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Weekend-Monday   Jan 25-28,  2013    Vol 3005 - Hungry Ghost

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow GOP outraged at Obama
In Defense of Zero Dark Thirty
Why I Hate Black People
Arrow Eldrick Wants his Wife Back
Arrow Priest in Handcuffs Calls 9-1-1
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Former C.S.I. - Emily Procter


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"Waiting for the first Republican to say that the Boy Scouts is opening
  the door to polygamous pachyderms by allowing gay Scouts."
    -- LOLGOP in a tweet

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GOP outraged at Obama
...for supporting Reagan/Bush gun laws


Republicans are in a fury as President Obama outlandishly lurches toward gun reforms
supported by Reagan and George H.W. Bush.
Rep. Trey Radel (R-FL) joined Steve Stockman (R-TX) as the second member of Congress
to suggest he might be willing to impeach the president for a series of executive orders he’s
issuing to fight gun violence.
“We have completely lost our checks and balances in this country, the Congress needs to
hold the president accountable for the decisions that he’s making right now,” Radel said,
“and that is why again, I would say that all options should be on the table.”
What kind of post-Sandy Hook power grab is President Obama engaged in?
His list of 23 executive orders includes radical actions such as, “Issue a Presidential Memorandum
to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system.”
He calls for guns recovered in criminal investigations to be tracked and even calls for Congress to
approve his nominee to head up the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

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Someone bought 
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Midnight - 3 AM

In Defense of Zero Dark Thirty
  by Michael Moore


There comes a point about two-thirds of the way through Zero Dark Thirty where it
is clear something, or someone, on high has changed. The mood at the CIA has shifted,
become subdued. It appears that the torture-approving guy who's been president for the
past eight years seems to be, well, gone. And, just as a fish rots from the head down,
the stench also seems to be gone. Word then comes down that - get this! - we can't
torture any more! The CIA agents seem a bit disgruntled and dumbfounded. I mean,
torture has worked soooo well these past eight years! Why can't we torture any more???
The answer is provided on a TV screen in the background where you see a black man
(who apparently is the new president) and he's saying, in plain English, that America's
torturing days are over, done, finished. There's an "aw, shit" look on their faces and then
some new boss comes into the meeting room, slams his fist on the table and says,
essentially, you've had eight years to find bin Laden - and all you've got to show for it
are a bunch of photos of naked Arab men peeing on themselves and wearing dog collars
and black hoods. Well, he shouts, those days are over! There's no secret group up on
the top floor looking for bin Laden, you're it, and goddammit do your job and find him.

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Subject: Filibuster reform fails - Democrats Fault

For the last 4 years the Democrats have had the majority in the Senate but have complained
because the Republicans have used the filibuster to block what the majority of Americans want.
Today for the third time Democrats had the opportunity to fix the filibuster and they failed to do so.
The Democrats who blocked reform are Max Baucus (MT), Patrick Leahy (VT), Dianne Feinstein (CA),
Barbara Boxer (CA), Joe Manchin (WV) and Mark Pryor (AR). I also blame Harry Reed and Obama
for failing to provide the leadership to make it happen.

I'm sure in a few days when the Republicans start filibustering everything again the Democrats will cry,
"we can't do anything because the Republicans are filibustering." That is a lie! When Democrats have
the chance to fix the problem and they don't it makes it their fault - the Democrats fault!

Just like the whole fiscal cliff deal, that was an artificial crisis created by Congress, this process is phony
and it just gives Democrats cover to let the Republicans ave their way while pretending to oppose issues
that they secretly support. I am particularly ashamed of my two senators from California, Barbara Boxer
and Diane Feinstein and on behalf of the sane people from California I apologize to the rest of America
for allowing such nonsense to continue.

And I say to the entire Senate - shame on you, shame on you, shame on you!
  Marc Perkel

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Why I Hate Black People
  by Der Vulger Pigboy


The vulgar Pigboy sought to equate the fight for African American civil rights with opposition
to gun safety on Friday, suggesting that the movement could have better protected itself from
segregationists had it been armed. Limbaugh specifically signaled out Rep. John Lewis (D-GA),
a civil rights activist who was beaten during the 1965 voting rights march from Selma to Montgomery.
"Try this," the Pigboy said on his hate show. "If a lot of African-Americans back in the '60s had guns
and the legal right to use them for self-defense, you think they would have needed Selma? I don't know.
I'm just asking. If (Rep) John Lewis, who says he was beat upside the head, if John Lewis had had a gun,
would he have been beat upside the head on the bridge?"

Good thinking, Rush.

Say some Black kids went to Woolworths in 1963 and sat down at the counter.
The waitress comes over and says, "Why are you here? You knw we don't serve niggers here,"
and then what, Rush? They get their guns and shoot the place up, maybe murder the waitress?

Sounds like a good way to advance civil rights, don't you think?

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Subject: trip to Alaska

Hey Bart,

Another reason to go in March is that the Halibut season opens the first week.
It's imperative to enjoy a fresh Halibut sandwich at the White Spot in Anchorage,
a small diner owned by a local native American.

We have a son that has lived there for 14 yrs, and we spent a week up there a few years ago.
Ate lunch at the White Spot 3 times. It was that special. Our son may be a good one to talk to,
but I'll have to follow up with that. He works near the White Spot at Title Wave, an indie used
book store, a cool place also.

Promise I'll send a stipend before you go, hope you and yours are doing well.

Slim, thanks for that.

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Priest in Handcuffs Calls 9-1-1
Nobody's kinky like the Catholics


A Catholic priest in Illinois has reportedly taken a leave of absence after he called 911 to seek help
getting out of a ball gag and a pair of handcuffs.

“I’m going to need help getting out before this becomes a medical emergency,” Rev. Tom Donovan
of Springfield's St. Aloysius church told a dispatcher during the call. The audio of the tape was posted
online this week.

I don't know about you, but whenever *I* gag and cuff myself,
I locate the key BEFORE I click the cuffs closed.

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Today's Sarah Palin Nude Photo


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Subject: art for auction, sale

Hi old buddy,
Belated congrats on arriving at 3000 postings. Wow.

I have been sorting through the piles of art that I have.
I am attaching 3 pieces for your art sale/auction fundraiser.
I would normally sell these for $95.
If you want to auction, start at $20. If someone wants to directly pony up $50,
let them have it. Once you have the bucks I will send the piece to them.

I will also allow the stuff on my ETSY shop as work you can sell.
Same pricing rules. I will ship the piece when you have the money.

Theo, thanks for that.
Nobody's buying' nuffum these days but maybe your art will tickle someone's fancy.

I like your art.

Send e-mail to Bart

Eldrick Wants his Wife Back
Offers $200K if she can catch him again


Shamed golfer Eldrick Woods has reportedly proposed to his ex-wife, offering up a huge
pre-up with an anti-cheating clause. Eldrick, who was caught cheating with several women
while married to Elin, is trying hard to win her over again.
Insiders reveal Tiger Woods wants to marry Elin again, but the Swedish model will only agree
if he includes a $350 million anti-cheating clause. She got $110 million in their divorce.
Nordegren is hopeful that the anti-cheating clause, where he could lose half his $600 million fortune,
would persuade Tiger Woods to be faithful.

I swear I did not make this up.

Tiger wants to pay $200M when he gets caught again
and she wants him to pay her $350M when he gets caught again.

Maybe they could settle on $300M so he can get caught cheating twice more.

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Dems May Block Gun Reform


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Subject: Manti Teo

What's missing in this Manti Teo thing is that he's Mormon. 
I lived in Utah for 17 years (and thankfully escaped) and it does not surprise me
that he believed this woman was real and that he 'committed' to her. 
These people are brought up from birth believing the most astoundingly strange stuff. 
They're encouraged to go along with this crap.  There's a reason why Utah is the
world capital when it comes to online (and off-line) scams and that it is #1 in the world
in taking anti-depressants (not to mention, #1 in the world in watching online pornography).

Teo is just giving outsiders a little peek into the Mormon mind and world.  It's that weird.

When Manti learned his "girlfriend" was dying, why didn't he visit her in the hospital?

Plus, did anybody else watch 60 Minutes last night?
Their lynching of Lance Armstong continues.

That Doping guy (Tygart?) reminds me a lot of Kenneth Starr.
Hia single-minded goal in life is to destroy Armstrong. He alone has decided
that Lance must confess to Tygart's truth by Feb 7th or he's banned forever.

Maybe if Lance killed himself that Tygart guy would slow down some...

BTW, Tygart was moaning about all the "harm" Armstrong did to cycling.

Dude, Armstrong MADE cycling a sport and YOU wouldn't even
have a damn job if lance had gone into a different line of work.

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Marty always has good stuff.

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My E-mail Problems

You paying-attention readers know I've been bitching about my e-mail problems.
I finally figured out what's causing my slow-slog e-mail problem:

EACH time I log on to Mozilla Thunderbird, it redundantly downloads the thousands
of e-mails in my e-mail system even tho I already have them.

I would click on
Thunderbird, but none of the buttons worked.
The reason none of the buttons worked is because
Thunderbird was busy.
Once my IQ-of-64 brain finally figured that out, now I know to click on the
e-mail program and then get breakfast or jog or do something while the e-mails loads.   

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It's Strange Mystery Car Week


The cars this week are all American cars from my lifetime that I'd never heard of
which surprises me because before I could drive I knew just about every car.

So, you'll have to do better than "Chevy" or "Ford."
You have to know that extra name that makes the car unique.

 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, it looks like a customized '49 Cadillac Series 62 Fastback.
Note the little Cadillac crests on those kick butt taillights.
I Have a '51 Caddy myself.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Know Your Classics


 Subject: last issue's Classic    Link

Hi Bart,

That's from Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.
That's not a novel either, that psycho really meant it.
Thanks for the site,
 Joe in Germany

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Today's Don't Look Down Picture


I got some sure-to-make-you-dizzy Don't Look Down pictures, thanks to Chris.

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Know your Supermodels


 Subject: Last issue's supermodel     Link

Bart, that's looks like Iman. 
I think the “Duke” is David Bowie.
  Mark S

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Today's Wildlife Photo



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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Hola Bart, that's Deborah Harry
 Padre Mickey

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Going to Alaska

Mrs Bart has always wanted to go to Alaska and Hawaii.
Thanks to Scott H (Don HO) we got to Hawaii in 2005 and we thought we'd
better go to Alaska before I have to drag an oxygen tank behind my wheelchair.

We bought tickets last year but we kept running into reasons why we couldn't go so
we're trying once again to go - and we're Alaska newbies. Astrocat says March is the

best month for aurora viewing and the weather isn't always freezing - hopefully.

BTW, there's something else:
Once we land, I'd enjoy a conversation with someone who agrees with me
on the stupidity of the Obama administration raiding legal businesses.

Any Bartcop readers in or near Anchorage?

And some thing new we're trying:
Would you like to sponsor a portion of the trip?
Maybe a tank of gas or a few dollars towards a hotel or a ferry ride or something?
That would get your name in the sure-to-be-fun Alaska Trip Report.

"And the third night we stayed at the Wedgewood in Fairbanks thanks to
  Lou and Rita farnsworth and the King of All Dogs,"
type of thing.

Be in Bart's Alaskan Trip Report

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Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that's Seattle.
Photo taken from Queen Anne hill just north of downtown. 
  Michael A

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

That is the greatest Rock and Roll band ever. Zeppelin. 

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Subject: donation

Go to Alaska, Bart and Mrs. Bart.
  Bruce in Marquette, MI

Bruce, thanks for that.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  
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Former C.S.I. - Emily Procter

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