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Democrats torn apart...

 Subject: hillary vs obama

It seems like you are clearly biased toward Hillary. 
My impression is that you are supporting Clinton at the expense of Obama. 
This cannot be a good thing, especially if your candidate does not win the nomination.

I see it as an honesty issue.
Most people in my position say,"I'm totally neutral,"
but then they praise Obama and laugh at how f-ing crooked and racist Hillary is.
Instead of lying about it, I chose to be honest - and what's Bart's Law Number One?

Bart's Law #1 

Don't EVER tell the truth in a political campaign. 
People want to be lied to. 

<Think Chris Farley, pulling his hair out:> 
I'm so stupid, I can't remember Bart's Law #1.

I think they both have winning qualities. 

Me, too - I like Obama, I just don't know much about him.
Do you?

If you are concerned about life after the convention, 
isn't it a little unwise to take such a strong stance? 

Like I said - can you believe I'm that stupid?

Everything with you is about Hillary first and then Obama. 

I don't know what that means.

I agree we could have two strong presidents back to back, 
but it won't help to disrespect one in favor of the other. 

Oh - you're under the impression I'm disprespecting Obama?
When I ask people to give me an example, they unsubscribe.

I think they can both win if we don't damage them ourselves too much 
before the real contest comes.  Why can't it just be that you like Hillary, 
instead of saying that it has to be Hillary and Obama can't win?

I would be shocked to discover that I wrote"Obama can't win."
You might win a free car if you could point out where I said that.

Forgive me if I've got the wrong impression.

The impressions you have are shared by dozens of readers and former readers.
If I could locate my "Obama bashing" I'd correct it or take it down, but people 
get really, really angry when I ask them to show me where I did that.

Thanks for the note.

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