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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Thursday-Friday,  Aug 11-12,  2011     Vol 2735 - Scribe-o


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Obama - saved by Teabaggers?
Arrow Ted Rall: If I were Obama...  
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Kicking CLL Leukemia's Ass
Arrow Where in the world was Bart?
Arrow Gov Perry's godly government
Arrow Spend the day - w/ J L Hewitt



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"Gov. Perry's Prayer Rally for Jesus excludes all Americans whose religion
  or belief does not include Jesus. Anyone got a problem with that?
      --  Roger Ebert, in a tweet,   

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Obama - saved by Teabaggers?
  by Steve Kornaki


Tthe possibility that Obama will wind up a one-term president has never seemed so real.
Economic anxiety is what motivates swing voters, and the more they feel it, the more eager they are
to vote out incumbents. This is the rule that explains why Jimmy Carter lost his job in 1980 and why
George H.W. Bush lost his in 1992, and there's no real reason to think it won't apply to Obama next
year if the economy doesn't turn around.

Unless ... well, have you seen the latest poll on the Republican Party's image?

A CNN survey found that just 33 percent of voters say they have a favorable opinion of the GOP,
while 59 percent have an unfavorable view. It's the worse the GOP has ever fared since CNN began
asking the question nearly 20 years ago. Democrats, by contrast, clocked in at 47 percent favorable.

The GOP contunues to be their own worst enemy.
They can't help themselcves - they're out of control.

During that recent debt handjob, seventy-two percent said they wanted the rish to pay more.
The Nutbag-GOP said, "No way we'll do what the people want" and now they're paying for it.

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Subject: Bush's advice

We were supposed to take our money out of Social Security and put it in stocks?

Great retirement strategy, Dubya!

Good point.
They say stocks are an excellent place to make some money - over the long term.

But what if your savings are wiped out when you're a month from turning 65?


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If I were Obama...
  by Ted Rall


In this single-issue environment, any idiot could have been a successful president.
All Obama had to do was express sympathy and understanding while announcing a bunch of jobs initiatives.
Not hard.
Weirdly, though, Obama has focused on everything else except jobs: healthcare, gays in the military,
gays getting married, more war against Afghanistan, new war against Libya, secret wars against Somalia
and Yemen, the dreary showdown over taxes, budget cuts and the federal debt ceiling.
Obama’s approval rating is down to 39 percent. The crappy economy—and Obama’s inaction—is the simple cause.
“What Happened to Obama?” Drew Westen asked.

It used to be just me.
Now everyone sane agrees that Obama’s presidency has failed.

*I* don't think it has failed - yet.

I think it's likely to fail, because Obama refuses to correct his course.
As long as his major goal is to trying to please the rabid dogs, he will fail.

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Subject: Obamabot in 2008
Bart, I voted for him in 2008. He was the Democratic nominee, and although he wasn't my choice,
he was the only viable alternative to McCain/Palin who I thought would have been worse.

I'm not so sure of that now.

I am sure Hillary would have done a better job, and that's who I voted for in the primary.
But I wouldn't have voted for her if Kucinich or even Edwards had still been in the race.

In order of desirability:
1. Kucinich
2. Edwards
3. Clinton
4. Obama
5. Anybody but McCain/Palin

But I'm beginning to rethink the ordering of #4 and #5.
 John S

You don't mean that - but I get your anger.

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Where in the world was Bart?

Trip Report finally finished


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"Newsweek used a photo to make Michele Bachmann appear crazy.
  No, guys, that's what her words are for."
      --  Jon Stewart, 

  Did you see Jon last night?
  He portrayed the WI Dems as insane Teabaggers - but from the other side.

Jon always likes to give the other side a break.
  Is he related to Obama?


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Subject: Casey Anthony "most hated' person

Well, the moronic brain-dead american public has Nancy Grace to thank for their "brilliant" perception.

By the way, I saw that ex-prosecuting bitch the other night on her employers channel,
and she's still not letting up on Casey Anthony. I really believe that the bitch wants her dead.
 Jim from IN

We need to blame the whore networks, too.

Nancy Grace was jusy an occasional guest on Larry King
until she became the queen of the "we all know he's guilty" crowd.

Same for Glenn Beck and the vulgar Pigboy.
If you're sane, they can't use you.

But if you're batshit-crazy, you'll get your 15 minutes.

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Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Exclusive pics only on  bartcop.com


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Gov. Perry's godly government


Forrest Wilder of the Texas Observer appeared on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show to discuss the
New Apostolic Reformation, a evangelical Christian group that sees Texas Gov. Rick Perry as their
chance to overtake the U.S. government.
Wilder previously reported that members of the religious movement told Gov. Perry that Texas was
“The Prophet State,” which would to lead us into godly government, with Perry playing a special part.
“The theological basis for the New Apostolic Reformation movement is about taking control of the
‘seven mountains’ — government, media, family, arts and entertainment, so on and so forth,” he said.

Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a problem.

Every political group wants to have more power and would like to see
America fall more into line with their personal beliefs - but this is different.

Perry and his wild pack of religiously-insane handjobs are into this "Taken" bullshit, where Jesus
is going to arrive soon to save our souls - but he can't actually arrive ...until Israel is dead.

The end is near, so there's no need to worry aboput terrorism or global warming or atomic war
or problems in the Middle East because Jesus will arrive soon to save us.

What if that Red Phone goes off at 3 AM and the Pentagon says,
"Pakistan is arming their nu-ku-ler missles and they're preparing to launch against
somebody  -  but we're not sure who - what should we do, Mr President?" 

And President Perry replies, "Do nothing - this just means Jesus is about to arrive."

Never thought I'd say this, but Gov. Perry makes GW Bush seem sane by comparison.

They say the White House is expecting to run against Romney.
I say you can never lose money betting on religious insanity to beat out logic in America.

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Kicking CLL Leukemia's Ass
Gene therapy shows great promise


A small group of patients with an advanced form of tough-to-treat leukemia appears to have benefited
from a radical new form of immune therapy, researchers say.

To treat chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) that had not responded to other therapies, scientists inserted
a genetically modified version of the patients' own T cells (immune cells) into three patients to specifically
target the CLL cells. Almost a year later, the patients are in complete or partial remission.

This is the first time scientists have successfully used gene transfer therapy to kill cancer cells, and the results
might be applicable to other forms of cancer, including ovarian and lung tumors, the researchers said.

That's great news. 

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Subject: Clinton's 'surplus'

Bart, I have a serious question for you. 
You and others keep writing     "...gosh, I miss Clinton and his surplus."
Do you believe that the Social Security Trust Fund is real?
I ask this as the above two things are mutually exclusive. 
If Clinton ran a surplus, there is no SS trust fund.  End of story.
  Phil in York, PA


When a Democrat says, "Clinton had a surplus," the Rethugs reply,
"Yes, but the reason he had surplus was..."  so all sides agree he had a surplus.

End of stoty.

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"It seems all sides hold the "super committee" in equal disdain."
      --  OddCatOut, in a tweet

 I was going to ask, "Who's the idiot that thought of this?"
 but it's probably Obama, so I won't ask.
 Doesn't everybody know this isn';t going to work?
 The GOP handjobs (I repeat myself) have all taken an oath to Grover Norquist.
 They are NOT going to allow a ny tax increases, no matter what - ever.

 Of course, as you'd expect, Spineless Harry Reid has appointed Republicans like
Baucus (D-MT) who will side with the wild-ass GOP so we've already lost.
 Reid appointed a right-wing Dem to intentionally lose the negotiations.

 Just when you think there's no limit to Dem surrenders,
 they prove you wrong by selling us out once again.


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Subject: Citizens United

Bart I am confused.

If corporations are considered people when donating money to win elections,
then why are they not taxed to support the government that they have bought?
   Liberal, Progressive Socialist hiding out in Texas.

Lib Pro, why do you hate America?

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"Wall Street has apparently concluded that
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      --  some genius on CNBC just now

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 Can you name the celebrity?

Subject: last issue's celebrity

Bart,  that’s Shannon Doherty on the set of Little House on the Prairie and later
of 90210 and the one about the three witches. (I’m whuped and it just isn’t comin’ to me)
Bewitched? Bewildered? Bemildred? <---old Pogo joke


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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City was
the famous Pedrera apartment building
by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain.
  William Day, cartoonist extraordinaire

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Who is today's Mystery Person? 

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, yesterday's History Mystery was Edgar Cayce – the answer just came to me (psychically).
  Dennis in DC

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