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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Wednesday  July 20,  2011     Vol 2724 - Co2, Dave!  Co2!


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow House Passes ‘Cut, Cap, Balance’ 
Arrow Bachmann's Baby Farm
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Murdoch denies everything
Arrow Lyons: Murdoch Gets His Due
Arrow They raised Debt Limit for Bush 
Arrow Spend all day - w/ Mila Kunis


"Dear BC and your many readers, no one else has done it yet, but please, as a fifth generation
  Minnesotan, I humbly prostate myself at your feet and beg your forgiveness for Minnesota
  unleashing Bachmann on our country, and the world.  Most of us are so sorry, and mortified. 
  Please accept our sincere apologies.  P.S. neither Bachmann nor her religiously insane
  light-in-the-loafers husband are native Minnesotans………….but we’re still sorry."

     --  Minnesota Steve and Aletta   

Steve, if nothing else, she's keeping the comedians in business.

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Can Scotland Yard ever be taken seriously again?
Accepting brives to look the other way? 
That's the definition of organzied crime.

House Passes ‘Cut, Cap, Balance’
Masturbation is the order of the day


The House of Wild Dogs passed the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act -- a palatable-sounding piece of
legislation that, if enacted, would slash federal programs deeply, and restrict dramatically the
government's ability to do anything constructive for the country.

It also would graft those requirements into the Constitution, on the threat of a catastrophic debt default.
Now leaders of both parties will have to scramble to make sure that doesn't happen.

The legislation would make raising the debt limit contingent on both deep immediate spending cuts,
and the passage, by supermajorities in Congress, of a Constitutional amendment that would kick
federal spending down to historic lows. The so-called Balanced Budget Amendment would force the
government to achieve fiscal balance by making deeper and deeper cuts -- because raising taxes would,
by Constitutional fiat, require two-thirds of the members of both the House and Senate to agree to do so.

If they raised taxes on the super-rich and if these billionaires would pay any f-ing taxes at all,

we could balance the budget in no time - but Obama doesn't see things that way.

So, while our nation burns, the GOP has been masturbating furiously, in the sense that
   they KNEW this bill was dead on arrival but they spent weeks working to bring it to the floor.

If Obama was a  skilled politician, (should I continue...?) he'd make them pay for that masturbation session,
   but his goal is to be loved by the Junior KKK officers who run the GOP and the Tea Party.

There were five Demo-Traitors who voted for this masturbation bill.
   Dan Boren (D-OK), Jim Cooper (D-TN), Jim Matheson (D-UT),
   Mike McIntyre (D-NC), and Heath Shuler (R-NC).

Knowing Obama, he called these traitorous five personally and told them he understood
why they voted the way they did and gave them permission to fuck him again in the future.

We need a mechanism to dump back-stabbing traitors from our party.
If these traitors are going to vote with the enemy, they should run as Rethugs.

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Joe Conason's new web site


Subject: trying to survive...
Bart, I'm trying to survive here, and it's not easy. 
No one is donating or even buying a t-shit or anything, we are hanging in by our fingernails.
   a fellow lib blogger

Too bad Obama's not getting aggressive about job creation.
Or at least the perception that he's wirking hard on that.

When the bastards say, "Obama's policies are killing jobs,"
why doesn't Obama reply with, "What would you suggest, Sir?"

Of course, they'll say "Tax cuts for the super-rich" to which
Obama could reply, "We tried that - that's how we went broke, remember?"

It so easy - if Obama would only try.

I think Obama should avoid all vacation photo-ops and golf photo-ops until I
get back at least 50 subscribers.  I'm not saying he can't take a vacation or play golf,
just don't get photographed having fun while the nation is struggling.

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Bachmann's Baby Farm


You knew Michele Bachmann was a crazy pope-hating Jesus Freak 
but did you know she basically runs a baby farm?

Bachmann has five kids of her own and raised an astonishing 23 foster kids.
A nice person would say, “Oh, that’s a nice thing.” But our cold-hearted operative
notes that Minnesota pays $30 a day, tax free, per foster kid.
“So if Bachmann has fostered 23 children, let’s say for an average of five years,
that would come out to a non-taxable $1,259,250,” the Wonk-Op writes.
“No wonder she’s anti-abortion. Children are a cash crop for her.”

Send e-mail to Bart

Thanks to Tj

CNN Breaking News...

President Obama would agree to a short-term extension of the federal debt ceiling if there is
agreement on a significant deficit reduction plan by Democrats and Republicans that needs
more time to be passed by Congress, the White House Press said Wednesday.

Obama has steadfastly opposed a short-term deal, going as far as to threaten to veto any legislation
that contained such provisions. But Obama declared a long-term deficit-reduction plan by the "Gang of Six"
consistent with his approach to solving the problem
is a soft touch who always gives in and his opponents
know this from watching him continuously cave for 2.5 years.

Senate Democratic leaders say that further negotiations on that plan are needed to work out the deal
and it would not get through Congress before the country reaches its debt ceiling on August 2.

So, after saying 100 times, "I will not settle for a short-term fix," he's doing exactly that.

A year from today, when Obama caves on something else, he's going to ask himself,
"How did they know I was going to cave?  These Rethugs must read minds."

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Insane G.O.P.

Let's face it.  The G.O.P. will never give Obama anything that will make him look good. 
They don't give a shit about the country, it's all politics all the time!
When interest rates go up in the next several weeks,
I hope the voters remember to send the G.O.P. thank you cards.
 Gary B

If I know my pusillanimous Democrats, and I do, they'll ruin the chance by saying
extremely stupid like, "Both sides do this - we should all be ashamed."

Swear to Koresh, our Democrats need a shot of Bartcop.

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Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Exclusive pics only on  bartcop.com


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An original work by investigative reporter Richard L. Fricker has been launched from the
veranda of exotic Rancho Fricardo. A noticeable departure from his coverage of politics,
drug wars, the Middle East, courtrooms, cops, spooks and kooks, Martian Llama Racing
provides insight to an investigative reporter’s world view when the dust has cleared, the chips
counted and last call served. Drawn from laser like recollections and fog encrusted semi-memories,
Fricker offers a sometimes rather cynical view of a world hampered by dimensional collisions
and human frailty. Using his somewhat twisted wit and insight he will lead you from Hong Kong to
Bogota, Ottawa to Mexico City, Jerusalem and back to Tulsa (via the southern route).
Relax and enjoy, it won’t hurt. Much.



"A few times - Mostly by mafia people.”
-- ABC's Brian Ross, after Bachmann's people manhandled him,
          replying to "Have you ever been roughed up this badly before?"     Link


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Murdoch Denies Everything
"I didn't no nothin' - You can't prove a thing."


It was riveting theater, a newly emboldened parliamentary committee facing off against the 80-year-old
Rupert Murdoch, the world’s most powerful media mogul, in a series of exchanges designed to get to the
bottom of the phone hacking scandal that has engulfed not just Mr. Murdoch’s News Corporation, but also
Britain’s political and law-enforcement elite.

In two hours of intense questioning, both Murdoch and his crooked son James declared repeatedly that they
had been shocked to discover something that has become increasingly apparent: that phone hacking and other
illegal behavior were endemic at their News of the World tabloid, which is now defunct.

That's because the most experienced newsman on the planet had no idea
where those thousands of deeply-hidden personal scoops were coming from.

Even so, the Murdochs and Rebekah Brooks apologized again and again for the failures at their company.

Rupert Murdoch said. “This is the most humble day of my life.”
But his humility did not extend to telling the truth under oath or resigning in disgrace.

I caught much of this on whore CNN and they spent the day focused like a laser beam
on the guy who pied Murdoch and the bravery of Murdoch's 40-years-younger wife.

Y'know, CNN is so lucky o to have FOX because as long as FOX is spewing lies,
the inane horseshit that flows from CNN will always be second-worst.

One thing thast was funny - my good friend Jeffery Toobin remarked that Parliament did
such a horrible job questioning Murdoch and his son, they made American congressional
hearings look half-competent by comparison.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Murdoch HIRED the pie man
I firmly believe that Murdoch set the stage when he walked into that meeting
Extremely sexy wife sitting at an angle, behind him.   With a DIRECT camera view right up her skirt.
She wore PINK to stand out from everyone in the room.   We ALL know her now.

Then is a most secure meeting room, full of very important people:  A comedian with a foam pie gets
passed security and is prevented from ‘pie-ing’ poor Rupert, by a quick witted beautiful wife (as she jumps
between Rupert and the comedian, grabs the pie tin and puts the foam all over the comedian.

OK!  That is what happened and FAUX can now turn Murdoch into the victim and have comedic
tapes to keep viewers interested.  Viewers could never adsorb a boring English Hearing..    JOB DONE!   

I wonder how much Murdoch paid for THIS to happen? 

Grannyc, good catch - wish I'd thought of that.

You're right - CNN was all "Poor Rupert" after that happened.

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I don't see Obama trying to stop the Elephant...

Murdoch Gets His Due
  by Gene Lyons


Privacy in the digital age no longer exists. The more fortunate or, in the case of victims of terrorism
or tragedy, the more unfortunate you are, the more your intimate sins and sorrows will be merchandised
as infotainment for the rabble.

Perhaps British audiences titillated to hear of Prince Charles' wish to become a tampon shouldn't be
so horrified to see innocent crime victims treated as rudely as philandering aristocrats.

After all, Murdoch's minions may have rationalized, what does it matter why somebody's famous?
Fame has no rights.

Even more than his fiercely competitive business practices, it's Murdoch's unsparingly cynical view
of human nature that's made him the most powerful media mogul in the world. Mass audiences
respond to voyeurism: sex, violence, personal tragedy, and racial and political melodrama.
And in Great Britain particularly, people yearn to see the mighty humiliated.

Nevertheless, the British are horrified. They're outraged about journalists bribing cops, about interfering
in murder investigations, about identity theft, and about hacking thousands of cellphones, even as News
International executives assured Parliament that a handful of rogue employees were involved.
(News flash: Newspaper staffers can't authorize six-figure payoffs.)

Gene has hit the nail on the head.

The criminals in charge say they knew nothing of $100K bribes to cops?


Low-level staffers has access to $100K bribes out of 'petty cash" with no restrictions?

Send e-mail to Bart

Thanks to Lew

130 Rethugs raised Debt Limit for Bush


White House and congressional negotiators are currently in the process of striking a deficit reduction deal,
as most Rethugs are refusing to raise the federal debt ceiling without deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare.
Republicans are essentially holding the country hostage, threatening us with default unless Democrats agree.

Yet these Republicans were not always demanding hostages in exchange for allowing the country to pay its bills.
In November of 2004, Congress voted in both the House and Senate to hike the U.S. debt limit by $800 billion,
which raised the total ceiling to $8.1 trillion.

A whopping 130 congressional Republicans voted to hike the debt ceiling that November. These members of
Congress did not demand draconian cuts in public investment that would’ve driven up unemployment and
threatened the economy in return.
Of course, there was one other difference between then and today.
President George W. Bush was white.

Our poor brain-dead Democrats can't figure a way to fight back on this issue.

All they have are the facts on their side and the majority of the people behind them,
yet they are so helpless, as always, to think of what to do next.

Oh, Lord, can't you send us a low-IQ tequila drinker from say, Oklahoma
to lead our Fredo Democrats out of the desert and into the Promised Land?

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Health Update

I just had an excellent check-up with my local Okie witch doctor.
That's always a trip because someday when I hear, "Yo time is up,"
I'll probably be in that room so that makes things creepy.

But the results were flying colors with bells on - whatever that means.
Most of the bad stuff was down and the good stuff was up.

So - I did what anybody would do to celebrate:
I got higher than Nanook and drove to Bixby to get some sweet corn!

I got four Silver Kings and four Precious Gems.

Tonight, when it's 106 on the patio, I'm going to waterboard that corn, like Der Monkey would.
Then we're going to wrap it in foil and torture it over a hot grill, like heartless Cheney would.
Then we're going to eat it while the body's still warm - like Rumsfeld and Wolfie would.

So both of my major doctors have said, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it."
and what I keep doing is having a really good time every f-ing day.

Yep. we're celebrating at Casa de Bart tonight!

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If it's hot where you are, you'll like this.

Name that Song!


 Got a few seconds to guess the song?

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Subject: Who is this saving-the-world-every-week celebrity?

Bart is there a solution to this one?

I haven't seen it yet.
Keep a swinging.
 Michael in Port Saint Lucie, FL

Michael, that's Peter Bishop, played by Joshua Jackson.
Peter is from the alternate universe on Fringe.

Before he got in the world-saving business, he was
the boyfriend of Katie Holmes on Dawson's Creek.

 Weird thought: Who's in the stranger place now?

 He's on an alternate Earth and she lives with Tom Cruise.

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Wildlife Close-up  by Marvin Seborn Stillwater


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Today's Mystery City


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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City was... Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain

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Today's History Mystery


Who is the mysterious lady?

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

OK, Bart - I got this one...

That's Einstein at Wisconsin's Yerkes Observatory.
The Yerkes was the largest refracting telescope of the day - 40 inches in diameter
- in which the University of Chicago set out to kick Lick Observatory's (U. California) butt
in the observational astronomy space race of the day.

This photo was from May, 1921. Einstein is hanging out with the observatory staff,
which includes Edward Barnard (who discovered that the dark regions of the Milky Way
were actually clouds of gas and dust). Barnard is 8th from the left.

(Kinda helps being a professional astronomer on this one, eh Bart?)


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Subject: donation

Bart, here is a donation.
I'm on Social Security and can't afford more right now.
Hope this helps.
  Paul in Claremore, OK

Paul, thanks for that.
That was very generous of you

I hope you enjoy your BCR.

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