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Weekend-Mon-Tuesday,  April 21-23,  2012    Vol 2864 - Nimblewill

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Rich. Weird.  Romney.
Arrow Flogging John Edwards
Obama the Underdog?
Arrow SC: Socialist Rent is OK
Arrow The GOP's War on Sex
Arrow Pregnancy Before Conception:
Arrow Punk'd Pro Hayden Panettiere


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"I'm so nervous because my pronouns for my child jump all over the fucking place."
--  Cher, speaking at her son's GLAAD Award ceremony       Link

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Rich. Weird.  Romney.


Every good Romney profile has a “Romney says something bizarre” moment. In a 2005 profile for the
Atlantic, Romney produced a commemorative plate featuring the likenesses of Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower,
and announced: “Not only was Eisenhower one of my favorite presidents; when we became grandparents,
you get to choose what the kids will call you. Some call you Papa. I chose Ike. I’m Ike, and Ann is Mamie.”
Leaving aside that Eisenhower worship is not particularly widespread in the modern GOP, it is not “a thing”
that you can make your grandchildren call you by the name of a random dead president. There are a wide
variety of names for grandparents based on family traditions and cultures and adorable toddler malapropisms,
but I have never heard of a grandparent asking to be called some other non-related person’s name.
(“Make the children call me ‘Horatio’ because I so admire ‘CSI: Miami’s’ David Caruso.”)

I saw a recent poll that said Obama's likeability is at 54 percent.
They said Romney's likeability was 18 percent, 1/3 of Obama's.

How can this race possibly be tied, like the whore media claims?

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Flogging John Edwards


This trial — regardless of the outcome — amounts to one last chance for the public to express its disdain
for a man who cheated on his terminally ill wife, lied about it, fathered a child out of wedlock, lied about it
and is now left searching for some strands of redemption or, at least, forgiveness.

Many people believed deeply in Edwards and felt his series of betrayals personally; they cared about him,
which made what he did all the worse. He was supposed to be a different kind of politician but wound up
being the same old kind of politician. The trial then amounts to a cathartic moment for many of his one-time fans.

Edwards only hope is to grin and bear it — taking the public embarrassment one last time in hopes of avoiding
jail time and, finally, moving on with his life. How he will do so or what that life might look like remains
very much up in the air.

If ever there was a time to "move on" and "look forward," this seems like it.

I haven't followed this case, but they say "these" charges have never been brought against anyone before.

Are the Carolina Rethugs just trying to stick it to Edwards for cheating on his dying wife?

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Obama the Underdog?
The Weakly Standard sees him losing... 


I think the conventional wisdom of President Obama being a heavy favorite for reelection is massively oversold.

In fact, I’d argue that he is an underdog. For a simple reason: A majority of Americans do not think Obama
is doing a good job, and they have thought that for a very long time.
Now, let’s be clear. It is not an overwhelming majority of Americans, not by any stretch. However, we have seen
a durable 50-55 percent of Americans either disapprove or at least not approve of his job performance for quite a while.

Are they upset with the job Obama is doing?
Or are they upset at the destruction that tax-cuts-for-the-rich brought us?

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Subject: Re: last issue's Reporter: Democrats are wrong

Ms Carpentier misses the point:

There is a big difference between consenting to have the procedure and being forced
to undergo the transvaginal ultrasound in order to obtain an abortion, much like there is
a big difference between wanted and unwanted sexual contact.

Rape is not about sex or vaginal penetration, it's about control and intimidation of another
person and I hope the simile is not lost upon her as the GOP seeks to control and intimidate.

As a physician, I agree with you that at the very least, such an intrusion constitutes assault and battery.
Mother Jones online had an article a few weeks ago with photographs and stories of women
who were very sick or died before Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal; the politicians who want
to make abortion illegal need to see those pictures.
 Dr R Stoll

I'm also worried about the (possible) weirdo doing the tests.
They're not going to let your personal gynocologist do this proceedure.

I'm sure they're sending these pregnant girls to some GOP religio-wacko doctor
and what if the woman feels like he's enjoying his work just a little too much?

They don't have any recourse - they can only submit to him.

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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

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Subject: Brush with Greatness


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Media Favored Dog-on-Roof
 by Howard Kurtz, GOP water carrier


During the bruising Republican primaries, there was one candidate whose coverage was more
relentlessly negative than the rest. In fact, he did not enjoy a single week where positive treatment
by the media outweighed the negative.

His name is Barack Obama.

That is among the findings of a study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, a Washington
nonprofit that examined 52 key newspaper, television, radio, and Web outlets.

From Jan. 2 through April 15, Romney’s coverage was 39 percent positive, 32 percent negative,
and 29 percent neutral, the researchers found. Obama’s coverage was 18 percent positive,
34 percent negative, and 34 percent neutral. That means Romney’s depiction by the media was
more than twice as positive as the president’s. So much for liberal bias.

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SC: Socialist Rent is OK
But socialized medicine can kill you?


Tenants in nearly a million apartments subject to New York City’s rent regulations could breathe
a sigh of relief on Monday. The United States Supreme Court, after indicating it might be interested
in hearing a challenge to the regulations, decided to let them stand.

As is customary when the court declines to hear a case, the justices gave no reasons.

The challenge to the rent law was brought by the owners of six apartments.   Three of those apartments
are subject to New York’s rent-stabilization regulations, under which the government sets maximum
permissible rent increases and generally allows tenants to renew their leases indefinitely.

According to the lawsuit, the tenants in the rent-stabilized units pay around $1,000 a month,
or about 60 percent below the market rate.

The suit did not directly challenge the rent control law, an older system that applies to far fewer tenants.
The Harmons said that requiring them to accept below-market rents amounted to an unconstitutional taking of their property.

Isn't it a crock that the Supreme Court can dodge accountability on their decisions?

These cowardly prima donnas are afraid of cameras, too - what are they trying to hide?

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Sarah Palin Nude


Check out the news and toons at

        bart blog

Read all about it!

  on the Bart Blog!

The GOP's War on Sex
  by Hugh Hefner


For months I have watched the rhetoric building. Last October, Santorum promised to defund birth control
on the grounds that contraception is ‘a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things
are supposed to be.’ … Ron Paul was no better, believing that the birth control pill did not cause immorality
but that immorality creates the problem of wanting to use the pill. Mitt Romney vowed to see a constitutional
amendment banning same-sex marriage and to overturn Roe v. Wade.”

Self-appointed arbiters are determined to oversee our morality. I heard it when Santorum backer Foster Friess
said, ‘Back in my days, [women] used Bayer aspirin for contraceptives,’ implying that if women held an aspirin
between their legs, they wouldn’t open them. I heard it when I learned about proposed anit-abortion legislation in
Kansas that would protect doctors who conceal vital medical information from pregnant women. And I heard it
when Rush Limbaugh called a law student a ‘slut’ and a ‘prostitute’ after she testified on Capitol Hill about
allowing employers to avoid providing contraception for religious reasons. … Fifty years of sexual freedom
vanished in a sound bite.

Maybe Obama should drag out that cliche about transmissions:
"D" stands for drive, "R" stand for reverse.

Does America really want to go backwards?

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Subject: Obama's war on pot

Hi, Bart,

Here’s the latest on the federal anti-pot initiative in Montana. 
If there is one thing about this that is terribly troubling it is the
reliance people put on their protection if they complied with State law. 


It seems unfair to say “you’re OK if you follow your state’s law”
and then prosecute citizens AFTER they get up and running,
make their investment of time and money, gather customer/patients, etc. 

It is Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown all over again.
  Geoff in Montana

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"I think there are a lot of Republicans in Congress who want to cooperate but they're in
  the thralls of this reign of terror from the far right that has dragged the party to the right.
  Governor Romney and the party have gone way off to the right..."
-- David Axelrod, stating the obvious and that's a good thing         Link

In the primaries, Romney said, "I'm a severe conservative."
  Just play that clip, over and over and over. 

  It also wouldn't hurt to remind women what will happen to their rights
  if Romney wins and appoints more right-wingers to the high whore court, such as...

‘Pregnancy Begins 2 Weeks Before Conception’ Now The Law In Arizona
  Republicans have gone totally insane

"In Arizona, women are now legally pregnant two weeks before conception, according to a new law,
the Orwellianly-named, “Women’s Health and Safety Act,” signed yesterday by Governor Jan Brewer (R-Insane).
The scientifically, medically, ethically, and intellectually dishonest legislation is designed to reduce the amount
of time a woman is allowed to have a legal abortion, and is one of the most draconian bills to become law in America.
The bill was sponsored by extremist Arizona State Rep. Kimberly Yee.

Planned Parenthood of Arizona lobbyist Michelle Steinberg called the law "Ameria's most extreme piece
of anti-abortion legislation’.” the Tucson Citizen reported:
During the hearings on the bill, doctors said many women don’t discover their fetus has a severe or
life-threatening problem until an ultrasound at about the 20th week. The doctors — and several women
who had faced this issue — testified that this law would arbitrarily cut off the right for these women to
have an abortion.
“My heart goes out to the families that will be impacted,” Steinberg said. “Women are being forced
to carry children that they know will end up dying within hours of birth.”

Obama really needs to win this next election or America will go to hell.

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Subject: Brush with Greatness


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You any good at song lyrics?

 I could use some help with these song lyrics - anybody got some free time?

 We'll run lyrics from general songs that most rock lovers would know,
 but we have to use synonyms for some words to fool the Google.
  Sure, Bart, I could send some rock quotes! 

Subject: Vegas betting on Obama

Bart, thank you for being the one site I count on to help me
know I'm not beyond help insane for being a Democrat.

Your wrote:

> The whore media keeps saying the race is tied.
> I say they're lying"

I agree. Vegas has Obama at 1 to 2. Romney is 4 to 1.

I trust the wiseguys.
  Kip in NJ.

In Vegas, money talks - they can't afford to lie.

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Today's Mystery Car


Subject: last issue's Mystery Car       Link

Bart, that 1953 Lincoln-Mercury XL500
Ed Michael

Hi Bart,
That sexy thing was a 1953 Lincoln XL500 Concept.  Here is the proof:

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Today's Mystery Celebrity  is quite hot. 


Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity     Link 

your Mystery Celebrity is Catherine Deneuve, a beautiful French actress.
  Corie in Marietta, Oklahoma

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Wildlife Close-up  


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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City is "The Crystal" in Copenhagen Denmark.
Winner of the Archdaily 2011 building of the year award in the category of office buildings.

"Freestanding on the site, the building reads as a transparent, geometrical, glazed form which,
resting only on a single point and a single line, floats as a visually light, crystalline structure
above the plaza,” explained Partner Mr Kim Holst Jensen of schmidt hammer lassen architects.
He continued: “The building and the plaza are designed to interact with each other and with the surrounding city.”
 Rich in Fargo, ND... 

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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery ?

That's a Dorothea Lange photograph called "Toward Los Angeles, California", dated 1937.
It shows two migrant workers during the Dust Bowl migration.

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