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Wednesday,  Oct 31,  2012    Vol 2964 - Shunted

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow After the Storm - Now What?
Thurston Avoids FEMA Questions
Why is Mitt Lying about Jeeps?
Arrow A Liar in the White House?
Arrow Christie: I Love that Obama
Arrow Gore: GW made Sandy worse
Arrow Country Darlin' Taylor Swift




Every issue is written on the template of the previous issue.
Once in a while an issue gets written over - shit happens.

So I reconstructed this issue with the pieces of what was left/


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Thurston Avoids FEMA Questions
He wants to kill what everyone needs most


Romney repeatedly ignored questions about his position on killing FEMA at an event for storm victims.

After speaking briefly, Romney pretending like he was helping by loading up a truck with supplies,
canned goods and other donated items.

“Governor, are you going to see some storm damage?” one reporter asked.

Several others again asked Romney whether he would eliminate FEMA.

“Governor, you’ve been asked 14 times. Why are you refusing to answer the question?” one asked.

Romney ignored the reporters’ queries and continued loading up the truck.
Earlier, during the event, he ignored similar queries.

Maybe this is why Thurston can't do talk shows.

Dave would press him on that and the crowd might boo him if he refused to answer.

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After the Storm - Now What?
by Jerry & Bill


The political world rapidly returned to normal Tuesday in the wake of Hurricane Sandy,
as fears began to subside that the devastating storm would adversely affect the election.

Both candidates paid their respects to storm victims, but that just allowed each campaign
to accuse the other of politicizing the storm. As the cleanup began on Tuesday, it became
clear that whatever impact the storm has on the election will likely be at the margins.

But Johnnie McLean, NC deputy elections administrator, said no postponing the election.
“The only discussion has come from reporters asking similar questions,” McLean said.

Maybe the surest sign that the storm caution was over came in Pennsylvania, where Romney
began buying airtime in a state that until very recently seemed very solidly Obama. The Romney
campaign said that usually-blue Pennsylvania represented a “unique opportunity” for the liar.

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Subject: "You didn't build that."

OK, time for everyone who willfully distorted the president's, "You didn't build that" comment
to show us what they are made of by refusing any and all assistance from FEMA or any other
state or local government facilitated entity during the course of the massive clean up and rebuilding
effort which is about to take place. Show us what you got.

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Why is Mitt Lying about Jeeps?
Can Romney lie his way into power?


Here’s what Romney said last Thursday in Ohio: “I saw a story today that Jeep, now owned
by the Italians, is thinking of moving all production to China. I will fight for every good job
in America, I’m going to fight to make sure trade is fair.”

This was completely wrong. Bloomberg News had reported that Fiat, the majority owner of Chrysler,
was planning to once again start building Jeeps in China, after production had been on hold since 2009.

The article made clear that Chrysler was was “adding Jeep production sites rather than shifting output
from North America to China,” but some blogs misinterpreted the article and reported: “Jeep, the rugged
brand Obama once said symbolized American freedom, is considering giving up on the United States and
shifting production to China.”

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A Liar in the White House?
That's what we'll get if Romney Wins
 by Robert Reich


Recall Romney's assertion that he is not planning to give the rich a tax cut of almost $5 trillion,
when in fact that's exactly what his budget plan does? Or that his budget will reduce the long-term
budget deficit, when in fact his numbers don't add up?
And so on. "We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers," says Neil Newhouse,
a Romney pollster. It is not even being dictated by facts.
There are two lessons here. First, lies financed by deep pockets are hard to refute, but they must be refuted.
Otherwise, there is no accountability in our democracy. So far, the American media have not adequately
refuted Romney's lies. They seem to believe that dissembling is permissible, or that pointing out this
extraordinary lying machine is itself an act of partisanship.
Second, anyone who tells or countenances such lies cannot be trusted to hold the highest office in our land,
because he has no compunctions about feeding false information to the public. In recent memory we've had
a president who told us there were "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq, when in fact there were none.

We dare not risk another George W. Bush.


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Christie: I Love that Obama
Why does he sound like a Democrat?


That Chris Christie is providing a serious political assist to President Obama less than
a week before the election is indisputable. The question is why he’s doing it.

Christie, who was the keynote speaker at Nazi-Con 2012 and has been one of Romney’s
top lap dogs, will survey the post-Sandy wreckage in New Jersey with the president today.
This comes after Christie went out of his way to praise Obama at the height of the storm
and after Christie angrily shot down a Fox News host’s query about whether Romney
might tour New Jersey with him too.

“I have a job to do,” he said. “If you think right now I give a damn
about presidential politics, then you don’t know me.”

Needless to say, this is all music to the ears of Democrats.

Maybe he thinks Obama's going to win and there's no reason to kiss Romney's ass
and by pretending he's non-partisan he just might look like the "bigger man."
Pun intended.

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 Subject: Responsibility

Suppose we elect Mitt Romney for president and we found out he was lying.
But - we all knew he was lying when he ran for president, so if he's lying to us
 - isn't he just keeping his campaign promise?

Maybe we want to be lied to?
Maybe we can't handle the truth?

But as a Realist I have to say that we might end up
regretting choosing someone who we know isn't being honest.

Maybe it's time for us as a country to come together and start making good choices.
 Marc Perkel

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Gore: Climate made Sandy worse
The right is mocking him for being right

The images of Sandy’s flooding brought back memories of Nashville just two years ago.
There, unprecedented rainfall caused widespread flooding, wreaking havoc and submerging
sections of my hometown. For me, the Nashville flood was a milestone. For many, Sandy may
prove to be a similar event: a time when the climate crisis—which is often sequestered to the
far reaches of our everyday awareness became a reality.
While the storm that drenched Nashville was not a tropical cyclone like Hurricane Sandy,
both storms were strengthened by the climate crisis. Scientists tell us that by continually dumping
90 million tons of global warming pollution into the atmosphere every single day, we are altering
the environment in which all storms develop. As the oceans and atmosphere continue to warm,
storms are becoming more energetic and powerful. Hurricane Sandy, and the Nashville flood,
were reminders of just that. Other climate-related catastrophes around the world have carried
the same message to hundreds of millions.

Of course, the Right can't stop laughing at Gore's "madness."
No amount of proof will get them to accept science.

But with Sandy's damage estimated at $20 billion dollars,
I wonder if the insurance companies are laughing?

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