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Wednesday  July 11,  2012    Vol 2902 - Ghost Beads

This is what they mean when they say,
"We want our country back."

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Romney Booed at NAACP
Arrow There they go Again 
Big-time Trip Report II
Arrow Michelle cursing the Flag?
Arrow Science Speaks Up - Finally
Arrow Pussy Riot Denied Bail
Arrow 'Nashville's  Hayden Panettiere



"The fact that Michael Phelps doesn't have to work as hard to get that done, it's a real shame.
  I think it's too bad. You see that all too often, where you get athletes that are incredibly talented
  that really take it for granted. I think the things he could have done if he'd worked as hard as I do
  would have been even more incredible than what he has pulled off."
  Olympic virgin Tyler Clary, saying the 14-time Gold Medal winner Michael Phelps
         could've made something of himself if he had just tried a little harder,

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Romney Booed at NAACP
"I'm better for Blacks than Obama..."


If you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community,
you are looking at him,” Romney said. “You take a look.”

The crowd booed when Romney criticized Obama for not doing enough to get unemployment down.

“I know the President will say he’s going to do those things, but he has not, he will not,
he cannot, and his last four years in the White House proves it, definitively,” Romney said.

The loudest boos came when Romney spoke of his desire to see “Obamacare” repealed.

You know what the vulgar Pigboy is saying off-mic about this?

"Niggers are too stupid to realize we're better for them than Obama."

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There they go Again
Dems to stab Obama in the back


Ahead of Wednesday's vote, at least two House Democrats have indicated plans to side with
a majority of Republicans to reject portions of the law. Both face uncertain re-election odds.

The first to publicly confirm his vote for repeal was Democratic Rep. Larry Kissel of North Carolina.
In addition to Kissell, Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre, also of North Carolina, confirmed he will vote
for repeal this week. Like Kissell, McIntyre also refuses to publicly endorse the president.

The other two Democrats who voted for repeal in 2011—OK Rep. Dan Boren and Arkansas
Rep. Mike Ross—are retiring, which frees them  to vote like men, not mice.

Clinton's 1995 health care attempt is where the original backstab graphic came from.

All a Rethug has to do is scream, "Socialism" and the Democrats cave like little mice.
Before Bush bankrupted the world, health care was America's biggest problem.

Well, maybe after religious insanity and the rise of the Fifth Reich.

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Big-time Trip Report  Part Two 

Bart takes a another step towards video.

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Subject: Romney has better plan to turn the economy around

Which presidential candidate has a better plan to turn the economy around?
Romney does!
But when you think about it - turning the economy around isn't a good thing.

We are in a recovery, and if Romney were president we would go back to the policies
of Bush and the economy would be on free fall, losing 750,000 jobs a month.

So we don't want to turn the economy around.
We want to stay the course and keep the recovery going.
Staying the course is better than turning the economy around.
  Marc Perkel

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Michelle Obama cursing the Flag?


Butt GOP, if you're going to literally put words in her mouth,
why not claim she said, "We should kill and eat more kittens?"

Michelle was "caught" by "an instructor" at "a" school for the deaf.

That's a "mountain of proof" when the GOP attacks a Black woman.

I wonder, did the "instructor" work for Hannity or Pigboy?

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Subject:  Brush with Greatness


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Science Speaks Up - Finally
What took them so long to find their voice?


* 2011 was among 15 warmest years globally - U.S. agency
* Extreme weather events show influence of climate change
* Greenhouse gas levels in atmosphere reaches new high

Climate change increased the odds for the kind of extreme weather that prevailed in 2011,
a year that saw severe drought in Texas, unusual heat in England and was one of the 15
warmest years on record, scientists reported on Tuesday.

Overall, 2011 was a year of extreme events - from historic droughts in East Africa, northern
Mexico and the southern United States to an above-average cyclone season in the North Atlantic
and the end of Australia's wettest two-year period ever, scientists from the U.S. National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration and the United Kingdom's Met Office said.

In the 22nd annual "State of the Climate" report, experts also found the Arctic was warming
about twice as fast as the rest of the planet, on average, with Arctic sea ice shrinking to its
second-smallest recorded size.

At least they decided to speak up before the planet was burnt to a crisp.

Christ, Katrina was SEVEN years ago - and these brave scientists decided it would be
better to "study the problem" for a few more years instead of speaking up back then?

A shot of Chinaco to the scientists who finally found their balls.


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Subject: Bad economy

Bart, I was planning on sending you a little scratch this month, but I got laid off yesterday. 
They kept the other peers I had, but I am over 60, have a graduate degree, have over 25 years of experience
and understand business, unlike my former superiors, who just turned 30 and barely finished high school.

Anyway, I hope I can find something soon, then maybe I can send you
something as a celebration of a new career beginning.

Please keep swingin' the hammer!

Bluedeer, sorry to hear about that.
I'll look forward to your next donation because
that means you will have found another job.

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What is today's Mystery Car?

Subject: Last issue's Mystery Car   Link

Bart, that's is a....

Subject: Issue 2900 Mystery Car   Link

Bart, that's is a 1937 L37 Oldsmobile.
  Michael in Denver

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Harry Potter or Star Wars?

Pussy Riot Denied Bail
Russin punkers mocked Putin in public


A Russian court yesterday ruled that three members of the feminist punk rock collective known as Pussy Riot
will remain in jail, a crushing end to a day of rumors, reportedly out of the Kremlin, that Nadezhda Tolokonnikova,
Maria Alyokhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich would be released on bail.

The three activists were arrested in March after allegedly staging a flash mob-style protest at Moscow’s Cathedral
of Christ the Savior on Feb. 21.  Russian authorities say they walked up to the altar and launched into an impromptu
performance of their anti-Putin, anti-church “punk prayer.”

A few days later, Pussy Riot was charged with “hooliganism.”
If convicted, they face up to seven years in prison.

Just seven years for mocking the dictator?

In America you can get twenty years for distributing legal herbs.

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Subject: Nancy Grace

Good fucking invisible man!

The vile Oxygen Thief Nancy Grace has done it again;

How can this bitch keep it up? 

She should do the world a favor and die a slow painful lingering death
on live webcam to raise money for all the people she exploited.

Nancy Grace doesn't care if some woman douses herself wish gasoline and lights a match.
What matters is ratings, not the lives of the tortured white trash that Nancy exploits.

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Will Bible Thumpers really vote for
a guy who thinks God lives on Kolob?

Sarah Palin Nude


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Subject: Argentine Court

Bart, you published:

“An Argentine court has convicted two of the nation’s former right-wing dictators, Jorge Rafael Videla
and Reynaldo Bignone, in a scheme to murder leftist mothers and give their infants to military personnel
often complicit in the killings, a shocking process known to the Reagan administration even as it worked
closely with the bloody regime….”

That sounds like a ‘reverse abortion’ or something, doesn’t it?
 Eddy a pillar

 Yet the GOP considers Reagan a saint.

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Obama's Mess: Medical pot in Montana


"I might get 20 years in federal prison because Obama
  has a problem with the legal pot laws in



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Today's Mystery Celebrity photo 


  Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, yesterday's Mystery Celebrity?    

I believe this is Eliza Dushku whom my daughter used to watch on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
and whom I saw in True Lies. She is finishing a triathlon in that photo.
  John from Charlotte

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Wildlife Close-up     


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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

  Last Issue's Mystery City 

Bart, that's Great American Ball Park and downtown buildings in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  Mike in Shoreline, WA

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This is what they mean when they say..


"We want our country back."

No wonder our Black president drives them crazy.

Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery 

Oh my God, Bart, that would have been on helluva jam session!
From left to right:   Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins on guitar, Elvis at the piano, and Johnny Cash!

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Just because you say "Niggers can't love their country,"
why would anyone think you're a Teabagging racist?

Subject: donation

Bart, I sent you a few bucks today via PayPal.
I have many bookmarked sites that I read each day but yours, by far,
is my favorite of the lot.  I look forward to each and every new issue.

Mike, thanks for that.

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'Nashville' star  Hayden Panettiere

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