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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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 April 22, 2011     Vol 2679 - Diviners

Quote of the Day

 "Bush made things so bad that
  Abraham Lincoln couldn’t have beaten Obama."

-- that idiot Trump, but he may be right    Link     



In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Gov. to Texans: Pray for rain
Arrow US Drones flying over Libya
Obama takes on BIG OIL
Arrow Cops searching cell phones
Arrow Is Palin really Trig's Mom?
Arrow Trump at war - with Seinfeld?
Arrow Kristen Bell likes Water

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"I mean, there’s millions of people in America that are really angry
  because you pissed them off . . . because you’re so fucking good!”
     -- Steven Tyler, shocking the children in the Idol house Wednesday,    Link

 FOX dropped the sound when he said that, but I'm pretty good at reading lips
 and I could swear he said something that began with a hard "G" then "fucking good."

 Did he say, " goddamned fucking good?"

 I wonder what he really said?

 Also, it's my guess the producers told him to drop the F-bomb.
 It helps to make the show hip and it re-enforces what an "outlaw" Tyler is.

 One story said, "Tyler pulled a Bono" last night -  that comparison can't hurt Tyler's career.

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Gov. asks Texans to pray for rain


Religious insanity is not the cure for drought.
You might as well hire some Native Americans to do a rain dance, for all the good it will do.

Or, to quote Memphis Minnie:
"Crying won't help you, praying won't do you no good."

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Do you know where I can get some current political quotes?

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US Drones flying over Libya
They'll put a cap in Gadaffy's ass


I like it.

No sodliers are lost, drones are relatively cheap and Gadaffy's days are numbered.
But why did we waste a month without using them?
Obama always does things slowly - sometimes too slowly.

When you go to war, the object is to put the fuck on the other guy.
All we've seen so far in Libya is some heavy petting.

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"We are not happy about the latest events in Libya, which are
  pulling the international community into a conflict on the ground. 
  This may have unpredictable consequences."
     -- Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov    Link

The only "unpredictable consequences" I'd be worried about if China
  or Russia started giving aid to the citizen--murdering Gadaffy regime.
  If you two just stay out of it, we'll have this cleaned up before long.

  Gaddafy isn't going to be a problem.

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Obama takes on BIG OIL
Let me guess - an election is near?
They steal $3B a month, where is Obama for 30 months?


That ninety billion could buy a whole lot of heating oil for the super-poor,
but Obama, apparently, wants to get elected more than the poor need their heating oil.

I don't like saying that, but would a lie make you feel better?

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They want to kill Medicare - tell them NO!

Cops searching cell phones
Is that legal?  ACLU wants to know


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Is Palin really Trig's Mom?


               Does she look seven months pregnant here?

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Subject: Elizabeth Taylor posed nude

It is tasteful, but maybe you'd get flagged by the League for Purity if you posted it:

I'm not worried about some Leaugue for Purity - they can go screw themselves.

I worry about liberal Democrats who are outraged at the thought of
seeing fully-clothed women in the Bartcop Hotties Section.

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Trump at war - with Seinfeld?
Can't he get along with anybody?


What we need is a Trump-Palin war.

I'd pay to have a good seat for that.

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Rare recordings of rock's greatest performances

Seen on e-Bay...

Nevada Sen. John Ensign resigns

It wasn't the sex, it was the cover-up and the payoff.

Shouldn't Tom Coburn resign with him?
Coburn was the bag man in the scheme to cover-up the truth.

Two Jews walk into Ahamandjob's NY Hotel roon...

Wait, this isn't a joke?

Ahmahandjob, shaking hands with the Jews?

Ahmahandjob, giving gifts to the Jews?

Ahmahandjob, hugging the Jews?

Or should this be on Real or Photoshop?

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Subject: Obama's birth certificate


First, I want to emphasize that I believe President Obama was born in Hawaii, and is a US citizen
by virtue of the 14th Amendment even if both of his parents were aliens from Mars, so long as they
weren’t on diplomatic passports as Martian emissaries.  

If he were born abroad on or after December 24, 1952 and before November 14, 1986  to a US citizen
mother and “alien” father, it is not quite so simple.  Under current law (under the Child Citizenship Act
of 2000) he would be a US citizen, but under the law in effect at the time of his birth, his US citizen
mother would have been required to be physically present in the US or a US possession for 10 years
prior to his birth, five years of which must have been after his mother turned age 14. 

There are a few other provisions of the law dealing with military service  or employment with the
US government or intergovernmental international organization that don’t apply to the Obama family
factual situation).  I know, eyes glaze over, but this is what I’ve done for what passes in some circles
for a living since 1977.  It’s all moot, however, since he was born in Hawaii.

If Tim Pawlenty is referred to as “T-Paw”, can we refer to Donald Trump as “T-Rump”?    ha ha
 Robert the attorney

I think the best argument that Obama is a citizen is,
...don't you think Hillary had him vetted in 2008?

Do you think her team left any stones un-turned?

I'll bet she's seen a copy of his birth certificate :)

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 bart blog

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New Feature!

Real or Photoshop?

Yesterday's Real or Photoshop?

Steven B - I see Rick Santorum has been screwing dogs again. 

Lamont - I never comment on Cheney family portraits.

Steven C - I just hope it's not real.

Rick P - Shadows look good, and the pixilation looks clean around the edges except along
the dogs’ (is that really a dog?) back.  I’m going with Photoshopped, as it looks as though the
dog's torso was shortened.  If not, that critter qualifies as the ugliest canine EVAH!!!!

Ross in Baja New England - I'm thinking the dog is real. It's amazing how thoroughly our species
has perverted the canids, but on the other hand I've known humans that looked a lot like that.
The old grunt has probably lived a long and pampered life, with more and better health care than
most of us. There's a lot of gratitude in those old cloudy eyes.

Oferrer - I vote it's real.

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Wildlife Picture of the Day

  Link - Connecting Global Buyers with China suppliers.


$4.4 billion in profits after a
1 TRILLION bailout
AND a $2 billion refund?

For not paying their taxes?

Meanwhile, Obama's looking for budget cuts...

Guess the City


 I don't know, either, so send proof.

 If you don't click, odds are this'll be your home town
 and your friends will wonder why you didn't recognize it.

Subject: last issue's mystery city

Last issue's mystery city  is Beijing

That is the National Aquatic Center, built specifically for the 2008 Olympic Games.
  Mungen Cakes

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Today's History Mystery


Do YOU, the reader, have a not-too-obscure History Mystery picture?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, this turned out to be more of a mystery than I originally thought. At first glance it looked to be a Cord.
Then I noticed the running lights on top of the front fenders and thought again.

Turns out it was a 1937 Buick Century Bohman & Schwartz. Custom
made for the 1937 Cary Grant movie, "Topper".  


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Bart, I'm back in the states and I am disgusted with Obama.

Julio, t
hanks for the donation.
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  Kristen Bell on Water on Earth Day

"Almost a billion people don't have safe water to drink."
  Link to Story

Check out hundreds of hot  Kristen Bell  photos  in  BC Hotties

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Marty always has good stuff.

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