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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

Weekend-Wed, Dec 14-18, 2013    Vol 3169 - Mandan 28

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow Millennials Prepare GOP End
Arrow Pigboy Killing Hate Radio
Spoiled-Rich Texas Kid Gets Off
Arrow Eldrick's Brother a Terrorist?
Why you can’t blame Tony Romo
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Top-selling artist Rihanna

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Pope vs Pigboy Quotes

"The only specific quote I used was the one regarding the “trickle-down theories” which assume
  that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about
  greater justice and social inclusiveness in the world. The promise was that when the glass was full,
  it would overflow, benefitting the poor. But what happens instead, is that when the glass is full,
  it magically gets bigger nothing ever comes out for the poor. This was the only reference to a
  specific theory. I was not, I repeat, speaking from a technical point of view but according to
  the Church’s social doctrine. This does not mean being a Marxist."
  --  The Pope     Link

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Millennials Prepare GOP End
.because Rush, FOX won't let them change 


1) Every election Millennials have voted in, they've skewed Democratic. Almost as important? 
Ditto for young Gen Xers (who turned 18 under Clinton) -- in every election except 2004 (when
they skewed GOP) and 2000 (when they tracked with national averages), they skew Democratic as well.  

2) Millennials and young Gen Xers deviated from the norm in 11 of 12 opportunities.  This wasn't the case
for all cohorts, many of whom often followed (or more likely, made up) the overall national average. 
Not these kids.  They've happily departed, election after election.  They're not falling in line with the average.

Watching the GOP destruct is something I've waited decades to see.

It feels great.

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Exclusive report by's Russian correspondent Michael Hammerschlag


KIEV:  Ukraine at the crossroads between East and West: join the Russian Eurasian Customs Union or sign
the EU Association Agreement  and Free Trade Agreement in Lithuania Nov 28-9. Largest demonstrations
since 2004 have broken out across Ukraine: people prefer the EU. The choice is stark: whether Ukraine will
be locked in a neo-Soviet ghetto of dependency and corruption, or join the Western world in greater transparency,
freedom, and rule of law. Incredibly, after 15 years of negotiation, Pres. Yanukovich scotched the deal a week
before, and 3 1/2 years of lies, abuse, and Promethean theft ($8-10 billion a year by his crime Family) caused
an explosion in the normally passive Ukrainian people. The downtown square is a giant tent city with from
100-500,000 every day for 3 weeks, 3 buildings taken over, free food, clothes, drinks in a clockwork run
organization any military would envy, joyful festive atmosphere- giant party till the thugs or riot troops come
with massive force or the desperate cornered Yanukovich does a Tiananmen Sq.. Twice the militsia tried to
clear the main square- the national and international condemnation, and peoples' courage in resisting (against
pushing-only police- say a prayer that'll continue). Many thousands of paid gov. thugs are coming to the capital
on private trains from the East and South and today (15th) may see major confrontations between the factions
- the protesters have their bomb throwing radicals too.

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 Subject: Obamacare

Bart, I hope voters will be smart enough to pick up on the fact that the ACA is the
remember how the teabagging GOP fought like rabid dogs to stop it and are still
comparing it to Marxism and Nazi Germany and God knows what.

I've always felt that using healthcare for profit and denying it to those who are not
wealthy is the most lowdown, despicable thing ever. Maybe there is hope for us yet.
Long may you swing the hammer.


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Pigboy Killing Hate Radio
He perfected it, now he can suck it

  Link just reported Limbaugh's radio daddy, Clear Channel, is even more in debt.
Some of Limbaugh's most loyal sponsors are evacuating his show. And a longtime radio veteran
is saying Limbaugh and 'Hate Radio' hosts are in trouble.

Clear Channel is enticing investors to roll their investment into the new term loan by offering more
than double the interest rate in order to get three more years to turn around a business that’s posted
losses every year since its buyout in 2008, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The company
faces $4.2 billion of debt coming due in 2016.

“The company is just treading water,” said Spencer Godfrey, an analyst for KDP Investment Inc. 

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 Subject: Of course the NSA spying is unconstitutional!

It comes as no surprise to people who can read that the first judge to evaluate the NSA spying
found it unconstitutional. The 4th Amendment of the Constitution says, "The right of the people
to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures,
shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or
affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

So when the Constitution says that warrants are required describing what is being searched for and why,
it's pretty clear that does not mean it's OK to search everyone for anything without a warrant.
You don't have to be a lawyer or a judge to figure out that dog won't hunt.
Thank you Edward Snowden for making this ruling possible.
 Marc Perkel

First, I don't think that's what the judge said.
I believe he said it "most likely" violates the constitution and he may be right.

But I stand with President Obama and Joe Biden and the Clintons and most everyone else
who has any authority because if al Qaeda hits us again, they are the people who'll get the blame.
Those with no responsibility can afford to be absolutists about the Fourth Amendment.

I disagree with my close friend Marc Perkel and Larry Klayman (He brought the suit).
Seems to me the 4th Amendment gives us the right to die from a terrorist attack.

I would rather be alive with a slightly wounded 4th Amendment
than be dead knowing that that amendment is 100 percent inviolatable.

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 Subject: Why are you not posting?

 Is everything OK?
  several people

First thing, thanks for worrying about me.

If I have not posted any updates on "regular" days,
check the most recent issue for the explanation.

Last issue I wrote:
Monday is a big birthday for Mrs. Bart.
Next issue Wednesday

I won't ever disappear without an explantion.
Even if I have a broken computer or no electricity, I can always
phone Marc Perkel or Chicago Jim and have them post an update for me.

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Spoiled, Rich Texas Kid Gets Off
He killed four, wounded more, but he's rich


"Affluenza," the affliction cited by a psychologist to argue that a rich Texas teenager should not
be sent to prison for killing four pedestrians while driving drunk, is not a recognized diagnosis and
should not be used to justify bad behavior, experts said Thursday.

A crooked judge's decision to give 16-year-old Ethan Couch 10 years of probation for the fatal accident
sparked outrage from relatives of those killed and has led to questions about the defense strategy.
A psychologist testified in Couch's trial that as a result of "affluenza," the boy should not receive
the maximum 20-year prison sentence prosecutors were seeking.or the

They're saying this rich bastard shouldn't be punished because his parents spolied him
and he never had to take responsibility for anything - so this isn't his fault.

Maybe the crooked conservatives in Texas should post a sign:
If you kill four people and you have $50M - no punishment.
If you kill four people and you have $10M - six months in prison.
If you kill four people and you have $1M - 2 years in prison.
If you kill four people and you have $100K - five years in prison.
If you kill four people and you have less than $100K - 20 years in prison.

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 Subject: Washington, Snyder, Shanahan, and RG3

iHi Bart:
I grew up in DC.  Loved the home team.  Seriously.  Never missed a game for over two decades. 
Now I can't stand them.  I actively root against them.  What changed?  Simple.  Snyder bought the team. 
Its like having your favorite daycare be bought out by Father Geoghan.

Snyder is to Washington fans as Mao was to Chinese intellectuals.  He has ruined the team, pissed all over
the fans (when he wasn't suing them), and destroyed what was once the classiest operation in pro sports. 
When I grew up, season tickets to RFK were fought over in will contests.  Now, Snyder is literally suing
people to get them to show up.  Snyder's long assault on the greatest franchise in sports is well documented,
and can be found here:    Seriously, the fact that anyone still goes to Washington home games can only be
attributed to Stockholm syndrome.  I wouldn't give Snyder a dime to watch his sorry ass football team get pounded. 

Shanahan should have pulled RG3 from the Seahawks game last playoffs.  He was obviously too hurt to play. 
I was literally cringing watching that game.  Then, to no one's surprise, he was hurt even worse.  He still hasn't
fully recovered. The failure to pull him last year may have cost RG3 his career.  Time will tell. 

It doesn't excuse what they did last year, but at least it was a playoff game.  At least something was at stake. 
There is no longer any plausible excuse.  There is nothing at stake.  Washington (I won't call them the Redskins,
because it is as offensive as calling them the Washington Niggers.  Just like white guys don't get to decide what
epitaphs are offensive to blacks, we don't get to decide what epitaphs are offensive to Native Americans, either.)
Washington isn't able to protect the QB, and the remaining games are meaningless.  Whoever is taking snaps for
Washington is going to take severe punishment for 3 more meaningless games.  Shanahan is actually, finally,
protecting RG3's career.  RG3 is still hurt.  Better late than never.  If Snyder overrules the coach and puts
RG3 back in, it will just add to his long list of transgressions.  I totally expect him to do it. 

I actually hope both RG3 and Shanahan leave Washington.  While I feel sorry for anyone who has to work
for Snyder, I feel especially sorry for those two.  Shanahan has three Superbowl rings (1 in SF, 2 in Denver). 
He also had QB Elvis Grbac throw a football at Al Davis's head (who is a colossal prick for what he did to
Marcus Allen).  You might hate Denver, but a ring is a ring and Snyder will never have a ring, because you
can't buy them, although God knows Snyder has tried.  RG3 totally deserves better than to play for Snyder. 
Hell, Ryan Leaf deserves better than to play for Snyder.

RG3 could revolutionize the position, if he gets his knee back. 
But he will only get a shot at doing it playing for anyone in the league besides Snyder.

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Marty's Entertainment Page
has new stuff every day

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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Eldrick's Brother a Terrorist?



The half-brother of Tiger Woods was arrested Thursday in Phoenix, accused of making
a false bomb threat at the government building where he works.

Phoenix police said 58-year-old Earl Woods Jr. called in the bomb threat
at the Department of Economic Security building about 8:30 a.m. MT Thursday.

Police say they were called after DES employees alerted building security.

Woods said he was only kidding.

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"What qualifies as sinful?  Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there
   - bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.
  It seems to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man's anus."
  --  Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson     Link

  Dude, if you're tired of being a big TV star, just walk away.
  Why make the majority of Americans hate you?

  I'll bet he eats at Chik-Fil-A.

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I get e-mail that says, "I bought a big ticket item from Amazon. Did you get credit?"
Often the answer is no and ducks (She's from Oregon) may have found out why.

 Subject: your Amazon credit

Bart, you need to tell your 12 readers about this (see reply below from amazon), it makes a difference.
Do NOT shop first and then use your link, bart gets no credit then. Everyone needs to use your link first.
Although I think the whole process is kind of complicated, I have to say I am impressed with the response,
including how quickly they replied.

Again, the key is place it in the cart during the 24 hour session after using your link.
People can shop all they want, just don't put it in the cart unless you do it during that window.
 Hope this helps.

Hello Ducks,
I have researched your orders placed on December 11, 2013 and found that they weren't credited to Bart's account.
I'm sorry, but these order cannot be retroactively credited to the Associate.

In order to ensure that Bart receives credit for a future order you will need to start your shopping session from that site.
As you stated in your e-mail that you already had items in your shopping cart when you went and clicked on the Associate
link on this site, that appears to be why the items didn't get credited to this Associate.  Anything you place in your shopping
cart within the 24 hours following your entry from the sponsoring website will be credited to that site if it is purchased
within 90 days. Credit will not be given for other items already in your cart from a previous visit.

I hope this information helps.
 The Amazon Staff.

Ducks, thanks for that.
In tough times, it hurts to not get credit for a reader purchase..

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With no advertisng money coming in, I need to hold a fundraiser.
You would like to see continue, right?
Anybody out there want to send a giant lump sum for others to match?

 Subject: I have waaaaay too much money, Bart

Hey BC,
A challenge to you. If you keep me anonymous, and you can get 200 different people
to send you Christmas cards with at least a $5 gift inside, I'll donate $1000.
The greetings must arrive to your PO Box before Christmas Day.

However, if there are only 199, then I won't even send you an extra lump of coal.
Dare to take the challenge?

Dude, thanks for that.
I accept the challenge, 'cause I'm a gambler, but that's a lot of Christmas cards.
I'm not sure my PO Box has received 200 cards since I opened it :)

Can we get to 200 cards before Christmas?
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155 (note corrected zip)

I'm going to check the PO Box today.

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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Why you can’t blame Tony Romo
for the worst loss in Cowboy history


It’s open season on Tony Romo.
His two interceptions in the final 2:46 of the Dallas Cowboys’ 37-36 loss
to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday fit perfectly into the Romo narrative.

He can’t win the big one.
He plays his worst when it matters most.
What else needs to be said?

Romo made the two biggest mistakes in the worst loss in the 53-year history of the franchise.
Never before have the Cowboys lost a game after leading by 23 points at halftime — until Sunday.

Romo decided to audible out of a run and throw an interception that led to the game-winning touchdown
 — and his critics have come out in full force.

Funny, Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones and I agree - Romo is our favorite Cowboy!

We were at dinner and when we got home, I see the Cowboys are winning 26-3.
Then Green Bay, with Discount Doublecheck benched, scored five second-half touchdowns.

With 2:56 left to play, Dallas, ahead by five, had the ball so you run the clock out, right?
Not our Romo - Green Bay pulled a trick on him and he fell for it.

They overloaded one side of the field, like they were expecting a running play.
Romo called a run in the huddle but when he got up to the line, he called an audible,
a pass play and threw another interception, but he wasn't thru yet.

With Green Bay ahead 37-36, Dallas got the ball back again with a minute left.
So what does my favorite Cowboy do?

He throws another interception.

How can you not love this guy?

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: your New York rant

Hey Bart,

Sorry NY news media decide to cover all that happens there, but you extrapolate what
the media does and apply the lie that ALL NYers think the world revolves around them.
8 million in the city, and 10 million more in the state, and we all think we're all that?

I too hated the non-stop coverage of Linsanity and the mayoral race, but do NOT claim
that based on the news media choosing to cover those stories that all NYers couldn't care
about anything else but themselves. That would be like saying that EVERYONE from
Oklahoma is a bigoted rat-fucking imbecile, when clearly not all are.   ha ha
Do unto others as you would do unto yourself.

OK. I would like to change that to "The New York media" because obviously
8 million people aren't deciding what's news, only the self-important media assholes.

Send e-mail to Bart

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that's Twin Peaks actress Sherilyn Fenn.
 Deborah H

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Today's Mystery City


 Subject: last issue's Mystery City     Link

Hi Bart,
That's the Park City, UT Ski Area with the Mountain Marriot Resort at the base on the left.

The reason people don't get the Phoenix photos is that much like Texas, anyone who
has spent anytime in either of those places would just as soon block it from their mind.
 Larry S

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that's a 1957 Oldsmobile 98 Holiday 2 door hardtop.
Mike in cannon Beach

Mike, it's officially a Golden Rocket 88 but you were very close.

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Today's History Mystery

 Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link

Hey Bart, that's Helen Keller "listening" to Charlie Chaplin.

By the way, is that $5 holiday card thing still happening? I'd be glad to pitch a little in.
 Rick (Monterey)

Rick, yes, it is, thanks.
Christmas is one week from today!

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Subject: donations

Thanks to MadSat and Fresno Harry for the donations.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  

As my buddy Ray Coleman always used to say, "Never quit!!" seems to be my best bet to stay on the Tubes
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Top-selling artist Rihanna


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