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Wednesday, Dec 4, 2013    Vol 3163 - He's dead, Jim

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow Insurance Crooks Caught Again
Arrow Beck: "Impeach the Black Guy"
Baggers Chase Space Aliens
Arrow Paul Walker, Generous Man
Jeb Bush's Crazy Twitter Lie 
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow There's only one Britney Spears

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"Does Paul Ryan sell "safety hammocks" on his website?
  Great way to mock people living it up on $4.20 a day."
  --  LOLGOP in a Tweet

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Insurance Crooks Caught Again
Blue Cross Drops Thousands of Health Plans,
Asks Suckers to re-sign at higher rate


Following the report that Insurer Humana was fined $65,000 in Kentucky for sending out 6,500
misleading cancellation letters for low-premiums plans only to be automatic re-enrollment in
high cost plans before these customers were given a chance to shop on the open exchange for
a better and cheaper plan - we now have a new report that Anthem Blue Cross is being sued
for tricking people into dropping their "grandfathered" plans.

Think that's bad, well this is even worse.

“Blue Cross successfully enticed tens of thousands of its individual policyholders to switch out
of their grandfathered health plans and forever lose their protected grandfathered status,” states
the lawsuit. “Blue Cross concealed information about the consequences of switching plans and
intentionally misled its policyholders to encourage the replacement of grandfathered policies.”

I see a potential problem here.

Obama's Justice Department has a habit of, after catching the BIG crooks red-handed, saying,
"OK, we caught you. Give back 10 percent of what you stole and promise to not do it again."

Under Obama, why would any billion dollar corporation consider obeying the law?

You steal and steal and steal and steal and steal and steal and steal and
IF you get caught,
get to choose your deal from Eric Holder and give back ten percent and start stealing again.

"Eric, raid more state-licensed pot dispensaries in Denver!
  And when's the last time you raided a poker game?"

Obama Raids Denver Dispensaries
Rremember his marble-mouth promise?


Why can't the man just chill?

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 Subject: Kennedy

Bart, you wrote:

"JFK is the same story as RFK, which is the same story as 9-11.
 All we know for sure is that we're being lied to."

No it's not. Not even close, not for either one.

Is, too!
And MLK belongs in that group, too.

In fact the statement is sophomoric and beneath you.

No, you disagree with me but you're unable to say why.
Since you're unable to state your case, you attack me.
If you had a point, you would've made it, right?

Sounds like something Bill O'Reilly would say.

I'm not O'Reilly, I'm Cheney, remember?

 Steven B

Steven, you're going to call me a liar but never mention what lie I told?
Of course they're not "the same" in that JFK wasn't RFK and neither was alive on 9-11.

Obviously what I meant was all three stories have giant holes in them
yet you chose not to make a point, but to attack You made it personal.

I guess - bottom line - I'm entitled to your opinion.

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Glenn Beck: "Impeach the Black Guy"
Poor bastard - sooooo desperate for attention


“I call for the very first time,” Beck said, “on this President. I, personally, I have said before, ‘
That’s impeachable.’ I, personally, am calling to impeach the President. This is impeachable.”

I, personally, have no idea what he's trying to say.
Hey Glenn, when words come out of YOUR mouth, we understand they are YOUR words
because nobody else can make you say the stupid things that come out of your filthy, racist mouth

And what, exactly, does Beck mean by “this”? What is it that President Obama is doing that rises
to the constitutionally defined level of “high crimes” and/or “misdemeanors”?

Beck believes that the President should be impeached because he is willing to arm the Syrian rebels.
“He is arming known terrorists,” Beck said, “and John McCain should be impeached as well.”

John McCain should be impeached? We didn’t see that one coming.

So, when Bush lied us into a war that klilled 5,000 soldiers, Neck was OK with that,
More than OK, Beck personally organized "Let's Inave-Iraq" rallies to get right-wingers
all worked up to invade
a country that was minding its own business.  That's OK.

But if the Black guy is considering helping the victims of genocide, that's impeachable?

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 Subject: Has Apple or Microsoft ever made a product that works?

No Bart,
That's why we have Linux.
  Chuck West

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 Subject: JFK

Dear Bart:
Perhaps Alan in Boston can explain how Oswald was able to create
phony JFK autopsy photos and x-rays, since he was already dead.
  Jim W

They'll probably deny this, too, but 30 years ago, there was a scandal when it was proven that the FBI
or whoever had Zapruder's original tape "accidentally" switched frames (search for "frames 227 and 230")

which "coincidentally" made Kennedy's head jerk the wrong way in the official film of the event.

They they they "inadvertantly" swicthed those two frames, which, not having my own dark room,
sounds pretty goddamn impossible to me.  Why take scissors to the best evidence?

Also, why is JFK's brain missing?
Either someone stole it or they "misplaced" the recently-assassinated president's brain.

...and some people think they're getting the whole truth?

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Teabaggers Chasing Space Aliens
They figure that's a high priority right now?


With only seven workdays left between now and the end of the first session of the 113th Congress,
a full House committee has found time to hold a hearing on extraterrestrial life.

The Committee on Science, Space and Technology, chaired by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), will meet
for a hearing called “Astrobiology: Search for Biosignatures in our Solar System and Beyond” for two hours
Wednesday to “investigate what methods are being used to determine if any of these planets may harbor life,”
according to the hearing charter.

Republicans on the Science Committee may be open to the possibility of alien life on other planets,
but Smith and many of his colleagues are much less convinced that global warming is happening
on this one, or that it might be caused by humans.

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 Subject: WKRP's Jennifer Marlo vs Bailey Quarters

Bart, even in my teens while WKRP aired, it was Bailey, hands down.
Thanks for those memories.

Bailey, daily!

You admire Jennifer from afar and if you get close you become tongue-tied.
Bailey is approachable and still quite pretty (in a Mary Ann kind of way)
Bailey all the way.
  Tom C


Bailey, definitely; the quiet brains over the blatant blonde sex-bomb.

Easy......Bailey Quarters.
 b c

Hi Bart,
I used to have fantasies about Bailey Quarters.
One of TV's hottest babes ever.
 Rick in Austria 

Yo, Dude...
 Bailey in a heartbeat... I was with one very much like her for a time
in the middle 70's and I let her get away... Wish I had that opportunity back...

Plus, wasn't Jennifer portrayed as a golddigger?
She was always dating some rich, old CEO or something.

   I'll weigh in on that Bart

Sirius XM

JFK and the Unspeakable:
Why He Died and Why It Matters


At the height of the Cold War, JFK risked committing the greatest crime in human history:
starting a nuclear war. Horrified by the specter of nuclear annihilation, Kennedy gradually
turned away from his long-held Cold Warrior beliefs and toward a policy of lasting peace.
But to the military and intelligence agencies in the United States, who were committed
to winning the Cold War at any cost, Kennedy’s change of heart was a direct threat
to their power and influence. Once these dark "Unspeakable" forces recognized
that Kennedy’s interests were in direct opposition to their own...

 Subject: The Ruby Tapee

I did see that video clip of Jack Ruby sometime during all the hours of Assassination reminiscences
(C-SPAN maybe?) in a segment which went about the task of analyzing Ruby the man.
A braggart and poseur.  Impulsive and emotional.  So incapable of keeping a secret
that no one with an ounce of sense would include him in a conspiracy.

I disagree. He said,
"The world will never know the true facts of what occurred, my motives. The people who had
  so much to gain, and had such an ulterior motive for putting me in the position I'm in,
  will never let the true facts come above board to the world. The people involved are so big
  and have
so much to lose, the truth well never come out."

That way, he tells us something big is lurking in the shadows without blowing the secret.
To me, that's a very "horse's mouth" moment.
Was wiring funds to a stranded stripper minutes before he shot Oswald. 
Left his beloved dog in his parked car.

Not sure that's evidence...
People do weird shit.
The incriminating quote is part of his Wikipedia entry. 
Together with a reported death-bed confession that he was full of shit.
I don't think anyone is hiding that clip, Bart.  It's just that, outside the context of debunking it,
Ruby's quote is just self-serving smoke and mirrors as he sought a new trial.
Maybe "hiding it" was a poor choice of words, but I haven't seen that clip in 30 years.
I think instead of focusing on "braggart and poser," you should focus on "dying."

I'd say Ruby was chosen to silence Oswald because he was dying.
This way, Oswald can't tell what he knows, Ruby only has to hold out
a few years and we can assume his family was well taken care of?

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Marty's Entertainment Page
has new stuff every day

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture



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 Subject: Single Bullet BS 

I have one argument that the single bullet theory is BS and there is no answer to it. 
(It's not my argument)  All of the single bullet proponents admit that for Oswald,
or anyone else, to be the lone shooter, one bullet had to pass through the presidents neck,
through Connally's shoulder, then through his wrist, smashing the wrist bone in the process. 

Now watch the Zapruder film

When Kennedy emerges from behind the sign, he is already clutching at his throat. 
Connaly, as he has always said, is trying to turn around and see what's happened in the rear. 
Watch him as he tries to twist around while holding his hat between his forefinger and thumb. 
That would be the forefinger and thumb of his right hand, the one attached to his right wrist,
the same wrist that should have already been smashed by a bullet. 

Connally's behavior on film matches his testimony of the sequence of events perfectly. 
He was adamant that he was aware the president had been shot prior to being hit himself. 
So, no single bullet, no single assassin using the rifle found in the window.

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Paul Walker, Generous Man
He did a nice thing and kept it secret


During the holiday season several years ago, Paul Walker walked into Bailey Banks and Biddle Jewelers
in Santa Barbara, and, according to sales associate Irene King, what happened next was amazing.

Walker was browsing for bling at the same time as a soldier who had just finished his first tour
of duty in Iraq, and was looking at engagement rings with his fiancée.  According to King,
the pair saw a ring set they liked, but it was way too expensive at $10,000.

In comes Walker. He called the store's manager and told him to put the ring "on his tab," but to keep
his identity hidden. He promptly walked out of the store. Yhe store never told the couple that
Paul Walker was the man behind the purchase, and nobody ever knew the sweet story until now.

I have nothing against Walker - he seemed like a decent guy - but the media is acting stupid.

I heard two reports Tuesday, one on CBS and one on NBC.
One said, "We know he wasn't racing because only one car crashed."
That's one of the stupidest things I've heard this year - and I cover Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin.

The second, possibly-dumber comment was this:
"Eye witnesses said Walker's car was going about 40 MPH."

I'm old, I've seen hundreds of car wrecks and that's NOT a 40 MPH wreck.

 Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: that Hobby Lobby lawsuit

If someone believes that Hobby Lobby, a for-profit retail corporation, should be allowed
to control what their employees can cover on their health plan, shouldn't they also believe
that a company owned by Muslims should be allowed to treat their employees with Sharia law?

 Send e-mail to Bart

Jeb Bush's Crazy Twitter Lie


You've probably heard the scuttlebutt about the U.S. allegedly "closing" its embassy at the Vatican.
It's a lie.

The State Department is merely moving the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See to a facility that includes
our embassy in Italy. The new embassy will actually be closer to the Vatican than it was before.

The move is for cost-saving and security considerations. You'd think the Republicans would be in favor
of greater security, considering how obsessed they are with Benghazi, and you'd think these so-called
fiscal conservatives would be into the cost savings.


Meanwhile, Jeb Bush, who some call "The Smart Bush," tweeted this shit Friday:

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 Subject: JFK-50 Years Later

Bart, thanks for the Jack Ruby tape. I also recall a news show that I watched in the early seventies
showing that Oswald could not have gotten three shots off with that rifle in the time that it happened.
Also that the window of the alleged snipers nest was stuck so that it only opened a few inches so that
Oswald couldn't have made the angle required to hit Kennedy. It was narrated by Walter Cronkite.

The formula that worked for the right wing underbelly in the sixties was to place a patsy at the scene
with a weapon, perform the assassination, have files sealed for 75 years, then disseminate misinformation
in the media for the duration.

JFK, RFK, and MLK in quick succession. As a child to me it was obvious, kind of like looking at a map
of the world and seeing that the continents were once connected and broke apart like puzzle pieces.

IMO if the truth was told the republicans would be known as the shit stain on American history that they are,
and that's why they persist so adamantly with their disinformation campaign on current media outlets.
 Steve, AZ 

BTW, Youtube has video of that Ruby tape, yet nobody will even mention it on the whore networks.

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that’s Katherine Heigl unless I’m much mistaken.
What a god-awful pic!
   Brad B.

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Today's Mystery City


 Subject: last issue's Mystery City     Link

Bart, that looks a lot like Honolulu.   Ala Wai canal in lower foreground.

The farthest tall building in the center of the pic: I lived just to the left,
at the base of the mountain. Nanoa Valley is where the U of Hawaii is located.

Also Punahoe school, Obama's alma mater.

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Nobody got yesterday's Mystery Car - it was a tough one.

That was a 2001 Qvale Mangusta Convertible.

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Today's History Mystery

 Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link

Bart, that is the oldest surviving photograph of an image formed in a camera. 
It was created by a French inventor named Joeseph Nicephore Niepce. 
The camera used a polished pewter plate coated with a thin layer of bitumen
liquefied using white petroleum.  After drying, the plate was exposed for hours
and sometimes days hardening the exposed tar.  The unhardened tar was then
washed away with a solvent leaving the positive image with the light regions
being the hardened bitumen and the darker regions the bare pewter.

The picture was created in 1826 or 1827 making it 187 years old.
Roger in South Dakota, the land of stoned presidents.

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Subject: donations

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