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 Tues-Wed  June 30-July 1, 2009  Vol 2358 - Coleman quits

Quote of the Day

"No matter how much they love you, they want a tragedy."
     -- Marilyn Monroe, 


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Palin Ahead in 2012 Race 
Arrow The GOP’s ‘Sarah’ problem HOT
Arrow Sanford admits more sex 
Arrow MJ & Guns dominate mail 
Arrow Detroit gains in quality HOT 
Arrow Al Franken to Senate HOTHOTHOT
Arrow It Came from Wasilla 
Arrow Hayden nude in "Cooper' HOT


Mike Malloy Live


"In Iran: "Oh, we can't meddle with what's going on over there. We can't meddle until we see what the outcome is." 
And we didn't meddle. And, of course, then Ahmadinejad comes out and says, "You owe me an apology for meddling 
in our affairs." Obama: "I'm not going to apologize. Why should I apologize to you, you little twerp?" In Honduras, 
though, we meddled. In Venezuela, we had a soul shake, or whatever -- that black handshake he has that he had 
with Chavez. We had a soul shake."
      -- the vulgar Pigboy, high on Oxy,    Link

"Please Rush, just drop the pretenses and use the n-word already, will you?" 
      -- AB-001,      Link

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Palin Ahead in 2012 Race
 With Romney as her bucket of warm spit


The 2012 primaries are far away, but if they were starting today Sarah Palin would enter with the
highest net approval ratings among self-described Republicans, according to a recent Pew poll.

According to Pew, her GOP popularity, as measured by her net approval-minus-disapproval ratings,
is +56, with Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich a bit further back, at +39 and +33 respectively, and
Tom Michael Steele trailing far behind that trio with a +14 and 58 percent of Republicans asking "Who?"

Romney is benefitting from a perception of a steady-as-he-goes maturity and scandal - or blunder-free
eights months since the 2008 presidential election.

Wait - it could be that he has no testicles and thus no sex drive.
(I've heard rumors about Romney for years.)

Is this why Romney has no girlfriend or boyfriend?

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Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


"Who does a better job handling the threat of terrorism -  Obama or the Rethugs in Congress? 
Obama 55% - Republicans in Congress 34%." 
      -- New Poll,    Link

"On health care, 51% of indys trust Obama, and 26% trust GOPers in Congress. 
On the economy, 51% of indys trust Obama, and 31% trust the GOP. 
On the budget deficit, 52% of indys trust Obama, and 30% trust the GOP." 
      -- New Poll,    Link

 Obama seems to handle the Rethugs pretty well.
 Now if he could just get his own party to stand with him...


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Senator Franken w/ unidentified  bartcop.com  reader

Subject: Sanford

Dereliction of duty is far more serious than lying
If every politician that lied was impeached, with whom would we be left? 

Sanford should be removed from the very office he abandoned during his sexual escapades 
down south, not for the actions of the affair or adultery, but for his leaving the post. 
What would have happened if  South Carolina faced a state emergency during this time? 

At best, Sanford is an adulterous hypocrite...
At worst, his disappearance is treason and betrayal of his constituents.

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The GOP’s ‘Sarah’ problem


Sarah can warm up the Republican base like a hot toddy in a duck blind.
But further inside the party organization, the air is a little nippy.
What happened? In a word, bungling.

Everyone seems to have a Sarah Palin story of ignored calls, mishandled invitations
or unanswered e-mail. Disorganized is how one might charitably describe the Palin operation.
“Basically, it’s just rude,” says one political operative, who is a Palin fan. “They’ve been running
the great snub machine. That’s the reason the boys in the Republican Party are unhappy with her."

Palin still can’t shoot straight. Unless something changes dramatically and soon, “Missed Opportunity”
should be the title of her memoir.   Her popularity and fundraising ability are second only to Obama’s.
She was drowning in speaking requests. Boxes and boxes of invitations stacked up — and went unprocessed.

Without any effort on her part, 80,000 fans around the country organized pro-Palin groups. Said a frustrated
Palin promoter: “All she had to do for them was hold an electronic town hall, and she couldn’t get around to it.”
Sarah's problem is the same as it was a year ago. She isn’t ready.

I'm getting to like her more and more as the GOP's best chance in 2012 (snort)

I wish she'd pick a fight with me like she did with Letterman.

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Subject: Del Castillo

Haven't had the pleasure of seeing the band, but just watched "Kill Bill 2" - if you have a copy, 
look at the "special features" for the band on opening night - Rick DelCastillo is listed.  
The band Del Castillo also appears on the album "Once upon a time in Mexico" 
(Robert Rodriguez composer) and Mexican Spaghetti Western by Chingon (the band on KB2).

If you look for Robert Rodriguez, scratch the surface a bit and you'll find Chingon and perhaps Del Castillo.  
Sometimes the really good ones have two or three incarnations to keep themselves busy - Rick Del Castillo 
seems to be one of these.
 - Tab

Rick did the guitar parts for Antonio Banderas in "Mexico."
Maybe Antonio plays - just not that well :)

Also, I believe Del Castillo + Rodrigues = Chingon.
And go figure - Robert Rodriguez is no slouch on guitar..

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Call the BartPhone 1-800-530-2979 and leave your
2 minute message or question or joke or impression to be played on BCR.
If you screw it up, just say it again and I'll edit the bad part out.

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"The term 'Congress,' Madame Speaker, actually is an ancient term. It means interaction. 
  It means the intercourse between men and women - and ideas and philosophies."
      -- Mike Pence, playing with himself on the floor of the House,    Link

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Subject: MJ breaking the color line?

Hi Bart, just a quick reaction to this sentence from the LA Times story posted at Bartcop:

"Al Sharpton was right to remind crowds that Jackson and his family broke a color barrier
- the Jackson 5 were beloved by teenyboppers of every race and, at his height, Jackson’s fan base was international."

Uh, that’s nonsense: Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Little Richard, Chuck Berry,
Fats Domino and others had broken the color barrier before Jackson was even born, and they paid a much harsher
price for it than The Jackson Five ever did. Those guys back then had to put up with segregation and abuse in many
parts of the country while Jackson was still in diapers.

Also, a friend has an interesting theory I agree with that the only reason for the over-the-top post-death Jacko media hype
was to beef up the sales of his CDs, videos, etc. (After all, many of the same big media corporations that own the news
have a piece of Jackson in one way or another.)

If so, it’s worked — sales are soaring and, like Elvis, he’ll probably earn more dead than alive.

Keep 'em flyin',
 RS Janes

But we have to give credit where it's due:
For some reason, MTV was all-white when Thriller came out.
MJ's record label said, "Play Billie Jean or we yank every video," so MTV caved.

I doubt they did it for racist reasons - maybe MTV considered themselves a "rock" channel
but you must admit MJ insipired a couple of generations with his music.

They say the last night of his life they ran thru the whole London show for the first time - and filmed it.
I'd buy a ticket to see that.

I saw parts of this DVD on cable last year or so.

     Live in Budapest

...and it was excellent.

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Note: Lori was the girl who died in Scarborough's office.
JebBush brought in a discredited, out-of-state coroner
to declare she died of "natural causes."


Sanford admits more sex


Mark Sanford admitted Tuesday that he saw his Argentine mistress more times than previously disclosed, 
including what was to be a farewell meeting in New York chaperoned by a spiritual adviser soon after his wife 
found out about the affair.

In an interview with the Whore AP, the governor described five meetings with Maria Belen Chapur over the past year, 
including two romantic, multi-night stays with her in New York before they met there again intending to break up.
He said he met her two other times, including their first meeting in 2001 at an open-air dance spot in Uruguay.

"There was some kind of connection from the very beginning," he told The Whore AP, though he said
neither that meeting nor a 2004 coffee date in New York during NaziCon 2004 were romantic.

Which means what?   He left his Viagra at home?

Hey Gov, you're giving out a little TMI.
Nobody needs to know the days and times you banged her.
Nobody needs to know that you banged her on Trips 1 and 3, but not Trips 2 and 4.

Maybe shutting your mouth might calm things down?

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Still the best advertising bargain on the Net

Banner ads by the day,
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or by the month

Click to get more Hits

Hmm, Rush looks kinda thin there...

Does Oxy help you lose weight?

Subject: Gunless Violence in Iran


Did you write that?  It seems unlikely, you are usually very good with your facts.
But if you google "gun deaths in America", the latest information says it's about 30,000 per year,
which is 5 times the number given in this post.

I'm a liberal but I also believe in a persons' right to own a gun.
Can you help out a confused reader?
 Paul in Boca

I did that off the top of my head, but yeah, I wrote it.
Maybe I was thinking about car deaths.  Sorry.

I make mistakes, but I'd be crazy to lie about something.
Too many sheriffs can pull me over :)

I went back and changed that on yesterday's page - something I rarely do.
I generally like to live with my mistakes but bad info needs to be corrected.

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Coleman concedes, Franken to Senate


I don't care about the details  

Woo Hoo!

Time to get your first-ever job, Norm.

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Subject: Michael J

Of course you’re right on about his not molesting kids. 
He was just trying to recapture a part of life he never got to have. 
A childhood. 

He was a master, and I feel sooooooooooo bad for him.
 Danny Detroit

Hmmm, my sarcasm detector is barking like a chihuahua on Cuervo Gold.
I don't care - you can have any opinion on MJ you like.

My point has always been about the evidence. 

...but here's a bone for my old buddy.

Domestic automakers make gains in quality survey 


Even in a year of financial stress, Detroit carmakers outpaced the industry in quality gains, says J.D. Power and Associates.
The initial quality of Chrysler, Ford and General Motors 2009 brands increased 10% over 2008, beating the industry's 8%. 
The initial quality study polls new car buyers 90 days after they've purchased their vehicles and asks them to grade their cars on repair 
problems — things that have broken — and design issues — such as whether the radio is easy to use.

"Even in the face of unprecedented challenges, the Detroit automakers are keeping their focus on designing and building 
high-quality vehicles, which is a precondition for long-term success," said David Sargent, VP of auto research at J.D. Power.

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"It's going to be a political memoir of unparalleled interest and significance."
     -- Liz Cheney, on her evil-dick dad's coming memoir,   Link

 Hey Liz, if it's "of unparalleled interest and significance,"
 why is Evil Dick only getting 10% of Hillary's book money?

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Subject: Gunless Violence in Iran

Bart, you wrote (about people dying from guns in the USA):

> I  f-ing hate that, but *_that's the price we pay_* to avoid some religiously-insane prick like Ahmahandjob 
> from stealing an election - then crushing everybody who has a problem with his theft.

When I read that, the first thought that came to my mind was:

It didn't stop some religiously-insane prick like W from stealing an election, and nobody knows, 
how many people were crushed by him because they were alleged terrorists. 
 Steve in Cologne

Let's talk about what's possible.

It's possible that the Bush bastards were behind the scenes with Clinton's impeachment.
Ted Olson was a Paula Jones lawyer, remember?

It's possible that the Bush bastards planned the Iraq invasion during Clinton's term and had 
him impeached to make it so f-ing ugly that we'd never want to go thru that kind of mess again.

It's possible that the Bush bastards could get away with that because they ran/run the CIA and the 
jackpot was controlling the entire world for eight years so they could loot it dry - which they did.

I think they got lucky when Gore chose not to fight.
Or, maybe they had a good enough psychological profile on Gore (or they read  bartcop.com ) and 
knew that the Democrats always refuse to fight, which led to certain victory for W in 2000 and 2004.

When you're planning a multi-trillion dollar, worldwide eight-year robbery spree with the help of 
the taxpayer-financed CIA, there are very few things truly evil men can't or won't do.

If 5,000 soldiers have to die for this robbery to work - that's OK with them.


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Sarah Palin in New York's Gay Pride Parade

Subject: Bixby corn

Bart, I probably saw you at Conrad Farms yesterday, but we were all distracted by the Golden Goodness.
Moving back to Oklahoma was something I dreaded. This is the state, after all, that considers the center-right Tulsa World too liberal.

But now I'm eating fried chicken and Bixby corn. Hell, even my country's soccer team looked good last week.

(BTW, being an American Soccer Fan is like being an Oklahoma Democrat. Other countries who love the sport
hate our team because we're not a "real football" nation, and we even get crap from people here who hate the sport.
Oklahoma Dems hear it from others in the country for not being liberal enough, and locals loathe us for not giving in
to their vision of theocracy)

 Badger in Colorado, er, Tulsa

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If FOX Whore News doesn't like you...

...they label you a Democrat.

They get away with this because they know

the other press nor the Dems...

have the balls to call them on it.


"We have an equal number of people who get into trouble. For every Republican
   (caught in a sex scandal) we can name a Democrat who has the same kind of trouble."
     -- Rudy, lying again,    Link

  Butt Rudy, when a Democrat who supports gay rights gets caught, it's usually with a woman.

  When a Rethugs who condemns gay rights gets caught, it's often with a man in his mouth.

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Subject: Guns and Politics


Are you telling us that if a cop entered your house late at night to search it, you would shoot him?  
Do you have the green light to kill government agents simply because there are 300,000 other armed Americans?

If I'm in a hotel or somewhere besides my property, I'll wait to see if the intruder has a gun and a badge.
If it's inside my home, if Mrs Bart is behind me, anything taller than a cat is in real trouble.

Ahmadinejhad has followers as well as detractors.  Armed response to people in the street is not solely an 
Iranian phenomenon.  How many times have we seen our own police tear gas, shoot and stomp protesting Americans?

As always, I was typing shorthand at 90 MPH.
What I meant was, if there were 20M gund in Iran, the government would have to fear 
one million people in the streets - figuring the angry ones would be the ones armed.

That's why it's a phony charge to say, "Obama's going to take your guns," because I'm sure there 
are several million people in TX and OK and other states who would say, "I'd like to see you try."

This is about the feds realizing up-front that they can't storm 10M or 20M homes.
Word would get out:  "They're storming homes on 55th St."  So men with guns from 
50th to 59th St would come to 55th St's aid and the feds would always be outnumbered.

You can be for or against guns, but you can't deny that with 20M Iranian guns,
sending 50 government goons into a crowd on motorcycles is a suicide mission.

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It Came from Wasilla


"What it looks like to me she’s trying to do is try the same formula that got her the governorship," John Bitney says. 
"You sort of start off with a conservative base. The right-wing base is obviously out on the far end of the spectrum, 
but it’s a very motivated base.  They show up, they’re committed.  It gets you that political beachhead. She did not 
get started with the blessing of the Republican Party.  She started with a dedicated corps of sort of right-wing true 
believers who killed themselves for her, and got her going. And then she began to build on that, and after she crossed 
the primary hurdle, she moderated her message on some points."

When I ask Bitney what he makes of the whole Palin phenomenon, he sighs. "What do I take away from this?" he asks. 
"Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s just a lot of emotions and stuff. I find it’s frustrating dealing with Sarah, because it 
seems we’re always dealing with emotional crap and we never seem to be able to focus on the business at hand that needs 
to be done.   I don’t know whether to blame her or pity her for all this emotional upheaval that we always get from her. 
Now we all get to listen to Levi and Bristol. Check my feet for horseshoes if I have to sit there and listen to another talk show. 
I got involved in helping her become governor because we needed to change some policy directions. Teen abstinence is not 
why I waved signs for her."

Send -e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

Subject: Improper Acronym

You got an acronym wrong in a recent post, you wrote:

> "Joyce E. Thoman, President of Citizens Under Negative Turmoil".

It is actually Citizens United for a Neoconservative Theocracy,

I believe you are correct.
Thanks for catching my fumble.

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"Most of these politicians were the high school boys that couldn’t get the cheerleader."
    --Suzie Johnson, relationship expert,   Link

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TV Stuff

Last night, Kathy Griffin - Life on the D-List  had guest star Paris Hilton.
If you know anything about celeb-molesting KG, you know this had to be a riot.

KG has been riding and mocking Paris probably more than anyone else in America.
As always, Paris had the guts to stick with it till the end - KG can be brutal.
If our senate Democrats had 1/3 the balls of Paris Hilton...

                          "You're asking a lot..."

It's on Bravo, it repeats - Trust me.

Next week it's KG with Don Rickles.
Kathy's box-wine drinking Mom puts her hand on Rickles's thigh.

We're going to see KG in 12 days - she's playing a mile from Casa de Bart.
Expect a review of the show.

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Luana, thanks.

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 I will attempt BCR 155 tomorrow.

Hayden - nude in 'Cooper' film
 Maybe Hef should write her a check, too...


 See dozens more  Hayden Panettiere  pictures  at BC Hotties

 Bonus - Hot HP Music Video

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