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Thurs-Friday, Nov 7-8, 2013    Vol 3152 - Insufficient screams

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow NRA Loses Big at Home
Arrow Feinstein Betrays Civil Liberties
Quadriplegic Fired Over Pot
Arrow Kerry's Appeasement Tour
Colorado to Tax Legal Pot
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Hottest Vampire? - Nina Dobrev

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"Banning abortion, killing immigration reform and fighting for the right
  to fire LGBT people" is a pretty good epitaph for the GOP.

    --  LOLGOP in a tweet

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NRA Loses Big at Home
  by Adam Winkler


Tuesday's election in Virginia was a remarkable setback for the Virginia-based NRA.
Democrat Terry McAuliffe beat Republican Ken Cuccinelli, despite McAuliffe's support
of expansive new gun control laws, like universal background checks and limits on assault
rifles and high-capacity magazine. Indeed, McAuliffe had an "F" rating from the NRA,
compared to Cuccinelli's "A" rating. And yet, even in a state with a lot of rural, pro-gun
voters, McAuliffe emerged victorious.

McAuliffe's victory is a boon to gun control advocates. Ever since Obama's failed effort to
pass new gun control laws died in the Senate, many people have worried that support for
gun control was a death knell to elected officials outside of a handful of solidly blue states.
That worry only became more pronounced when two Colorado lawmakers who voted for
that state's recently enacted gun control laws were recalled in a bitter election contest in September.

"The story line we were told by so many pundits after the Colorado recall was that gun
control is dead, that no candidate in his right mind would campaign on gun control,"
says Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Gun control IS dead.

I didn't follow that VA race but I'm sure McAuliffe won because Cuccinelli is
a woman-hating, Teabgging loon who wanted to make oral sex a felony.

When women hate you, you can't win.
That's why the Democrats will win big in 2014, 2016 and further until the GOP gets
permission from Rush Limbaugh to treat women as equals which is NOT going to happen.

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 Subject: author Steve Goreham

Bart recently got this guys book titled :THE MAD, MAD, MAD World OF Climatism. 
just glance through some of it and this guy refutes most scientists and Al Gores views
about the Climate change how to prevent it. Book came from some Wall street millionaire, 
Ever hear of this guy?
 Ole Vet

He's a f-ing liar.
The evidence is everywhere.

Bees are dying. Moose are dying. Starfish are dying.
Some Florida streets flood at high tide.
The trees out West are turning brown.
The glaciers are melting at Glacier National Park.

I suspect we're already passed the tipping point. 

If I wasn't an old man with no kids, I'd panic.

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Feinstein Betrays Civil Liberties
   by Norman Soloman


Ever since the first big revelations about the NSA five months ago, Dianne Feinstein has been in overdrive
to defend the surveillance state. As chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, she generates an abundance
of fog, weasel words, anti-whistleblower slander and bogus notions of reform — while methodically stabbing
civil liberties in the back.

In other words, she's doing her job.

Feinstein’s powerful service to Big Brother, reaching new heights in recent months, is just getting started.
She’s hard at work to muddy all the waters of public discourse she can — striving to protect the NSA from
real legislative remedies while serving as a key political enabler for Obama’s shameless abuse of the First,
Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

Protect the NSA from real legislative remedies?
Soloman wants the NSA shut down - what exactly would that "remedy?"

Last Sunday, Feinstein said Edward Snowden has done “enormous disservice to our country,” it was one
of her more restrained smears. In June, when Snowden first went public as a whistleblower, Feinstein quickly
declared that he had committed “an act of treason.” Since then, she has refused to tone down the claim.
“I stand by it,” she told The Hill on Oct. 29.

Funny, of all the things that are wrong in America, Solomon thinks the best use of his time is to go after Democrats.
If Soloman ever had an idea to do more than sit around and hurl accusations at Democrats (He's a Democrat - they
love to hate their winners) I wonder if he would ever consider running for office?

If he was successful, he might win and then what?  Maybe after a few terms in the House he might run for the Senate.
And if he was effective there, they might put him on the Intelligence Committee and, to some degree, HE would then
be in charge of protecting America from dirty bombs, shoe-bombs, underwear bombs, pressure-cooker bombs, etc.

I wonder, if it was Solomon's duty to keep America safe, would he still be a Constitutional absolutist?
It's REAL f-ing easy to sit at a computer and attack your own (to prove how f-ing fair you are).
It's a lot tougher to actually have the weight of that responsibility on your shoulders.

The next time al-Qaeda pulls a 9-11, what would Solomon say when he went on Face the Whore and Bob Schieffer
asked, "It was YOUR job to keep us safe, Senator Solomon - why did you fail to connect the dots?"

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 Subject: The whole Gore-y mess

At the time of the 2000 election snafu, it was noted in the press that Bush had a legion
of lawyers ready to fight if their man lost the electoral vote but won the popular vote.

You will recall that Repug storm troopers (in suits) were bussed in to intimidate the folks
who were doing the counting. Gore could have fought it. But he was a decent sort, really.

There are many who believe that he chose not to fight it, because he didn't want to be the
President when the 9/11 thing came down, which--as many knew--was already in the works.
I'm sure he's glad to this day that he wasn't President during the worst failure of the CIA,
the NSA, our air defense system, NORAD and the FAA to prevent 17 incompetent partying
Muslims from flying around for an hour and a half in the most secure air corridor in the world,
then destroying four buildings.

Just sayin'.

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Quadriplegic Fired Over Pot


The marijuana that Brandon Coats smokes under a doctor’s supervision helps calm muscle spasms
stemming from a car accident that left him a quadriplegic. It also cost him his job.

Coats, 34, was fired as a customer service rep at Dish Network after failing a random drug test,
even though Coats lives in Colorado where marijuana is legal for medical use. A state appeals court
in April upheld the company’s right to fire him based on the federal prohibition on pot.

“I wasn’t doing anything wrong,” Coats said. “I had a doctor’s permission to do something I need
to help me get on with my life.”

Coats’ ordeal shows how workplace rules on drug use have yet to catch up to changing attitudes and laws.
Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states yet illegal under federal law. Colorado and Washington allow
recreational pot, and this week, Portland, Maine, and three cities in Michigan voted to back legalization.

Obama should fix this.
Let's stop the illogical jihad against a flower that's not hurting anybody.

 Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: I'd love to live in a country...

...where the journalists were trusted like Walter Cronkite used to be.
...with real journalists like Edward R. Murrow used to be the norm, rather than the exception.
...where proudly proclaiming that a “god” or “angels” talk to you in your head would automatically DISqualify you from holding any public office.
...that had a policy where BOTH sides of an issue had to be represented in order to hold a broadcast license – sort of a “Fairness Doctrine” if you will.
...where concern for the poorest and least fortunate among us was as great as the adoration of the wealthiest and most celebrated.


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Kerry's Appeasement Tour
   by Robert Parry


Secretary of State Kerry is scurrying from capital to capital across the Mideast in what looks like
an apology tour, seeking to soothe the hurt feelings of Saudi Arabia and Israel, but the appeasement
may encourage more resistance to U.S. policies, writes Robert Parry.

Apology Tour?
Is this Bob Parry talking or Rush Limbaugh?

Saudi Arabia faults Obama for demonstrating a lack of leadership in confronting Middle East crises,
by which the kingdom means he should have intervened militarily in the Syrian civil war and fully
backed the Egyptian coup d’etat. But Obama’s real lack of spine was on display when he sent
Secretary of State John Kerry on a groveling tour seeking to placate Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Obama's lack of spine?
Kerry's on a groveling tour?

Is this Bob Parry talking or Sean Hannity?

Kerry seemingly must have worn out his knee pads in one “allied” capital after another, offering
reassurances that the Obama administration won’t go too easy on the Iranians in nuclear talks,
won’t cede much ground to Syria in peace negotiations, won’t be too tough on Egypt’s military
dictators, and won’t protest Israel’s latest land grab.

"Worn out his knee pads?"
Is this Bob Parry talking or Glenn Beck?

Can anyone remember the last time Parry wrote something positive about Obama?

Is Parry another one of those writers who attacks Obama every chance he gets
so he can prove how "fair" he is?

I'm so old. I remember when Robert Parry was on OUR side.
It's too bad he can't use any of that Obama-hating energy on Republicans and Teabaggers.

 Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Keep swinging that hammer

The influence of the Tea Party looks like it has alienate a lot of moderate Republicans, 
but the supporters of that "movement" are getting more vocal and impervious to facts.

Keep blasting bud,  you are a beacon of reason in a shitstorm of Crazy.
all the best from Northern Ireland.
 Teh goat

Thanks for the positive e-mail.
Most of my mail is "Screw you, Cheney!"  


Send e-mail to Bart

Ted Rall is possibly the last person I would ever expect to play fair,
but wouldn't it be better to say, "According to a claim made in a new book,
Obama was quoted as saying..." but being fair to Obama isn't "cool" these days.

To be a good liberal in 2013, you must curse Obama with every breath.

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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 Subject: More on Gore

Once the outcome depended on Florida there was nothing anyone could have done.
The RehnQuisling 5 were going to rubber stamp Jeb’s crooked count and that was that.

But Gore has to take partial responsibility for allowing the Simian Prince within stealing distance.
I have no way of knowing for sure but I think his pride got in the way. He resented being in the
Big Dog’s shadow and so his biggest campaign asset remained unutilized. And worse than that,
Gore picked Kissyface, who brought nothing to the table, simply because he was seen as the “anti-Bubba”.
 Dave in Deer Park,

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Colorado to Tax Legal Pot


After legalizing pot last year, Colorado voters approved a pot sales tax on Tuesday.

Pot sales will have a 25 percent tax slapped on them starting Jan. 1, when retailers begin selling pot legally,
with 15 percent of that being an excise tax to be used for public school construction projects and 10 percent
being a special sales tax to fund enforcement of regulations on the retail marijuana industry.

The tax would generate $33.5 million its first year and $67 million its second year in state taxes.
The average Colorado pot retail store is expected to sell an ounce of marijuana for $200.
With the excise tax, that gets raised to $230; with the special sales tax, it goes up to $250.
Toss on state and local taxes, and it's even more.

In 2011, Colorado pot stores were selling it for $17 a gram, which is $475 an ounce
so $250 sounds like a bargain, expecially if you've been smoking shit weed for four decades.

BTW, I just called Colorado NORML and while they said they can't guarantee anything,
NORML expects Colorado to have legal pot stores open in Denver, at least, on Jan 2.

She said out-of-state tourists can "only" buy 1/4 ounce at a time.

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Today's Wildlife Photo

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 Subject: Absolutely unimaginable this could happen in America


It's worse than being a quadriplegic who was fired
for taking medicine to stop muscle spasms.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that’s Lori Singer.
Deborah H

Anybody remember VR 5?
It was a Tron-like computer show Lori starred in back in 1995.

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Today's Mystery City


 Subject: last issue's Mystery City     Link

Bart, that's Avenida Nueve de Julio in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I used to lecture at Lenguas Vivas on Carlos Pellegrini, below and a bit off to the side of the camera.

That's the widest street I've ever seem.

What is it, 24 lanes?


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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that's a 1955 Chrysler Imperial Coupe.
They made this body style in 1955 and 1956, but the 1956 cars’ side moldings
were straight; that little triangle-shaped trim detail isn’t there on the later cars.


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Today's History Mystery

 Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link

Bart, I have no clue regarding the details of this picture
but I swear to God I can't quit laughing.
Thank You Bart
   Dave in Nevada

Bart, Not sure of the specifics but that guy, if he regained consciousness
during any of that, must have believed he was in hell.
Karma. is a baaaad muthuh

Bart, that is an advertisement from Large magazine's
"For people who think bigger than they are" ad campaign"

  It's a hoax

Little Rock, AR.

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Hottest Vampire? - Nina Dobrev


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