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Crazy Hector Maldonado
He might knock off GOP's Roy Blunt
Proud Birther GOP Senate Candidate: Obama's Votes 'Should Be Taken Back’ Because Of 'Fraud'


Army veteran Hector Maldonado is launching an underdog bid for the Republican Senate nomination in Missouri,
explaining that, like the tea party movement, he’s frustrated with status-quo politics. Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO) is the
front-runner and expected nominee, but as Fired Up Missouri noted, "Maldonado made a strong move this weekend
to shore up the birther vote in the August primary."

During an interview Saturday, Maldonado - who is a Mexican-born naturalized citizen - repeatedly expressed doubts
about President Obama’s citizenship, saying Obama “got away” with running without proving his citizenship,
and that the president’s votes should "taken back":

Maldonado: (Secretary of State Robin Carnahan) sent me a letter, and I ignored, it said, you have to prove
you’re a citizen. I ignored it. You know, Obama got away with it, so I figured I could get away with it too.

So, this maybe-American is running against GOP handjob Roy Blunt in the "I'm crazier than Blunt is" ticket?
And the cornerstone of his campaign is that he refuses to prove he's an American citizen because Obama hasn't?

More and more, it looks like these Teabaggers are going to take our Rethugs in the primaries.
Then, just like what we're seeing with Angle in Nevada, once the insane Teabagger gets the nomination,
they suddenly have to sane up to avoid alienating the majority in the general election.

If the Democrats had any balls or any brains (Should I bother to finish this sentence?) it would be fun
to wonder if some Demo genius didn't think up and bankroll this crazy Birther/Teabagger movement
because so far, all they've done is slay Rethuglicans and I like that.

But no, good things only come to the Democrats by accident.


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