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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

HOTBCR 155 is NearHOT

 Tues-Wed  July 7-8, 2009  Vol 2361 - Big Bag of Crazy

Quote of the Day

"We shouldn't be focusing resources on each other. 
  We ought to be focused on winning this debate."  
     -- Obama, asking liberals to stop attacking 
         the backstabbing Blue Dog Democrats,  Link

  Barack, please give that speech to those Blue Dogs.
  Even with 60 senators, they'll block your every move.


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow It Came from Wasilla 
Arrow Peter King: MJ is a Pervert HOT
Arrow Hitler hears of MJ's Death
Arrow Her Lifetime Warranty 
Arrow Pass the Ball for Victory? HOT
Arrow Why I Hate Michael Jackson HOT
Arrow Palin's Future Prospects 
Arrow Carrie U's new album HOT





"Sarah Palin is a coward and a bully.  What kind of politician attacks an ordinary American on the Fourth of July 
for speaking her mind?  Whatís wrong with her?  The First Amendment was designed to protect people like me 
from the likes of people like her.  Our American Revolution got rid of kings.  And queens, too.  Am I jacked-up? 
You betcha. Sarah Palin, if you have a problem with me, then sue me.  I will not be muzzled!" 
      -- Shannyn Moore, responding to threats from the GILF,     Link

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It Came from Wasilla
 Vanity Fair rips into McCain's swimsuit model


Palin is at once the sexiest and the riskiest brand in the Republican Party. Her appeal to people in the party
(and in the country) who share her convictions and resentments is profound. The fascination is viral, and global.
What does it say about the nature of modern American politics that a public official who often seems proud of 
what she does not know is not only accepted but applauded? 

Just like Reagan and Der Fuhrer 43 - stupid and damn proud of it.

What does her prominence say about the importance of having (or lacking) a record of achievement in public life? 
Why did so many skilled veterans of the GOP - long regarded as the more adroit team in presidential politics - keep 
loyally working for her election even after they privately realized she was casual about the truth and totally unfit for 
the vice-presidency? Perhaps most painful, how could John McCain ever have picked a person whose utter shortage 
of qualification for her proposed job all but disqualified him for his?

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Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

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"The gun is an interesting artifact, and it tells you that the United States 
  captured Saddam and disarmed him literally."  -
      -- Mark Langdale, pointing to the gun Bush stole from Saddam,   Link

"As of today, 4,321 Americans died so Bush can have his war trophy. 
 That pistol is a stain on American History."
     -- Briseadh na Firefly,    Link

"I hope Bush puts the gun next to his honorable discharge.
 Oh wait, he doesn't have one..." 
  --  Bobwurst,     Link   

"oh man, i just knew that pathetic little twit made off with that pistol. 
remember how he kept it in an alcove just off the oval office, where he could 
mosey over and rub it, and show it off to his rootin' tootin' minions. who could then 
be sure to have their first erection in years....pathetic. truly and embarrassingly pathetic."
  -- Linda,     Link    

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Subject: Please tell me you were kidding

Please say you were joking when you said that you had to look up epistemology.

I was being honest.
Why do you suggest that everyone knows that word?

Are you one of those guys who claims to know every word in the dictionary?

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Michael Jackson is a 'pervert'
 by Peter I-don't-need-Black-votes King

       "I'm riling up my base..."


New York Congressman Peter King calls Michael Jackson a "pedophile'' and tells the media to stop "glorfying'' him.

Sir, he was accused of being a pedophile.
Ronald Reagan was accused of being a rapist.

According to YOU, that means Reagan really was a rapist.

King, a Long Island Republican, ('Nuf said) railed against the dead African American.

"He was a pervert, a child molester and a pedophile,'' fumed King. "No one wants to stand up and say,
'We don't need Michael Jackson.' He died. He had some talent. Fine....There are men and women dying
in Afghanistan every day. Let's give them the credit they deserve.''

Nobody is taking any credit from the soldiers that were sent to die in the desert by Bush.
Why don't you call FOX News and tell them to run profiles of soldiers instead of MJ news.

Oh, that's right - they're only in it for the money.

King, a Republican has expressed interest, in a New York senate seat in 2010.
He has declared himself a spokesman for nigger-hating New Yorkers.

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Call the BartPhone 1-800-530-2979 and leave your
2 minute message or question or joke or impression to be played on BCR.
If you screw it up, just say it again and I'll edit the bad part out.

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Hitler hears about MJ's deathHOT


 4 minute hilarious movie - with or without speakers

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Subject: Are You Sure You're Talking About Corn?


Sugar Pearl?
Precious Gem?

Sounds like names at the weed buffet at some coffe shop in Amsterdam!
 Brian in Jersey

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Mike Malloy Live

Her Lifetime Warranty


How do you put 540,000 miles on a Ford?

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"There's one thing Biden and Obama have got to get under control. And that is quit blaming George Bush. 
He inherited an economy that was already beginning to show real signs of the stress from the breaking of 
the technology bubble. George Bush didnít go out whining and complaining every day..."
      -- Huckabee, getting his facts wrongs, as always,      Link

 How did we have a bad economy and a surplus?
 Bush said in the summer of 2000 that he'd give "everybody" tax cuts 
 because the government had "too much money.   Then he robbed us blind.

"When I took office, our economy was beginning a recession." 
       -- Dubya, complaining about the Clinton economy, 8/7/02,     Link

"In terms of the economy, look, I inherited a recession, I am ending on a recession." 
      -- Dubya, apparebntly proud that he left Obama a crippled economy, 1/12/09    Link

"*I* wouldn't complain if *I* had been handed Clinton's economy either, you moron. 
  Good grief. You really are just plain stoopid
      -- Leftside Annie,    Link

"Clinton handed Bush the biggest surplus in U.S. history. 
  A simple thank-you would suffice."
      -- Perry Logan,    Link

"Schmuckabee must be feeling his oats now that Palin has blown up..."
      -- Lungman424,    Link

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Pass the Ball for Victory?
 by William Rivers Pitt


What the hell is going on with Republican politics lately?

One must assume there were very many Republican strategists greeting the Saturday dawn with arms flung 
heavenward screaming, "Why, God, why?". It would not come as a tremendous surprise if reports surface 
next week about a rain of frogs and plague of locusts striking RNC headquarters.

I mean, seriously. This is getting entirely out of hand. The Republican Party, its adherents and its advocates 
have been running an astonishing gauntlet of shame, silliness and disgrace for four long years now.

He's right.
The GOP was looking to Ensign, Sanford and Palin to shake things up in 2012.

Things are so bad for the GOP, some see Romney and Huckabee as their future. 

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"We need to spend a little more on illegal immigrants. Get them the hell out of our damn country 
  and close the borders down. We can do it. Weíve got the greatest military in the world and youíre 
  telling me we canít close our borders? - Thatís just ridiculous." 
      -- Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher, at Houstonís July 4th Tea Bag Party,    Link

"He must be one of them "native American" Wurzelbachers."
      -- bschmalfeldt,    Link

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Fox anchor-puppet satirizes Sarah Palin

Why I Hate Michael Jackson


When the late Michael Jackson changed form into a panther, that was animal metamorphosis - a pagan, occult practice. 
As media announcers fall all over themselves to praise Jackson (who promoted the dark arts in dance), whose song "Body" 
has probably inspired many illegitimate births, whose female lead in "Thriller" had no problem appearing in the porn mag "Playboy," 
no one seems to asks who/what was behind the rise to idol status? Mediumistic-prone spiritism is never mentioned.

Erotic manipulations, lewdness, abdominal-area gyrations along with step-hop rigidity in a self-hypnotized state spell vulgarity
- of the worst order. His approach ever-encouraged a primitiveness that makes people more distant to each other. Underlying all 
was his message to youths: release all inhibitions. The "fruits" of the above are, to repeat, moral degeneracy into all classes.

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Great site!!

Er, not so much. Just wanted you to read this, you pathetic, miserable and lonely little boy.

I'm 55, happily married and my Size 11 boot is lonely for some Monkey ass.
You interested in a leather date?

You're fantasies about "torture" and other delusional tripe lead to your site stuck on 2004.
Of course, the vile and ugly hatred you showed for a fallen President of that stature,
regardless of political affiliation was a true showing of how classless you really are.

It might help if I had a clue what you were talking about.
What torture "fantasies" are you talking about?
Who is the "fallen" president?

Too bad that you failed miserably in your attempt to play up the "how dare they compare Kennedy to Reagan",
because everyone knows that Reagan SURPASSED Kennedy in popularity years ago, so that wasn't a "show" 
of some farcical ramblings leading you to believe this was some sort of conspiracy, but it wasn't. 

OK, I'm starting to get a clue.
Are you referencing my disgust with the gelding Democrats who lined up around the block to call Reagan
"a great president," while the Republicans were screaming "that fucking rapist" at President Clinton?

BTW, Ronald McDonald is popular, too, but I wouldn't want him for a president. 

That show of respect, from BOTH sides of the political aisle, you imbecilic child, was as genuine as you are a delusional, 
still living in your Mommy's basement, bedwetter, and the fact that you received any hits at all on your "website" is amazing.

Yeah, I'm surprised by the hits I get, too and, with Jesus's help, I finally got my bedwetting under control.

I trust this won't find it's way to you, as I'm sure you're now in some mental institution like a mentally deranged, 
Anti-American, uber-liberal communist/socialist/Democrat Party, who's collective stupidity is proven by not only 
your "website", but by their incredible and mind numbing intellectual dishonesty.

And it's it interesting that if we debated, you'd be getting Kotex enemas for a week. 

You see, being an Independent, I want the best candidate period, regardless of their party affiliation 

You're a Rush-loving ditto-monkey.
Reagan could only be the best candidate if he was running against Bush 43.

...and I'm always willing to read and patronize any website that is thoughtful and can see 
both sides to any issue, as that's the only true way to get an honest and open discourse

If you were what you claim, you wouldn't open a conversatrion with "you pathetic, miserable and lonely little boy."
Truth is you'd sell your soul to have my brain - and my IQ is 64.

The Democrat Party, the current configuration especially, is hands down the biggest violator of the law of polite debate, 
so much so that most HONEST Democrats will admit as much.
 Fucking loser.

Today's Democrats are spineless wimps who let the GOP walk all over them.
You hate current Democrats because "one of them" leads our country.

You're a racist fuck and you need to find a Luger and do the right thing.

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"My favorite thing in the world is to run on hot, dusty roads. I don't get enough of that in Alaska. 
  So I was in heaven and there were plenty of hills so I knew my thighs were going to just throb 
  and my lungs were going to burn and that's what I crave.
     -- Sarah Palin, explaining her throbbing thighs,   Link

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Subject: Say what you want about him

The media continues to simplify Michael Jackson, but the truth is more nuanced.
As many as 78 students at a time have gone to college on Michael Jackson scholarships:
He uplifted many of his race to the educated class, through the United Negro College Fund.
Doesn't fit the image does it? Maybe we misjudge him?

We live in a country with a whore media.

You can't make ANY money saying good things about Michael Jackson,
but you can get FILTHY RICH by calling him a child rapist.

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"If Sarah Palin has any desire to do speeches, to raise money, to earn money,
  ... if she has any desire for a future in politics... she has to do it in the lower 48."
     -- the vulgar Pigboy, on Palin's sudden, incoherent resignation,    Link

 Butt Rush, how can she win if she's known as "Sarah the Quitter?"

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Those Bush Bastards

Subject: new race in Alaska

Did you hear that there is a new race in Alaska ?
Yeah, it's called the "I-quit-arod".

You go halfway from Nome to Anchorage, 
then you quit and blame the media.

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All we ask is you put ours on yours.


"I have staff in place. I can hit the ground, if not running, trotting."
      -- Senator (He took the oath today) Al Franken (D-MN)    Link

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Subject: Dude I just got to say about Palin

I don't agree with her politically but this stinks of the same sexism that took down Hilary and it sucks.

Racism may be gone but sexism and misogyny are not.
 Kurt S 

I wish those with this viewpoint were better able to explain themselves.

She is a woman and she deserves to be attacked in print.
Should I attack her for being Black?
Should I attack her for being four feet tall?
Should I attack her for having a wooden leg?
Should I attack her for her seven divorces?

If I wrote, "As a women, Palin can't be expected to understand politics,"
that would be an attack on all women and you should call me on it.

And why are you running to Palin's rescue?
Is it because you're a Democrat and you demand that I play fair? 

If somebody out there (or Kurt S) can explain themselves more fully,
I'd sure like to hear some reasonable arguments about what I'm not allowed to say.

    Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

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Palin's Future Prospects
 by always wrong Fred Barnes


Forget about Sarah Palin as our candidate in 2012 and probably ever. Her chances of winning the nomination have been 
minimized by her decision to resign. Sheís knocked out one of three legs of the presidential stool and a second one is wobbly.

I say this reluctantly because Palin is the most exciting Republican figure to emerge in decades. She mesmerizes crowds 
in a way that no other Republican leader can come close to matching. She has what canít be taught Ė real charisma.

Are charisma and sex appeal the same thing?

But personal magnetism is only one of the legs, or underpinnings, for a successful race for the Republican nomination. 
The other two are experience in office and enough knowledge of foreign and domestic issues to talk about them persuasively. 
By stepping down, sheís cut her experience short: it now consists of a meager two and a half years as governor of a 
thinly populated state. And, from all appearances, Palin has made little headway on the issue track.

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Subject: Funny How You Never Hear....

Surprisingly, with all the complaints from the GOP about Obama and his destroying America, 
not once have I heard anyone suggest that if they don't like it, they should leave.  
Such a common refrain during Bush's tenure.
 Turk Meister

Texas wants to leave - I suggest we let them.

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