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 Friday,  January 8, 2010   Vol 2451 - Crooked Country

Quote of the Day

"I stand in Obama's way every day." 
      -- McCain, proving what a dick he is,    Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Blackwater "Justice" HOT
Arrow Democrats fear disaster ahead 
Arrow Zeppelin gets a stamp in UK 
Arrow Artie Lange is still alive HOT
Arrow Leno returns to late night  
Arrow Connecticut hates Kissyface HOT
Arrow The Democrats' Silver Lining
Arrow Eva Longoria's new scent



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"We had no domestic attacks under Bush; we've had one under Obama." 
     -- Rudy Giuliani, pretending 9-11 never happened,    Link

  Butt Rudy, since 2001, every sentence out of your whore mouth has been about 9-11.

  Now you're pretending that didn't happen when Bush was president?

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Blackwater "Justice"


When it comes to justice in America, the scales depend on how much money and political power you have. 
Consider the recent decision by Judge Ricardo Urbina tossing out the federal indictment of five Blackwater thugs
for the 2007 slaughter of 14 innocent Iraqis in Baghdad. The judge found that federal prosecutors had improperly 
used incriminating statements which he said had been "compelled" from the Blackwater personnel under "threat of job loss."

Let's compare that to John Walker Lindh, the young American captured in the first days of the Afghanistan invasion. 
Indicted on charges of conspiring to kill Americans, Lindh, currently serving a 20 year sentence after a plea agreement 
reached with the government, never had his case thrown out, though the government's main evidence was a statement 
allegedly made by him (this on the word of an FBI agent) that he had been a member of the Taliban and Al Qaeda
--a statement that even if actually made, had come at a time that Lindh was being kept duct-taped to a gurney and held 
in an unheated, unlit metal shipping container, with an untreated bullet wound in his leg, and denied access to an attorney.
Surely the coercion behind this "confession"--Lindh's military captors allegedly were threatening him that he would die 
in Afghanistan--was at least as severe as the threat to Blackwater guards that they could lose their jobs if they didn't tell 
what had happened at the bloody shooting in Baghdad. Yet Lindh's charges were allowed to stand.

The easiest way to get away with murder is to have the prosecutors bungle your case.

The "bunglers" won't be pounished so we should assume they bungled this on orders from Bush/Cheney.
If the Blackwater bastards start talking, it could be real trouble for the Bush bastards so they get a pass on murder.

Justice in America is for sale - it's always been that way.

When Kneel Bush stole $50,000,000 from Silverado Savings and Loan, remember what his punishment was?
They made him promise not to do it again.

America - it's a crooked country.

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GOP to Michael Tom Steele: STFU



Top GOP aides have demanded that their colleagues at the RNC rein in Chairman Michael Tom Steele 
after Steele suggested House Republicans could not retake the majority this November.

Aides used a conference call Wednesday with RNC staff to voice their latest frustrations with Steele, 
who said "not this year" when asked Jan. 4 on Fox News whether the GOP would win control of the House in 2010.

It's against the rules to tell the truth in the GOP 

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Zeppelin gets a stamp in UK 

        Guitar God, with a blow up of his new stamp


Royal Mail's classic album covers special stamps go on sale, featuring classic album covers from the last four decades. 
Jimmy Page, guitarist of Led Zeppelin, poses with a blown up stamp featuring the artwork from the band's fourth album.

If you're reading this in England, please send me a dozen of these
and I'll PayPal you some money to cover it - thanks,

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Our quote machine froze up.

It should be thawed out by next issue.

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Subject: Democrats Fear Disaster Ahead

In Obama's speech yesterday he called this a time not for partisanship, but for citizenship.
He doesn't realize yet that those on the right don't consider him a "citizen."
Right-wing partisanship = CASH

Does he really think they will put "Country First" when most on the right won't abide a "ni#%er" in "their Whitehouse?"
(at least that's what my rightwing co-workers tell me; and is also clear from the signs at Tea-bag rallys.)
The best advice, seriously, that I could give to Pres. Obama is to have Special Assistant to the President-Mr. Bartcop 
sit in on a few strategy meetings to help with the "pushback" against the dishonest media.

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Saw it on Marty's E! page

Note: She's not going out of business - yet.

Subject: taxes


One of the canards I keep hearing is that lowering the top marginal tax rate improves the economy.  
The standard measurement of the economy is Real GDP -- that is, the nation's Gross Domestic Product 
after adjustment for inflation.  So I compared Real GDP growth for a year to the top marginal tax rate for that year.  

Guess what?  
There's a very strong correlation between high taxes on the rich and economic growth.  
That's the opposite of what the supply-siders would have us believe.

It's too bad the Democrats are too scared/stupid to list the damn facts.

Clinton raised taxes on the rich and America propered more than any other time in history
but the Democrats are such losers they can't remember to remind people of that.

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Mike Malloy Live

Artie Lange is still alive! 
 Crazy bastard went at himself with a knife

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Police say self-inflicted stab wounds put Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange in a New Jersey hospital.
Hoboken Police Detective Mark Competello says Lange's mother found him on the floor of his home on Saturday.  (Six days ago?)

Competello says the 42-year-old comedian was unconscious but breathing after stabbing himself with a 13-inch knife.
Competello says doctors cleaned nine abdominal knife wounds and operated. He says Lange has been released.

I hate to see this because I like Artie. He's got serious demons chasing him.

The demons apparently drove him to heroin, and he seemed to kick the habit but when he did, 
the original demons that drove him there started to return.

Get well, Artie.

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Marty's has new stuff every day
on her tons-of-fun Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.


Click on the E!

If you live in a state with medical marijuana,
can you tell me what it takes to qualify to open a pot store?

Is it like a liquor license?
You just need to be felony-free?

I'm most interested in California and Colorado.

  I know all about that, Bart

The Democrats' Silver Lining
 They can't even screw up correctly 


This week's retirements aren't necessarily bad news for Democrats, and that November is still a long way off. 
Chances are that backstabber Dorgan couldn't have won reelection if he tried. And while Dodd could easily have lost 
to a credible Republican, the same cannot be said for Connecticut's most popular Democrat Richard Blumenthal...

Obama could respond to renewed momentum on the right by curbing his ambitions, or by placing heavier emphasis 
on deficit-fighting and tax relief for small business and other priorities championed by conservatives. Taking a page 
from his 2008 campaign, he could try to transcend our deep political divisions and reach out to right-leaning 
independents frustrated by a Washington that seems increasingly out of touch...

Yeah, that's what we need - more reaching out to the rabid dogs.

The other option is to follow the Bush-Rove strategy of winning by uniting your party and energizing your base. 

Good luck with that, Barack.
You've pretty much peed on everybody on the Left.

This is the strategy that net-roots progressives desperately want. And by delivering on kitchen-table issues, 
it could also bring working-class Democrats to the polls in what would normally be a low-turnout election...

As a believer in a smaller, cheaper government, I have no problem with President Obama moving to the center 
and abandoning his sweeping efforts to transform the American economy. If I were a liberal, however, I'd want him 
to go for gold--to push through an agenda that working and middle class populists can rally behind, and that doesn't 
seek bipartisan compromise for its own sake.

If Obama had Clinton's talents and skills he might be able to pull that off - but he doesn't. 
I realize Obama had a mountain of crap to deal with but doing his George Bush impression hasn't helped.

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Subject: Response to 'Marijuana is so Great' 

Bart, my neighbor’s daughter smoked a bowl of pot and she is now brain damaged.  
That’s because it was laced with formaldehyde, and she didn’t know it.  
If pot was legal, the FDA would keep this from happening.
Just sayin’…

Same thing hapened during alcohol's prohibition.
People tried to distill their own whiskey ands some went blind from the bad stuff.

You're right - think how cheap good pot would be at Walmart.

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This shirt isn't selling - not at all.

I need a new slogan - got one?

Sure wish I could get some snappy slogans for a t-shirt.
We have 6 slogans so far.
One anti-Cheney, two anti-Obama,
two pro-Obama and one pro-Bart.

When we get TEN, we'll vote and then go with the winner
because somebody's going to win that autographed DVD!

If YOU come up with the winning picture/slogan
I'll send you a brand new It Might Get Loud DVD

personally signed by Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge   Bartcop

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Subject: Pokerfest

Bart, I had a very clear dream last night about being at a poker/tequila fest of yours. 
It  must be a sign from the gods. You were in it, too! : )  

Keep me posted on if that happens, OK?
 Jane Z. in Beantown

Our local man hits the ground in Colorado around Jan 15th.
We should have details shortly after that.

I look forward to meeting old friends :) 

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

State Marijuana Penalties

Leno returns to late night
 They had to do something...

Just seven months after the launch of the new Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, and less than four months 
since the start of the new Jay Leno Show, NBC is in frantic negotiations to reshuffle them once again.

According to informed media blogs, the plan is to push Leno back to his old 11.35pm slot and squash him 
down from an hour's show to just 30 minutes, while O'Brien would be bumped back to midnight.

The reason for this near-farcical rearranging of the deck chairs is quite simple: the new formula has tanked. 
Leno essentially recreated his familiar and by now tired chat show format.

Conan has been a disaster.
But what's NBC going to do to fill the 5 hour, prime time gap each week?
They say NBC has nothing in the pipeline so look for game shows, I guess.

I read another story that said NBC is giving Conan a choice:
He can go on after Leno or he can leave for another network..

Leave?  Who wants Conan now?  
His brand has been severely damaged. 

Handjob NBC - they were winning so they decided to fix that.
Now they have damaged Leno, damaged Conan and nothing at 10PM for five nights a week

BTW, I heard about this from Marty's E! page.
Marty knows all and sees all.


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Connecticut hates Kissyface, too


Sen. Joseph Lieberman's role in killing health care is costing him dearly at home.

A new poll has the bastard losing support in his home state with Democrats, independents and Rethugs.

More than 80 percent of Democrats now say they disapprove of the little shit with only 14 percent approving. 
Among Republicans, 48 percent hate his guts with just 39 approving. 

"It all adds up to a 25% approval rating with 67% of his constituents giving him bad marks," the study concludes. 
"Obama's approval rating with Connecticut Republicans is higher than Lieberman's with the state's Democrats."

When Kissyface comes back to apologize, the Dems should show some backbone (I'm kidding)
and tell the son of a bitch to take a f-ing hike.

We need fewer assholes in the party, not more.

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Subject: terrorists

Bart, I live near Detroit which is a bridge or tunnel trip away for Windsor Ontario, Canada.

Crossing from Canada into Detroit you have to cross the river BEFORE  customs has even looked at you.
They have bomb detectors, dogs, rude custom agents and unlimited  authority over you - but they are a mile too late to stop anything!
You could blow up the bridge or tunnel prior to the border patrol  ever knowing you are coming!

Great security here in the motor city - the Border Patrol rides  bicycles along the river front in the summer????
There's an 18 mile per hour current passing downtown Detroit and not  many terrorists are that good at swimming.
(Windsor has a major gambling casino, totally nude strip clubs, legal escort services and they don't care if you smoke a joint. 
Just some of many reasons to cross the river) 

Anyway, just another fine  example of our government in action. 
Keep up the good work! .
 Bungalow Bob

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Subject: Mike the Dealer's Football Playoff Line 


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Bart, here's some monthly reperations from a part-time military member,

Derek, thanks for making the pie higher.

Be careful with that military stuff :)

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Eva Longoria's new scent


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