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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Weekend-Monday  June 22-24, 2013    Vol 3082 - The Brown acid

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow GOP's 2016 Strategery Flawed
Pelosi Bood, Perkel Dragged Away
Snowdon Flees to Moscow, Cuba
Arrow Hasselbeck , Deen both Fired
Arrow Trouble: Heat Wave Hits Alaska
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Hot Vamp Actress - Ashley Greene


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"If you don't think Affirmative Action is harmful,
  consider who is writing this opinion against it."
     -  Clarence Thomas, 
via LOLGOP's Tweet


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GOP's 2016 Strategery Flawed
More and more people hate them in droves
HThe Republican Party's road map for winning presidential elections looks hazier than ever
as GOP lawmakers and others reject the obvious lessons from Thurston's loss last year.

Despite Romney's poor showing among female voters, House Republicans this past week invited
renewed taunts of a "war against women" by passing the most restrictive abortion measure in years.

A successful presidential candidate "must differentiate himself from the very toxic GOP congressional brand,"
said Steve Schmidt, a top aide to the Sen. John McCain.  Schmidt said the GOP contender will probably be
a governor or "an iconoclast senator" who is seen as standing apart from GOP assholes that so angers voters.

So, the only way the GOP can win is to say, "Our party is crazy?"

Good luck with that, you racist dogs.

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Subject: Snowdon case

Bart, I think you are on the wrong side of history on this one.
You could be right.
Most times, I'm sure I'm right - this is a tougher call.

Just like your previous "torture" arguments, government spying can be fine, as long as it is done by reasonable people.
I'm for fewer innocent people dying.
I'm surprised when people disagree with me on that.

The problem is that, even if it is done by reasonable people in the beginning,
sooner or later, it is taken over by unreasonable people.
That's a valid point.
It's also a good reason to elect ONLY reasonable people.

This is why it must be opposed.  Now and forever.
  Ron in Australia

So, if a known terrorist calls Toledo, Tucson and Tallahassee in the same day,
the NSA doesn't need to know who he called and what they might be up to?

If bombs were going off in Sidney, maybe you'd feel different?

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Pelosi Bood after Marc Perkel Dragged Away
This was the Top Story on
Yahoo News today


Nancy Pelosi has disappointed some of her liberal base with her defense of Obama's spying program.
The boos came when Pelosi said that Snowden had violated the law and that the government needed
to strike a balance between security and privacy.

Note: There is no doubt Snowdon broke the law.
He signed an oath to never reveal America's national security secrets, but then he did.
You can say be broke the law for reasons he felt were valid, but he still broke the law.

As Pelosi was saying that Obama's approach to citizen surveillance was an improvement over Bush,
Marc Perkel stood up and tried loudly to question her, prompting security guards to drag him out of the hall.

Where is the video of this?

As security guards were dragging Perkel away.
activists shouted, "Leave him alone!"

"No secret courts!" yelled Perkel as he moved out of the room. "No secret laws!"

Perkel told the newspaper that he thinks Pelosi does not fully understand what the NSA is up to.

 Subject: Obama should be impeached over NSA spying

In 2005, in response to President Bush admitting domestic spying, John Dean, White House
general counsel under President Nixon, said that this is the first time in history that a sitting
President admitted to an impeachable offense. Dean, although having his own problems during
the Nixon years, is generally believed to be one of the country's top authorities on Executive Powers.

Back then in 2005 I agreed with Dean and I wrote many letters to the editor calling for Bush to be impeached.

Now President Obama is doing the same thing on a far more massive scale. It was wrong then
and it is wrong now. Obama is now the second sitting president to admit to an impeachable offense.
It doesn't matter if a Republican does it or a Democrat does it. It is still so very very very wrong
and unless Obama shuts it down immediately he should be impeached.

I am disappointed beyond belief after working so hard to get him elected
just to find out that Dick Cheney is still president.
 Marc Perkel

As you know, I disagree with my close friend Marc Perkel on this - but he IS being honest.

If one believes Obama broke the law, one must call for him to be brought to justice.

Just like Snowdon - if he broke the law...

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Snowdon Flees to Moscow, then Cuba, or Ecuador
Liberal Hero running from the long arm of the law


Snowden arrived in Moscow on an Aeroflot flight after Hong Kong told Obama: "GFY!"

Snowden spent the night in Moscow and was booked on a flight to Cuba on Monday, ITAR-Tass reported.
Aeroflot has no direct flights from Moscow to Quito, Ecuador; travelers would have to make connections
in Paris, Rome or Washington, which could be problematic for Snowden.

Just a few days ago, Snowdon said, "IF I was a spy, I'd be in Beijing, not Hong Kong."
No now he flees to Moscow and Cuba, which is where he might eventually end up after the feds grab him.

If Obama wanted to punish Hong Kong, he could treat them like arch-criminal poker players,
that is, cut off their banking privileges.  Hong Kong can't do business with America without the banks.

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Subject: What's wrong with nude hotties?

I'm puzzled as to why you wrote that you "cannot afford" to have nude hotties on your site.
What would happen if you had some nude photos? Why would that cost you money?

I browse through the "Hotties" section often, and I've never seen any actual nudity,
but if I ever did, I wouldn't mind at all.
 Eric the Artist

Since Bush's economic crash forced a lot of us to ...change, ...I had no choice but to play
by someone else's rules, which really sucks after a decade of complete freedom.

My options are to play ball or go dark.

If I was Republican, some billionaire would send me $500K... "Print what you want!"

Hollywood Creativity


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Subject: Masturbating Fetuses

Hey Bart,
I think those sonograms qualify as child porn so Rep Burgess has openly confessed to being a chronic sex offender.
But he'll never be accused of it because the Dems are too wimpy and the Rethugs praise sexual deviance.
Life in the USA!

Steve, you are correct.

You can never lose when betting on our surrender monkeys to wimp out.

"Fighting is always wrong!"

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fired from The View
Viewers said she was too bitchy, too right-wing


Paula Deen Fired from Food Network
Will Target and K-Mart do the same?


Since 47% of America is bat-shit crazy, why fire their rep from a talk show?

Since 47% use the N-word behind closed doors, why fire their rep from a cooking show?

BTW, Paula Deen is defending herself about as well as Obama does. (not a compliment.)

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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Trouble: Heat Wave Hits Alaska


An unusual heat wave is warming Anchorage and other parts of Alaska as temperatures reach the 90s.
The National Weather Service said almost every part of the state is experiencing higher than average temperatures.

Discovery News said south-central Alaska experienced four all-time highs Monday,
with Seward at 88 degrees and the small town of Talkeetna at 96 degrees.

"The liberal thermometers in Alaska are LYING!"

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 Subject: James Gandolfini

Besides what you wrote - he was also "one of us."
I saw him speak, in the street, outside the Republican convention in NYC in 2004.

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Peter's Trip report from France


Europe has had a very wet winter but we missed the worst of it by our current swap in Cannes where it is
hot and sunny. Perfect beach weather.  The crowds from the film festival have left and the summer build up is
not yet in full swing.  The promenade along the beach is a people watcher's treat from the gorgeous, leggy in-line
skaters, to every variety of poseur, to Africans trying to sell outrageous hats. Smart looking women with the
requisite mini dog in a shoulder bag.  Lots of retired couples seated and lobster-red thinking the trip might not
be panning out as they thought.  Lots of exposed flesh but surprisingly few tattoos aside from the odd muscleman.

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 Subject: anger at Obama

No one can be outraged who was not outraged when the Patriot Act was passed the first time.
My credit card company, Amazon, the Dulles Toll Road, every web site I visit--they ALL track me,
and NOW people are figuring out that they ought to be concerned?

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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 Subject: $10 per hottie?

Bart, I used to look at a few of the "Hotties" but now, with the promise of a reward
I am going to scan EVERY ONE! And I would encourage all Bart Coppers to do the same!
 Rick from Fullerton

Rick, thanks - that would really help.
I have been doing brisk business at $10 per accidental hinty-o-nudity found - and ran into a caveat:

If someone writes at 1 PM and someone writes at 2 PM
and I see both mails at 3 PM, I can only pay the first notificant.

So far, only one guy got screwed that way.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that's Ванесса Энджел A K A  Vanessa Angel, star of (among other things) Weird Science.

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that is London, with the Thames in the foreground and St. Paul’s in the background.
  Jim W.

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that is a 1961 Chrysler Turboflite Ghia concept car.  Styling notes (contributed by
the famous Italian firm Ghia) that George Jetson would have loved, a Chrysler turbine engine,
and an air-braking rear spoiler to bring it back down to earth.  And Chrysler hasn't forgotten
about these crazy cars:

Keep swinging that (car repair slide) hammer,

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that's a young Bill and Hillary Clinton, at Yale in the 1970s.
 Leo in Maryland

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Hot Vamp Actress - Ashley Greene

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