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Monday,  Dec 5, 2011    Vol 2792 - Cash and kidneys


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow US-Pakistan Relations Raging
Arrow Best Way to Spin GOP Lies
Sarah Palin Nude!!!
Arrow Cowboy coach ices his own kicker
Arrow The Parching of the West
Arrow Bishop Eddie Long's divorce
Arrow Spend the day w/ Mila Kunis


"If I say, 'No, I'm not attracted to young boys,' that's not the truth.
  Because I'm attracted to young people -- boys, girls -- I ..."
His lawyer, who was present at the interview, spoke up at that point
 to note that Sandusky is "not sexually" attracted to them.

"Right. I enjoy, that's what I was trying to say, I enjoy spending time with
young people. I enjoy spending time with people,"
Sandusky continued.
"I mean my two favorite groups are the elderly and the young."
       --  Jerry Sundasky, digging the hole deeper and deeper.       Link

 Boy, how often do you see some idiot bungle a mess up more than this Sandusky?
 Geez, you'd have to go all the way back to Cain last week mishandling his sex problems.

 There should be three rules:
 Don't get married if you want to sleep around.
When you get caught, admit it like a man and stop denying the obvious.
No kids, goddammit.

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US-Pakistan Relations Raging
Supply route down "permanently"
Did the Taliban trick us into firing on the Pakistanis?


NATO recently literally shot itself in the foot, imperiling the resupply of International Assistance Forces
(ISAF) in Afghanistan by shooting up two Pakistani border posts in a “hot pursuit’ raid.
Given that roughly 100 fuel tanker trucks along with 200 other trucks loaded with NATO supplies
cross into Afghanistan each day from Pakistan, Pakistan’s closure of the border has ominous
long-term consequences for the logistical resupply of ISAF forces, even as Pentagon officials
downplay the issue and scramble for alternative resupply routes.
Pakistan, long angry about ISAF/NATO cross border raids, has apparently reached the end of its tether.
Following the 26 November NATO aerial assault on two border posts in Mohmand Agency in Pakistan’s
turbulent NorthWest Frontier Province, Islamabad promptly sealed its border with Afghanistan to NATO
supplies after the allied strikes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Why would anybody want to be president?

This isn't what we needed.
The Pakistan problem makes me wish I lived underground.

On the other hand, if we can no longer support the troops in the field...
maybe we should bring them home - but we can't really do that, either without
everyone who helped us (or taught a girl to read) being subject to slaughter.

On the third hand, if a Republican wins the next election he's going to pour gas on this
nuclear fire so he can get his base riled up and pass more tax cuts for the super-rich.

...maybe I quit the church too soon?

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Seeing the ads puts food on my family,
PLEASE turn off your AdBlocker.

ha ha

Go, Newt!

We'd love to run against you.

Subject: I hate the banksters

Bart, I just refinanced my house and no longer have to make
payments to Chase and Citi; I used my local credit union.
  Don in Vancouver, WA.

Don, you did good.

I did something similar - I made Chase my bitch.
I put all my purchases on my Chase Southwest Airlines VISA

and I pay them off each month without one dime of interest.

They provide us with four free round-trips per year.

I hate them too but I'll do business with them
as long as I get to stick it to them every month.

Send e-mail to Bart

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Preparing for War with Iran
  by William Blum

There’s no letup, is there? The preparation of the American mind, the world mind, for the next gala
performance of D&D — Death and Destruction. The Bunker Buster bombs are now 30,000 pounds
each one, six times as heavy as the previous delightful model..
But the Masters of War still want to be loved; they need for you to believe them when they say
they have no choice, that Iran is the latest threat to life as we know it, no time to waste.
The preparation of minds was just as fervent before the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. And when it
turned out that Iraq did not have any kind of arsenal of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) …
well, our power elite found other justifications for the invasion, and didn’t look back.
Some berated Iraq: “Why didn’t they tell us that? Did they want us to bomb them?”

If we go to war with Iraq it will be because Obama dithered (again) when he should've acted.

Obama should've hit Iran a year ago or longer.

I suggested we take out some of their oil-loading platforms and a few pipelines and refineries.
That would've gotten their attention and perhaps forced them to the bargaining table - but no.

Obama, instead, went with toothless sanctions that Iran laughed off and now we're talking war.

Why can't Democrats learn?


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject:  5 years prison for downloading music

Our Congress, in their infinite wisdom, is considering passing the "Stop Online Piracy Act" (SOPA)
which includes a provision making it a felony to upload a video of someone singing a copyrighted song
on YouTube, with up to 5 years in prison for doing so.

Dr. Conrad Murray, the guy convicted of manslaughter for killing Michael Jackson only got a maximum
of 4 years in prison. So according to the law you get less prison time for killing Michael Jackson than
for singing one of his songs. This is just plain crazy.
 Marc Perkel

Send e-mail to Bart

Cowboy coach ices his own kicker
Time out turns victory into bitter defeat


The only thing more amazing (and amusing, if you're not a fan of the team) than the decision by
Jason Garrett to ice his own kicker by calling a time out with 7 seconds left against the Arizona
Cardinals was his complete lack of regret in retrospect.

"We very well could have taken a timeout there," Garrett said. "We felt like we were in field-goal range.
Tony had them on the line of scrimmage quickly, so we went ahead and clocked it and used that as a timeout…
You see so many situations where you have negative plays in those situations. We felt like we were in his range
to give him a chance to kick the game-winner."

None of that makes any sense and it doesn't explain the coach's nutty time out call as the ball sailed thru the uprights.

The dallas kicker made the winning field goal, but the Dallas coach called time out at the last second.
The kicker tried again and missed and Arizona scored to beat the pitiful Cowboys.

What a great way to end the weekend.


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: President Oblowme

Bart, there's nothing great about 4 more years of Oblowme.
We don't want a filhty repug anymore than you did but they are all in the 1%'s pocket.

Hammer on.
 Dave & Jen in Brooklyn

I agree - Obama is less of a disaster than any of the
Rethug crazies that are currently running for the WH.

Send e-mail to Bart

"They had their shot. Give us ours."
       --  Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy,      Link

 Did Oklahoma State get screwed out of paying for the title?
 Like Alabama, they only lost one game, and that was the day after
 two OK State coaches were killed in a plane crash.

 OK State put a severe ass-whooping on Oklahoma last weekend - by 34 points.
 Every year, OK state thinks they can take OU and every year OU kicks their ass.

 But this year it was OU's turn to get whooped and OK State won their first Big 12 title ever.

Send e-mail to Bart

Sarah Palin Nude


Comic book radio show by Cory

The Best Way to Spin GOP Lies
  by Frank Luntz


Here are key do’s and don’ts from Luntz:

 • Don’t say ‘capitalism.’
 • Don’t say that the government ‘taxes the rich.’ Instead, tell them that the government ‘takes from the rich.’
 • Don't say the ‘middle class.’ Call them ‘hardworking taxpayers.’
 • Don’t say ‘government spending.’ Call it ‘waste.’
 • Don’t ever say you’re willing to ‘compromise.’
 • The three most important words you can say to an Occupier: ‘I get it.’
 • Out: ‘Entrepreneur.’ In: ‘Job creator.’
 • “Climate change” is less frightening than “global warming”
 • Don’t ever ask anyone you want them to ‘sacrifice.’
 • Always blame Washington.

Our brain-dead Democrats have no idea how to frame an argument.

They just lurch from one over-reaction to the next - never having any clue what's going on.

Why can't Democrats learn?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Christmas cards

Bart, this year, you could ask everyone to add you to their Christmas card list
and maybe put in a couple bucks for the kitties.
  Brad the Pillar

Brad, thanks for that.

I would love to get Christmas cards from my readers.
My PO Box doesn't get a lot of action these days...

PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

Send e-mail to Bart

Blast from the Past

Mrs. Bart told me a funny story from a long time ago that I never heard before.

Almost ten years ago, we threw a party (at Carville's restaurant in Washington DC) known as Juliefest.

It was my first (and last) fundraiser and I wasn't sure what to do but I was worried about security.
One could make the argument that Julie helped Clinton stay in office and we didn't want any Freepers
showing up to heckle her (or worse) so I hired three DC cops to keep things cool.

We set up a table outside Carville's restaurant to check IDs.
Mrs. Bart had no formal role, she just stood nearby in case anything was needed.

I found out last week that this happened:
At some point, (I didn't see this) Carville showed up and tried to get inside.
Mrs. Bart,  the shyest, most quiet women you'll ever meet,
stopped Carville and,
for some reason, told him,  "You can't go in there."

She said Carville stopped and had an odd look on his face for a second, then that went
away and he told her, "The hell I can't - I own this place," and he walked past her.

For some reason this strikes me as terribly funny.

I'm not sure why she did that - she knew who Carville was and she knew he owned
the place - but it really happened so if anybody out there has a Time Machine,
I would pay for a photo of that look on Carville's face.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: My Brush with Greatness


Send in YOUR brush with greatness

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The Parching of the West
It keeps getting worse and worse


The good news? While 2010 tied for the warmest year on record, 2011 is likely to come in 10th
once November and December temperatures are tallied. In part, this is evidently due to an especially
strong La Niña cooling event in the Pacific. On the other hand, with 2011 in the top ten despite La Niña,
13 of the warmest years since such record-keeping began have occurred in the last 15 years. Think of that
as an uncomfortably hot cluster.
And other climate news is no better. A recent study indicates that Arctic ice is now melting at rates
unprecedented in the last 1,450 years (as far back, that is, as reasonably accurate reconstructions of
such an environment can be modeled). As the Arctic warms and temperatures rise in surrounding
northern lands -- someday, Finland may have to construct artificial ski trails and ice rinks for its
future winter tourists -- a report on yet another study is bringing more lousy news. Appearing in the
prestigious science journal Nature, it indicates that the melting permafrost of the tundra may soon
begin releasing global-warming gases into the atmosphere in massive quantities. We’re talking the
equivalent of 300 billion metric tons of carbon over the next nine decades.

In 20-30 years, when summer temps are 130 everywhere, historians will look back at
where we are now and wonder why we failed to address such an obvious problem.

Between the religiously-insane Rethugs and the too-scared-to-speak Democrats,
we've allowed global warming to get out of hand and that's bad news for your grandkids.

Texas might go another year or three without rain, but that's OK, "God will provide."
Hurricanes will continue to be Katrina-sized and Joplin-sized tornadoes will be common.

2011 had the biggest blizzard in history and the hottest summer anyone can remember,
but that's no reason to take action when we can shove our heads up our butts, instead.

Memphis Minnie said it best:
"Cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good."

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Guitar players

As reader Andy pointed out, what makes a guitar player "great" to someone, is their ability to inspire.
So as someone who's family couldn't afford a guitar until I was 18 (at a time when I had 3
broken fingers no less); the "greatest" guitar player of all time to me was *Malcolm* Young.

Why? Because he proved that even kids with minimal skill or resources
could create some of the world's best guitar riffs if they really wanted to.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Permanent Amazon link to help Bart

Hey BC, here is a better Amazon link for you:

  Brad in CA

Brad, thanks for that.
Anything that makes it easier to buy things will help a lot.

Every purchase helps The Tequila Treehouse and costs you nothing.

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Bishop Eddie Long's divorce
It's not just the raping Catholics...


The wife of Georgia mega-televangelist Bishop Eddie Long has filed for divorce.
Vanessa Long did not specify why she is seeking the divorce, but she didn't have to.

Last spring, Long settled a lawsuit filed by four young men who accused him of pressuring them
into sexual relationships while they were teenagers and members of Long's congregation in Lithonia, Georgia.

Long is also being sued by former parishioners who accuse him of getting them to invest in a Ponzi scheme
that wiped out at least $1 million in their retirement savings.  The suit by the four men alleged that
"Long uses monetary funds from the accounts of New Birth and other corporate and non-profit
  corporate accounts
to entice the young men with cars, clothes, jewelry, and electronics."

So, he's part priest and part Bernie Madoff?
And he wasn't paying ANY taxes on his ill-gotten gains.

Not only do churches get to dodge taxes, they don't have to account for what they take in.

They can be raking in $10M a month or $100M a month - it's nobody's business.

...why didn't I think to get into the church business?


Send e-mail to Bart

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Possibly interesting idea...

I want to try something ...unless you think it's an invasion of your privacy.

If you would, e-mail me a number. That number would be the ratio
of the list price of your car vs what you paid for your home.

So, if your car costs $20K new and you paid $400K for your home, you would
have paid twenty times more for the home than the car so your number would be 20.

I find it interesting because you can move a car, but not the house.

My number is 8 and that's probably low.
You Calis and New Yorkers might be as high as 30-40.

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Subject: fund-raising idea

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  Karen in Indiana

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Today's Mystery Car


Last issue's Mystery Car Revealed       

Bart, Last issue's Mystery Car  is a BMW M1, built around 1979-81, one of about 450 produced.
Sheridan OR

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Today's Mystery Celebrity


Last issue's Mystery Celebrity  Link 

Hi Bart, that's Fisher Stevens and he was married to Michelle Pfeiffer.
Robin in PA


Every man wonders how that happened...

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Subject: Obama and medical mj


Here is a short video of what is happening in CA which I am sure you are aware of already.

The rubbish spouted by the "law" is cliche at best. Back in the 1970's congress did a study that
even then concluded, (paraphrasing) more harm comes from marijuana being legal than from
marijuana itself and recommended legalizing it.

A very powerful group of people make way too much money from it being illegal to ever easily
give up that money and power. Legalize and regulate, like alcohol, and you take all the money
out that drives the gang and criminal activity and in addition is the excuse for stomping on our
personal rights and freedoms.

By the way, don't smoke myself, but do grow as a care-giver for a relative that is sick.
Problem with Obama is he is just another face of the moneyed elite, corporatism.
Even though he talked the talk during the Democrat primaries and the last Presidential election,
he is not and never has been for the people.

Obama will go down in history as the guy who didn't bother with the crimes of the Bush bastards
and the crimes of the Bansters who stole TRILLIONS but he got the poker plkayers and pot smokers.

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Wildlife Close-up


It's one of Astrocat's best!

Visiting our sponsors puts food on Bart's family...

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If I had some photos I wanted to restore,
I'd trust a true artist like Mario Piperni.

Got some old photos that you'd like to
give the gang for Christmas, but they're
not quite good enough to send?

Mario can fix that.

Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City is the downtown of Houston, TX,



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Today's History Mystery


 Who can explain this explosive picture?

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Prescott Bush paid one million dollars in 1942 for violating the Trading with the Enemy Act.


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Subject: donation

Thanks to Kathy T in Brooklyn.
I'll send stickers...

If you're shopping online,
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Spend the day w/
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