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Tuesday, March 26, 2013    Vol 3033 - Vagabond loafers

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Judge: "Screw the Environment"
Whore Court vs Gay Marriage
Bachmann's Ethics Problems
Arrow Amazing Race's Big Screw-up
Arrow Hillary Landslide in 2016?
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow TV Actress Becki Newton


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"That still may happen. It would be a big nut to swallow."

       --  Kelsey Grammer, saying he might run for office   Link

  But Kelsey, everybody hates you, remember?

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Judge: "Screw the Environment"
We have no right to fracking poisons list


A judge in Casper has sided with the state of Wyoming and ruled against environmentalists
who sought to obtain lists of the ipoisons Big Oil outs in our water and air as fracturing fluids.
Environmental groups had requested the ingredient lists from Wyoming Oil and Gas, arguing that
the public needs to know which poisons the greedy bastards are putting underground.
They were denied on the grounds that the lists are "trade secrets" that may be withheld under
Wyoming's open records law.  The judge has upheld the denial, ruling that the state official who
withheld the information acted reasonably.
The commission chairman, Gov. Matt Mead, praised the ruling.
"Right now we don't need clear air and clean water, we need more oil revenue,"
is what he might've said if he'd been more honest.
The lawsuit was filed against the commission by the sane people.
Of course, Halliburton intervened on the state's side.
"We continue to believe we have strong claims, and we're still concerned the Wyoming oil and gas
commission is withholding this information from the public," said Shannon Anderson, an attorney
for the resource council.
An appeal was an option, she said.

George Bush had the GOP pass a law that said these mother-frackers
can pump whatever poisons they want into our air and water and ground
and it's LEGAL and they don't have to answer to anybody for the consequences.

That's what happens when the Democrats have no sac.

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Whore Court vs Gay Marriage
They may choose "caution" over "boldness"

With an overwhelming majority of state laws pointing one way and public opinion
trending rapidly in the other, the Supreme Court may enter this week’s historic
arguments over same-sex marriage with a preference for caution over boldness.

Two cases — Tuesday’s involves California’s ban on such unions, Wednesday’s concerns
Congress’s decision to withhold federal recognition of legally married same-sex couples
— offer the justices an unusually wide range of options. A broad constitutional ruling is
one possibility, but so is a finding that the cases are not ripe for decision.

But the court’s first full examination of whether the right to marry must be extended to
same-sex couples puts on full display the justices’ official responsibility as arbiter of the
Constitution, as well as its unofficial role as interpreter of the nation’s readiness for social change.

Seems the only question is:
Will these partisan whore follow the law or do "what God wants?"

Will they single out a group and say, "Equality doesn't count for YOU people?"

Just a few years ago it was ILLEGAL for a "negro" to marry a white woman
but times change, don't they, Slappy?"

      "How do you like my new hat, Ginny?"

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 Subject: Eldrick vs Vonn

Wood’s survived a nine iron to the head by his first wife,
wonder how he will survive a ski pole to the head when
the relationship sours with the new squeeze?
 M Lamont

Is that why Eldrick was asleep in the street when the cops arrived?
Because Elin knocked his ass out cold?

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Bat-shit Bachmann's Ethics Problems
Did she mishandle money from her campaign?

Federal investigators are probing allegations that Rep. Michele Bachmann, or her staff,
inappropriately used money raised during her presidential campaign.
Bachmann's attorney confirmed that Bachmann was being probed by the OCE, but denied any wrongdoing.
"There are no allegations that the congresswoman engaged in any wrongdoing," William McGinley said.
We know that's not true.
They don't investigate if there are no allegations of wrongdoing.

"I was questioned by federal investigators," said Peter Waldron, of Bachmann's Iowa campaign staff.
Waldron had filed a complaint with the FEC in January alleging inappropriate use of campaign funds.
Waldron has complained both to the FEC and to the media that he was never fully compensated by
the Bachmann campaign.
Among those allegations are that Bachmann's onetime Iowa campaign chair, state Sen. Kent Sorenson,
received money under the table for his support. Sorenson's position in the Legislature prohibits him
from receiving payments from the campaign.
Waldron also accused a staffer of illicitly receiving funds from both the campaign and a political action
committee, a violation of federal election laws.
Waldron, a fundamentalist pastor, further accused the campaign of failing to pay staffers
and then requiring them to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to get paid.

Bachmann is one of the craziest liars in the entire GOP.

She needs to go and if the voters won't do it...

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Weeknights at 9 PM Eastern/Pacific

Alaska Trip Report concluded


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 Subject: What would Darwin do?

On this Jewish holiday of Passover we are reminded of a story about God
killing the first born sons of the Egyptians for failing to do what he wanted.

But in real life some 65 million years ago Darwin smited the dinosaurs
out of existence for failing to develop asteroid deflection technology.

Last month an asteroid passed close to Earth and a large meteor exploded over Russia.
What does this all mean? I think Darwin is tapping us on the shoulder asking
"How's that space program coming?"

If we cut funding for NASA Darwin might reach out
and strike us down the way he did the dinosaurs.
 Marc Perkel

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Hillary Landslide in 2016?
Poll shows her whipping whoever...
by Brent Budowsky, who hated Hillary so much in 2008 he wanted to strangle her


Polls show Hillary Clinton would win in an epic landslide against any Republican in 2012,
and I believe an even more epic landslide against Sarah Palin or Nikki Haley in 2016,
because Clinton has qualifications and experience far out of their league, and because:

Hillary Clinton fights for American workers and American women while Palin and Haley
side against them on the great issues.

Hillary Clinton stands for equality and fairness while Palin and Haley represent the interests
of elites who profit from unfairness and inequality.

Hillary Clinton stands for a world that is not threatened by climate change and benefits from
new clean energy while Palin and Haley stand with Big Oil, big polluters and global-warming deniers.

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Liquid Drop Art

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Trump's hair was spotted in the wild recently...


“Paul Ryan's saying that cutting poor people off helps them rise up
  from poverty is a great argument against paying child support
      --  LOLGOP, in a Tweet

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Know Your Classics


 Subject: last issue's Classic    Link

Bart, that is the opening line of A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.
Portsmouth, OH

 Send Classic Lines to Bart

Amazing Race's Big Screw-up
Usually, only NBC screws-up this bad

Huffy Post

CBS issued an apology for some scenes from "The Amazing Race" in Vietnam from the March 17 episode.
The show featured a B-52 memorial in Hanoi, Vietnam that depicts a downed American plane from the War.
The contestants had to go to the memorial to find their next clue.

John Hamilton, the commander of the VFW, wrote an open letter to CBS president Les Moonves
expressing the organization's anger over the episode.

"The scene with the B-52 wreckage could have been used to tell a story about the fates of the multiple
crewmen aboard each of the 17 American B-52s we lost in combat," Hamilton wrote. "The B-52 scene,
as well as the young people singing a propaganda song, was totally unnecessary to the show’s plot..."

At least Huffy Post got the right part of the story right.
Other outlets are reporting that the downed B-52 was the problem.

No, the problem was the racers had to sit thru some old propaganda songs,
"Thanks to communism, we are happy and free," those kind of lyrics.

That's what pissed off the VFW, trust me.

What was CBS thinking?

American Idol Winner Revealed

Yes, the winner's name had been revealed and it's... new judge Nicki Minaj.

This billion dollar franchise is now in the hands of a new-to-showbiz rapper.
I'd heard of Nicki before, but never saw her in a video or anything.

I realize you'd plead guilty to being a Koch brother before you'd admit to watching Idol,
but Nicki has megatons of personality and it comes out every time she opens her mouth.

If course, it helps her that everyone's saying the same thing:
Keith Urban seems like a really nice guy, but is that entertaining?
Randy is still, "Dawg, it was pitchy" and Mariah Carey was DOA from show #1.

Poor Mariah, she's playing that part Paula Adbul used to play - without the pills.
We watch on the DVR so we can fast-forward thru the non-Nicki parts.

Yes, Idol's still falling in the ratings but they'd be twice as dead without NM.

Next time you're flipping thru the channels and see an Idol singing,
hang around until Nicki gives her opinion and tell me she's not fun.

Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Alaska Trip Report

The pictures are breathtaking.  Loved it all. 
Thank you.
 Debbie U

Your 'maple leaf' salad? Oh, come ON Bart!  Those aren't Maple leaves. 
We get greens mixes like that in plastic boxes all over here in Philly. 
(No, I haven't a clue what the names are..lettuce is lettuce.)
Your Alaska trip is wonderful.  Thanks for all those beautiful pictures!
 Carol C.    Phila.

Enjoying the trip report and those gorgeous photos.
Keep on swinging,
  Marty in London

A really entertaining account, Bart.
Thanks. Loved the photos.

Bart, great Pictures, but I’m a little confused.
Did someone actually die on your flight?
  Mike L.

No, I'm just saying on a looooong sold-out flight with few landing choices
the odds of them not being able to save someone in time would greatly increase.

Maybe they have a hidden compartment they only use in emergencies?

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Today's Scary Don't Look Down Picture


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“I want Drake to murder my vagina."
      --  partially sane actrss Amanda Bynes, in a Tweet,   Link

  She has a thing for Black men, so to speak.

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Fall to Grace

For Jim McGreevey, August 12, 2004 was, in his words, “a train wreck.”
That was the day the former New Jersey governor famously announced
his resignation and declared himself “a gay American” on live TV.

FALL TO GRACE debuts this THURSDAY, MARCH 28 (8:00 ET/PT), on HBO.

Know your Supermodels


 Subject: Last issue's supermodel     Link

Bart, I know her - that's Jessica Jane Clement.
 Ray Adams

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The Seal Who Killed Osama

Two minutes of comedy - NOT SFW

Today's Wildlife Photo



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Why would a woman date Eldrick?


You'd think that 27 mistresses equals 27 glaring red flags-much like the ones Lindsey Vonn
dodges on the giant slalom  -  to stay far, far away from Tiger Woods. Instead Vonn has chosen
to ignore the embarrassing and highly disturbing facts, including the one about how she sorta
resembles Eldrick's lost ex-wife, Elin Nordegren.

 Yea, that's a little creepy...
Not to say that there's no such thing as second chances or total redemption, but between this
and Rihanna getting back with Chris Brown, we can't help but wonder:  What is up with
powerful women getting seduced by scummy men?    (not my words)
"The reason women tend to get stuck with charming narcissists, like the Tiger Woods and
Chris Browns of the world, is because they catch them on a series of really good days,"
says Ramani Durvasula, an L.A.-based psychologist. "Because these men are often super
successful, they can treat you quite nicely, and that's how you find yourself suddenly
hooked on someone who's a bastard."   
(not my words)

Like the guy said yesterday, it's a win-win.
Eldrick appears more hu-mon and Vonn is now a household name.

I wonder what their contract says about Vonn getting preggers...

PS. I see no need to call Eldrick a "scummy man" or a "bastard."

I printed it to remind you how often I show restraint.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that's Stepfanie Kramer from the TV show Hunter in the eighties.
I've attached another hot pic of her and she still looks pretty darn good at 57, check pics on her fansite.

I like her - she's got spunk.
Back in the day, her character was raped on the Hunter show.

The producers came back later and said, "We're going to have your character raped again,"

and she said, "Fuck that - Rape (co-star) Fred Dryer this time," and that was the end of that.

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart:  that's city is Cairo, Egypt. 
My wife and I did a 2 week tour of Egypt 2 months before the revolution. 
We enjoyed ourselves and want to go back as soon as things settle down.
 Les Williams

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that is a 1957 Buick Roadmaster 2 Door Hardtop.
  Paul in VA

  Send e-mail to Bart

He looks lile our old friend Tom DeLay

"I'm nuts about redistricting..."

Did Tom, ever get out of prison?

What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

That is the late, great, very hairy Harry Reems. 
By current standards, his movies seem so tame (not that I have ever seen one).
  Jim W.

Bart, that's Harry Reems who bravely volunteered to fill in
for the original star of the seminal adult film Deep Throat.

ha ha

Seminal - get it?

Yes, when Harry died last week (pancreatic cancer) they said he was the light man
when they were shooting Deep Throat and he was "drafted" to help.

He was paid  $250 for "filling in" that afternoon and that got him indicted by the FBI.
Why? Because their film made money and that pissed of the federal government.

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