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Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014    Vol 3197 - Burning daylight

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow Monica, the GOP's Last Gasp
Arrow Buying Pot Stocks? Dopey Idea
Australia Burns, Cali Dies of Thirst
Arrow Brent Bozell is a Fraud
Zippy OK with Killing Trayvon
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Canadian export Avril Lavigne

Sorry I'm Missing in Action

I really wanted to do four pages this week, but shit happens.
I went to the doctor Tuesday saying I felt like I was getting the flu.
Since my immune system is compromised, the flu could be a killer.

He said he'd call in a Z-Pak to my pharmacy. I told him, no, I needed
something stronger for that because I have a high tolerance for drugs.
He said, "OK, I'll call in a amoxicillan phosphate."  That's good, I thought.

When I got home, the pharmacist called and said they don't regularly handle such
a powerful drug but he could have some in about 24 hours - what choice did I have?

The next 24 hours were hell - non-stop dry coughing, fever, chills, etc.
Tuesday at noon I had a tickle my throat. Wednesday at noon Mrs Bart asked,
"Do I need to drive you to the emergency room?"
I said no because hospitals tend to not want to let me go when I'm there,
but at least now I have the powerful medicine to fight the flu.

In just 3-4 hours, I went from super-sick to just sick - that was a good sign.
Four hours after that I was able to sit in my chair, but last night was still hell.
My lungs and chest muscles are super-sore from all that coughing.

For 48 hours, I've had no food and no meaningful sleep.
I noticed I slept for 45 minutes this morning, another recovery milestone.
Logic says I should be good come Monday, but next week I start chemo.

As they say, "Life is a bitch and then you die."
Maybe I'll get lucky and have a not-too-serious reaction to the chemo.

So, sorry I'm missing but hopefully I'll be back soon.
Thanks for sticking with me.

Please donate to help keep Bartcop on the Nets.
by the great Bruce Yurgil.

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"Chris Christie cancelled his town hall meeting today because of snow,
  will reschedule when either the snow or his career finishes melting."
--  LOLGOP in a tweet

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Monica, the GOP's Last Gasp
All they have left is their hate and their bigotry


Monica Lewinsky is still on the lips of every Republican hopeful, despite the certainly the tactic will backfire.
The reason: you have to win the nomination first. 

I've talked about this for years.
First you have to prove to the GOP base that you're bat-shit crazy to win the primary.
Then you have to admit in the general election that that was "the old you" and now you're sane.
American voters arn't buying that obvious lie.

Rand Paul sees her as his only hope for an upset, saying Bill Clinton is guilty of being a “predatory behavior”
because he semi-had sex with a woman who wasn't his wife. Since then Monica Lewinsky is mentioned at
every Sunday show because the GOP has no future, only a disfunctional, sordid past.

David Gregory (R-Rove's dancing partner) asked Romney the Lewinsky question. Thurston started off
by saying that Hillary has her own record on which to run and that Monica Lewinsky is not hers to explain.
Then he added that Bill Clinton had “embarrassed the country” with his actions.

You know, as a man of honesty I'd have to admit that's true.
But as always, the real question is "compared to whom?"

Nixon obstructed justice with the Watergate burglars and resigned in disgrace -
was that embarrassing?
Reagan sold weapons to Hezbollah terrorists and swore to America that he didn't - was that embarrassing?

Bush the Smarter pardoned Reagan's crooked cabinet to save his own guilty ass - was that embarrassing?

Then Der Monkey Fuhrer lied 6,000 soldiers into their graves with an illegal war crime/oil grab.

...and you're saying Clinton's affair was an embarrassment?

I have $500 that says the voters won't buy it.

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I wish the whores at Yahoo would stop selling my e-mail to porn companies.

Isn't Yahoo the biggest spammer and porn producer on the entire Internet?

With all the billions in profit they already have, like Rush and FOX News,
selling their souls for
one more million dollars makes then the worst kind of whores.

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Subject: Pot-fueled driving deaths

Hey Bart,

I'm with you on the ten days ago toke.  But there's another scenario that occurred to me:

Driver  is seriously stoned.  Driver and the rest of his family get run over by a drunk
since they were only going 40 (seemed like 80 mph) in a 65 mph zone. 
Drunk gets off because the pot-addled driver 'caused' the wreck.
 Don, Pillar, Shingle Springs

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Buying Pot Stocks? Dopey Idea
 by Cody Willard - any relation to Thurston?


In the last few months, the marijuana stock hype has really kicked in and there’s a lot of money 
from mostly retail investors that’s betting big on this sector.

I’m sorry to pop their bubble, but I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a lot of that money lost after
this pot stock bubble pops and these dreams of big legal profits from publicly-traded stocks with
pun-like and pot-reference symbols.

I see the many headlines here on Marketwatch and you hear about “legalized pot” trends in the nightly
news all the time. A handful of these stocks have recently crept into the top Scutify trending stocks board
and yesterday I was asked about various pot stocks.  So here’s my take on the “pot stocks” like $HEMP    
HEMP -1.16%   , GrowLife $PHOT    PHOT 4.95%     $CBIS   $MJNA and so on.

Legal marijuana distribution and growing is way too new and full of scams out there. Criminals that are
still being rooted out. You literally have to be very into that industry to get any idea of what’s trustworthy
and what’s not in the stocks that are “in the weed industry.”

I'm not worried that "criminals" have been smoking pot for decades.

I'm certain that the price of pot is about to crash and I mean a BIG crash. 

How can I bet on this?

Maybe it'll take one year, maybe two, but right now money literally growns on trees bushes.

Colorado law says a couple can have 12 plants and they can keep whatever those plants produce.
If a plant makes a pound a year (I have no idea) a couple will have 24 pounds in 2 years.
That's 384 ounces of primo, top quality pot, minus maybe 50 ounces they smoke. 

They are producing more than they can smoke, so in 4 years, they'll have twenty extra pounds.
Yep, the price of pot is about to crash like Romney on election night.

Send e-mail to Bart

I have been to the future...

To those of you who already live in the future, just go to the next part.
This is for people who wonder what it's like to live with pot sanity.

We landed in Denver at 8:40 because we had a long drive ahead of us.
Smartly, there are FIVE pot shops at the second exit after leaving the airport.
You land, you get what you need and you go to whatever part of Colorado you like.

We went to Medicine Man on Nome Street.
When we opened the car doors to get out, the aroma was deafening.
It was like driving by the bakery when you were a kid - but better smelling.

The sign said "Open" - we are really here are we are really doing this.
When we got to the front door, a very well-armed man opened it for us.

The lake of that sweet skunky smell turned into an ocean.
The smell that forever has meant "danger" and "trouble" and jail time" was everywhere.

They asked for IDs and then they asked, "Recreational use or Medical?"
They have to call it "Recreational" because "Fun" would make the Right's heads explode.

The Medical Section had those big gallon jars full of super-weed.
The fun section only had 1/8s and 1/4s and grams, plus "toys."

I hoped to get some "OG Kush" because High Times Magazine called it "the best pot in the world" but they had none.
I told the "budtender" that I wanted their strongest sativa and their strongest indica so I could compare them.

They sold us some Grand Doggy Purps and some Tang, which is what the Astronauts use in space.

We also got some hashish (seriously) and something called "shatter wax" - more on that later.
We were almost ready to leave town for our long, long drive, but I wanted one more crack at that OG Kush.

There's an app for
It's supposed to tell you where the nearest pot store is, but it was done by the same people
who helped Obama launch his health care website so it's close to, but not entirely, useless.

First, the app says, "We can't locate you," which kinda kills the point of a map.
Weedmaps couldn't find me and my iPhone map couldn't find the pot stores.

Also, 85 percent of Denver's pot stores are medicinal ONLY.
It'll be nice when they finally get their act together and serve the public's needs.

Also, there are NO Recreational stores in the entire south half of Denver.
Do we have political corruption going on here?
There are four Recreational pot stores just on Evans street alone, (mid-city)
yet the entire southern half of the city has to drive several miles north?

Back in college - Fayetteville, AR - they had like 16 liquor stores.
Fifteen of those stores were on the East half of town but on the West half of town
there was only ONE liquor store and - coincidence?  It was owned by the judge's son.

Is that what's going on in Denver?

It took a full hour, but we finally found a second "Recreational use" store, "The Sacred Seed."
They, like the first store, took things VERY seriously when checking IDs.
You'd think one look at a 60 year-old man and they'd wave him thru, but nooooo.
They studied my drivers license like they were trying to pass the bar exam.

They HAD the OG Kush, so our trek was over and it was time to hit the road.

More tomorrow.

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They said a bunch of people showed up to talk about
how much pot helped their sick children with seizures.

Oddly, no anti-pot ninnies showed up.

Australia Burns, Cali Dies of Thirst
But don't worry, it's just the Earth burning


Now that the East Coast and parts of the southern U.S. have been battered over and again with
extreme weather this winter, and while California is in the midst of its worst and longest drought on
historical record, the Sunday "news" shows, all at once, decided to cover what they describe as
"climate change" --- or, in the words of Meet the Whore's, David Gregory, "The Politics of Weather".

All four of the major Sunday "news" shows --- NBC's Meet the Whore, ABC's This Whore,
CBS' Face the Whore and Fox's Fox "Whore" Sunday --- covered the matter in various (lousy) ways.

Out of all four of them, just This Week and Face the Nation, bothered to book an actual climate scientist
to take part in the conversation with their various bevies of political and journalistic deniers and non-scientists.
Only Face the Nation offered a one-on-one with a climate scientist before then bringing on the denier.

They say England is having it's worst flooding in 250 years.

Repeat - the worst flooding in 250 years, but I'm sure that's nothing to worry about.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: whore NBC pot report

Bart, this is JUST FUCKING LIKE William Randolph Hearst putting so-called “marijuana-related”
traffic fatalities on the front page of his paper every day, because his agenda was to kill legal hemp
in this country (strictly for the enrichment of his business holdings).

The government (or corporate interests, hard to tell them apart these days) sponsor bad research
and then tout the results they paid for all over the country to stir up fear, doubt, and confusion.

And how many thousand of lives were ruined because of their lies?

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Have you ever seen a pie car?

Brent Bozell is a Fraud
  says David Cay Johnston

Far-right media critic L. Brent Bozell III is a fraud, the Romenesko blog for journalists revealed after
some deft reporting last week. This unmasking should interest every centrist and progressive.

Those of us who have been reading Bozell for years were deceived because, as Jim Romenesko revealed,
Bozell did not write the columns bearing his byline.

Citing emails and interviews, Romenesko reported that Tim Graham, a Bozell subordinate, wrote the
columns and that Graham’s wife has told others how unhappy her husband is about this uncredited role.
Not to mention how hypocritical this is for a man who accuses journalists of laziness.

One word accurately describes what Romenesko revealed: fraud.

The URL and title at his own Media Research Center page show that Bozell is a fraud: “Bozell’s column.”
Bozell’s distributor disputes this, but only in detail, not substance — and with only faith to support his views, as we shall see.

But before we get to that, why should you care about the latest example of the mendacity permeating America’s far right?

Send e-mail to Bart

Isn't it strange that backwards, racist states like Florida encourage you to carry guns,
and when there's a fight, they tell you "Don't run away - stay your ground!  Fire!"

Subject: re: "Pot fuels surge in drugged driving deaths"

Hey, Bart--

The problem with this story is not the researchers, but the reporter.

First, as to availability of the data:  Any publication based on research funded by the US government
has to be made publicly available; even if the journal doesn't like it, you'll be able to find the full paper
online at PubMed six months after it's been officially published ("official" =  dead tree version). 
Article abstracts are available immediately--here's a link to the abstract for the paper on which the article
is based: .   It's not yet "official".

In looking for this, I found another article (pdf attached) on the same topic by the same authors from last year;
they're epidemiologists at Columbia U, and state that they have no industry ties; I presume that the new article
will be available in six months or so.

Second, as to the actual data:  Last year's publication (attached; data's at the end) was based on data from
14 states between 2005-2009, all lumped together.  The new paper only uses data (from the same federal
database, FARS) from six states--not sure why, but there could be good reasons for doing so--but breaks it
out year-by-year from 1999-2010.

The 2013 paper reports how many "drivers who died within one hour of the crash" had alcohol or other drugs
in their blood.  It separates "alcohol only", "drugs only" (broken down by drug), "alcohol plus one drug",
"alcohol plus two drugs", and so on.  A quick look at the data makes it clear that the vast majority of impaired
drivers had consumed alcohol (with or without other drugs).  Interestingly, there were more deaths associated
with "cannabis plus alcohol" than with "cannabis alone".   Two major weakness of the study:  A. All results are
scored as "+ / -", yet the cutoff values for positivity aren't listed.  B. There's no baseline for comparison. 
Is the prevalence of (alcohol, cannabis, narcotics, whatever) in drivers who die in accidents significantly different
from the prevalence of use among all drivers?      

As to the new report,  all I've got is the abstract, so I can't compare their study samples or analyses.  They report
that the presence (in fresh bodies of dead drivers) of drugs in general, and cannabinols in particular, increased from
1999-2010.  Not much of a surprise, as the availability of cannabis increased dramatically over that period. 
(I'd like to see the state-by-state breakdown of their data, correlated with state medical marijuana laws.)

Finally, as to the NBC report:  Bullshit, top to bottom.  The headline and the bulk of the story draw conclusions
which can't be justified by any data presented.  The headline implies that there's been a big increase in traffic fatalities,
which are being caused by marijuana; but there's no evidence presented for any significant change in overall traffic fatalities.  
But there is a heart-wrenching anecdote, which the stupid reporter is clever enough to know will convince his stupid readers
that his stupid story is important and marijuana's a killer and something must be done because of Science!   . . .  

Still, buried at the end of the article is a link to a separate report
Alcohol_Consumption.pdf , which suggests that marijuana might be safer than alcohol when it comes to
driving-while-impaired.  However, I can't find any evidence that this paper has been published; I'm not an
epidemiologist, so without peer review I've got to view this skeptically.

Let's be clear:  Driving while impaired by any substance is a fucking stupid thing to do.  
As cannabis use increases (as it likely will) with legalization, we will see increases in stoned drivers involved in accidents.
But overwrought "reporting" like this story doesn't contribute to a meaningful public discussion.

Hope this is helpful!
    Doctor J

Send e-mail to Bart

Sirius XM

Subject: Obamacare is catching the blame

My employer supplies Healthcare, United, if you can call it that , and uses it as BLACKMAIL against the workers.
Be grateful, they say, work DOUBLE-TIME, forget about a RAISE; ‘you’re covered!’

That’s the lie.

I can’t speak for Obamacare, but I can assure you that SINGLE PAYER would give workers the freedom
to get out from under the WHIP of ABUSVE EMPLOYERS, like mine.

The biggest insanity of it all,  is that Medicare type Health Coverage would remove a financial burden
from the employers, and place a MODEST , weekly paycheck deduction on the EMPLOYEE!

The Propaganda is such a load of manure.

The Corporate BASTARDS don’t want o lose their LEVERAGE, control, over us PEONS.

May they rot in hell, or die in a in a Blizzard caused accident.

Did I forget to say that I HATE these people?
  Hawkeye Bob

If the Democrats had any brains (Why do I do this to myself?) at election time, all they need to do is air
different commercials that say, "I'm a single mother who was paying $600 for health care that was
tied to my grabby-hands boss, but thanks to Obamacare, now I'm paying $330 and I was free to
to a better job because of the freedom the Democrats gave to me - thanks, Mr President!"

...but I doubt they have the skills to pull off something that complex.


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What do you think this means?

New Military Movement?

Marty's Entertainment Page
has new stuff every day

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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Did our brain-dead Democrats finally figure this out?

Subject: still waiting

Bart, I just keep marking off the days on my Big Ships of the Navy calendar
waiting for Snowden disciples to answer two basic questions:

1) what does spying on other governments have anything to do with your 4th Amendment rights?

2) what do continued leaks and offering to work for other governments *against* your own
government have anything to do with your 4th Amendment rights?

These guys are like religious fundamentalists: they keep moving the goalposts
because they don't like the questions.
Notice I can't get anyone to answer the 1.5M question?
It's not possible to steal 1.5M certain, harmful-to-America secrets.

Snowden stole everything he could get his hot little hands on but
the Snowden apologists seem unable to address that fact in the conversation.

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Zippy OK with Killing Trayvon
Black kid was dust on Zippy's shoulder


George Zimmerman, the bigot who got away with killing "one of them," said he is not haunted by what happened.
Zimmerman said he sees himself as a victim and scapegoat and that the only judge he has to answer to is God.

The racist wannabe cop fatally shot a 17-year-old black kid as he was walking home with iced tea and candy.

When asked by CNN if he felt haunted by that night two years ago, Zimmerman answered "no."


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Today's Wildlife Photo


Subject: last issue's mystery creature

Hi Bart,
That's an aye-aye, one of our primate relatives from Madagascar.

That middle finger is great for grub hunting.  Considered a very
smart and adaptable lemur, but disliked by locals - sort of coyote-ish. 
 Peter in NM

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 Subject: Emilia Clarke, hottest woman in the world


Obviously you’ve never watched any of HBO’s Game of Thrones.
If you had you’d know that Emilia Clarke plays Daenerys Targaryen
[known as the “Mother of Dragons”] on the show. Most memorable shot,
she goes into a fire and emerges naked, with a baby dragon on her shoulder.

I didn't mean to say that Emilia Clarke was unattractive.

But she's unknown outside of Thrones and with a viewership of only 10M,
how could she have honestly gotten a higher score than well-known women?

Those contests are fixed but that's OK.

Send e-mail to Bart

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  by Bruce Yurgil

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Today's Mystery City


 Subject: last issue's Mystery City     Link

Bart, that's Seed-nee, Australia, mate.
Glad you're back - I was beginning to fear the worst,
 Pete in NZ

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that’s a 1951 Chrysler K310 Ghia.
Paul in VA

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Today's History Mystery

 Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link

Bart, it's the twin girls from The Shining,
 Morgan E

Morgan, you are correct!
I didn't know if anyone would get that.

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Subject: donations

Thanks to (Your name Here) for the donation.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  

As my buddy Ray Coleman used to say, "Never quit!!"
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Canadian export Avril Lavigne

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