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Wednesday July 10, 2013    Vol 3089 - Buzzworthy

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Obama's Criminal Enterprise
FTC FINALLY Gets Involved
V. Fox Working to Legalize Pot
Arrow That San Fran Jet Crash
Arrow Rand Paul Bill to Outlaw Abortion
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Sit-Com Hottie Becki Newton



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"Males have a tendency to wander a little bit. And what you want
  to do is make a home so wonderful he doesn't want to wander."
     --  Pat Robertson, giving men permission to cheat on their wives   Link

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Jay-Z & Obama's Criminal Enterprise


Jay Z's new album got me thinking about how our society has succumbed to a massive crime
and how this might be a kind of "critical mass".

Jay Z has an app that lets the user download his new album (called "Magna Carta Holy Grail").

Over a half million people said "yes" to that App and had downloaded it to their phones.
In the process, they gave Samsung their names, specific GPS location, approximate network location
and the phone's precise id and status as well as permission to "modify or delete contents" from their
USB storage, stop the phone from sleeping and get full access to their network communications.

You give them a treasure trove of information about you in exchange for Jay Z's album.

Why give in to such an intrusion?
To get the new album by Jay-Z..

There you go - more proof that Obama is a criminal.

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 Subject: Colorado's pot law

Bart, just read some more on the new Colorado pot law, and the Task Force (created by
the Governor who signed it into law) recommended the tax provisions and other regs be
included in the state wide election in November and be effective on January 1, 2014. 

So, I guess it is just a formality..hopefully...

Hell, I thought they were going to vote on the whole deal worries....
I'm going out there next week, and I fully expect to move there in the near future...
  Pete C

That gives President Reefer Madness another 55 days to dither...

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Obama's FTC FINALLY Gets Involved
Fines asshole debt collectors $3,2M for abuses



That’s my reaction to the announcement from the FTC that it has levied a $3.2 million civil penalty
against Expert Global Solutions — which the agency says is the largest debt collector in the world.
The penalty is the largest ever obtained against a debt collector.

This case is a big deal and may help significantly curb some unsavory practices by debt collectors,
who generally operate on behalf of an original creditor or buy debt outright. In the latter instance,
the debt can be sold multiple times. Often, as the debt becomes older and sold over and over,
there is limited documentation other than the debtor’s name, last known address and debt amount.

Every year, the FTC receives more complaints about debt collection than any other industry.
Since 2010, the agency has brought 15 debt-collection cases, collecting more than $52 million.

 Subject: I notice I was right

Again you prove me right.


When you ( the left) are faced with hard facts or at the very least, valid points, you do not respond.

Fail to respond?

I've been accused of lots of things but "too timid to respond" is a new accusation

You call us, me, names like a child and no real defense of you position....

McG, what subject are we on?
Who called you names?

Is name-calling wrong?
Is that why you called me a coward?

Enjoy your victory - I imagine they don't come often.

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 Subject: Presidential nicknames

During the Bush presidency everyone used to call him "DubYa" mostly out of disrespect
for being such a terrible president. But now Obama has out done Bush with his Orwellian
NSA spying leading a seemingly dysfunctional government.

America is now the Watchers and the Watched. Hope and Change became Nope and Same.
Change we could believe in was just a scam. Not to mention that Obama and Bush have
totally ruined phone sex. If Bush is "DubYa" then Obama is "Oh!".
 Marc Perkel

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V. Fox wants to Legalize Pot
He's honest, knows pot laws are bad


Former Mexican President Vicente Fox took his crusade to legalize marijuana to San Francisco on Monday,
joining pot advocates to urge the United States and his own country to decriminalize the use of cannabis.

Fox met for three hours with the advocates, including Steve DeAngelo, the Oakland-based executive director
of California's largest marijuana dispensary, and former Microsoft executive Jamen Shively, who hopes to
create a Seattle-based pot brand now that Washington state has legalized recreational use.

Legalization, Fox told reporters after the meeting, is the only way to end the violence of Mexican drug cartels,
which he blamed on America's war on drugs.  "The cost of the war is becoming unbearable - too high for
Mexico, for Latin America and for the rest of the world," Fox said in English.

Every day, he said, 40 young people are killed in drug-related violence.

That's 1200 dead kids every month - all because the anti-pot ninnies
want the violent drug dealers to keep all those extra millions in drug profits.

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That San Fran Jet Crash

Don't you think those three pilots should be tried for manslaughter, at least?

First, the "flying pilot" had 30 hours on this jet.
Since it's an 11-hour flight back home, that means this was maybe his third flight,
so he's only landed this jet TWICE, maximum, and never in San Francisco?

And they let him land the plane without anybody else paying attention?

He came in 40 knots too slow and he was so low, he almost landed in the water.
Seems a pilot has three main things to watch: His speed, his altitude and his heading.
This green pilot got the heading right, but he flunked speed and altitude.

Why weren't the second and third pilots paying attention?
If you're not going to pay attention during the landing, why even show up?

So, Pilot 1 wasn't paying attention to their speed or altitude.
Pilot 2 wasn't paying attention to their speed or altitude.
Pilot 3 wasn't paying attention to their speed or altitude.

300 souls on board and nobody was paying attention during the critical moments?

So why shouldn't they be in jail?
If you're driving your car, dicking around and not paying attention
and you run a stop sign and hit another car and kill two kids, you go to jail.

Also, the pilots were NOT tested or drugs or alcohol after the crash - can you believe that?
You know why they weren't tested? Because if we tested them after a major crash
that means our pilots would have to submit to testing after a major crash over there.

What bullshit!
The Airpline Pilots Union doesn't allow alcohol testing after a major crash?  What?

Then there's the hierarchy Eastern thing, where the younger pilots aren't allow to speak
out of turn
, say, when the goddamn plame is seconds from a fatal crash.

That's a form of religious insanity that doesn't belong in the cockpit.

On top of all that, why have cockpit alarms for stall and too-close-to-the-ground
if, by the time the damn thing goes off, it's too late to matter?

The worst part?
The way they're talking, nothing is going to change.

Oh, I'm sure they'll SUGGEST the other pilots pay attention during takeoff and landing,
but if nobody goes to jail, it's not a crime for pilots to play "Angry birds" during crucial maneuvers.

Sidebar: Wolf the Douche said every person on that plane,
unjured or not, is going to get a million dollar settlement.

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Subject: This Snowden argument...

I love living in America. great weather, unlimited opportunity, beautiful scenery, great food,
freedom to move around, etc....all you gotta do is keep your nose clean and you’re usually
assured a wonderful existence here.
The Government has not hassled me as much as marketing efforts and advertisement ploys
so I’m not concerned about the NSA tracking.
You can stick a tracking probe up my butt as far as I’m concerned, I’m still gonna stay here...
There is no better place, no matter what the paranoids claim the Gov’t is doing, and I’m stickin’ to my opinion...
Thanx Bart
keep swingin’’re usually right

Some would say you're just too stupid to realize you live
in a hellish police state run by a ruthless, out-of-control dictator.

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Rand Paul Bill to Outlaw Abortion


Senator Rand Paul (R-Crazy) has been become a key player in helping the
GOP appeal to the millennials. And so far, hes been fairly successful.

However, Paul may just have alienated a large chunk of the millennial base
with his latest “fetal personhood” legislation, the Life at Conception Act,
which would fully outlaw abortion in the United States.

Paul has been gaining momentum through his pledge to ensure liberty for all,
in every way. In fact, in his speech this weekend at CPAC, Paul indicated that
“The new GOP, the GOP that will win again, will need to embrace liberty in
both the economic and personal sphere.”

However, the Life at Conception Act doesn’t embrace liberty for women
— instead, it takes their choice away from them and demonstrates that while
Paul may be talking a good game, his actions contradict what he says.

The GOP's war on women continues, even as another election approaches.

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


What if you woke up there?

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 Subject: Snowden and conflict

Hey Bart,
All the Snowden blowback you're getting is a perfect example of liberals stabbing each other in the back
over small(ish) things while ignoring the big picture. This has always puzzled me but it has always been this way.
Republicans will forgive people like David Vitter as long as they remain a team player.
Dems will cut you if you order lunch wrong.

Also, I find it curious that people try to tell someone what they can and can't publish on their blog.
Its YOUR blog, you get to decide what is on it and what isn't.
Like I've said before I don't always agree with you.
It would be boring if I did and there's be no reason to read your blog.
Besides, your ideas get me to think and reconsider my views on all kinds of issues
whether I end up with the same conclusion as you or one of my own. And that is not
just good, it is vitally important for keeping an open and active mind.
Keep the faith, and keep saying what you think.

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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Who's the Mystery Sticker Holder?


Subject: yesterday's Mystery Sticker holder

Bart, that's Clive James....ex-pat Aussie who has lived in the UK
most of his life and is now seriously ill...writer, critic, raconteur,
TV presenter and all-round good bloke
 Cheers from Colin Down Under

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

I should've known nobody would get Nicole Eggert.
She was on Baywatch, so my readers wouldn't know her.

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that is The Mistake on the Lake, Cleveland, OH. 
Browns Stadium is on the right and Terminal Tower is in the center.
 Steve, a misplaced Steelers fan

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that's a '56 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible with a Continental wheel kit, fender skirts and dual antennas.
 Jack in Red Feather Lakes, CO

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that's General Dwight D. Eisenhower talking to paratroopers in England on June 5, 1944,
just before they board their airplanes to participate in the first assault in the invasion of Europe.
The General was talking about fly fishing with his men as he always did before a stressful operation.
 Leo in Maryland

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Subject: donations

Bart, here's a donation.
I forgot to use your link when shopping at Amazon,
 Tom in San Jose
Tom, that was nice - thanks.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  
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