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Wednesday,  Oct 17,  2012    Vol 2956 - Celebration Day

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Aggressive Obama shows Up
Romney's "Binders full of women"
Why women might vote Republican
Arrow Dinesh D'Souza in Sex Scandal
Arrow Kennebunk Prostitute Client List
Arrow Cuba Relaxes Travel Restrictions
Arrow Married Hockeyboy - Hilary Duff


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"I'm standing by my prediction that Republicans will end up being
  extremely embarrassed by that one week they loved Mitt Romney."
       --  @LOLGOP

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Aggressive Obama shows Up
Trades barbs with Romney, targets wealth issues

A much more aggressive Obama showed up to the second debate Tuesday,
which at times devolved into angry crosstalk with Republican rival Mitt Romney.

Obama was under pressure to perform dramatically better at this debate than the one
held two weeks ago. Romney's steroid-ish aggression at that first debate quickly boosted
him in the polls, with some recent measures showing a virtual tie because voters are morons.

Romney kept up his attacking Obama on his jobs record, failure to pass immigration reform,
policies in the Middle East, and other issues. But this time, instead of simply repeating portions
of his stump speech, Obama was ready with specific retorts and counter-attacks. Obama
frequently accused Romney of twisting facts, occasionally interrupting him as he spoke.

It was good, but was it good enough?

Or will women decide Romney-Ryan (gag me) are their champions?

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Romney's "Binders full of women"
Mitt has no idea what's coming out of his mouth


Did Mitt Romney really request that as governor of Massachusetts,
he be brought "whole binders full of women?"
It was his response to a question – on gender pay inequality - which turned heads
and started fingers tapping on keyboards. Before the debate was over, there was a
Twitter hashtag, a blog, a series of memes, and a Facebook page with over 100,000 fans.
The phrase was the third-fastest rising search on Google during the debate.


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Subject: Does Substance count?

Two weeks ago the press beat up on Obama saying he lost the debate.
However it seems that Obama did nothing wrong except allow Romney to lie unchallenged.

Obama's positions were sound ideas and it wasn't like there were any gaffes.
Romney won on style but it's easy to do that if you can say anything you want
regardless as to if it's true or not or if you are contradicting yourself or not.

When they score last night's debate, will honesty and substance count for something?
 Marc Perkal

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Great daily resource for '08 -'12 election parallels.
See more at

Don't Look Down


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Why women might vote Republican
by Laura Vanderkam


As polls showed the race tightening among women, Obama made sure to play up Romney-Ryan on abortion.
The goal?  To portray Romney as a hard-right type who would "appoint justices that would overturn Roe v. Wade."
The Democrats assume this is a losing issue for Republicans among women.

Indeed, after Rep. Todd Akin made his comments about "legitimate rape" Madeline Albright announced,
"I can't understand why any woman would want to vote for Mitt Romney..."

Women lean Democrat. Obama won 56% of the female vote in 2008. But poke a little deeper into the belief
that no intelligent woman would vote Republican because of the party's stand on abortion, and you start to see
the same sexism that informs the Neanderthal wing of the GOP -- namely, that there's nothing more to women
than their reproductive capacity. It's a sad belief, really, coming from either side.

Strongly disagree.
I don't know this Laura Vanderkan, but I'll bet she's voting for Romney.

Maybe Laura Vanderkam wouldn't mind being forced to have her rapist's baby,
but I can't imagine any woman knowingly signing up for that kind of atrocity.

And what woman wants a panel of Todd Akin, Paul Ryan and Jim Inhofe
holding a meeting to decide if her rape was "Legit" or not?

Despite decades of heated rhetoric on abortion, the percent of Americans
calling themselves pro-life or pro-choice is pretty close to identical.  

There's a HUGE difference between "being pro-life" and
agreeing with those wild jackals who hijacked the GOP.

In a 2009 Gallup poll, women were more likely to call themselves pro-life than pro-choice.


One poll?
By that one company? 
That one time - three years ago?

Did you graduate from the Limbaugh Institute of Fairness?

This is not necessarily the losing issue for the GOP that pundits make it out to be.

Hey, you like restricting women's rights?
If you think that's a winner, I say go for it.

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Dinesh D'Souza in Hot Sex Scandal
He's the Michael Moore of the Right - but he lies

Dinesh D’Souza, the conservative handjob who has been on the Religious Right media circuit
pushing his anti-Obama “documentary,” as he is apparently seeing a woman who is not his wife.

The evangelical WORLD Magazine reports that D’Souza has been introducing his fellow right-wing
activists “a young woman, Denise Odie Joseph II” as his fiancée, even sharing a room with her.
He told WORLD editor Warren Cole Smith that he had filed for divorce from his wife, Dixie,
but according to court records he only filed the day Smith spoke to him and “under California law,
that starts the clock on a six-month waiting period for divorce.”
D’Souza styles himself as a fierce defender of marriage against gays and lesbians and it appears
that Odie Joseph II also has strong views on marriage, cohabitation and divorce. She rails against
feminists and “RINO men” for ruining marriage and traditional morality. “Feminists/liberals who
intended to destroy the traditional family” she explains, adding that today’s state of the family proves
that “the 19th Amendment was never the best idea ever.” She blames feminist academics for increases
in adultery, failed marriages and cohabitation, and even goes on to say that America’s children
“are going the way of black ghetto society” thanks to feminists and Ke$ha.

So, gays and lesbians forced these two to copulate outside their marriages?

We need to get rid of the "gay menace" for causing so much marital destruction.

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Marty always has good stuff.

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Kennebunk Prostitite's Client List
Kneel Bush was a regular, bet on that


Police have been investigating reports that the local Zumba instructor was using her exercise studio
for more than fitness training. Police say, she was running a brothel with up to 150 clients and
secretly videotaping them as they engaged in intimate acts.

Now, the police have started releasing the names of her clients. This has set the town buzzing because
the list is rumored to be replete with the names of prominent people. (One suspect as a former mayor of
South Portland.) The first 21 people, whose names were released Monday, are to appear in court on Dec. 5.

The release of the names has stirred chatter about who was on the list. It has also prompted debate over
whether the names should be released. And it no doubt has led to less academic discussions behind the
closed doors of many homes across this region.

I wonder how many Republicans were on her list - probably with a (D for "Diaper") next to their name?

"Ain't nothing wrong with a little diaper play..."

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Today's Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that looks like a 1971 Ford Pinto to me. Boom!
  Dee in NJ

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"How sick was international cycling? All but one of the 21 top-three Tour de France
  finishers from 1999 to 2005 were tainted by doping, the USADA reports."
       --  Brent Schrotenboer, USA Today     Link

  What was your "anti-doping agency" doing in those seven long years
  when 20 of 21 champions were winning because they were doped?

  Are you supposed to be some "credible" agency that detects illegal doping?
   I have an idea - why not have the winners pee in a cup right after the race?
   Oh, they did that and your super-duper dope detectors couldn't detect anything?

  So what's the problem now?
  That everyone in cycling who isn't Lance Armstong wants him brought down?

   I saw the head USADA guy on CBS News and Scott Pelley asked him,
  "What's the smoking gun that proves Amstrong is guilty?" and he replied:

 "The totality of the evidence as a whole proved to us that he was guilty."
   Gee, that sounds like Gil Garcetti's "mountain of evidence" at the 1995 O.J. trial.
   They say Amstrong is so guilty, he made everyone else on his team do dope, too.
   Damn, so chacracter comes in TEAMS now?

   Every Armstrong accuser is an admitted dope fiend?
   And they're pointing their fingers at never-failed-a-test Lance?

   That sounds fair...
   Why have a drug test if passing it doesn't prove you're clean?
   Why f-ing bother?
   Seems to me, the first rider to cross the finish line wins.
   He passed every drug test they gave him, and now, all these years later,
   they demand that Armstrong prove his urine was clean back in 1999?

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 Subject: I now can die a happy man

Did I really hear that?

Mitt just said that trickle down economics don't work?! Never worked?!
I'm thinking St. Ronny is spinning faster than Elvis when Lisa married Michael.
  Dave, Cincinnati

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Sirius XM 

Midnight - 3 AM

Is this what set Charlie of in Feb of 2011?

Cuba Relaxes Travel Restrictions
Cubans now free to travel on non-doors


Cuban announced Tuesday that it will eliminate a half-century-old restriction that requires citizens
to get an exit visa to leave the country.  The decree that takes effect Jan. 14 will eliminate a much-loathed
bureaucratic procedure that has kept many Cubans from traveling or moving abroad.

"These measures are truly substantial and profound," said Col. Lamberto Fraga, a Cuban guy.
"What we are doing is not just cosmetic."

Under the new measure, Cubans will only have to show their passport and a visa
from the country they are traveling to.

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Know your Supermodels


 Subject: Last issue's supermodel     Link

Bart, the former model with Tom Brady's kid is Bridget Moynahan, lately of CBS's Blue Bloods.

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Today's Wildlife Photo



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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that's the lovely Claudia Cardinale on the set of the movie "The Professionals". 
  - Tom C

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Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

At last I know one--the Golden Driller, Tulsa OK
  Eddy the pillar


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Too bad Obama's not running THAT ad
instead of those idiotic Big Bird ads.

What is today's History Mystery?


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart- It was November 13th, 1975 and Bob Dylan was in New Haven, CT
on his Rolling Thunder Revue tour. Bruce Springsteen came backstage to meet
the man he would later refer to as “the brother I never had” when he inducted
Dylan into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Married to Hockeyboy - Hilary Duff

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