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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

Tuesday, Oct 29, 2013    Vol 3146 - Dangled

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow Business's War on Baggers
Arrow If Hillary Passes, Who Will Run
Tornado Relief is "Different"
Arrow Marines in Beirut? Didn't Happen
Newt's Adelson: "Let's Nuke Iran"
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Smallville's Kristin Kreuk

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"Bill Clinton, he makes a lot of money making speeches.  And he changes a lot of lives
  with his speeches. I watch him. I learn. If you can get people to listen, they will react."

    --  David Ortiz, motivating the Red Sox to win Game Four of the World Series

  Turns out that guy can hit a baseball.

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Business Declares War on Baggers
They Pledge to Support GOP establishment


The recent fiscal crisis has opened a major rift between the tea party wing of the Republican Party
and business groups that traditionally have backed Republicans, with many business leaders now
vowing to get involved more in GOP primaries to try to counter insurgent candidates.

Tea party leaders are defiant, saying they will not change course despite criticism from the U.S.
Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable and other top business groups.

But business leaders argue that the scorched-earth tactics used by tea party Republicans during the 16-day
shutdown and debate over raising the federal government’s borrowing limit marked the fourth time since the
GOP took control of the House in 2011 that tea party adherents precipitated a governmental crisis that zapped
consumer and business confidence, raised uncertainty and exerted a major drag on economic growth.

Besides encouraging more business-friendly candidates in primary contests, business groups are rallying behind
establishment Republicans such as Mitch the Bitch McConnell, who is being targeted by tea party activists for
brokering a deal with that NitWH to temporarily raise the debt ceiling and reopen the government.

But what can the establishment types do to counter that fever that's infected the baggers?

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 Subject: Obama didn't know he was spying on world leaders?

So Obama now claims he didn't know that the NSA was tapping the phones of 35 world leaders.
Are you F-ing kidding me?

I'm trying to figure out what is worse, Obama not knowing or if Obama is lying about it.
If Obama wants to know what's going on at the NSA he should call up Edward Snowden and ask him.

 ha ha

Seems that Snowden knows more about NSA spying than the President, and that's pathetic!
 Marc Perkel

The way I heard it, five years into his administration, Obama found out they were
bugging allies and he ordered it stopped.

Glenn Greenwald, Snowden's co-conspirator, says he believes Obama didn't know,
which, he says, is an indication of how out of control the NSA is.

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If Hillary Passes, Who Will Run in 2016?


Tier 2 (If not Hillary, then . . .)
Joe Biden
Andrew Cuomo:
Martin O'Malley
Elizabeth Warren

Tier 3 (There’s a will and a way — sort of)
Kirsten Gillibrand:

Tier 4 (There’s a will but — probably — not a way)
Howard Dean:
Amy Klobuchar:

This shows how few big names we have coming down the pike.

Cuomo might have BIG name recognition in New York, but who else knows him?
But then, Martin O'Malley makes Cuomo look like Elvis by comparison.
Elizabeth Warren may have something, but not in 2016.

Howard Dean?  The press will destroy him for breakfast.
Amy Klobuchar?  If I've never heard of you, you're not going to be president.

All we know for sure is the Republicans can't win with their hate agenda.

Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: NSA


If the Obamacare rollout has taught us anything, it's that
we have a lot less to fear from NSA spying than we thought!

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Tornado Relief is "Different"
Sandy victims just asked for trouble


When Moore, Oklahoma, was hit with a devastating tornado last spring, a number of Oklahoma
lawmakers were put in a tough position. While both Oklahoma senators and Reps. Jim Bridenstone,
Markwayne Mullin and James Lankford had voted to tell Sandy victims to "fuck off," they had no
problem asking for federal aid for their own state. Ultimately, affected communities in Oklahoma
ended up receiving over $25 million in federal aid. But that hasn’t stopped Oklahoma Republicans
from downplaying the role the federal government played in disaster relief in Moore.

Like Sen. Jim Inhofe, who said that federal aid to Moore would be “totally different” than Sandy relief,
Rep. Mullin told a town hall meeting this summer that the aftermath of the Oklahoma tornado, unlike
Sandy, showed the triumph of “self-responsibility.” The tornado in Oklahoma actually “proved my point”
on Sandy relief, he said, because unlike those affected by Sandy, “we started taking care of ourselves,
neighbor taking care of neighbors, and that’s what we had to do.” This may come as a surprise to the
many Sandy survivors who lent helping hands to their neighbors during and after the storm.

It might also come to the surprise of the Moore victims who didn't survive.
Those kids who drowned in that Moore school were NOT "taken care of," Mr. Inhofe.

We can't afford tornado shelters for schools
because the super-rich need their tax cuts so they can "hire" people.

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 Subject: Gravity


What problem could you possibly have with 2.5 hours of Sandra Bullock hyperventilating? 
Not to mention panicking to the point of helplessness as though she were in a horror movie? 

Ripley would be ashamed - at least she had a bunch of vicious aliens trying to stop her from
getting the hell out of there...I heard that the 3D was worth it, too bad we didn't splurge for that,
it might've made the movie more watchable.
 Tom in San Fran

You know what's funny?
Gravity was only 90 minutes long but it FELT like 2.5 hours.

The good news: Clooney's next movie is "Monument Men," about a bunch of  "Mission Impossible" types
who are out to steal Europe's finest works of art before Hitler can destroy them - that should rock.

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 Subject: Cowboys

I see that you are a victim of irrational Tony Romo-bashing syndrome, Bart.
That you even mention Romo as a possible reason for the loss to the Lions yesterday is just plain silliness.
Time management and play-calling designed to run out the clock at the end of halves and games when your
team has the lead, would seem to be under the domain of the head coach, Jason Garrett.

Since you seem to pay a lot of attention to the Dallas Cowboys, you should be aware that the game against
the Denver Broncos was lost in the same manner. Jason Garrett is overrated as an NFL coach.
It's also very convenient of you to mention Tony Romo as one of three possible reasons for the loss yesterday,
and not say a word about how terrible the Cowboys pass defense has been this year. They have played 8 games
and allowed four different opposing QB's to throw for 400+ yards. The defense gave up over 600 yards to the
Lions which was the most ever allowed in the history of the Cowboys franchise. Tell me which QBs in the
history of the NFL have won most of their games with a defense as bad as that?

I have decided that Cowboys-bashing is a trendy, hipster thing to do. There is no real reason for it beyond people
think that it is cool and fun. When you consider that there are Facebook pages for Cowboys-bashing with thousands
of likes, you can safely assume that it is a silly thing that people do just to be with the in-crowd.
 Thad Lee

Just for the record, I've been a big fan of whatever team's playing Dallas for decades before Facebook.

I will record your vote as "everybody is guilty but Romo."

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The Stealth Attacks on Abortion

This is why women won't vote GOP.

A new book about those notorious American resisters and truth-tellers,
Dr. James Fetzer and Dr. Kevin Barrett.
Fetzer and Barrett, career academicians and longtime radio-show personalities,
in the past hosted a radio show called “The Dynamic Duo.”

Click  to  Order

It all comes from that day, 22 November 1963, at 12:30 PM in Dallas.
From that day we got Oklahoma City, we got 9/11 and Afghanistan and Iraq.
From that day we get this day, today — our world, our lives —
whatever is yet to come in Syria, Iran, perhaps even WWIII.

We can choose to watch it unfold on TV, or we can do something.
For years and years, Fetzer and Barrett have done everything they can.
This new book is a biography of Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett. But it is also a call to resistance:
    Stop the wars
    End the empire
    Help the poor

I wonder why Team Obama didn't ask for Ol' Bart's help on their fancy web page.
Well, I don't do "Fancy" very well but I have just under 20,000 pages on the Net
and they all seem to be working fine and have been since 1996.

Marines in Beirut? Didn't Happen



October 23rd, 1983. Ronald Reagan was President of the United States.

What stood out then, at least on television, was the toll of 241 dead Marines at the Beirut Airport.
Yet on the 30th Anniversary last week, in 2013, nothing was done to commemorate those losses.
Not a word on network news or the commentary shows. The total number of deaths from four truck
bombs there was 398. And it was carried out  to get revenge for months of the U.S. Navy shelling Arab villages.

Corporate media made no mention of the Beirut, Lebanon invasion -- despite that the CBS program 60 Minutes
is taking time tonight to replay Benghazi where 4 died.

No comparisons allowed.

When 5,000 died due to Bush's lies, the GOP said, "Freedom isn't free."
When four died in Benghazi, the GOP said "We have to hold endless hearings to see what happened."

It's not the same.

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Newt's Adelson: "Let's Nuke Iran"
Billioanire Sheldon Adelson has no brain  by Robert Parry


When the largest donor to Republican political organizations urges the U.S. military to detonate
a nuclear bomb in an Iranian desert with the explicit warning that “the next one is in the middle
of Tehran,” you might expect that major American political figures and large U.S. media outlets
would strongly denounce such genocidal blackmail.

After all, Tehran has a population of more than eight million people with millions more living in
the suburbs. So, this threat to exterminate Tehran’s inhabitants from Sheldon Adelson would be
comparable to someone nuking an empty space in the United States as a warning that if Americans
didn’t capitulate to some demand, a nuclear bomb would be dropped on New York City.

The fact that the scattered outrage over Adelson’s remarks on Oct. 22 was mostly limited to the
Internet and included no denunciations from prominent U.S. politicians, including leading Republicans
who have benefited from Adelson’s largesse, suggests that many Muslims and especially Iranians are
right to suspect that they are the object of obscene prejudice in some American power circles.

First, I don't think it's news to Tehran that some people want them defanged, at least.
Second, maybe the lack of response is a slap at Adelson - it's like if Trump said it.

If anything, Adelson proved in 2012 that even with a $100M to throw around, he's not a serious player.

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 W T F?

 Also, a while back I read that Google bought a million square feet of warehouse space in Pryor, Oklahoma.

Why does Google need a million square feet warehouse an hour east of Tulsa?

   Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Obamacare

How can you put up with the outright lies? Obama and crew are actually expecting us
to believe that the site is crashing because there is such millions looking to get on the thing.
REALLY? What bullshit!!!!

There has been zero interest in the thing.....
Absolutely every one is going to pay 100 times more than promised.

Please.... Even Leno, Stewart are getting it. When this fix gets done, IF IT GETS FIXED,
then the next shoe will drop. Death panels, no doctors, no one owns how much it will costs
and so forth.....the whole left wing is sounding like Baghdad Bob...

Zero interest in getting health insurance?
I can tell someone else paid your health care premiums all these years.

Plus, are you a gambler?
There no way anyone is going to pay even DOUBLE what they were paying.
much less a nutty figure like 100 times more than promised.

And death panels?
Do you believe everything Caribou Barbie tells you?

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See more at

‘World’s Worst Wedding’?
Dax Sheppard Spent $142 to Marry Kristen Bell


Sheppard said: "I'm a frugal person. Your wedding, Jimmjy. when I was there — thanks for having me
— there were helicopters overhead," the 38-year-old said, referring to Kimmel's lavish July wedding.
"It felt like an episode of 'M*A*S*H. ... Not that I was counting your money, but I was counting your
money because it was flying out the windows. They were setting it on fire at the place."

Dax continued, "But I made a mental note when I watched that. I thought: I'm going to go a different route.
So we went to the Beverly Hills Courthouse and — all in, with fuel to get there — $142 out the door."

   Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: "Top Secret", Huh?

Bart, you Wrote:
> "Clearly, there's no "conscience" involved with what Snowden is doing.
> He's releasing EVERYTHING that was marked "Top Secret."
> He's like a raging arsonist, trying to burn down as many America allies as possible."
You are full of shit.
Snowden has not and did not release everything that was marked "Top Secret".
I prefer to think of it as "mis-spoke."
OK, Snowden stole "very damaging secrets" and "national security secrets"
and "NSA secrets" but I mis-spoke when I said he stole "Top Secrets."

Excuse my "wild" hyperbole.
I tend to write in a hurry.

Besides, I'm sure Edward is much too decent to steal "Top Secrets" from his government.
Also, you may wish to consider that if this info is so scary secret, why the government
allows access by 500,000 contractors.  Sorta obliterates the definition of "Top Secret" doesn't it?
 Scott in Arizonastan
ha ha
Regards to the full of shit guy?

I always wondered, back in the old days, they told stories about when people rooted
for Jesse James or Bonnie and Clyde because they were "sticking it to the man."

Is this like that?

Uncle Sam's getting pretty beat up here - and once again, Obama is paying for Bush's crimes,
but that's OK because Uncle Sam "needs to be taken down" - is that what this is?

Right now we have 35 allies mad at us, and there's no telling how many more dozens or
hundreds of damaging (but fun) stories Snowden will drop, but there's no escaping him.

He's like some drunk Secretary of State, shooting off his mouth telling secrets and nobody
can stop him and he's going to be front page news for how many more months or years?

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Today's Wildlife Photo

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that’s Lola Falana.  I remember watching the Johnny Carson show when Lola walked out,
stood with her back to the audience, pulled up her loose fitting top, and flashed Johnny.

He was speechless until he started laughing and then only garbled something
and they went to a commercial.  Or at least that's the way I remember it.
 Eric X

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Today's Mystery City


 Subject: last issue's Mystery City     Link

Bart, that Avalon, the only city on Catalina Island, which is off the coast of California.
(Dang, now I'm going to have that old song in my head. "26 miles across the sea,
Santa Catalina is waitin' for me...")
 Leo in Maryand


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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that's a 1940 Buick Special 4-door Convertible.
My GrandDad was a Buick guy, but he didn't like the way they
built-in the headlights in the fenders so he bought a Chevy that year!


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Today's History Mystery

 Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link

Bart, that is Roberto Clemente, the great Pittsburgh Pirate. 
Tragically, he died in a plane crash related to earthquake relief for Nicaragua in 1972. 
You can see the Pittsburgh colors on his uniform.
  Bruce in NM

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Subject: donations

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