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Teabaggers  Big Government
 Glenn Beck's chalkboard not withstanding


For more than a year now, we've been hearing from Republicans, tea party people and Glenn Beck's chalkboard 
about how big government is destroying American liberty and freedom. Much of the shrieking is literally accompanied 
by the yellow Revolutionary War "Don't Tread on Me" flag.

Every tea party lawn concert and misspelled sign regatta features people dressed in colonial drag with tea bags dangling 
from their tri-corner hats, waving banners in support of tax cuts, liberty and freedom and against the allegedly tyrannical 
Obama government. They're really scared and they want their country back from the (somehow) black liberal Nazi...

Throughout all of the misinformed and contradictory right-wing antics of the past year, I've been wondering how 
post-Bush Republicans and conservatives can possibly square all of their newly found affinity for freedom, liberty and 
the Constitution considering their eight year support for Bush era policies. Policies like illegal wiretaps of American citizens, 
the USA Patriot Act, suspension of habeas corpus (it's in the Constitution) and all the rest of it.

Have they at long last abandoned their support for these obvious trespasses against liberty and the Constitution? 
In fact, Glenn Beck said recently that he failed to speak out back then but, "It doesn't matter. I'm here now." 
Convenient timing. History appears to have skipped the first decade of the 21st century.

Put another way, are the Republicans suddenly joining up with civil libertarians to denounce policies that infringe upon 
basic constitutional rights? Maybe Rush Limbaugh teaming up with the ACLU during his drug case was a sign of things to come. 
A civil liberties-oriented conservative movement, eh?

Not a chance in hell.

If only we could get the Democrats to list the facts - i.e Clinton left Bush a SURPLUS.
The Douchebaggers are tired of government spending?  So are we.

When we were in charge, everybody had a home, they had a job and things were, generally, great
I remember the Queen Harpy, Dr Laura, saying,  "What good is a great economy if the president is having sex?"

Do you think the 30 millions people now on food stamps care give a fuck about Clinton's sex life now?
Do you think the millions of people who lost their jobs give a fuck about Clinton's sex life now?
Do you think the millions of people who lost their homes give a fuck about Clinton's sex life now?

Under Clinton, our biggest problem (besides the GOP-manufactured Monica problem) was how to spend the surplus.

Compared to today, we were all living in Paradise in 1998, but the Democrats refused to fight for that.

Now look where we are - all because the Democrats refuse to fight.

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