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 Tuesday   March 2, 2010  Vol 2480 - Field Trip

Quote of the Day

"I believe in great comebacks. 
  I'm not ruling myself out..." 
    -- Rod Bloagojevich,    Link

  Maybe he'll win Trump's Apprentice job.
  I understand that show is fixed...


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Bunning blocks benefits HOT
Arrow Liberals in Custer's army HOT
Arrow GM has a steering problem 
Arrow Nothing left to win 
Arrow McCain and Cantor, pricks HOT
Arrow Bunning's Moral Problem
Arrow Gagging over Lady Gaga 
Arrow Eva Longoria - 'heady' in Vegas 



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"I donít really care. Iím sick of starting with what can we get through the Senate; letís start with 
  what solves the damn problem. Until the Senate gets its head out of its rear end and starts to see 
  the crisis weíre in, our country is literally at risk. Our economy is at risk, because these jobs are 
  being created overseas. It should have the same urgency with this problem that it had bailing out 
  Wall Street. We are swearing an oath to do whatís necessary to protect this country, not do whatís 
  necessary to get a bill through the Senate."
     --  Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA)      Link

 I don't know much about this guy but I'm going to gamble he's worth a shot of Chinaco Anejo.

 ...and Tom, you don't want to let me down.

 It's OK to try and fail, but if you don't try, I might slam you with 

 I put one on Eldrick a few years ago and look what happened to him.

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Bunning blocks benefits for millions
 How can one GOP senator have so much power while 
  58 Democrats (the majority) are totally helpless?

  "Families without food can go right to f-ing hell..."


We have a new poster boy for the Going Rogue playbook: Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Insane). For the past week, 
Bunning has been single-handedly blocking more than a million Americans from receiving unemployment and 
COBRA health insurance benefits, as of today, when their benefits funded under the 2009 stimulus law run out. 
The suspension of benefits affects everyone from doctors to government employees.

Since cutting health and unemployment benefits isn't the most popular thing to do in a job-starved recession, 
the Senate had reached near unanimity on extending these programs. But near-unanimous isn't enough when 
senators are looking to stretch out the lifespan of benefits about to lapse - they need unanimous consent. 
And that requirement has delivered a great deal of power into Bunning's hands -- power that has allowed him 
to block the extension until the Senate find $10.3 billion in spending cuts elsewhere to fund the safety-net spending.

"I believe we should pay for it," Bunning said. "But tax cut money we borrow from the Saudis."
"Fuck the poor if they don't have supper."

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MMA Rumors

Liberals stuck in Custer's army
 I know exactly how that feels


Paul Krugman reveals why liberals are still getting their asses handed to them in every serious battle with the GOP: 
Liberals think they're competing in a middle-school civics class debate, which is why Krugman is still whining about 
the same-old riddle thatís paralyzed them for 30 straight years: "Why donít Republicans debate fairly and honestly?!" 
And their answer comes down to the same feeble: "Itís because Republicans arenít as good as we liberals are."..

How can they not play by the same grammar school rules that you guys do! Itís justÖnot fair, gosh!

Hereís the Cliff Notes version: Americans are mean, and they donít like losers. 
Siding with the liberalsí Army of Feebleness has proven, once again, to be like volunteering for Custerís Army, 
only this is worse: itís like joining Custer for the straight-to-DVD remake of Little Big Horn, a remake thatís 
getting a little old by now. Who wants to go through that all over again?

While the steroid laden Rethugs are setting records by hitting 90 home runs,
the I'd-never-cheat Dems are trying to find a map to tell them where home plate is..

We have two choices:
We can be ruled by greedy, blood-thristy, win-at-all-costs Republicans
or braindead, inept, cowardly Democrats who need permission to clear their throat.

What Democrats need is a little Bartcop in them.

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GM cars have a steering problem
 OMG!  Are GM cars safe to drive? 


General Motors Co. is recalling 1.3 million Chevrolet and Pontiac compact cars to fix power steering motors that can fail.

The recall affects 2005 to 2010 Chevrolet Cobalts, 2007 to 2010 Pontiac G5s, 2005 and 2006 Pontiac Pursuits 
sold in Canada and 2005 and 2006 Pontiac G4s sold in Mexico.

Maybe they need to bring back the horse and buggy.

But if your horse sees a snake, won't he take off like a Toyota?

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Subject: Vegas religio-nut jobs

Bart, I see the picture of the religious wacks carrying the sign saying "What happens in Vegas God sees" 
and I thinks to my self "Jeez why could that be? Is it because he's hiding out in a high rollers suite playing bingo?"

Charlie in Belchertown
Home of turn Coat Republicans

If God doesn't see them, maybe Bill Bennett (The Bookie of Virtue) does.

Remember that news story of him losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Bellagio because he had them 
bring the slot machine of his choice to his private room so he could get drunk and play in his underwear.

Note: Bill Bennet wrote The Book of Virtues.

In the book, Bennett illustrates the catalog of virtues--self-discipline, work, responsibility, etc.

Of course, nothing screams self-discipline and responsibility like owing The Bellagio $.5M in gambling debts.

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by the Wizard of Whimsy

Marty's has new stuff every day
on her tons-of-fun Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.


Click on the E!


"Jim Inhofe was absolutely alone in resisting a wave of popular fantasy 
  that was climate change and global warming." 
    -- Lou Dobbs, trying to lead the wacko-birther-teabagging handjobs,     Link

 Good luck with that, Lou.

 BTW, Mexico called, they said to tell you to GFY.

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Subject: Shirley Sunglasses video   (safe for work)

Bart, have you seen Shirley's picnic/romance/golf video?

It has her first on screen kiss that doesn't end up with the other person being killed as a result.
 Mike the Dealer

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State Marijuana Penalties

Nothing Left To Win


What makes this clamoring for bipartisanship especially inane is that it is a part of a constellation of vague 
public preferences that not only make no sense, but are often mutually exclusive of one another. Americans want 
their government to go to work for them! Yes, except when they want their government to stay out of their lives 
and do nothing! Americans want change! Except when they want bipartisanship that guarantees no change! 

Americans want their government to do less! Except when they are complaining about all the terrible gridlock
in Washington! The short version of the story is that the people of this country don't exactly know what they want, 
except that, as good Americans, they of course want everything. Which, unfortunately, includes bipartisanship...

The mantra of bipartisanship in America today is just a way for everyone involved to avoid actually changing anything. 
For Republicans it is a way to prevent the president and the majority in Congress from enacting an agenda. For the 
Democrats it's a way to avoid actually having an agenda. And for the rocket scientists in the public who clamor 
for more bipartisanship, it's a way to avoid thinking.

Obama reminds me of a substitute teacher taking a class of second graders on a field trip.
Instead of telling the kids where they're going, he's asking each of them for their suggestions.

Billy wants to go to Disney World.
Bobby wants to go to the Grand Canyon.
Debbie wants to go to Dollywood.
Freddie wants to see The Alamo.
Dewey wants to see the Sears Tower.

Now it's 1 PM and they're still in the school driveway, trying to figure out where to go.

Johnny wants to eat some Bar-B-Q on Beale Street in Memphis.
Mikey wants to see the Golden Gate Bridge.
Suzanne wants to see the Space Needle in Seattle.
Stevie wants to see where Paul Revere made his famous ride.
Tommy wants to see the gridlock in Washington DC.

Now it's 4PM and it's time for the kids to take the school bus home.
But since Obama was in charge, they never even got out of the driveway.

Did we elect Obama so he could ask the Republicans how they want to govern?
I thought we elected him to make some tough decisions and do the right thing.

It's a year later, so why are we still in the damn driveway?

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"Half of all black children are aborted." 
    -- Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ)    Link

 ...and you know this how?

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Subject: Senate Democrats


Iím not the most politically educated person around, but maybe you could explain something to me. 
How, with a 51-49 majority, were the Republicans able to pass anything they wanted for 3 years under Bush, 
yet with a 60-40 majority for almost 2 years, the Democrats couldnít manage to pass gas?

Keith, the GOP are win-at-all-costs, heartless sons of bitches who refuse to be stopped.
They see something they want and they reach out and take it.

Democrats are sissified little girls who ask permission when they want something.
If told no, they wet themselves in fear and crawl under a table to have a good cry.

Bottom line, Republicans will do anything to win.
If victory knocks on a Democrats' door, they miiiiiiight answer it,
but they damn sure aren't going to work for it .

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Heimo Korth, the Omega Man of Americaís Final Frontier.

Mike Malloy Live

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I just downloaded The Juggs newest MP3s for $5.95

The Juggs features my good friend Case Newcomb and his bad ass guitar.
If you like mean guitar players, you'll love this "album."


"Obama hosted a healthcare summit that lasted about six hours which, coincidentally, 
  happens to be the average wait time at the emergency room, if youíre bleeding."
    -- Jimmy Kimmel

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Subject: tsunami - getting hosed 


Tsunamis aren't visible in the open ocean. The Poseidon was toppled by a rogue wave - a different beast altogether.

A tsunami is more like a pulse of energy traveling through the water. In the open ocean, it's spread out, 
but as it nears land, it get pushed together to make a series of floods, rather than waves.

It's also impossible to tell how high that water will get, because of the way the seabed is shaped and the direction 
and variable energy of the incoming tsunami. On one part of an island, the water might only rise a foot, but a 
half mile away, it could go over the top of the houses.

Hawaii is used to false alarms. They did the right thing getting the people out of the way. 
8.8 is a big mother-effer. But that doesn't mean the media didn't milk it for ratings. 
They always do. Nobody loves a disaster like the network news.


CNN (I know, I'm an idiot to trust them even a little) showed a graphic with this giant wave
that was so big it was taller than the little hotels it crashed into - maybe 60-100 feet tall. 

But what about the ocean floor bouys?
Why pay for them if we get absolutely zero information from then?

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Bunning's Moral Problem
 He loves to cut off poor peoples' income


The problem with neocons is that they think 'civilization' ENDS at the threshold of the "free market" 
(right wing code for the "economic law of the jungle: the predatory cult of enriching oneself at others' expense")

The right wing refuses to see that it is THEY who are the irresponsible ones, because they REFUSE to contribute 
their fair share back to the social wellbeing of society and the good of the many, preferring to gripe about taxes while 
they leech off the labor of low income workers and pocket the profits gained on the backs of people they despise and 
people whose wages THEY have kept back by fraud and classist rationalizations.  They leech off the very system that 
affords them their opportunities but then begrudge those poorer than they any benefit from that very same system. It is 
"do as I say, not as I do because THEY reserve the right to "get theirs' but hate others who may receive even a pittance 
of benefit from a miserly, two tiered system that rewards the rich and punishes the poor.

Bunning has given the scared and cowardly Democrats a big gift.
Every day the poor people don't eat is on Bunning and the heartless Republicans. 

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"If you've got 51 votes for your position, you win." 
    -- Rethug Judd Gregg, explaining the senate rules under Bush in 2005,     Link

"It would really be the end of the Senate as a protector of minority rights..." 
    -- Lamar Alexander (R-Lumberjack) explaining senate rules under Democratic rule,     Link

 The worst part?
 In 2005 when the GOP said, "We won the election, fuck off," the Dems agreed with them.
 In 2010 when the GOP says, "It's not fair to hog the power," the Dems agree with them.

 How did I get in a party of cowardly, spineless quitters?

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Bart's Amazing Race Update


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Adult Friend

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McCain and Cantor, big little pricks


You may recall the snake-oil salesman by the name of Mr. Merriweather in the 1970 
Arthur Penn film, "Little Big Man." You may also recall that Merriweather, because of 
his inveterate swindling, kept losing body parts -- an eye here, a leg there -- to successive, 
angry locals. But he was philosophical about it, repeatedly explaining to Dustin Hoffman,
that these somatic losses were but part of the cost of doing business.

That was the imagery that came to mind yesterday morning as I watched John McCain on 
"Meet the Press." Sporting a metaphorical eye patch and shifting a peg-leg, McCain was absent
some more and rather huge chunks of what he once claimed to value most: his personal honor. 
McCain had, it seemed, wholly succumbed to the Merriweather School of Swindling Politics.

"Have you seen my integrity?
 It's gone and I'm trying to find it.
 I lost it towards the end of 2000."


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Writers w/ Opinions Wanted

Americal Idol - We're down to twenty and we lose four more this week.

Survivor Heroes vs Villians - I predict evil will defeat good, just like in real life.

The Amazing Race - Five Emmys in a row - and nobody's watching?

So we'll do Idol on Fridays, Survivor on Mondays 
and Amazing Race (if anyone writes) on Tuesdays.

You watch TV and you have opinions, right?

Maybe others would like to read your opinions and you might 
end up making a career out of having opinions while watching TV.

What do you have to lose?

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Disturbing ads from the past

This is the America that the tea-baggers want back.

Congrats to bartcop reader Dinger for winning a Kohl Teaching Fellowship.

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Gagging over Lady Gaga
 Deprived of attention as a child, was she?


Too bad she didn't hit it big earlier.
Then Michael Jackson would've been the second-weirest person in show business.

I mean, it might be different if she was a talented performer,
but I can't get past the Look-at-me-I'm-a-clown act long enough to care.

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Eva Longoria - 'heady' in Vegas

 Link to Story

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