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How bad could things get?
 You don't even want to ask...



So how bad could it get?

The numbers point to an unprecedented ecological disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico and possibly along the Eastern Seaboard.
Even with the new cap they put on the leak, that still leaves 420,000 gallons of poison flowing into the open water each day.

The worst-case scenario is almost here for Florida beachgoers: The oil is fouling the Panhandle, the longest stretch 
of white-sand beach in the world, says Stephen Leatherman of Florida International University..

Leatherman adds that if the oil gets caught up in the Gulf Stream and heads around the southern tip of Florida, 
the beaches of the East Coast which have never had to endure such a nightmare scenario could be next.
Computer models indicate that the oil could foul thousands of miles of the Atlantic Coast as early as this summer.

"Our best knowledge says the scope of this environmental disaster is likely to reach far beyond Florida," 
says NCAR scientist Synte Peacock, who worked on the study.

Peacock says that for those along portions of the Gulf Coast, including Texas, the worst-case scenario would be 
for the oil to not enter the Loop Current but to remain and foul the water and coasts of the Gulf of Mexico. 
For East Coasters, having the oil flow into the Loop Current and then the Gulf Stream would be disastrous.

So our two possibilities are losing the Gulf or losing part of the Gulf and the East Coast.

Sure wish we could get Obama or some Democrats to stand up and say,
"THIS is what happens when Big Oil controls our government."
But they won't do that and Obama is practically a Repub when it comes to off-shore drilling
even tho he promised he was against it in the 2008 campaign.

Maybe Obama read Bart's Law #1 - NEVER tell the truth in a political campaign.

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