seeing Obama act like the Dubya term 3 does not help you figure it, 
then I guess your clueless or an operative. 

I saw some comments you posted from Bill Maher questioning what is up with Obama - good, good - but then 
you dive right into the BS of how H. Clinton may have governed from the left more. Get over it, there is no left 
and right in politics. They just keep us arguing with eachother about that stuff. The country is run by offshore bankers. 

Bush started the bail outs and Obama has put the program on steroids. Why are you not freaking out about the outright 
looting of the nation by banks. Didn't Obama promise no lobbyists?  His entire cabinet are lobbyists and Wall Street elite. 
Where has all of the money gone? Why are we taking over coporations and sestroying personal business - the GM fiasco 
as example. Only those that are politically connected get favors to keep their dealerships.

This is insane. And now upwards of 30,000 more troops going into "war" and the introduction of "prolonged detention" 
for Americans that the government does not have enough evidence to even bring to trial!!!? This is your idea of change? 
You have a good website to wake up people that you may refer to as being on the "left." 
How about we all join together to save the real America, the one we haven't known for over 100 years.

Google Obama Deception and watch the video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAaQNACwaLw
 George O

I only lasted a few seconds on that video.
There's no message in this world that takes 2 hours to tell.
If that video was 10 minutes it would get millions more hits.

I hope you're wrong.
I wish you were wrong.
I want you to be wrong.

I guess we'll find out.

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HBO Censors Artie Lange

 Link with video

In the first episode, Joe Buck become the butt of his own show's jokes.
Artie Lange "hijacked" Joe Buck Live, according to the New York Whore Times.

When Buck announced that celebrity gossip site TMZ was his favorite website, Lange shot back:
"Joe, TMZ is your favorite website?   What's your second, suckingcock.com?"

It was super-stupid for Buck to say that and Lange's comment was off-color - but it was damn funny.
Lange's used to working in an atmosphere of freedom - which once included HBO.

In a move decried as homophobic, (That's an opinion, that's not accurate reporting. 
I saw the tape - if you saw a more inclusive tape than the one I saw, then say so.)  
Lange then let his wrist fall limp, put on an accent, and said, 
"I'm on TMZ constantly, did you see what Angelina was wearing today?"
What the fuck, how about going to a sports website for Christ's sake?"

Oh no!
A comedian said something that somebody didn't like?
And how dare Lange suggest that Joe Buck concentrate on sports instead of bullshit celebrity gossip?

Lange even admitted to being a homophobe, to which Buck responded, "clearly."

Lange "admitted" that he was a homophope the way Jack Benny "admitted" he was cheap.
F-ing Christ - am I the last sane man on the planet?

"As a Giants fan, and a well-known homophobic," Lange said, "it's like a white trash gift from god
that the fucking Cowboys have a quarterback whose last name rhymes with homo."

I didn't see the live version but HBO censors Artie Lange in their repeats - why?

I like Lange and I thought his remarks were funny.  I don't think Artie is really homophobic,
but he thinks "fag" is funny and his goal in life is to let everyone know he's not gay.
I'm guessing it's a Brooklyn thing, like calling women "broads."

They allowed Brett Favre to say "shit," but Artie can't say the f-word?
Was HBO purchased by Pat Robertson or something?
And why ask Artie on the show if everyone has to behave like there's nuns in the room?

Maybe Joe Buck should stick to safe comedians ...like Rich Little.

Joe Buck Quotes

"I thought that spending time on a treadmill felt long.
  That was like 8 or 9 minutes that turned into an eternity.
  Do I think it went too far? Yes. Will he be back? If it's up to me, no."   Link

Joe Buck, guardian of middle-American virtue, might be the most boring person in America.
Before Artie came on, the show was on a pace to win an Emmy for "most boring show ever."
The show was so bad, Artie Lange saved it and got people talking about it.

Hey Joe, better ban Chris Rock and Wanda Sykes.
They might say something that offends your virgin ears, too.

And nobody is saying that the audience was laughing - they had a great time
even if Mr Boring thought the comedy lasted for an eternity.


I watched the offensive show again last night.
Artie picked up a cigarette and Joe Buck had a f-ing  cow.

"Stop!  You can't do that!"

...and Artie said (my words) "I'm not going to f-ing light it. It's just for show"

My first ever memories of HBO include the movie Deliverance.
That movie included a very graphic man-on-man rape scene.

I don't mean to differentiate a man-on-man-rape scene with a "regular" rape scene,
but as a man, I have no other reference with which to frame it.

Anyone remeber OZ?
HBO has no problem with man-on-man rape, but the smoking of cigarettes will NOT be tolerated.

So my question is - why is man-on-rape rape more acceptable than Artie Lange's language
or the smoking of a goddamn cigarette - and I'm no friend to f-ing cigarettes - it makes no sense.

What does make sense is there's some anti-Stern handjob at HBO who wants comedy suppressed.

Isn't that sad?
When HBO lables comedy unacceptable for us to see?

HBO - We broadcast what Bush and Rove think is acceptable.

Last thing - somebody is lying.
Artie said Buck hugged him after the show ands said, "Great job - thanks!"

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I filled up today - $42.

Is this another thing that isn't going to change?

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Ensign Quotes

"Despite the predictable cries of  'hypocrisy' from leftists who are only spared the label 
because so little is expected of themÖSen. Ensign remains one of the more principled spokesmen 
now on the Washington stage for a government limited in size and intrusiveness into our lives."  
   -- the Las Vegas Whore Journal,   Link

"Cynthia Hampton's salary was doubled to $2,771.50 starting in February 2008. Her salary also doubled 
at Ensign's campaign committee, where she was treasurer, beginning around the time the affair began. 
It went from $500 a month to $1,000 a month. Records also show Doug Hampton received $13,555 a month
as an assistant in Ensign's Senate office. He received a payment of $19,679 for his final month of employment."
   -- David Espo, Yahoo News,    Link

 Paying his whore with taxpayer money?

 Remember the tsunami of outrage when Clinton was accused of trying to get Monica a job?
 Things certainly are different when you have an "R" after your name.

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"Obama has been on TV more than Regis lately. But if we didn't want our President 
  on TV all the time, maybe we shouldn't have elected Oprah's boyfriend."
   -- Jimmy Kimmel - taking a shot at Obama?

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

 Subject: can pot wean someone off of cigarettes?

 Donald M

I think it did for me.  
May not make it true, but I think it is and it did.  I smoked for about 20 years, both pot and cigarettes.  
Jan. 3rd of 2007 I quit smoking cigarettes (again).  One of the ďthingsĒ I used to keep me sane was pot.  
It was nice to know that if I wanted to light up, I could, and feel better because I was participating in a ritual of smoking.  
The high was a nice addition as wellJ.  I smoked considerably more pot the first 6 months after quitting, and have now 
tapered down to a few times a week or so, depending on funds, availability, etc etc.  Plus, Iíve read that the THC 
can help prevent some cancers Ė another benefit of godís flower!  Anyway Ė I think it helpedÖbut maybe Iím just high J
 Dennis in Portland

I've never been addicted to cigarettes so I can't say   
but sometimes I just feel like a lung-full of smoke, and I can get that from pot.
If a lung cancer smoker craves a lung-full of smoke,
what's so wrong about a lung-full of smoke that will make him happier?

If there's a reason why pot is bad, why can't some body list it? 

It can be useful, depending on role cigarettes play in your life. The  physical addiction of nicotine goes away in 72 hours. 
After that, the  desire to smoke is a combination of habit and atrophied stress  management skills. Smoking a joint instead 
of a cigarette is about the smallest adjustment you could ask for. But it may weaken resolve - so I  wouldn't recommend it 
for anyone who is quitting reluctantly. For  those people, I'd recommend mixing progressively smaller amounts of  tobacco 
into your pot until you're happy with none. Or forget you like  smoking, whichever comes first.
 -Rex Devious 

Bart, I stopped smoking cigarettes two months ago, when the price went up yet again. I've smoked for a lot of years both 
cigarettes and weed. The weed is getting me though it so far.   I put them down, (cigarettes) and haven't cheated not once.
When I really want to smoke one I do, but its not tobacco. It takes away the craving and makes you feel like you haven't 
really given up everything.  I smoke a little more weed but I can afford it because I'm not paying for cigarettes.
When out in the world, I chew gum.

Bart, I quit smoking cigarettes in 1977 after fifteen years of a pack a day habit. I continued to smoke pot however. 
By smoking pot, I was able to quit cigarettes cold-turkey. I finally had to quit smoking pot when I lost my job in a 
random drug test a few years later.  I havenít had a toke ever since. Iím retiring in a few years and I plan to start 
smoking the herb again. Fuck the law!
 Steve in Bountiful

Need to take a sudden trip?

 Here's the deal

The first set of tickets expires in 30 days and I'll be damned if we
give up a free trip to anywhere just because we're low on money.

Anyone got any suggestions where we should go?

I'll bet Carmel, California is nice in the summer.


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Letterman and Young Sluts


There goes the theory about the truth being funny. As we all remember, it was not an overgrown ball player 
that made Bristol lousy with child; it was a horny 18 year old puck pounder, so the premise remains pretty accurate. 
There is a fine line between a hockey slut and a ball whore and Iím sure most if it has to do with temperature and location.

From the first whiff of this story, I thought Letterman should have kept quiet. Clearly this woman was just egging him on 
for a little airtime. Had he not responded to her accusations, he would have deprived her the attention she so desperately craves. 
Instead, he lamely copped to her allegation. You can almost pinpoint the exact moment where Lettermanís soul dies as he makes 
this absurd apology. Itís ugly to watch someone who has made a career out of irreverence cow towing to a congenital idiot.

If anyone should be demanding an apology, itís Letterman, who was slandered by the attention seeking governor 
when she darkly insinuated that Letterman was some sort of child-diddling pedophile, a claim not at all based in reality, 
unlike Lettermanís joke.  Thatís the sort of statement that spurs lawsuits, as it is rather damaging to oneís character. 
Lettermanís mere joke in no way  defamed Bristol Palin, at least not any more than her motherís VP run, which exploited 
most of the Palin clan for fun and profit.

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And no, I don't think all women are spiders.

Subject: the last rethug to get caught with a woman...

Was it David-Hooker-Diaper Vitter?
 Kathi G

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 Dee in New Jersey

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