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 Wednesday  March  17, 2010   Vol 2491 - Final push 

Herbert Lake, Alberta Canada

Quote of the Day

"They'll probably force this through." 
     -- Dick Armey, predicting victory for
         Obama/Dems on the health care bill,   Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Partisanship to get worse  HOT
Arrow Teabaggers wave GOP signs HOT
Arrow Is Too Much Not Enough?
Arrow Rethugs offer Dems advice  
Arrow Democrats Unwilling To Fight HOT
Arrow The Return of Mr. Imperfect  HOT
Arrow Catholics for health care 
Arrow Brooke Burke hosts DWTS  



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"I've been to birthday parties that drew more people. More people attended 
  my wedding than went to the tea party kill the bill rally on the hill."  
    -- DNC's Brad Woodhouse, on the crowd at the D.C. Code-Red Tea Bagger rally,     Link

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Partisanship to get worse 


The White House claims it's above worrying about the politics of health care -- they just want a bill passed this week.
Good thing, because politics in Washington could become a lot more ferocious and partisan, whether their plan flies or not.

"If they pull off this crazy scenario they are putting together, they are going to destroy a lot of the comity in the House," 
said Brian Darling, an idiot from the conservative Heritage Foundation. "Even in the current, highly partisan atmosphere, 
it can get a lot worse."  

Obama's latest version of his health care overhaul has attracted no Republican support, as always,
so Democrats will try to pass it with narrow House and Senate majorities.

The long-contemplated move has sparked hard feelings on both sides, with Democrats saying they tried 
with no success to work with Republicans, and Republicans complaining they are being railroaded.

So, the Rethugs are going to stop being so nice to Obama?  Because he won the election and
- how did George Bush put it - he has "some political capital and he's going to spend it." 

Screw what the GOP wants - do the right thing and don't look back.

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Subject: scumbags mock man with Parkinson's

If you could help me spread this blog post, I'd be grateful. 
It contains a video showing a group of right-wing scumbags mocking a man with Parkinson's disease. 
Since my sister is afflicted with it, you can imagine my reaction. The post is here:

Anything you can do to help would be great.

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"Angry old idiot John "Walnuts!" McCain is probably going to lose his Senate seat this year and 
  then be forced to actually live in Arizona, which he hates, so he’s even more desperate and crazy 
  than usual. What kind of maverick-y bullshit stunt can he pull to remind Arizona voters just how 
  shamelessly he’ll beg for re-election? He’s bringing the Snowbilly to the desert! Grifter broadcast 
  clown Sarah Palin hasn’t appeared with Walnuts since he vetoed her big idea about giving her own 
  personal concession speech on Election Night, 2008... And now she’s going to campaign for McCain." 
        -- Ken Laybe,   Link

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Subject: Tax Cuts to start new Businesses? 

The passage of the jobs bill is a good start offering tax breaks to small businesses that hire new workers. 
But I have another idea. Why not create a similar tax break for people who start new businesses? 

New businesses could be the way we grow out of this recession. There should be incentives to help people 
who are unemployed to figure out how to work for themselves. A one person business is as much of a job as 
working for someone else. I think that people who can't get a job should seriously consider working for themselves. 

I've been self employed for over 30 years and I can tell you it beats working for someone else.

Marc Perkel

Founder of the Church of Reality
Reality changed my life. It can change your life too

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Teabaggers wave GOP signs


Tea Baggers from across the country have come to Washington for a three-week long “Take The Town Halls 
to Washington” rally, an effort to lobby undecided House Democrats to vote against health care reform. At a press 
conference Friday, the Daily Caller spotted signs and buttons clearly paid for by the Republican National Committee. 
Activists distributed “red-white-and-blue buttons and signs emblazoned with the words 'Listen to Me!'" - an official 
RNC slogan - with disclaimers at the bottom of the signs reading "Paid for by the Republican National Committee:"...
The Tea Party movement claims to be an independent, grass roots coalition unrelated to either party, but this is not 
the first time activists have been caught using materials or logistical support provided by Republican operatives or 
Republican-aligned corporate front groups. For example, many large Tea Party protests have used signs and buses 
provided by groups like Americans for Prosperity.

Doesn't it seem likely that this will backfire on the Rethugs?
The country is pretty evenly divided and they're diluting the racist voters.

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MMA Rumors


"When Tiger wanted to be with me, he always made me fly Southwest."
       -- Jamie Jungers, billionaire Eldrick's alledged girlfriend on Stern, on Eldrick's legendary cheapness, 

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by Bruce Yurgil


"Who in the GOP was the genius that said that now that we have identified the fastest-growing 
  demographic in America, let’s go out and alienate them?...The Republican Party is the most naturally 
  talented party at losing its natural constituents in the history of the world. This party was born with the 
  emancipation proclamation and can’t get a black vote to save its life. How do they do that?" 
     -- head Teabagger Dick Armey,     Link

  Hey Dick, the Emancipation Proclamation was 147 years ago.
  Since then, the GOP has done everything they could to keep Blacks down.

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Subject: hell freezes over

For decades pundits have been saying that the New Orleans Saints were so bad at playing football 
that Hell would freeze over if the Saints would ever win The Super Bowl. 

On Sunday, February 7, 2010 the Saints won the Super Bowl. 

On that same day Washington D.C. was paralyzed under several 
feet of snow and the Government was shut down.

Do you think this indicates the actual location of Hell?

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"Right now, Senator Ensign is a ticking "time bomb" for Republicans that is waiting to explode. I'm afraid 
  this "time bomb" is set to detonate in the faces of Nevada Republicans adjacent to the midterms. If Republicans 
  don't see this coming, then they have to be the most myopic creatures on the planet. It would behoove every 
  Republican in the race for U.S. Senate in Nevada to write a letter demanding that John Ensign resign immediately.
      -- Mark Anderson,  Link

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Thanks to the Wizard of Whimsy

Subject: Why we're in Afghanistan... 

Sir Bart, you know why we're still in Afganistan...right? 
The Military Industrial Complex needs to make more money by making ever more weapons to kill...
400 Billion little time...

Subject: Why we're in Afghanistan... 

I  thought it was common knowledge among us liberals as to why we're  there in Karzai country.
He was put in place by BushCo to be our puppet while we defend UNOCAL workers building a gas pipeline 
through Afghanistan. Karzai was a consultant for UNOCAL before he automagically became the PM/Puppet.

Subject: Why we're in Afghanistan... 

I believe we are in Afghanistan today for the same reason we went in in the first place: 
we want payback, resolution, closure, for 911.  

I didn’t think then, and I don’t think now, that we will or can find what we’re seeking there, 
but we haven’t found anyplace else to express our pain and anger, so we’ll stay until we’ve forgotten;
until the cost of continuing is stronger than our memories of loss.

Recall your first response: glass them.  
Nothing has changed that fundamental desire; time will dim it, but it will never be completely satisfied.
 Peter Y

Subject: Why we're in Afghanistan... 

So girls can go to school there. And to make sure it stays that way, we really DO have to smite all the Taliban, 
or else they will swiftly come back and probably kill all the girls that learned to read and write in the past decade.

I sympathize with those girls, but if we're staying until the religiously-insane come around,
we'll never leave - but maybe that was the plan all along.

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Click to "vote" for Stupak's pro-choice Demo
primary opponent Connie Saltonstall

When I voted, Connie was at 97%.
Let's kick this Bozo out of the party.

Subject: Re: Stupak 

Bart, I sent Connie Saltonstall (Not Stupak) $100 this morning.

Take care,
  Eddy the Oklahoma pillar

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Del Castillo live and in 3D
Thursday Morning, March 18th

Download the software so you'll be ready



"I have a very ominous feeling about what's fixing to happen on health care votes."   
       -- Trent Lott, interviewed at a Washington DC cross burning,   Link

 That's Lott on the left, Palin in red and Boner on the right.

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Why Is Too Much Not Enough?
 by Bill Moyers


Living in these United States, there comes a point at which you throw your hands up in exasperation and 
despair and ask a fundamental question or two: how much excess profit does corporate America really need? 
How much bigger do executive salaries and bonuses have to be, how many houses or jets or artworks can be crammed into a life?

After all, as Steven Spielberg said, when all is said and done, "How much better can lunch get?"

But since greed is not self-governing, hardly anyone raking in the dough ever stops to say, "That's it. Enough's enough! 
How do we prevent it from sweeping up everything in its path, including us?"   Look at the health care industry 
saying to hell with consumers and then hiking premiums -- by as much as 39% in the case of Anthem Blue Cross 
in California. According to congressional investigators, over a two-year period Anthem's parent company 
WellPoint spent more than $27 million dollars for executive retreats at luxury resorts. And in 2008,
WellPoint paid 39 of its executives more than a million dollars each. Profit before patients...

No wonder demonstrators outside that health insurance meeting in Washington this week 
surrounded the hotel with yellow crime scene tape. The entire country is being mugged.

And those teabagging idiots are marching in the street 
so Rethugs like WellPoint can continue to gouge them.

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Marty's has new stuff every day
on her tons-of-fun Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

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Rethugs offer Dems advice


Look at the 37 Democrats who voted against the bill in November, when the House passed its version; 31 of them 
represent districts that John McCain won in 2008. It would be hard for many of them to deny that how the vote will 
shake out on the campaign is playing some part in whether these members will switch from opposing the bill to supporting it.

Not surprisingly, all that drives aides to the Democratic leaders in charge of passing the bill crazy. "Democrats listening to 
Mitch the Bitch on healthcare is like a chicken taking advice from Col. Sanders," said Rodell Mollineau, a spokesman for Harry Reid, 
(whose own political fate looks murky, but who's still aggressively pushing for the legislation). House Democrats don't think 
much more highly of the GOP advice. "Republicans are about the last people any Democrat should be listening to, especially 
since the GOP did absolutely nothing on healthcare for 12 years while the number of uninsured grew and premiums skyrocketed," 
said Doug Thornell. "If you think healthcare is such a political loser for us, why are you encouraging Democrats to vote no?

Which raises an interesting notion. If it does begin to look like leadership will fall short on the Democratic votes 
needed to pass the healthcare bill, might a few Republicans want to vote "yes" to help push them over the abyss?"

That's a big stick Democrats could use.
"These eight men killed health care for poor Americans" but will they use it?

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The Return of Mr. Imperfect 
 He's using a no-women-allowed stage

 From 2003 - since nobody would help, women stopped protesting


Tiger Woods' choice of clubs includes his trustiest irony. Woods has decided to launch his comeback 
at Augusta National - home of storied, institutionalized sexism - while at the same time seeking forgiveness 
for his gallivanting, womanizing ways.

It's a decision that suggests a continued lack of moral compass, but makes considerable logistical sense. 
Augusta members, about 300 of them, will surely embrace their wayward superstar and hold at bay 
all reminders of a real world. This is headquarters for the good old boys of golf and, after all, 
good old boys have been known to stray.

Many battles against this place have been fought, lost and largely forsaken. There are still no women members
and fewer people bother with that cause now than they did just a few short years ago.

Woods is just collecting on a debt owed him from the past decade, when he carefully refused
to criticize the club or threaten a boycott of the Masters unless a woman were invited to become a member. 

It's hard to believe that, in 2010, there are clubs that don't allow women.
Why do the men of Georgia hate women so much that they ban them?

Eldrick, why are you promoting sexist, exclusionary rules?
Why is Ari Fleischer letting you insult women again?

You'd think a Black man would be a little sensitive about discrimination.

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H e r e

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"The Massachusetts Supreme Court defined marriage as simply, 'the establishment of intimacy.'
Now how dangerous is that?  I guess that would mean if you really had affection for your horse, 
I guess you could marry your horse. It's just the wrong way to go, and the only way to protect the 
institution of marriage is with that federal marriage amendment that I support." 
     -- JD Hayworth (R-Man-on-horse sex)       Link

 First we had Rick Santorum bringing up man-on-dog sex,
 now Hayworth is talking about sex with a horse?


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Mike Malloy Live


"If you're not paying your own way and the taxpayers are paying your way, 
  and we are bankrupt and broke, the taxpayers can't keep paying your way."
       -- Rush Limbaugh, explainging how Bush's borrowed-from-China tax cuts bankrupted a super-power

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Buzzcook's Idol Review 


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Catholics for health care 


Twenty-five pro-life Catholic theologians and Evangelical leaders yesterday sent letters to Congress urging them 
not to let misleading information about abortion in the Senate health care bill block passage of sorely-needed reform.

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, a Washington-based advocacy group, said that the Senate health bill 
upholds abortion funding restrictions and supports pregnant women.

The letter included a page by page analysis of the Senate bill as it pertains to abortion. The group asked Congress 
“to make an informed decision about this legislation based on careful deliberation guided by facts.”

“We believe that longstanding restrictions on federal funding of abortion have been maintained. 
Furthermore, this bill provides new and important supports for vulnerable pregnant women,” the letter states.

Dang, I'm kinda shocked.
Catholics doing something positive?

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Brooke Burke hosts DWTS 


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