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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

Wednesday Sept 11, 2013    Vol 3120 - Keep risping

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow White House - Credit for Syria?
Arrow Let’s Bomb Syria, Right Now!
Is Palin Really this Stupid?
Arrow Zippy's Lawyer "I'm outta here!"
Arrow John Kerry is Mr. Magoo?
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow TV Gals w/Guns - Eva LaRue

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"(Syria proves) you cannot trust Democrats to be commander in chief."
     -- the Ann Coulter thing               

  Why, because nobody died?

  If Bush was in there he would've "done thing right" and killed 5,000 soldiers.

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White House takes Credit for Syria
God knows he would've gotten the blame

  Talking Points Hatchet Job

As Syria announced Tuesday morning that it would accept Russia’s offer to hand over its
chemical weapons, the White House and other proponents of U.S. strikes rushed to claim credit,
arguing that the threat of military intervention brought the Assad regime to the negotiating table.

Those are the facts - why should they not list the facts?
Who thinks Syria was going to cave in without Obama's threats?
And why is TPM attacking the White House for listing the facts?

“In our view, the only reason this is now being seriously discussed by the Russians is because of
the threat of U.S. military action,” a senior administration official told TPM. “Were chemical weapons
to be transferred into international control and ultimately destroyed, that would be a positive outcome.
But, if this has any chance of happening, we need to have the threat of military action in our pocket.”

Is TPM the latest in a long line of Democrats going all "FOX News" on Obama?

Why do Democrats hate their winners so much?

Show me a Democrat that's beloved by many and I'll show you a Democrat
who never had any real power, and yes, I'm talking about Dennis Kucinich.

If you never had any real power, it's EASY to remain pure, in your safe zone, and never
have to make a tough decision that'd alienate fickle Democrats who once liked you.

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All Obama has to do now is chill and he wins.
Time is on Obama's side, and that's a great position to be in.

Putin has essentially guaranteed that Assad won't be gassing anyone else.
That's exactly what Obama wanted to accomplish.

Does it matter if it takes a year or ten years to count and move
and store all Assad's poison gas stockpiles?

If Assad gasses again, Putin looks really stupid and Assad is down to one
friend - the Ayatollah, and Obama becomes the guy who was right all along.

Now, if Obama could just figure a way to get the Democrats to stop screwing him...

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Let’s Bomb Syria, Right Now!
by (it seems) everyone on the Left who hates Obama


Forget what Congress says or surveys about what U.S. and global public opinion show:
This is the time to rain Tomahawk missiles on poor peasants and villagers in Syria.

Yes, because that's who Obama is - someone who targets poor peasants and villagers.

I'm so fed up with Democrats doing everything they can to fuck Obama.

If your position on Syria is so perfect and sane,
why do you have to lie about Obama's position and intentions?

Why claim Obama will rain Tomahawk missles down on
poor peasants and villagers?
Who gains when you tell a stupid lie like that?
Is that meant to rile up the Demo-Baggers?

I'm OK with everyone who's against Obama taking action in Syria,
but why do you have to lie about it?

If your position held water, you could tell the truth and persuade people.

I didn't want to read the rest of the article because I'd already reached my shit quotient for today,
but I read ahead anyway and this asshole starts paragraph SIX with, "Now to get serious:"

I have an idea, Asshole, (Jack Lessenberry) since we're talking about going to war,
why not dispense with the five Obama-mocking paragraphs of pure horseshit?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: why you lost subscribers

Problem: end of Bartcop Radio.
Toons and typing snark aren't enough anymore, you gotta talk shit again.
Seriously, you are an OG as well as an Okie.
Your talent is clear and, Shirley, many beside me miss it.
 -Wes in Jakarta

Wes, that was nice of you to say.
The radio show was fun but it was a lot of work.

But if things get really slow ...maybe Bartcop radio will return.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Is Sarah Palin Really this Stupid?
Or is she just teasing her pitifully-stupid sheep?   Send e-mail to Bart

Obama didn't create any "death panels," but it's true that EVERY medical system in the world
has a "board" or a "director" or someone to make decisons because we can't trust the robots - yet.

If it's costing $10,000 a day to articially keep alive a 104-year old man, at some point
someone needs to step in and say, "We can't afford to do this much longer."

Besides, if someone was making life-and-death medical decisions for me, I'd rather have the faceless
federal buraucrarat than some for-profit bastard who gets a week in Hawaii if he can make me disappear.

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Zippy's Lawyer "I'm outta here!"
Violent felon goes too far, even for this guy


Mark O’Mara, the attorney who successfully got George Zimmerman off after he murdered Trayvon Martin,
said Tuesday that he would no longer represent the racist scumbag with the vilent streak.

The police on Monday released Zippy because that's what cops do to violent non-Black criminals.
after oficers responded to a 911 call from his wife, Shellie, who accused her husband of threatening
her with a gun and punching her father in the nose. On Tuesday, O’Mara said that he would no longer
represent Zimmerman in future cases, including charges resulting from the confrontation on Monday.

What could be worse than representing a crazy violent client
who's always being arrested but has no money to pay his lawyer?

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Yahoo sent me this.

Subject: LocalSluts

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This message was sent to me because Yahoo sold them my e-mail address.

Is that how Yahoo double their stock price?

I lost my biggest advertiser because of all the "nudity" on these pages
and Yahoo does business with these people and gives them my address?

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John Kerry Just Mr. Magoo’ed His Way Into Diplomacy

Daily Show Video

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Subject: re: Zippy

Obviously Zimmerman has issues.
This goes beyond Zimmerman himself.

The question should be, why are cops so desperate NOT to hold him, to let him go, or not arrest him?
He plays with a gun in front of a cop who stopped him? Gee, I wonder what would have happened if Trayvon had done that?

He is accused of punching someone in the face and threatening his wife, and what about all the crap
that went on BEFORE Trayvon? They keep letting him go, or not even detaining him.

WHO IS George, George W. the III: never to be held account for ANYTHING like W?
Hell, the trial was a joke where, when he lied under oath, the prosecution let the defense judge shop:
without comment, for some right wing appointed judge who wouldn't hold him to any damn standard whatsoever.

AGAIN: This goes way beyond Zippy.
One must also wonder, if George had been black and done ANY of this how long would he have lived?
Trayvon not only answers that, but answers the question, "What if someone with issues decided maybe,
possibly, a black George might have done any of this because he thinks he fits some profile?"

Something really sucks when the kid with Skittles and a drink gets killed is justified: even defended,
by society, but the guy who did it, and so much more, keeps getting a break.
I fear this will not end well for us, or an out of control George.

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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Happy Birthday to Dave in Deer Park

  Subject: Zimmerman INNOCENT AGAIN. Deal with it!

The police found no gun on Zimmerman's person, and no such injuries as Shellie the convicted perjurer claimed.
GZ has nothing but a speeding ticket charged against him. At best, maybe he will get in trouble for breaking a damn iPad.
Get over it people!!!!!

  Subject: Zimmerman
no charges pressed. no evidence. his wife who filed for divorce is trying for a payday and publicity.

isn't it enough you anti-white *ssholes have wrecked this guy's marriage?
You just wont stop with your lies?!!

I think the greatest thing that could happen is if some pavement ape thug like Trayvon's
just started beating the f*ck out of you, and you APOLOGIZING TO HIM SO YOU

Yes, with Zippy, it's always someone else's fault.

Send e-mail to Bart

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The Beat Museum
540 Broadway
San Francisco, CA  94133

And visit for all your Beat needs!

Today's Hollywood Gossip


  Subject: Last Issue's Hollywood Gossip answers


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 Subject: Obama's Brilliant Syria Strategery

I’m starting to think that I would dread playing poker with Mr. Obama.
keep hammerin,

I can't believe he out out of that trap.

I've never seena president go from that screwed
to that no-longer screwed that fast in my life.

BTW, we can't play poker because Obama made it illegal.
I wish he'd fix his mistake.

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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Subject: Perkel has it right Bart...

RE: Obama refuses to be bound by Congress on Syria
The run-up to this whole thing sounds exactly like Iraq all over again...
Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, the DLC got OWNED?
Obama spent a Billion Dollars to become pResident,  that’s a LOT of favors to be paid back.
Don’t you ever wonder why all of Big O’s chief advisors are Goldman-Sachs
and old Bush-family DOD types?  Can you put two-and-two together Bart?
 Justin, smart enough to add two and two,

That's one way to look at it.
IF you begin with "I hate Obama," it's easy to get where you're going.

Another way to look at it would be that Assad was afraid that Obama really
meant what he said
and he asked the Russians, in a panic, to broker a peace deal.

Some poeople would call that "a stroke of genius."

Send e-mail to Bart

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, tha's the lovely and talented Isabella Rosselini and.. David Lynch.

Lynch's work is OK, I guess, but I really fell for Rosselini when
she started doing those bug sex short films.  Simply fantastic!

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, I believe it's Carcassone, in the South Basque area of France. 
A pain to get to but a beautiful drive and great food.  Foix is nearby,
also beautiful, and one hour drive from Andorra.  There is a 5 star hotel
within the castle walls.  First read about this place in  Labyrinth  by Kate Mosse. 
A novel, very good read.
 Gerry F


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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Hey Bart, that is a 1956 Pontiac Club De Mer concept reproduction
   Dave C

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that's Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary closed its door on March 21, 1963.
In this picture, the last group of prisoners is handcuffed and led out of the prison.
 Leo in Maryland

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Thanks to PM in Mattapan, MA

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TV Gals w/ Guns - Eva LaRue

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