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Wednesday,  Sept 5,  2012    Vol 2932 - Quack pack

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Michelle Creates Online Sensation
DemoCon Night One Best Tweets
Romney was in a Coma
Arrow Don't Screw with Jerry Brown
Arrow Need a Graphics Expert?
Arrow A Big Night in Tulsa
Arrow Busy actress - Kristen Bell


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"Isn't it ironic that the guy who sticks his millions in foreign tax havens
  says the President's views are "extremely foreign?"
      --  Obama's Dax, in a Tweet

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Michelle Creates Online Sensation
Like Clint, but in a non-comedic way


David Gergen called the first night of DemoCon 2012 “a great night” for the Democrats.
Michelle’s headlining speech has been roundly praised and immediately sparked an explosion of activity on social media.
Twitter reports that Michelle's buzz nearly doubled Romney's hate speech last week:
(@MichelleObama's speech peaked at 28,003 Tweets per minute (TPM) - nearly double Romney’s 14,289 peak.
One line in her speech this evening — “we’ve got so much more to do” — saw 22,004 TPM.

Michelle's speech was as good a speech as I've seen.

Tonight, hopefully the Big Dog will top that and hopefully
Obama will give the best speech any of us ever heard Thursday night.

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DemoCon Night One's Best Tweets

Here's some of the best Tweets.

In America we celebrate success -- unless a Democrat gets Osama bin Laden  - LOLGOP

 Mrs Obama. She inspires effortlessly. She's got arms that are intimidating world leaders right now.
 I hope she rips off her hulkamania shirt - Chris Rock

I'll wager our First Lady won't insult everyone else's marriage
by saying hers is "real," like Bishop Romney's wife did  - Bob Kinkaid
- great post, Bob

I almost forgive the First Lady for not having a twin to introduce her.

I can't help but think how much better a person Michelle Obama would be
if she owned a prancing horse.    - Rude Pundit

ha ha

FLOTUS was never going to directly attack Mitt -- but her speech
is a point by point takedown of All Things Romney.   Alex Wagner

Smart and easy on the eyes.

Ann Romney is throwing dishes at the TV right now and screaming - Chris Rock 

ha ha

Are you, the reader, following people like Chris Rock on Twitter?
It's great, it's semi-like watching the convention with Chris Rock and Cher and Joe Conason
and LOLGOP and Roseanne and Bill Maher and Paul Begala sitting on the barstool next to you.

"We were so young, so in love, and so in debt" - Michelle Obama  Quoted by Mia Farrow

Great point - she's saying her and Barack didn't get a $10M start-up gift from Daddy
but she's saying it in a way that nobody can call her an evil, spiteful bitch about it.

Of course they will, but that's just cause they hate "those people."


ha ha

Something that I didn't see in Tampa -- wait staff cheering
for convention speaker... Michelle    by Glenn Thrush

At the #RNC gays were demonized;
at the #DNC marriage equality is an APPLAUSE LINE.   - ADuralde

This woman, and this speech are heat-seeking missiles
to the heart of the American middle class.   - Begala

Wow. I love her.   - actress Alyssa Milano

Mrs Obama is inspiring so effortlessly. Throwing middle fingers in the air
to the Romney's. All with style & grace. This is EPIC.     Chris Rock

"Michelle’s speech, more than anything, is a direct repudiation
of the entire Romney narrative."   MSNBC's Ezra Klein

There are people in our America who are at home SEETHING over this speech.
And they think they're the majority.   KagroX

Wow! After that speech, look out Hillary - Michelle may beat ya to the white house  - Maher

#AreYouBetterOff FUCK YES!!! Why? 112th: WORST CONGRESS EVER!  - Tally Briggs

Wow. @MichelleObama Just Wow. Thank you. Wow. #DNC2012  - Pauley Perrette  "Abby" on NCIS

Michelle WAY more intelligent than Ann Romney, way more Everything - Symbolman

Wow!   - Paul Begala

Big Dog TONIGHT, right in the middle of the New York Giants and
Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning whooping some Candy Cowboy butt!


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From my good friend Mihai Matei in Romania

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Romney was in a Coma
Drugs or too-tight Magic Underpants?


Romney tells the story of going around a curve and being struck at full speed by a Catholic priest
named Albert Marie. Romney claimed Albert Marie was drunk but this has never been verified.

Conversely it was not been verified if Romney was under the influence at the time of the accident,
because he was unconscious and in a coma. The first police officer to arrive wrote, “he is dead” in
Romney’s passport. There is no record if a sobriety test was issued after Romney regained
consciousness who escaped the crash with a broken arm and lacerations to the face.
Six people were in the car that day. Suzanne Farel, Bertin Farel, David Wood, Mitt Romney,
Duane Anderson and the fatality, Duane’s wife, Leola Anderson.
Duane Anderson and Bertin Farel have since passed away, leaving only three people who actually
know what took place. Did Mitt Romney cause the accident, or was he struck head on?
Did his actions cause the death of a beloved wife, or was she the unfortunate victim of a drunk driver?

Remember when Cheney was drunk and shot that guy in the face?

The Secret Service keep Chenmey away from law enforcement for 10 hours,
allegedly so Cheney could sober up and not be charged with a alcohol/gun felony.

Maybe Willard needed those ten hours for the same reason Cheney did?

  Send e-mail to Bart

  Subject: l've lost weight since then

      Beowulf and retired top toonist Bruce Yurgil

Wierd seeing my picture all of a sudden.

I'm worse off than when I last wrote. I'm actuallly homeless now.
I still have a job, but it doesn't pay a living wage. I couldn't afford rent at my last place,
and I am having major difficulties finding an inexpensive pad in CA.
I couldn't even land a room in a trailer home.

It may not be much to Mitt, but my best year was the $40,000 I made during Clinton's
last year in office. I lost my job and 401K when Bush took over and have been struggling ever since.
And I'm not the only one I see sleeping in their cars.
The truly sad thing is, some of those people will vote for Rmoney.

Dude, I'm really sad to hear all that.
If you want, send me your location and I'll print it.
There's always a chance z reader has a apartment above the garage kind of thing in your area.

There are other Bartcop regulars that are living without homes, such as Michael Dare.

It doesn't seem possible that this is happening to real people but I know you're telling the truth.

I assume you need to stay within walking distance of your job, or maybe somebody
knows a place that's hiring that could use a master of graphics and photo manipulation.

Write back with your info - you have nothing to lose.

Need a graphics expert on your staff?

Click  Here to see the first page of the Bruce Yurgil Graphics Contest.

This ran as a daily feature back in 2007 so you'll have to manually change the page numbers.

This is the first link, just change the round-01.htm to round-02.htm

After you get to round-42.htm   it switches to  round-finals-01.htm  up to round-finals-20.htm

Maybe we can get Bruce hired somewhere.
Hell, he can do graphics via the net so anyone can hire Bruce.

Maybe a Hong Kong web site needs a great graphics designer?

  Send e-mail to Bart

We're on Twitter and Facebook
If you follow 'Bartcop' on Twitter/Facebook
you'll know when each new issue goes up.

I could live there...

 Subject: Are we better off than when Obama took office?

 Romney raised the issue in his speech if we are better off than when Obama took office.
 YEAH! Are you kidding me? Of course we are!

 When Obama took office America was lying in the street dying from a near fatal wound
 from the last Republican president. The banking system collapsed. We were losing 750,000 jobs a month.
 Housing collapsed. Construction stopped. The auto industry was in a death spiral. America was in a state
 of complete panic. Our nation was dying under Bush.

 Granted it would be nice if things were better but we're still here. If we had elected yet another Republican
 president there wouldn't be an America today. I don't think Romney thought that question through because
 if we remember how things were the day Obama took office there's no way we're going back there again.
 Why would Romney bring that up?
   Marc Perkel

 Next time the media wants to "stump" a democrat with a "trick" question,
 I wish they would contract Marc Perkel or Ol' Bartcop - we'll HAVE answers for you.

It's so stupid...

Wind and solar are FREE once you pay for the equipment.

Why isn't America switching to FREE energy?

Why aren't we switching to energy that can't spill or pollute?

Because the super-rich like the profits they're making so we
bend over and beg to buy another gallon of poisonous oil,
(not to mention the soldiers we sacrifice for BIG OIL.)

Maybe Obama's second term?

Don't Screw with Jerry Brown
Chris Christie learned the hard way


Three days after Chris Christie needlessly called Jerry Brown an "old retread," at Nazi-Con 2012,
Brown fired back on Thursday, challenging Christie to a physical fitness contest.

"There's nothing wrong with being a little retread," the 74-year-old, third-term governor said in Los Angeles.
"Not as much hair, I'm slowed down a little bit. But I have to tell you, I ran three miles in 29 minutes two nights ago
… and I hereby challenge Gov. Christie to a three-mile race, a push-up contest and a chin-up contest.

And whatever he wants to bet, I have no doubt of the outcome."

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Republican Values

Let me get this straight ... The party of "family values" which is against "marriage equality"
let a serial sperm spreader address their national CONvention ... Clint Eastwood! 

Seven kids by five different women only two of which he legally married. 
Wow!  They just can't stink it up any better!
 Obama Mama

Clint is like former Dallas Cowboy Terrell Owens when it comes to kids. (not a compliment)

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Jordan the Tech is super-polite and he really know his stuff.
Watch Jordan work on your computer.

  Take a look because it will soon be gone...

Funny, before Nazi-Con 2012 all the pundits said,
"If the GOP tees off on Obama, they'll look terrible and they'll lose."

They did it anyway.
Their hatred of Blacks trumps everything - even winning.

A Big Night in Tulsa

'Your neighbors are planning a watch party, where you can tune in to the big night and
 be part of the discussion about the next steps for getting out the vote in your hometown.

RSVP now for the convention watch party in Tulsa on Thursday, September 6th.

What: Convention watch party in Tulsa

Where: 4122 S Garnett Rd E
Tulsa, OK 74146

When: Thursday, September 6th  7:30 pm

Until Thursday,

I looked it up - that location is a McDonalds Restaurant.

Is that the best place for Democrats to hold a gathering - in the open like that?
Remember, in Oklahoma they tend to settle political disputes with ropes or ammonium nitrate.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like the Wild West here in K-Drag, Oklahoma.
I mean, it's not like the gay bars are fire-bombed weekly or anything.

And just because you see a lot of "Save America, Hang a Liberal"
bumper stickers
doesn't mean they'll necessarily act on that ...unless they've been drinking or something.

Why McDonalds?

Maybe they figure fast-food-loving Okies wouldn't firebomb their Holy Temple of Mecca?

  Send e-mail to Bart

Today's Mystery Car photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Hi Bart,
You mystery car in the TeaAnderthal like caricature of Obama
is a Holden Efijy Concept.  Holden is a GM brand in Australia.

Are you joking? I saw a red and white 1955 or 1956 Ford Fairlane
 Jon, Ohio

We had some sort of inadvertent photo placement.
In the publishing game it's called "a fuck up."

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Medical pot Mess in Montana

Subject: My sentencing

Bart, my sentencing is Thursday.    It will be interesting.
The feds are planning to put some DEA folks on the stand to smear me on
the basis of weapons they found at the greenhouse long after i disassociated.

Tom, you're getting a royal screwing for no reason.
It woud've hurt them to send you a warning like they often do in California?
I wish our president would allow some logic into his pot position.

We'll be thinking about you with our fingers crossed.


"I might get 20 years in federal prison because 'the Feds'
  have a problem with the legal pot laws in



Send e-mail to Bart

The GOP's War on women and non-whites

  The GOP and the Crooked Court - tight as thieves?

We're fighting the anti-progress GOP - can you help?

Support  the way the racists supported Chick-fil-A

You could
PayPal something to

Click to Subscribe or Donate
or you could send a "love" check to
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

We accept credit cards
Thank you

Best   Amazon   link


Today's Mystery Celebrity photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Nobody got Miley Cyrus.

She's a young singer, had a TV show "Hanna Montana" a while back...


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Don't Look Down

Today's Wildlife Photo...     


Can you ID today's Wildlife?

  Send e-mail to Bart

Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's mystery city    

Send e-mail to Bart

The Teabaggers don't mind - Reagan was white.

Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery    Link 

Bart, that's Bert Parks!
He emceed the Miss America 'pageant' for decades; 

They had to drag him off kicking and screaming. 

My birthday was always celebrated on the second Saturday of September, which was
usually the date when they ran the Miss America pageant so they're entwined in my head.

We had the party on Saturday so our super-friendly Uncle Al could be there.

Back thern, I sssume, most homes watched Miss America and by the end,
Uncle Al would be funny tipsy on beer and he f-ing HATED Bert Parks.

So every year about 9:55 PM, Parks would start singing "There she is..."
and Uncle Al would start howling like a wolf barking at the Moon to drown out Parks.


To this day, that still cracks me up...

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: donations

Thanks to Beth in Austin. is my best bet to staying on the InnerNets.

if you shop with them, you might even save some money.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  
As my buddy Ray Coleman used to say, "Never quit!!"

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It never hurts to check prices.

Busy actress - Kristen Bell
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