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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

Thurs-Friday, Dec 12-13, 2013    Vol 3168 - Voices of Spring

No one complained when Bush took a selfie!

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow David Simon: US "Horror show"
Arrow Clothing the Sierra Madres
Poll: Cali wants Legal Pot
Arrow Mandella's Funeral Spoofed
Dirty Tricks in Washington 
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Hear me roar - Katy Perry

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Notice Obama and the Democrats didn't
ask people to share their sucesss stories.

Why can't Democrats think?


"Noted theologian Rush Limbaugh assails Pope Francis as a “Marxist” for
  criticizing the tyranny of markets and the worship of money. Because Jesus
  was all about capital formation and tax cuts for the wealthy."
  --  Gene Lyons, who always gets it right    Link

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David Simon: US is a "Horror show"
The wrote The Wire, he knows poverty and crime


David Simon gave an informal speech in Sydney, Australia. It begins like this:

America is a country that is now utterly divided when it comes to its society, its economy, its politics.
There are definitely two Americas. I live in one, on one block in Baltimore that is part of the viable
America, the America that is connected to its own economy, where there is a plausible future for the
people born into it. About 20 blocks away is another America entirely. It's astonishing how little we
have to do with each other, and yet we are living in such proximity.
That may be the ultimate tragedy of capitalism in our time, that it has achieved its dominance without
regard to a social compact, without being connected to any other metric for human progress.
We understand profit. In my country we measure things by profit. We listen to the Wall Street analysts.
They tell us what we're supposed to do every quarter. The quarterly report is God. Turn to face God.
Turn to face Mecca, you know. Did you make your number? Did you not make your number?
Do you want your bonus? Do you not want your bonus?

We need a Democratic president with a Democratic House and Senate.

We can't change much with the "burn it all down" GOP in our government.

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 Subject: New York arrogance

And for Christ sake - quit claiming that you are the only people
in the
whole damn world who knows how to make pizza & eat it!

There, Bart.  I just thought that I would help you out with a worth while rant. 

Oh, there are at least another dozen glaring examples,
but you know me - always with the restraint.


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Take to the Hills: Clothing the Sierra Madres
My good friend The Freeway Blogger is a one-man Charity Wave

"If you want to directly alleviate human suffering here’s what to do:
  collect warm clothing, put them in a car and deliver them to people who are cold."
     —Patrick Randall in "Take to the Hills."


The renowned FreewayBlogger, aka Patrick Randall, tells the story of one of his earliest decisiond
to take direct action—he hears a report of poverty in Mexico, loads up his trusty old VW bus and hits
the road with half a ton of clothes, no map, some good tunes and a sense of adventure.

The trip turns into an exploration in discovery, friendship and the power of acting on your beliefs in
a tale of a journey that's part travelogue, part exhortation to take philanthropic risks, but all heart.

"Take to the Hills! Clothing the Sierra Madres" is the story of how a coincidence turned an English teacher
into a modern-day Robin Hood: taking warm clothing from the rich and bringing them to the poorest, coldest
people he could find. It shows how one person can make a difference in the lives of thousands and have the
adventure of a lifetime doing it.
eBook Price: $0.99

I bought a copy and I'm glad I did;

I spent the next three years collecting blankets, warm clothes, school and medical supplies,
and delivering them to communities throughout the northwest Sierra Madres, reaching about
forty different villages spread out across 5,000 square miles.  When I was done I could look at
a globe, put my finger down on one spot and say, “There, right there. The people who live in
this place are at least slightly better off because of what I did.” It’s an amazing feeling, and
not one that many get to experience.

In a very real way it crystallized everything about life in the the first and third worlds:
We spend our time dealing with our surpluses while they spend theirs coping with their lack.

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 Subject: Megan (I'm-not-an-idealog) Kelly

Bart posted:

"I always tell people if they think I am this conservative operative, ask Karl Rove."
    --  FOX News's Megan Kelly, saying she can't possibly be conservative
         if she works at a place teeming with hardcore Nazis

The day of the Memorial for Nelson Mandela, Kelly opened her show criticizing the President for
shaking a world leader's hand at the wake. I don't have to ask KKKarl anything; I just have to watch
one single night of your right-wing, talking points repeating, Democrat bashing, Liberal bashing, President
Obama bashing, ACA bashing, Union bashing, War on Christmas preaching, pretend "News" show!
You said you wouldn't do that, Megan. wha hapnd!

Every time I hear one of these Fox News folks deny there right-wing ideology,
it reminds me of Demi Moore in the movie "Disclosure" when she gets caught
in a Lie for which they have actual video evidence of the Lie!

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 Subject: your New York rant

You are correct, sir. 
Noo Yawkers even treat people from New Jersey
like they come from some backwoods wilderness. 

Only the borough of Manhattan is great; Queens,
Staten Island, Brooklyn and The Bronx are dumps.
Love your website,
 Andy K.

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Poll: Cali wants Legal Pot
The dam has many cracks in it


For the first time a Field Poll survey of California voters shows that a majority believe
marijuana should be legalized and regulated sales to adults with ID should be allowed.
A poll in 2010 showed a 50 percent split among voters just months before Proposition 19
failed in California.  Today, only 31 percent of the state opposes legalization.

Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo says that the drastic increase from 30 percent of voters
in the early 1980s to a majority today mirrors changes to same-sex marriage laws over the last decade.

"It just seems like an inevitable trend towards the liberalization of the laws," he told the Sacramento Bee.

Woo Hoo! Freedom's on the march!

Wait, why does that sound like Der Monkey Fuhrer?

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 Subject: Yuletide Love Story

A couple were Christmas shopping. The shopping center was packed.
As the wife walked through the mall she was surprised when she looked around
to find her husband was nowhere to be seen.  She was quite upset because they had a lot to do.
She became so worried she called him on her cell phone to ask him where he was.
In a quiet voice he said, "Do you remember the jeweler's we went into about five years ago
where you fell in love with that diamond necklace we couldn't afford, and I told you I would
get it for you one day?"

The wife choked up and started to cry and said, "Yes, I do remember that shop."

He replied, "Well, I'm in the bar next door."

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Marty's Entertainment Page
has new stuff every day

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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Dirty Tricks in Washington
And we're not talking about politics


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is shut down for rest of season...

"Shut down"  What does that mean?  Is he hurt or lacking confidence?

...naming backup Kirk Cousins as their new starter. The decision further escalated the showdown
between Coach Mike Shanahan and team owner Daniel Snyder over the direction of the franchise.

Griffin, last season’s NFL offensive rookie of the year, expressed disappointment with Shanahan’s
decision and said he “expressed my desire to play” in a meeting with the puzzling coach.

Shanahan claims that he's "shutting down" his star quarterback down to avoid the possibility of him
getting hurt following a run of five games in which he has been sacked repeatedly.

They say Shanahan is unhappy with Snyder’s friendly relationship with Griffin.  What?
The decision to bench Griffin has been interpreted as a deliberate effort by Shanahan to provoke
Snyder into firing him, meaning Snyder would have to pay Shanahan more than $7 million.

Shanahan would not have to be paid if he quit.

I have no opinion on this but the way it's written, Shanahan's strategery seems to be to become
the biggest dick he can possibly be and make decisions NOT in the best interest of the Redskins,
which makes me wonder how stupid is the lawyer who drew up that contract?

In other words, "I'm going to screw you until you give me $7M because
our contract says I can and there's really nothing you can do about it."

I say get rid of him right away.

And who'd want to hire a coach that would do that to his team?

 Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: your New York rant

Bart, from New Jersey, Here's a big FUCK YOU!

But New York HATES New Jersey - why stick up for them?
Your just jealous being stuck out there in God's dust bowl.

Truer words were never spoken, but my point was if it's BIG NEWS when the
temperature hits 95 in New York, we should get a mention when it hits 115 here.

Nobody gives a fuck what happens there.  Believe me, we get pretty sick of hearing
about Nowhere, OK getting flattened by a tornado, followed by the sad, sad, tales of
the dumbasses who live in Tornado Alley who are too fucking stupid to own a storm shelter,
and how Jesus saved them, and how lucky they are because only a few people got killed.

"Too fucking stupid?" or "Can't afford it?"
I have been to Amarillo, TX and I saw the Cadillac Ranch.  The ONLY worthwhile thing
for hundreds of miles.  If Oklahoma is anything like that, you can keep it.

If you think the Cadillac Ranch is "worthwhile,"
you may have more Okie in you than you realize.
When the Murrah building was bombed, we endured thousands of hours of "coverage". 

You see no difference between the networks covering terrorism and Linsanity?
Maybe you're not thinking as clearly as you could be.

BTW, we are quite used to the heaping abuse from out there in the Provinces
and don't really give a fuck.  Stay there.  It's too crowded here already.
 Kevin in NJ

Dude, trust me.
If we move, it won't be to New Jersey.

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Mandella's Funeral Got Spoofed
Fake deaf interpreter was just rubbing his hands

Link    With Video

Johannesburg – While millions across the globe were inspired and moved by speeches made at
Nelson Mandela’s memorial, the international deaf community expressed outrage over what they
say was a fake sign language interpreter.

According to Australia's SBS News, deaf South African and board member of the World Federation
of the Deaf Youth Section Braam Jordaan said the interpreter was simply making up his own signs.

“The structure of his hand, facial expressions and the body movements did not follow what the
speaker was saying,” Jordaan was quoted as saying. “What happened at the memorial service is
truly disgraceful thing to see – it should not happen at all.”

Jordaan said the interpreter seemed to simply be making up his own hand movements.

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Front Porch Smoking Illegal
But Denver cops call it "our lowest priority"
God forbid someone watches a sunset illegally

Denver gave initial approval to a new controversial city ordinance that would ban smoking pot
on private property if it happens in public view, including front porches, yards and balconies.
Council members voted 7-5 in favor of the ban on first read Monday, but must vote one more
time next week for it to become law.

Suvi Miller is one of the ordinance's supporters.  "We have an obligation to protect the health and
welfare of our citizens," she lied to 9News. "This is not a property issue; it's a public health issue."

Yes, because the public is in grave danger if someone lights up 100 feet yards away.
Why, it's almost as dangerous as watching a man drink a beer - who will protect the kiddies?

The good news is these hysterical ninnies are dying and the new way is taking over.
I can put up with the hysterical ninnies while this mega-damn breaks.

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"The Denver City Council overwhelmingly voted to allow adults to smoke pot
  on their front porches  -- even if the pot smoking is in clear public view."
  --  according to the Huffy Post    Link

  See what I mean about nobody knowing nothin' about nothin'?

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 Subject: I have waaaaay too much money, Bart

Hey BC,
A challenge to you. If you keep me anonymous, and you can get 200 different people
to send you Christmas cards with at least a $5 gift inside, I'll donate $1000.
The greetings must arrive to your PO Box before Christmas Day.

However, if there are only 199, then I won't even send you an extra lump of coal.
Dare to take the challenge?

Dude, thanks for that.
I accept the challenge, 'cause I'm a gambler, but that's a lot of Christmas cards.
I'm not sure my PO Box has received 200 cards since I opened it :)

So, can we get to 200 cards before Christmas?
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155 (note corrected zip)

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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Eldrick Blows 3-Foot Putt, Tourney
He was leading all day until the very end...


While some might have been shocked to watch Eldrick post rounds of 72-70 last weekend
and then miss a three-foot putt to lose to Zach Johnson on the first hole of a sudden-death
playoff at Sherwood Country Club, close observers of the game didn’t even blink an eye.

In fact, Woods’ play was exactly the type of performance that one expects from Woods.
You see, while five years ago, if Woods held at least a share of the 54- or even 36-hole lead,
tournament officials could have start engraving his name on the trophy; that is no longer the case.

Woods is actually more likely to perform poorly on the weekends these days
than he is to slam the door shut on a 36- or 54-hole lead.

Poor Eldrick.
Maybe he should try spanking a bunch of Las Vegas "hostesses."

Couldn't hurt.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that''s Adrianne Palicki, as Wonder Woman in NBC's failed series.
~ Tony in Philly

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Bob Beckle (Traitor) is supposed to be the liberal over there
but he spends his time covering for the vulgar Pigboy. 

Today's Mystery City


 Subject: last issue's Mystery City     Link

Nobody got Phoenix.

Nobody got Phoenix last time, either.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that's a 1953 Kaiser Dragon,
 Ray B

Hi Bart,
The car of the day is a 1953 Kaiser Dragon.
"This Dragon came with gold plated hood and fender nameplates, a padded roof
and a wild interior that resembled bamboo, and Laguna pattern cloth making it
possibly the ritziest '53 on the market. Only 1,277 were sold."
It didn't attract attention to the younger buyers.  The only option was the out of date and
underpowered flathead 6 cylinder engine,  yet very expensive... a bad combination to compete
with many new cars with available high performance OHV V-8's now flooding the market.

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Today's History Mystery

 Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link

Bart, that kid playing cop looks like Mel Gibson to me.
Just a wild guess.
 -Mike C.,

Bart, that is 5 year-old John F. Kennedy playing police officer.
 rick in rio rancho

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I am woman, hear me roar - Katy Perry


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