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Election Day,  Nov 6,  2012    Vol 2967 - Dumbfuckery

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow GOP to Military: 'Drop Dead'
Screw the Electoral College
Why Liberals Can't Learn
Arrow Wake the fuck up, people
Arrow Reader Feedback and Mailbag
Arrow Trusting Nate Silver
Arrow Lingerie Model Alina Vacariu


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"Where will I be this time tomorrow?"
  Jump in joy or sinking in sorrow?"
-- Freddie Mercury, Doing Alright, Queen I, one of the hardest-rocking albums of all time

  So, today we find out - probably.  Are we finally rid of that f-ing liar Romney or will he be a
  constant Teabagging presence in our living rooms 2-3 times a day for the next 1461 days?

  In Oklahoma, they close the liquor stores while the polls are open.

  The one day when we need them the most...

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GOP to Military: 'Drop Dead'
GOP vetoed C.O.L.A. for war veterans


The chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee complained Thursday that an unnamed
Republican senator blocked a bill last week to provide veterans with an annual cost-of-living adjustment,
a maneuver that could delay payments for recipients.

Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) brought the bill to the floor Sept. 21. The bill was cleared by Democrats
but was held up by a Republican. The Senate subsequently recessed without passing the bill.

If there's one asshole in Washington that can't agree with the other 545 members of congress,
you can make good money betting that it's an Oklahoma dick, Tom Coburn or Jim Inhofe.

"Hi, we're the Oklahoma dicks!"

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Subject: Electoral College vs popular vote


I disagree that it would be better for Obama to win both. The Rethugs will whine and cry no matter what.
Besides, I want them super-pissed off, so mad they'd push for a constitutional amendment getting rid of
the E.C. and making the Presidency an office decided by the popular vote. The only way that happens
if if they get burned by the E.C. system.

Just like after FDR's 4th victory, when they couldn't wait to modify the constitution to limit it to two terms,
if they lose in the EC but win the popular, they will demand the latter determines the presidency. Then, at last,
we can end the ridiculousness of 3 or 4 states determining the election. No more kowtowing to a few Midwest
states and Florida.

The candidates will have to please CA, NY and other big states. Yes, TX too, and that is a risk, but it's worth it
to have the president be determined by all the people. Campaigns for national office should be conducted nationally.
The President is President of every US citizen. It's time they started campaigning and acting like it.
 Ed in Irving, TX

I agree.
I'm real tired of Bumphuk and Bugtussle and Hootersville picking our leaders every election.
If they went by popular vote they'd have to campaign in big cities, too.

Subject: good luck to America

Hey Bart -
 Good luck to America and us in the elecion.
Nate Silver at the 538 blog says we're a lock. I believe him.
We love you,
 Brad/Cindy in Ann Arbor.

Let's all hope Nate is right.

Hell, I'm half-way considering prayer  :)

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Trusting Nate Silver
He says mathmatically, Obama has it locked up


America is filled with people who think its okay to lie to advance the cause of a candidate. Let's call them shills.
For other people, their work is so shaped by what would advance a candidate that it's often indistinguishable from
the shills. We'll call them hacks. In a better world, journalists would be sworn enemies of shills and hacks, and the
best are. Unfortunately, America's lying whore press consists mostly of shills and hacks.

There are shills and hacks in the polling business too. You'd think that all pollsters would have an incentive to be
as accurate as possible. But telling partisans what they want to hear, or telling undecided voters what partisans
want them to hear, can be lucrative -- it is widely believed in politics that if enough people say something will
happen, there is a better chance of it happening.

What does this have to do with Nate Silver?

He says Obama has about a 75 percent probability of winning.

I'm predicting 281 for Obama.

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 Subject: I don't HAVE to vote for any godammed body or thing

Except for what I think is the best for the country and who represents my values and interests,
and that's going to be Jill Stein. And if Obama's legitimacy is called into question, that NOT my fault,
it's the fault of the lying, murdering, hypocritical, money-fellating sack of crap he sees in the mirror.

And if you say my vote for Stein is a vote for Romney, I'll come right back and say blow me.
That being said, I'll always love you and I'll keep sending you money when I can.

We all gotta do what we gotta do,and fortunately we're still (for now) free to vote for whom we want to win.

I can't convince Democrats that Sol is hot.

 Subject: Liberals Incapable of Learning

Hey Bart -
I am extremely disappointed in Obama. Jailing pot smokers. Drones. Still no Habeas Corpus. And on and on.
But I'd have to be an idiot not to recognize that perhaps as many as three Supreme Court justices will retire.
And I'm married to a woman and have many friends who are women.
The GOP is trying to disenfranchise women even to the point of redifining rape.

I have friends and relatives who are gay. The GOP wants them to wear their purple triangles.
And the GOP policies are turning the middle class into the poor class while doing their best to criminalize being poor.
And Mitt Romney is one of the guilty corporateers who is destroying and shipping jobs overseas.
So, I am taking a deep breath, holding my nose and voting for Obama and voting against all Republicans and their pet issues.
It is not only the correct thing to do, but a matter of survival as well.
  Mick from Darkest Arizona

 Subject: re: voting third party

Good luck to all of us for four more years of hope, starting tomorrow.
Who knows? Maybe with a second term assured, President Obama will
even feel safe enough to stop hassling medical marijuana growers and patients.
One can always dream.
 Swing away,

Maybe Obama will even feel safe enough to stop hassling dollar poker games online..

 Subject: voting

Bart, I don't think Obama is the lesser of two evils, I think he's the non-evil.

I agree.
If he had a little evil in him, he would've fought for us, instead of always
asking Bitch & Boner what they'd accept before surrendering to them.

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  Subject: Florida voting

Happy General Election Bart.

My husband and I made the polls today and voted.  We got behind a Republican voting couple. 
Why do I know this?  Because he had a Romney T-Shirt on.  Silly Republican, you can’t wear
or carry political signage into or around a polling area.  Silly Republican.

Our precinct got called into the building before Mr. Republican’s, so we got to
jump the LONG line (it’s raining today, so that was nice).

As I put my ballot through the reader (wondering to myself, does Tagg or Tig or Tigger
or Taglot, the son of Romney, own this one?) I told the Poll Worker that a guy was outside
wearing a Political T-Shirt promoting a candidate.

Which caused Mr. and Mrs. Republican to have to go home, get Mr. Republican
a new shirt and then come back to the end of the line to wait to vote.

 ha ha
I believe Voter Fraud starts with the wardrobe.  And I’m a woman. 
So ya, you fuck with my vajajay rights, I’ll fuck with your wardrobe.

As always Bart, it’s a pleasure.
K, a registered NON Party voter
(because republicans can’t target you if you’re stealth)

 Subject: expect them to steal it...

I can’t believe things are this close but there are plenty of people in this country who believe
every bit of nonsense pushed by Fox News. Also, polls might show the President ahead in
key states and on his way to a win but I’m not underestimating Republican efforts to make it
harder for non-Republicans to vote and then maybe screw with the vote counts.

Many Democrats expect Republicans to try to steal the election again. Republicans will never
accept an Obama win since they believe there is some sort of massive voter fraud going on;
mostly among poor blacks and mexicans of course. Our democracy is in pretty sorry shape.
  Bill in Utah

 Subject: I can't vote for Obama today...

...because I already voted for him yesterday!   Psych!
 Michael R

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Sarah Palin Nude


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Today's Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that's a 1940 Ford Coupe.
Looks like it has a little surprise under the hood.

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Subject:  Lindorff liberals - WAKE THE FUCK UP  (last issue)


I've been on the far left since college days back in the sixties. As you say,
we liberals can all complain about Obama not being perfect on every issue.

And there's plenty of room for criticism of several of his policies,

I would say to my ultra-liberal, oh-so-perfect, friends:
If you do anything, by word or deed, by omission or commission, that helps send
any Republican to Washington, you are part of the problem, and an enemy of the cause.
Please wake the fuck up.
 Dan L

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New Feature:
Spot the Impala


  Subject: spot the elephant        Link

Howdy Bartcop:

Ok, this is a critter I can see!
Thanks for a little humor when we're white-knuckling it!

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Midnight - 3 AM

Know your Supermodels


 Subject: Last issue's supermodel     Link

Bart those two beautiful women are Krissy and Niki Taylor. 
Krissy's death was a terrible tragedy - I remember it like it was yesterday.  :(

We followed Niki's progress as she came thru that body-disfiguring wreck in May of 2001.
It was kinda funny - when she finally woke from her two-week coma, she said, "I need a Coke,"
which is what Neil should've said when he toon his first moon steps :)

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Today's Wildlife Photo



I have no idea what this is - is it a rabbit or a cat or a falcon or something else?

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that’s Tina Louise – Ginger from Gilligan’s Island
keep hammerin’

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Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

What's the word? Johannesburg.
  mark with no last name  


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What is today's History Mystery?


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that there is Marlon Brando, in costume for the role
of Colonel Kurtz in Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now."
With a giant Philippine bee on his head.

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