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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Tuesday,  June 14,  2011     Vol 2706 - Satellite Jack

Quote of the Day

 "There are days where I say
   that one term is enough,"
     -- Obama, who might get his wish   Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Gingrich stealing from Charity
Arrow GOP rejects Global Warming
Joplin gets screwed anew
Arrow Behaving badly - a good thing? 
Arrow FOX host: Sorry I'm so racist
Arrow Racial hoax at McDonalds
Arrow Today's hottie - Lacey Chabert



"The drop in public interest is echoed in ratings for radio shows hosted by Glenn Beck
  and Rush Limbaugh, which have each lost a third of their listenership in the last year,
  according to the radio polling group Arbitron."
     --  David Ferguson        Link

So, Jon Stewart's ratings are going up while Fascist dogs are losing viewers?

  What accounts for this?
  I refuse to believe America is getting smarter.

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Gingrich stealing from charity

A charity founded by Newt Gingrich paid Gingrich's for-profit company $220,000 over two years,
ABC News reports. The non-profit, Renewing American Leadership, was meant to spur conversation
about restoring Christian principles in Washington, and mostly did that through letters seeking donations.

The list of people who responded to those letters with checks was given to Gingrich--something that
would be very valuable to a potential presidential candidate building support early in the campaign.
ReAL, as the non-profit is called, also paid full-price for Gingrich's books and DVDs. ABC News
asked Gingrich for comment ahead of a speech in New Hampshire, but the theif would only respond,
"I'm not concerned about that. The American people aren't concerned about that. Try covering the speech."

For sure, the Democrats won't stay on this like the GOP's staying on Weiner.
I guess it wouldn't be nice to invetigate this crook.

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"Arab nations treat women so terribly, you'd think they were gay Americans."
     --  SarahKSilverman in a tweet

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MORE weiner photos appear
 Is it ever going to end?  


They say Weiner is distraught - maybe even suicidal - but that's not our problem.
We can't let Weiner define our party like he's been doing the last two weeks.

I've said for YEARS, Democrats need a way to drum people out of their party.

There's always some asshole - Zell Miller, Kissyface, Jim Traficant  - that FOX News uses
against us and Democrats, as a party, are too stupid to see the dangers of keeping these SOBs around.

How about a simple majority?
If 51% of fellow House members or senators want you out - you're f-ing GONE.

"Am I still in jail?"

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 GOP Rejects Global Warming
  The idea is too science-y for them


As a current article of political faith, Republican leaders decry the science on global warming
as ”junk” or a left-wing conspiracy. Even as temperatures rise around the planet and new weather
patterns threaten food supplies, the GOP and its right-wing alllies refuse to face the frightening new reality

...and Obama and the Democrats are afraid to set them straight.

What will this planet be like when Obama's kids are grown?

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Subject: Bart's new job

Bart, I nominate YOU for Hilary's Chief of Staff, when BHO wakes up and gets her to run for his VP. 

You could add the Bartcop hammer to her VP logo on stationery, mugs, tees, and so on.
You could put a nice mug of coffee on her desk before a photo shoot, and on the back side,
 . . . an oval Bartcop sticker !!  ( a quiet + stealthy  Ta-daaa!)

Keep on hammerin' and when I'm employed again, I'll send you some higher pie for your family. 
I might even send a little package of cat treats.
later, maestro,
 Rob the Eugene, Oregon computer geek

Rob, thanks for that.


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Who's behind the faux Bartcop sticker?

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  Bart, she looks like Pink to me
Love her music,

Joplin gets screwed anew


Several people who were injured when a tornado devastated Joplin have become
sickened by an uncommon, deadly fungal infection and at least three have died. 

Eight tornado victims have fallen ill from the mysterious infection, and each had
“multiple injuries and secondary wound infections,” said Jacqueline Lapine,
a spokeswoman for the Missouri Department of Health.

The fungus that causes the infection, which is believed to be mucormycosis,
is most commonly found in soil and wood, said the CDC. “It is a very aggressive
and severe infection,” said Dr. Benjamin Park. “It is also very rare.”

Poor Joplin - they can't get a break.

They say people who were stitched up after the tornado have had to go back
to the hospital to have them re-open the wounds so they could be cleaned out.

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Men Behaving Badly... It's a Good Thing

  by Marlo Thomas, for some strange reason


Strauss-Kahn. Schwarzenegger. Edwards. Weiner.
It's been a helluva month for men behaving badly.
Am I the only one who sees this as a good thing?

For the record, I don't think sexual assault is a good thing.
I doubt Marlo does, either, but that's what she wrote.

Has the tradition of men having it their way -- with women bearing the consequences -- hit a speed bump?

Historically, women who have been victimized by men -- whether by a sexually
harassing boss or a philandering husband -- were trained to hit the mute button.

"He'll fire you if you complain."
"He'll divorce you if you confront him."
"Be glad you have a job / a roof over your head."

And it's worked. But, of course, men have always had a litany of "universal truths" to back up
their behavior that have been passed down from generation to generation: "Men have their needs."
Or, "For men, it's just a physical thing." Or my all-time favorite, "Boys will be boys."

Well, not so fast, boys.

The most potent images from this, the ugly month of May, speak with certitude
about how quickly those age-honored traditions are unraveling:

Strauss-Kahn doing the perp walk in handcuffs. Weiner crying at the mic.
And not a single wife standing silently at her cad's side, her face frozen in shame.
(Okay, maybe Mme. Strauss-Kahn did -- but they're French.)

This time, the wives were silent, alright -- silent as in gone.

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We're going to be The Party of Weiner until he steps down.
Can't somebody talk some sense into him?

Subject: Palin

Bart, in Europe, we regard Sarah Palin as the one who put the ALAS into ALASKA.

Michael Palin is perhaps the most widely travelled person to Earth.
To him, everybody is important as he is well-loved by all he comes in contact with.

Sarah "Queen of the Facepalm" Palin however, is incapable of crossing the street in
her hometown without the assistance of a map and never ceases to extol her self-importance.

American politics are the most infantile on earth.
Before trying to run a world, learn how to run a country - please.
 Michael in Europe

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Wildlife Photo of the Day

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Subject: The rest of the world must be laughing

The boner is demanding that the wiener resign.


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Subject: Bart's computer repair dudes

Hey Bart. I used your computer dude today and you are so right.
These people have it goin' on. I'm sold for life with those people.

If you need help with your machine go there. One call and you'll understand.
They had good things to say about you too.
 Dave, Cincinnati.

Dave, glad you got fixed up.

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Subject: What I'd like to hear Wiener say...

Rep. Wiener could shut everyone up if he'd just say;
When America's war criminals are prosecuted, I'll resign.
When the Wall Street people who stole trillions and almost ruined the economy are prosecuted, I'll resign.
When mining companies are prosecuted for workers deaths due to flaunting safety laws, I'll resign.
When oil companies are forced to clean up all of their spills, I'll resign.
When corporations are forced to pay their fair share of taxes on billions of dollars of profits, I'll resign.
I think that'd work just fine.
Keep after those bastards!

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FOX host: Sorry I'm so racist


Eric Bolling, host of the Fox's "Follow the Money," apologized to viewers
for using racist language during a segment that aired last week.

In a segment that aired on Friday, Bolling referred to the White House as the "Hizzouse"
and "Hizzy," and Obama's guests--including Gabon President Ali Bongo--as "hoods."

"We did go a bit too far," Bolling admitted.

Why would a racist Rethug apologize for what he is?

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Subject: Palin's Pregnancy Decision Map

Wow - that makes it OBVIOUS she wanted to lose that baby, knowing it had Down's.

She TRIED, HARD, it's OBVIOUS she continued to put her pregnancy in danger - REPEATEDLY.
I'm surprised she didn't go home, and try to have it in the woods and snow.

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Subject: Weiner and the 17 year old

According to statements made by both the family of the young lady and the local police,
there were no offensive statements made as evidenced in this quote from CNN.com: 

“An attorney representing the teen's family said those tweets "were not salacious or in
any manner inappropriate." No photographs were ever sent to her, the statement said.”   Link

Now! Can we please get off the Weiner train (MEDIA!!!) and get back to things that really matter??
I am so sick and tired of these kinds of stupid distractions when there are many other things we
should be focusing on. If Anthony Weiner deserves to be re-elected, that’s up to his constituents
and it he deserves to be let go, they will vote him out of office. The only person who has to
forgive him is his wife and that decision is her business, not ours.

And I speak as a wife.
 Dee in NJ

I'm not getting your point.
This WILL be a distraction until Weiner steps down.

Saying "this is awful" isn't going to make the distraction go away.

Weiner needs to go.

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Racial hoax a headache for McDonald’s
Why would anybody assume this was real?


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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city    remains unidentified.

I guess we'll never know what city that is.

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett (before David Gilmour).
 Rick in Nashville

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Today's hottie - Lacey Chabert


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