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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Weekend-Monday,  Aug 20-22,  2011     Vol 2740 - Togo and Balto


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Our Oval Office Appeaser
Arrow Rick Perry's New Constitution
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Rick Perry's Porn Problem
Arrow Obama's friend, Tom Coburn
Arrow The least trusted celebrities
Arrow Spend the day w/ Adriana Karembeu


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"The more the merrier..."
      --  Jon Huntsman, when asked if others should get in the GOP primary race,   Link

"The more the merrier..."
      --  Mitch Daniels, when asked if others should get in the GOP primary race,   Link

 "As is, we don't have a chance against Obama.
  Isn't there anybody in our party who could be a good candidate?"        

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Our Oval Office Appeaser

Does Obama surrender too fast, too often?


When Obama was inaugurated, Bush had taken the peace, prosperity, and budget surpluses
of the Clinton years and given us two wars, a devastated economy, and an almost trillion-dollar deficit.

Obama was going to be our Franklin Roosevelt, our Winston Churchill—a visionary leader who would
give America hope again. Instead, he has turned out to be the Neville Chamberlain of American politics,
drifting toward national catastrophe, one compromise at a time.an

In the 1930s, desperate to keep the peace, Chamberlain caved in to every German demand.
And he got war anyway.

Let me be clear: the right-wing radicals in control of the Republican Party of course are not Nazis.
But Obama is like Chamberlain. A decent man who values peace and civility at any cost,
he’s no match for his Republican adversaries.

I don't say it enough - Obama IS a decent man - he's just over his head in dealing with street thugs.

Didn't he grow up in a rough South Chicago neighborhood?
Did he leave his toughness back in Chicago?

How does one survive the mean streets by turning the other cheek?

Did Obama offer his wallet to every mugger in South Chicago?

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Rick Perry's New Constitution
Making America more in God's Image


7. Back alley abortions will become the new norm.
6. Repeal all marriages Perry doesn't like
5. Screw that social saftey net
4. No more direct election of senators
3. Scrap the federal income tax  (The rich are TIRED of taxes)
2. Congress can overturn Supreme Court
1. Perry would get rid of the "bad" judges

I would be against most anything this crazy bastard if for.

He's crazier than Bush - God talks to him more than he talked to Bush.


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Subject: Big Ed is no phony
Dear Bart,

Big Ed is not a phony.  He was divorced when he met his second wife an RN, in Fargo. 

She worked at a homeless shelter/clinic that catered largely to veterans. 
Fargo in the winter is way worse, if that’s possible, than most of Minnesota where I live. 

-40 below zero and high winds put the wind chill factor at 60-80 below zero most winters. 
Ed Schultz, like most comfortable conservatives, could not imagine how anyone can be homeless
in this great country. 

Big Ed is a marine veteran.  He saw other veterans malnourished, mentally ill, chemically dependent,
homeless, and goddamn cold and frostbit.  He gives his wife credit for turning him from a brainless
conservative, to a pretty articulate liberal.  FYI.
 Minnesota Steve and Aletta

It stands to reason that no phonies would leave the wealthy GOP to become a broke Democrat.

Phonies are the apoliticals (Pigboy, Glenn Beck and Dr Laura) who see the potential in pulling
the wool over the eyes of the extra-stupid people with the most money - conservatives.

BTW, if I was homeless in Fargo, I'd steal enough money
to make it to Miami or Houston or San Diego or Maui.

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To those who said "No!" to freeing Libya,
(without losing a single soldier or sailor)
aren't you glad you were wrong?

If not for Hillary, Obama would still
be dithering over if and when to send help.

See more at  http://mariopiperni.com

"I'm a swaggering, gun-toting,
anti-science moron from Texas

...and I'm always right."

Rick Perry's Porn Problem
He was a hardcore porn distributor


Governor Rick Perry’s presidential campaign office did not respond to
repeated requests regarding his ownership of stock in Movie Gallery,
a video rental company that was boycotted by American Handjob Association
for the pornographic and violent films it sold and rented. Some of the
titles included Teens with Tits, Teen Power, Teens Never Say No,
Big Tit Brotha Lovers and Bisexual Barebacking which from its title
and cover appears to advocate gay and straight naked fornication
and sodomy.
How liberal of Rick Perry to distribute hardcore porn, like Larry Flynt!
American Handjob Association, Perry’s partner in Houston's recent
Jesuspalooza, crusaded for years against Movie Gallery, urging boycotts
beginning in 2000 and rejoicing in the chain’s eventual closure.
When questioned about AHA’s awareness of Perry’s stock in Movie Gallery,
one Cindy Roberts in the AFA press office gasped, "Why, I had no idea!"

But they love him anyway, because he says religious things.

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Made-in-China.com - Connecting Global Buyers with China suppliers

Seattle's Hempfest began Friday, Aug. 19, 2011.
The pro-pot festival is billed as the largest in the country.
This was the first year the festival spanned three days.

Sarah Palin Nude!!!


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"(I represent) Bank of America - We'll help you out."
      --  Bank of America corporate master thief, talking to Rick Perry,      Link

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Obama's friend, Tom Coburn


In his latest attempt to appear to be a decent guy, the Tulsa World reports, he defended the president
from a constituent who asked if Obama "wants to destroy America." To do so, Coburn indulged in
creepy racial stereotyping to explain the president's politics. Obama's "intent is not to destroy," Coburn
assured his audience.

"His intent is to create dependency because it worked so well for him," he said. The president backs
welfare programs, the Oklahoma senator explained, because "as an African-American male," he received
"tremendous advantage from a lot of these programs." He didn't exactly call Obama a "welfare queen,"
I guess, but it's not too far off.

"Obama's a nigger and you know how niggers love free handouts."

Okies eat that racist shit with a Texas-sized spoon - no wonder they re-elect Coburn every term.
It's the same mentality that sends Jim Inohofe back to Washington every term

...and Obama has spent almost three years trying to get these cavemen to like him?

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Subject: Why do you print shit like Carson v. Big Ed

Can neither you nor Carson perform some kind of biographical search? 
Fucking Morons.
 James, with a drink in his hand

James, I don't know nothing 'bout no Googlin'

You read this page - I think you're also a contributor, but you don't like it
when two people write about politics and the people who play in it?

Carson is a semi-straight shooter (for a Monkey). When he said Big Ed
used to be a right-winger, something told me he was telling the truth.

Yes, I could've gone to Google or Wikipedia and read peoples' opinions,
but if I'm going to get opinions about politics, why not ask my readers?

BTW, I never claimed to be smart.

I hope your day gets batter...


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: I am with Tally and Obama is playing his chess hand very well

They won’t give him anything, I mean anything so he has to make it happen in round-about ways
and he is and will do that.    We need to support him however, he says,  “I can’t do this by myself”

Time for us to speak out and hit the streets.
We are fighting a very powerful enemy and the stakes are high.
  Carol M

Jock Ewing once explained power to Bobby Ewing. Bobby came whining to him,
"Daddy, J.R. keeps getting in my way and you told me *I* had the power at Ewing Oil..."

Jock replied:
"Boy, power isn't something you're given - Power is something you TAKE."

Obama's more into being polite - but I appreciate reading your opinion.

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Great idea - let's abolish all government.
That way, any punk with a gun owns your family.


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Subject: Nobody's saying it now

El Bart:

You are 100% right-on again! Obama needs to show the American People that
HE is the one fighting for jobs and not Bachmann or Perry or Romney.

Why won't he do these simple things and turn the tide back on the right-wing?
Why isn't he leading the charge for jobs? That's what he was elected to do!

Instead he thinks he shouldn't upset the opposition, but doesn't have a clue how to gain any support.

He doesn't understand the President's job is to LEAD by example.
And if he's not leading then he's losing ground.

It's the same complaint as it was during the BP spill,
if we don't see the fire in him then why should he be President?

Obama can still lose this election, through sheer apathy.
And then watch him blame it on his base!
  John C

John, thanks for that.

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"Oh my God, not science!!!
If my kid learns science, he might
get a job in the 21st century.
Can't have that..."

The least trusted celebrities

I love the look on Eldrick's face: "Man, I fucked up..."

According to Ipsos, (Who?) a whopping 60% of Americans don't trust Paris Hilton.

Hilton was found to be the absolute least trustworthy celeb, beating out other morally questionable
folks like Charlie Sheen (52% unfavorable), Britney Spears (45%) and Kanye West (45%).

Others on the bottom of the list Gov Musclehead (44%), Eldrick Woods (42%), Kim Kardashian (38%),
Mel Gibson (33%), Donald Trump (31%), and LeBron James (29%).

I wish they had asked WHY Paris Hilton was least trusted.
I'll bet the answer would probably be "She thinks she's so smart."

Charlie Sheen went crazy,
Britney went crazy too (shaving her head)
Kanye West was rude to a white girl on on TV,
Musclehead cheated on his wife,
Eldrick is a serial fuck-up,
Kardashian produced her own sex tape,
Gibson is a woman-hating pig,
Trump is too fucked to try to explain,
and LeBron got big-headed at trade time.

So why is Paris Hilton the least trusted?
Because she's rich, famous and thin?

If there's a legit reason why she's the most hated woman in America
(after Casey Anthony) why can't anyone say what it is?

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Last Issue's Mystery Car


  Olof has ID'd this car.

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Name that Song!


 It's Guitar Solo Week II

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If you smoke tobacco 30 minutes after waking up,
you're 79% more likely to die of lung cancer than
someone who waits an hour to light up.
(TIME Mag, 8/22)

Why smoke something harmfull?
Who smoke something that doesn't get you high?

Wildlife Close-up


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Today's Mystery City


 Can you guess the city?

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City  is Dallas with the Trinity Sewer in the foreground.
This must be in flood stage when it looks like a real river.
Most of the time the Trinity River at Dallas is last weeks’ lunch in Fort Worth.


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Today's History Mystery


Who is today's Mystery Person? 

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's William Faulkner & Eudora Welty

I would've bet the lady was Elenore Roosevelt.

Maybe I'm not as old as I think  :)

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Subject: donation - just paying it forward

Bart, tough times in the hills with a couple of broken down vehicles,
a leaky roof and the mountains blowing up around us.

But times are tough all over, and that includes K-Drag.
Be well, old friend!


Bob, thanks for that.

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