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Subject: Afghanistan - get in or get out?

I have to agree with Packerdogz.  I love the site, but sometimes you seem to go into Chris Matthews mode. 

Hopefully I didn't say, "We're all Neocons now" or "I get a thrill up my leg when Obama talks."
What did I say that reminded you of Chris the Screamer?

Just because the nut-jobs and our incompetent press parrot the "surge" phrase doesn't mean Obama's thinking fits 
into that tiny narrow box.  I liked what he told Mark Knoeller yesterday, who started couching his question by saying, 
"I suspect you don't want my colleagues to rely on leaks until next week."  Obama interrupted him saying, "Why stop now?"
(1st question at about 16:30)

They say Obama is going to send another 35,000 troops to get shot at in a hopeless cause..
How does the "tiny narrow box" make that different from LBJ, Nixon and Bush?

If we had an actual press in this country, you would have seen this:

"(21 Nov. 2009) NATO’s new training mission for Afghanistan is activated.  This new Alliance mission will merge 
with the US-led Combined Security Transition Command (CSTC-A) to foster new and existing relationships and 
build on the already expanding task of training and mentoring the Afghan National Security Forces in preparation 
for the future security and sustainment of Afghanistan

It sounds like Obama is bringing our allies back in. 
"The increased involvement by NATO member nations will help train more Afghan soldiers and police officers."

That's fine, but isn't that a PR move?
Do we need help militarily or are we putting on a show for appearances? 
And even if we get 100 countries to join us, how do we tame a Texas-sized nation of cave-dwelling goat herders?

Cut the man some slack for being deliberate.  It's not his fault we can't keep up with him. 
Rachel Maddow can't cover everything, Olbermann can only cover a half a dozen things, 
and the rest of the MSNBC cast is busy yelling crazy shit at people who are yelling crazy shit. 
CNN is covering local hometown news on its front page tonight: firefighters, burned boy, lost boy, 
and dog eats nails).  The media list spirals down from there.

That paragraph confused me.
Obama is escalating a religious land war in Asia that I don't think can be won.
How does that equal "We can't keep up with him."

Like I said last issue, if he's got a plan, I'd sure like to hear it.
But how can he sell this bigger war without using the same words LBJ, Nixon and Bush used?

I supported Hillary last year, so I trust her as much as I can trust any politician.  She trusts Obama. 
So far, Obama hasn't given me any reason to not trust him.  His critics can't make up their mind as to 
whether he does too much or not enough.  This guy has already taken on the military industrial complex 
and the credit card industry, and is currently pissing off the health insurance industry and is threatening the 
banks that gouged us for bailout money and aren't extending credit.   He's been called a terrorist, a communist, 
a socialist, and an illegal alien (and don't forget nigger). It's clear he has been working the phones and bending 
ears to get things moving.  Could he do more?  Possibly.  But he's also not doing handstands on a bully pulpit 
where his own party can cut his dick off entirely and publicly humiliate him with it.

That paragraph confused me, too.
I'm having trouble keeping up with you :)

Bill Clinton left us with Peace, Prosperity and a huge budget surplus.  But it didn't happen overnight, and it certainly 
didn't happen in his first year.  Remember when Dick Armey said Bill Clinton wasn't his president, and Newt was 
accusing him of running the country in the ground, and Falwell was accusing him of murder, and all the Tim Russerts 
were saying he didn't do anything but chase girls around the Oval office?

What did you expect?  A R-R-R-R-Rubber-B-B-Biscuit? 
 Lowell the Engineer

If I criticize Obama for putting another 35,000 lives at risk, that doesn't mean I'm a birther handjob.
I'm willing to bet $100 that Obama can't change my mind tonight.
What words can he possibly use to make us think we can win that war?

I sure hope he doesn't give a campaign-style speech full of nonsense phrases.
"The fish rots from the head down," is NOT a reason to escalate a failed war.

If we were at war with a country with an infrastructure, like Japan or Germany, we could win.

Didn't we lose Vietnam because we weren't equipt to do battle with backwards people who lived 
in tunnels and had a never-ending supply of people and aid coming from nearby countries?
Isn't this the same, but this time the tunnels are made of stone instead of dirt?

How can Obama possibly win over there without invading Pakistan, supplier to the bad guys?
How can Obama possibly win over there when Karzai's brother runs the heroin trade?
How can Obama possibly win over there when they can attack us and then run back into Pakistan?

One of the biggest blunders Bush made was failing to secure Iraq's borders, which allowed suicide bombers
and weapons to come into the country from every direction - isn't that the same problem in Afghanistan?

...and which part of my argument makes me sound like Chris Matthews?

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