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Subject: your Dr Laura pages


This is just stupid, what is the point of humiliating ANYONE like this?
Your "take" just shows how shallow you are. 

I'm shallow?
I didn't spread my legs for a camera - YOUR hero did that.

All I'm doing is showing what a hypocritical slut she is.

do you get that the point of life is not to hang others out to dry, just because you can?

Poor Laura - "hung out to dry" with all those tens of millions of dollars.
I'm so old, I remember when she was a decent person helping people.
But then she saw how much Rush was making and the slut turned Nazi pig.
look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are perfect, 
that you have never made any mistakes in life, and that you 
have not grown as a human being, since you were 30.

ha ha

Ain't nobody got pictures of me without pants.
Judging from your site, that is exactly what you tell yourself and who you are.
It's a humor page - and your hero got caught.  Live with the facts.

vicious asshole.

Pointing to the truth is vicious?

Barb, you can call me all kinds of names but I'm not the idiot
who spread my legs this <<<<<<<<<<   >>>>>>>>>>> far for a camera.

Then she denied it was her, then she finally admitted the truth but said
"You don't really have your head on straight until you're 30."
She was 29 when the cheap slut spread her legs.

Yet she calls every unwedded, sexually active woman "a whore."

Dr Laura makes tens of millions of dollars per year screaming "slut"
at women who have done much less outrageous things than she has.

You've got some weird role models, Barb.

She's a liar and a fraud and a whore.
I'm just pointing out the facts.

If you don't like the facts, yell at her, not me. 

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