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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Thurs-Friday,  July 28-29,  2011     Vol 2729 - Mind sieve


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow McCain vs "foolish" Teabaggers 
Arrow Training with Nazis and the Bible
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow If the super-rich paid taxes...
Arrow Julia Roberts fraud scandal
Arrow Obama's war on medical pot
Arrow Spend the day - w/ Paris Hilton


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"No one could reach Amy Winehouse before it was too late.
  Can anyone reach Washington before it's too late?
  Both addicted - same fate???"

     --  Rep Billy Long (R-MO) saying Washington might OD on bad ecstacy if Obama doesn't cave in,    Link

If Obama caves in on castrating Social Security and Medicare, as expected, wouldn't that
 signal to the GOP that he'll cave in on EVERYTHINg, thus making him a first-term lame duck?

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Or, we could ask Eric Cantor to translate...

McCain scolds "foolish" Teabaggers
His swimsuit model is the worst offender

While John Boehner is looking for diamonds in a turd mine, one Senate Republican sent a
strong message to Republican Teabaggers who are still withholding their support: get on board.

"To hold out and say we won't agree to raising the debt limit until we pass a Balanced Budget
Amendment is unfair, it's bizarre, and maybe some people have only been in this body for six
or seven months or so really believe that. Others know better."

Baggers have said they will not vote for a debt increase without a Balanced Budget Amendment
and deeper spending cuts. Some handjob Republicans in the Senate have said the same.
McCain called this “amazing,” foolish” and “deceiving” that some members believe that
this can happen, now with only 6 days left.

Wait ...McCain is now the voice of reason?

That reminds me of old Bob Dole.
In 1976, he was the hatchett man on Gerald Ford's ticket
because he was considered the meanest bastard in the senate.

By 1996, the entire GOP had gone so totally, barking-batshit mad,
Bob Dole was then considered one of the nicest guys in the senate.

So, the GOP has gone so crazy ...that mad tosser McCain is the voice of reason?

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Training with Nazis and the Bible
That's how the Air Forces does things

The Air Force has been training young missile officers about the morals and ethics of launching
nuclear weapons by citing passages from the Bible's New Testament and commentary from a
former member of the Nazi Party, according to newly released documents.

The mandatory Nuclear Ethics and Nuclear Warfare session, which includes a discussion on
St. Augustine's 'Christian Just War Theory,' is led by Air Force chaplains and takes place
during a missile officer's first week in training at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California."

We're asking Nazis for ethics guidelines?
That's only slightly worse than looking to the Bible for guidance.

Three years ago, I would've said,
"This is Bush's religious insanity running wild in our military."

Now what am I supposed to say?

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Subject: the need to primary Obama

When engaged in discussions about WTF is up with Obama with my liberal friends
I can't help saying, "This is pretty much what I was afraid would happen with Obama
and why I was for Hillary in the primary" which is then followed by the sound of crickets.

In this respect, the left doesn't seem much different than the right when it comes to getting
excited about a politician who feeds into their desires and that flame is also further fanned
by the press. Sober thinking pretty much goes right out the window.

We as a country are so easily manipulated and I'm sure that those with the power
to do so just sit back and have a good laugh.

  ...are you trying to start a fight?  :)

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If the super-rich paid taxes...
the debt would disappear in a decade
But Obama won't hear of that!


If corporations and households taking in $1 million or more in income each year were now paying
taxes at the same annual rates as they did back in 1961, the federal treasury would be collecting an
additional $716 billion a year. If Obama started taxing the wealthy and their corporations at the same
rates in effect a half-century ago, the federal debt would almost totally vanish over the next decade.

You see how easy it is?

But Obama would rather cut heating subsidies to the super-poor
while giving billionaires ANOTHER trillion dollars that they don't need.
When Obama told us he was "a different kind of Democrat," he wasn't kidding.

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Subject: I want to scream


What no one is talking about is that CONGRESS passed all of the spending measures. 
Ways and Means is supposed to come up with the budget to pay for them.  I just want to scream! 

They are saying that they bought the new house, car, clothes, fancy nights out and a
motorcycle and now they don't want to pay for them?  What a bunch of snot nosed children. 

I hope that Obama cites the 14th amendment, calls Treasury and tells them to "issue the bonds,"
and f*#k the republicans.  If he does that, the "so called" crisis is over and the Tparty punks,
Boener and the GOP get nothing.

Keep swinging old friend,
 Wolf the toonist

More and more, I'm thinking getting OBL was Hillary's doing.

Obama doesn't know the meaning of the word bold.

but he's very familiar with the word surrender.

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Julia Roberts airbrushing scandal
Why do they have to fake her looks?

       Julia Roberts - in 1995, maybe...


This Lancome ad featuring Julia Roberts was banned for being overly airbrushed.

Retouched advertisements are certainly nothing new, but The British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
has been cracking down on companies they believe have been heavy handed with the airbrushing wand.

Member of Parliament Jo Swinson has been lobbying against digitally altered images and she raised the red flag
on two L'Oreal advertisements she claimed were "not representative of the results the products could achieve."

One ad features actress Julia Roberts while the other shows supermodel Christy Turlington. As evidenced by
the ads, the results of these products, both owned by parent company L'Oreal, are just a little too flawless.

I consider this a major scandal.
Not necessarily this set of lies in particular, but BUSINESS ALWAYS LIES.

Taco Bell promises you THIS taco, but delivers THAT taco.

Burger King promises you THIS burger, but delivers THAT burger.

How is that any different from Chevy saying, "Our Volt gets 60 MPG," but it really only gets 32 MPG.

I bought some Kellogg's Nutri-Grain bars the other day.

They show almost a half-inch of strawberry filling but there's actually only a paper-thin
strawberry coating, probably applied with a Q-Tip or a very thin paint brush.

Yes, I think this is a real crime because they're STEALING with every sale.
America has become a country of whores, where lying/stealing is the norm.

Soon, a can of Coca Cola will have only 10.5 ounces and our crooked government will say,
"We don't have time to track down every crooked business in America."

I'm so old, I remember when America had a  Consumer Product Safety Commission
but I guess stealing during every transaction isn't a "safety" issue so they let it go.

We should change our money to say, "America - we'll fuck you if you give us a chance."

Of course, with the priorities of arresting poker players and medical pot users
there aren't enough agents to track down these crooks and that pisses me off.

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Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Exclusive pics only on  bartcop.com


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Today's Mystery Car
Damn, this is a nice car - what is it?


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GOP insanity vs Boner
"Obey us or heads will roll"


Mark Meckler co-founded the Tea Party Asswipes in 2009 as congressional Democrats pushed
forward with their health-care overhaul.  The TPA is now the nation's largest Tea Party group
and is playing an outsized role in the debt-ceiling debate.  Meckler gives Boehner a "D" for handling
the debt crisis so far, and blames decades of compromise in Congress for the nation's spending.
He calls Boehner’s plan an “embarrassment,” warning that Republicans who vote for Boehner's
debt-ceiling increase Wednesday will hear from Tea Party groups at the polls next year.

I like it when one insane group threatens another.
Do they know about Mutually Assured Destruction?

If Rethgugs vote America into default, Obama will certainly win relection
even if he sends every poker plkayer and pot smoker to Gitmo to be tortured

If Rethgugs don't vote America into default, Obama will certainly win re-election
because these crazier-then-usualy Republicans will turn on their Reagabite Masters.

I'm going to enjoy a shot of Chinaco.

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Obama's doing a great job
Then they talk about Illinois 6 years ago


Hmmm, I wonder why they didn't talk about the last 3 years?

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Subject: debt crisis and Obama
Hola Bart,
If I were the President of these United States, this is the point that I would make over and over and over again.
"During the past decade we sent poor and working class family members overseas to fight and die
  in two wars they didn't start. Meanwhile, the rich and powerful profited from their sacrifice.
  Now we're asking these same working class families to sacrifice again while allowing the rich
  to continue to pile up even more wealth. I don't think so."
Why won't he just say the words?
What is wrong with this country?
Keep swinging the hammer.

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Great idea to solve the debt crisis
It's so easy, why hasn't someone thought of it?

We tell the Teabaggers:

"You want a balanced budget?  So do we, so here's what we propose.

 Give us our social safety net and we'll agree to last year's budget numbers.
 The difference you can take from defense spending."

There's PLENTY of dollars left but the Pentagon will have to do with less.

 If they can't do with less, start bringing troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan,
 Germany, Japan and 80 percent of all those other overseas troops.

 While they're not busy, they can build log cabins along the Mexican border.
 Instead of being stationed in Berlin or Tokyo, they can live in AZ and NM.

 Budget problem - solved.
 Immigration problem - solved.
 Once we're there, we can legalize pot and poker and use that tax money
 to reduce the deficit and give the troops a raise.

 Last thing:
 I used to joke that I had an opinion on every subject but gerrymandering.
 Now I have an opinion on that - here's what we do:

 We throw out every congressional district and we choose new ones according
 to the zip codes assigned by the post office.

 That's why we get nothing but extremists in Washington. 
 Tom DeLay illegally drew up congressional districts shaped like a bowl of spaghetti on LSD
 and THAT is why we keep sending the same insane handjobs back for another six terms.

 But if we
use zip codes, the lines will be clean and clear
 and the elections will be fair-er.
 These are some great ideas that the GOP would hate up-front but the Democrats
 certainly can't be bothered to look at a formula for solving problems and winning
 elections because, ...they're Democrats.

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City was Seville, Andalusia, Spain.
Old city, but a world leader in large-scale solar electric.

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Today's History Mystery


Where is today's Mystery Person?

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's the day the Young Republicans joined the NRA,
creating the University of Texas Sniper – Charles Whitman.

Charlotte Darehshori hid behind the base of a flag pole for
almost an hour and a half to avoid Charles Whitman's gunfire

DC Dennis

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Bart, this is long overdue.....wish I could send more
but I have 3 kids to put food on.
 Mario in CT

Mario, that was very generous.
May your family have higher pie.

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