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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

Long weekend-Monday, Feb 13-17, 2014    Vol 3196 - Shatter

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow Why Play Monica Card Now?
Arrow Kansas Right OK with Gays?
Christie Pal Sent Updates
Arrow Snowden and Pot Driving Talk
Obama's Marijuana Tidal Wave
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Arrow French Singer - Alizee

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"Not that I know of..."
--  David Letterman, after Howard Stern asked, "Ever vote for a Republican?"

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Rove: Why Play Monica Card Now?
Is Rove the GOP's last remaining pragmatist?


Political observers from both sides of the aisle said Sunday there is little use in rehashing
Bill Clinton’s sex life if Hillary decides to run for the White House in 2016.

Clinton’s sexual liaisons with Monica have returned to the headlines, after Rand Paul said
Bill's behavior was "predatory" and undermined Democrats’ claims that Republicans are
the ones waging a war on women.

Karl Rove, Bush's brain, said going straight at Mr. Clinton to undermine Hillary won't help.
“It’s easier to say what you’re against and harder to say what you’re for,” Mr. Rove said.

Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat, said voters don’t want to hear about a scandal
from 15 to 20 years ago.  Elections “should be about the future and not a rehashing of the past.”

Out of 100 voters, how many want another round of Monica hysteria?
Maybe three, but that's all the Republicans have left.

Plus, if Rand Paul's charges had any political weight, he wouldn't have to lie about them.
He wants people to think Clinton "ensnared the child Monica" and stole her innocence.

Truth is, Monica flashed her thong at Clinton and he was weak and an adult affair happened.
For Rand Paul to keep calling Monica "a child" falls on deaf ears to whoever remembers her.

But the GOP has no choice but to bring up old news from 1998.
Their vision for America remains:
Health care is for socialists.
Endless hearings on Benghazi
Endless talk about Monica Lewinsky.

Meanwhile, Hillary will be talking about jobs and why the GOP is blocking progress.

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Kansas Right OK with Gays?
Or are they just tired of losing?


A bill that would have allowed individuals to refuse to provide business services to same-sex couples in Kansas
because of religious beliefs met a surprising and quick end last week when conservative senators sided with
liberal advocates in saying that the measure promoted discrimination.

The bill had passed the House, 72 to 49, last Wednesday and it appeared that it might also easily sail through
the Senate. Both chambers are controlled by conservative Republicans who in recent years have passed some
of the most assholic legislation in the country, whether on gun control, abortion rights or taxes.

Susan Wagle, a conservative Republican who is president of the Kansas Senate, raised opposition to the House
measure, saying she had “grown concerned about the practical impact of the bill” and “my members don’t
condone discrimination.”

Ms. Wagle was backed by Senator Jeff King, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, who said he would not
hold hearings on the House bill. Instead, Mr. King said, his committee would hold hearings on the broader topic
of religious freedom in Kansas and explore whether the Legislature needed to take any further steps to shore up
those protections.

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Subject: Pot Fuels Surge in Drugged Driving Deaths on

More bullshit, front page NBC website today.
A full court press.

Pot Fuels Surge in Drugged Driving Deaths

As medical marijuana sales expand, legal weed was detected in the bodies of dead drivers three times
more often during 2010 when compared to those who died behind the wheel in 1999, according to a
new study from Columbia University published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

“The trend suggests that marijuana is playing an increased role in fatal crashes,” said Dr. Guohua Li,

Yes, my bullshit detector is going off like a chihuahua on Cuervo Gold.

Tell me, how did the coroner know they had "legal weed" in their system?
Does that fancy new pot come with a DNA bar code that a coroner can read like a serial number?

Also, I wonder, did they test those same dead drivers for milk or pasta?

And IF they smoked on the first and got in a wreck on the 10th,
the anti-pot ninnies would be screaming "He was high on dope!"

The easiest way to call "bullshit" on these lies is right here:
If there is an injury wreck (or a death) the cops will test the driver's blood for alcoho and pot.
We CONSTANTLY hear that so-and-so was arrested for drunk driving.
They were arrested because there was EVIDENCE they were drunk.

If thousands of people are driving stoned and presumably getting into wrecks,
why aren't the headlines full of "Driving while stoned" headlines?

They aren't there because that didn't happen because their evidence is fabricated.

BTW, they didn't mention which Koch Brother paid for this "study."

Oh, and the big kicker?
If you want to see their evidence YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD.

If their motivation was to enlighten and educate, would there be a fee?
I think their motivation was to get anti-pot hysterics to fork over their credit card numbers.

However, if legit evidence exists, I'd have to agree with the science.

But no amount of evidence will change the mind of a fool.

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Subject: Thanks

I know you are sick and my wife and I are holding you close to our hearts.

Feedback: I was used to a Bart-Hit 5 days a week and now see it is 2 to 3 times per week.
And I miss the political views and especially the humor.  You are a National Treasure to me.
I hope you are able to negotiate your illness with the class I have always known you for.

Your edgy and earthy street wise humor is totally perfect in these days of political correctness.
I copy and paste much of it and send it out to about 50 people. Your personal power extends to
many people and I am sure you are much loved.  To all those who love Bartcop, this is a great ride. 
To those who are offended, loosen up. Your shorts are much too tight and you will soon experience major headaches.
Rock-on Bart.
With respect and love,
 Mike Brady (It’s a Sick World)

Mike, thanks for that.
As a rule, there are still four pages a week, barring holidays and funerals etc.

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Christie Pal Sent Bridge Updates
Yet the crook claims he knew nothing...


A new player in the Bridgegate scandal has emerged with personal ties to crooked Chris Christie.

Port Authority Officer Chip Michaels, who is linked to the crooked Republican governor, was at the scene
during the bridge lane closures, touring snarled traffic in Fort Lee, N.J., and texting periodic updates about it.

Michaels drove David Wildstein, a crooked Christie appointee to the Port Authority who oversaw the lane closures,
to the bridge on the first day of the traffic jams, according to documents Wildstein submitted to the investigation.

Michaels also sent text messages to Wildstein, including one on the first day of the traffic jams, in which he
claimed to have an idea to “make this better.”   It was not clear what he meant.

The PA cop has several links to crooked Chris Christie.

It's fun to watch this crooked bully get his face rubbed in dog poop.

I wish I was more familiar with crooked Chris Christie so I could enjoy it more.

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Drivers Want Christie to resign
Bridgegate Commuters know how crooked he is


Some northern New Jersey residents returned to the scene of a notorious traffic jam Tuesday,
urging people to sign a petition demanding that crooked Chris Christie resign over those stupid lane closures.
The group included some people who said they were caught in traffic when the lanes were closed in September.

“This is a total abuse of power, and Christie and the rest of his crew need to understand that you cannot
affect the lives of everyday New Jersey residents,” said Fort Lee resident Valerie Howard Fadul, who said
she was stuck in gridlocked traffic for more than five hours trying to get home from a Manhattan doctor’s
appointment as her pain medication wore off from a painful injection in her eye.

“It’s not fair. We’re the ones who put you in office, and you need to resign,” she said of Christie.
“This is unacceptable.”

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I have been to the future...

But it'll take a day or two to write the Trip Report.

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Subject: Snowden/hero

Daniel Ellsberg told Amy Goodman:

   [Snowden] came to believe, as I did, having made those oaths initially and the promises of nondisclosure,
which were not oaths, but they are contractual agreements not to do that, which he later violated, as I did
— he made those in good faith, by everything known to me, and came to realize, I think, eventually, as he said,
that a nondisclosure agreement in this case and the secrecy conflicted with his oath, so help me God, to defend
and support the Constitution of the United States, and it was a supervening—a superseding authority there that
it was his responsibility really to inform the public, because, as he said, he could see that no one else would do it.

   Congress knew [that Clapper's statements that the NSA doesn't spy on the American people] hey were false, the people
he was talking to, the dozen, even the man who had asked the question, Senator Wyden. What we saw, what Snowden
saw and what we all saw, was that we couldn’t rely on the so-called Oversight Committee of Congress to reveal, even when
they knew that they were being lied to, and that’s because they were bound by secrecy, NSA secrecy and their own rule.
The secrecy system here, in other words, has totally corrupted the checks and balances on which our democracy depends.

   And I think the—I am grateful to Snowden for having given us a constitutional crisis, a crisis instead of a silent coup,
as after 9/11 an executive coup, or a creeping usurpation of authority. He has confronted us. He has revealed documents
now that prove that the oversight process, both in the judiciary, in the FISC, the secret court, and the secret committees in
Congress who keep their secrets from them, even when two of them, Wyden and Udall, felt that these were outrageous,
were shocking, were probably unconstitutional, and yet did not feel that they could inform even their fellow colleagues or
their staff of this. What Snowden has revealed, in other words, is a broken system of our Constitution, and he’s given us
the opportunity to get it back, to retrieve our civil liberties, but more than that, to retrieve the separation of powers here
on which our democracy depends.

I disagree, but I won't call you names or question your sanity and your patroitism.

I think Ellsberg's quote is pure crappola.
He's saying oaths mean nothing and (one must assume) the orders of a superior officer mean NOTHING if you,
on any whim you might have on any given day, decide that the constitution needed "immediate support."
Besides, inherent in Ellsberg's argument is the assumption that each of the 1.5M things Snowden stole were
"imperative" to America's survival and that's 100% pure horseshit.

It can't be anything else but horseshit.

If he'd stolen 3-5 secrets that really needed to be exposed - maybe.
But the multiple moving vans-sized theft here suggests Snowden's motives were anything but patriotic.

...and then he gives us that "I only have one life to give for my country..." horseshit - amazing.

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Obama's Marijuana Tidal Wave
Banks now able to accept pot money


The marijuana industry just got a critical boost in its effort to become a massive legitimate business.
On Friday, two federal agencies released statements clearing the way for banks to take pot money
without fear of prosecution for money laundering.

To say that this will ignite a revolution in the still upstart industry would be an egregious understatement.

Whoever wrote this doesn't know the meaning of the word "egregious."
I'll bet he heard it on some talk show and thought it sounded cool.
I think he meant "obvious" but he wanted to sound intellijent.

"It is imperative that this legal industry have access to banking the same as every other business sector,"
said Mike Elliot, of the Medical Marijuana Industry Group. "To continue doing business on a largely cash
basis creates serious safety issues for owners, employees, and customers."

As legal pot develops, entrepreneurs have run up against a major problem: Banks won't accept their money,
leaving retailers and wholesalers awash in copious amounts cash.

The reason is that marijuana remains an illegal drug under federal law.

That's the next thing that needs to change. You'd have a tough time citing something else
as stupid as pot being classified the same way as heroin or LSD.

Let's stop lying to ourselves and re-classify pot as a mostly harmless miracle medicine, like aspirin.

If banks can now take pot money, any chance we'd let 30M evil poker players go legit, too?
Isn't it STUPID that you can play poker online in Nevada and New Jersey
but not in other states. even tho Oklahoma has FIFTY casinos that offer live poker?

Why is America awash in bullshit rules that are corrupt and illogical?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Weather

Hey Bart - So what unbelievably weird weather are you having down in OK?

I'm getting really sick of below-zero highs here in Illinois - sure glad this climate change
stuff is all a left-wing conspiracy right from the gates of hell, or I'd be concerned.
Keep the faith, Bart!

We've had crazy low temperatures for a while but now it's up to like like 67 degrees.
Had we been in town last weekend we would've grilled burgers out back.

But we have nothing to worry about with the weather.
God loves us and he'd never let anything bad happen.

Wait, I'm no Biblical scholar, but after He caused The Great Flood, didn't God promise
to never flood the world again, that the next time he got pissed at us - he'd use fire?

Is that what's going on?

Maybe that should be our motto:
"Don't worry, it's just the Earth burning."

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Sirius XM

Confessions of a Snowden apologist
This guy writes so badly I can't tell what he's saying


The debate about NSA surveillance is a judgment about America's claim to be exceptional in a way
that tends towards the good.

In the New Republic, Sean Wilentz understands that Glenn Greenwald, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden
have deeply considered beliefs about the past, present and current role of America in the world. (It's curious to
see his critics resort to ad hominem attacks to criticize his ad hominem attacks on these three men's penchant
for ad hominem attacks to rebut criticism.) He notes that these beliefs differ.

I am very reluctant to just condemn Edward Snowden and take sides against him.

He broke the law and has to hang out in Russia for the rest of his life. I do not feel sorry for him, nor do I
particularly care to concoct a post-facto legal justification for his conduct, and I certainly can't confidently
speak to what harm to certain declared American interests might come from his actions. (Will his disclosures
make it easier for bad people to communicate? Yes. Of course. Will they make it easier for good people to
communicate more privately? Of course.)

But I admit: I kind of like what Snowden has forced all of us to do. Not in theory, but in practice.

I don't get that "thanks to Snowden we're having a conversation" line of reasoning.
Isn't that like saying, "Thanks to Willie Sutton for pointing out bank security failures?"

Why would anyone thank a criminal for breaking the law?


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Subject: Pot car crashes: Yup, it's bullshit

Yeah, its Bullshit.  Please pass this along.
 Robert in Seattle

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Marty's Entertainment Page
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Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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Subject: your bullshit

there is no police state worse than the us.

I'm sure the people of North Korea are excited to hear about that.
So are the completely free women of Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia

snowden is a hero.

A "hero" who fled to China, then Russia, with America's national security secrets?
In curious - who is your idea of a scoundrel?

he did shit that needed to be done.

So did Lee Harvey Oswald and Timothy McVeigh.

why do you whine so much for the military complex?
these fuckers are hired killers, do you know that?
they break oaths all the time, not to mention laws.
your circular reasoning is childish.
 Mike Allen

Who could argue with that?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: couldn't think of a title

Ever notice, Bart, that the people who hate Snowden are pre-verbal?

I don't know what that means.
It sounds like you're saying the half of America (and the 53% who want him brought to justice)
are too stupid to form a sentence but I'm not Snowden worshipper and I speak just fine.

Seems like if you had something to say on the subject, you might've led with that.
Instead you start with something so stupid I wonder if I should bother to continue reading...

And since we’re on the subject of Snowden, it’s a testament to your attempt to curry votes
that your site is the only one still talking about him. You just can’t let it go, can you?
Poor Bart,
 Richard Mann

Nobody is talking about Snowden but me?

Every few days he releases a catty snippet of gossip and grabs the headlines again

and you claim I'm the only one talking about him?

Funnier still, you take the time to write to me about Snowden
to say that nobody is talking about him anymore.

BTW, I'm not aware of the upcoming Snowden "vote."

If people want to worship him I'm still going to have a great life
so why should I give a fuck?

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One Final Note From Pete Seeger
 by Debbie Metke


The day he died, my organization got a hand-written letter from Pete Seeger, the 94-year-old iconic
folksinger who departed last month after decades of inspiring us onward with his peace and justice ballads.

Now with his loss, we realize it is quite a gap to fill. Indeed, one political cartoon showed a hapless banjo
player reading his paper’s page: “JOB OPPORTUNITY: New Pete Seeger needed. Must start immediately.”

What were his final messages to us? In an article last week entitled, “I’m Through With Big Things,” Seeger
was quoted as saying, "Be wary of great leaders. Hope that there are many, many small leaders.” We know of
his work to clean up the Hudson River, as well as his call for all of us to get involved at the local level. If he
was disappointed in greater things, it was perhaps no wonder—for decades he suffered severe disappointments
on the larger scene—a country which blacklisted him, record companies and television stations that marginalized
him, and a youth culture and civil rights movement that passed him over when they became enamored by cooler
music and more strident activism.


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Today's Wildlife Photo


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 Subject: happy anniversary!

jaysus, bart.  happy anniversary, matey.  this nation would be a helluva lot poorer without ya.
as the great neil young used to sing:  Long May You Run.  i mean it.

G, thanks for that.

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Today's Mystery City


 Subject: last issue's Mystery City     Link

 Bart, that's Rio de Janeiro's Ipanema Beach...
  Dan M

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that’s a VW Aquila gullwing, a 1980 California built kit car on a 1963 original Beetle chassis.
It looked fast was about all it had going for it. That, and they didn't make very many,

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Today's History Mystery

 Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link

Bart, that is Sarah Jane Moore who tried to pop a cap in President Ford's ass back in 1975.
 Scott in Arizonastan

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Subject: donations

Thanks to Jim G in DuPont, WA.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  

As my buddy Ray Coleman used to say, "Never quit!!"
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