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Subject: Put up or shut up  by The Daily Brew


You said:

> "There are those who get very upset when you shout, "Wake up!" to the sleeping driver."

I hope you aren't one of them, because you are completely asleep at the wheel and I am about to shout "Wake up."
I will stick to the facts, so hopefully you will listen.

You said:

> "Katie, you do a terrible injustice to Obama by comparing him to Bill Clinton. 
>  Clinton has two Superbowl rings where Obama is struggling to get a first down."

Uh, no.

I hate to break it to you, but Obama is kicking Bill Clinton's ass all over the field.

ha ha
Gosh, if we're winning, I wonder what losing feels like.

To begin, Clinton had much better field position when he came into office. 
There is simply no comparison between the mess that Bush the Lesser left
Obama and the mess Bush the Smarter left Clinton.

I'll agree to that, but it's all the more reason for Obama to come to work.

On the home front, no matter how bad the economy was in 1993, it was ten times worse in 2009. 
In fact, it was in a freakin' free fall.  Overseas, Somalia might have turned into a small snafu, but it
looked like a walk in the park compared to Iraq and Afghanistan.  The FACTS show that if Clinton
got the ball on his own 20 yard line, Obama got it on the 1, in the shadow of his own goal post, and
with the offensive line injured.

(I point this out not to offer any excuse, (because, as will be shown, none is needed), but just to show
that despite the fact that Obama has been dealt the worst hand of any president in the modern era,
he is easily on track to get re-elected.)

Again, just the FACTS.  In the first two years of his administration, Clinton fucked up health care reform. 
No ifs, ands or buts.  He was out flanked by the GOP.  He failed to get health care passed.  Obama? He passed it. 
Bitch and moan all you want about what is in the bill, but it is still the single largest social program that has been
written into law since LBJ.  Obama also passed Wall Street reform, which created, for the first time in history,
an office to protect consumers from the banks.  Clinton?  He passed NAFTA and the Brady bill.

No wonder Obama is so beloved by all.

In terms of legislative accomplishments (that supposedly matter to a progressive base that can do nothing
but bitch that the glass is half empty), Obama has Clinton owned.  So Katie T. is right.  In terms of legislation,
in the first two years in office, Obama has Clinton beat.  That is a FACT.

Did you read what I wrote about pizza elsewhere in this issue?

Of course, you don't seem to be worried about actual policies. 
Instead you seem to be more worried about politics.  Which must be why you said:

> "You can make a list of his great accomplishments, but even if that list is a mile long,
>  how does it matter when he's down 30 points with Independents?"

(Which is a stupid fucking thing to say.  Would you be more happy if Obama was at a 90% approval, 
but he eliminated social security and attacked Iran?)

I would be happy if we got the president we were promised.
I would be happy if our president had the ability to learn from his mistakes.
I would be happy if our president didn't surrender up-front on every issue,
then promise to compromise MORE in the future.

Nevertheless, lets take a look at the politics.  And what do we find? 
That Obama is again kicking Clinton's ass all over the field.

I wish things were 1/10 as good as you seem to think they are.

I will admit that the midterm election was bad.  But Clinton's was worse.  Might I remind you that
while Obama lost the House, Clinton lost the House AND the Senate.  Obama might have fumbled the ball,
but Clinton threw an interception that the GOP returned for a touchdown.  So even if you want to blame
the midterm result all on Obama, the FACT is that it was even worse when Clinton was in office.

Some people think the Clinton years were a total disaster.
Those same people tend to think we're currently living in Paradise.

Next, you keep harping about how Obama is "down 30 points with Independents" 

At the midterm election of the first term in his presidency, Clinton had a 46% approval rating. 
Hold on to your hat, but Obama was at 47%.  (You know who was even worse?  Raygun. 
He had a 43% at the same time.)  You can see the graph here:

Based on how Reagan and Clinton held up in their re-election battles,
Obama is going to take every state except Missibama.

By any chance, are you a gambling man?

So, in conclusion, (the crowd does the wave) by every possible measure, passing legislation,
holding on to power in Congress, and maintaining a re-electable approval rating, the FACTS show
that Obama is BEATING Clinton.

What color in the sun on your planet?
We have a yellow sun here on Earth.

If you still want to say that you aren't convinced, I will hopefully shut you up by again offering you a wager.
$500 says Obama gets re-elected.

You could be right - he's going to be running against Sarah Palin
unless the GOP can find a way to Swiftboat her and her Teabagging army.

Last time I offered you that bet, I wagered that Obama would beat Hillary. 
You wisely declined to give me your money. 

I'm not going to say that didn't happen because maybe it did.
A lot would have depended on when you offered me that bet.

I suspect, (since you are not a stupid man despite the occasional blunder), having been shown
the FACTS, that you will again decline to wager with me.  (I also recall the first pokerfest where
I taught you that two pairs is better than one.)  However, if you want to lose this bet, I will trust
Chicago Jim to hold our money for the next two years.  Just say the word.

Put up or shut up.

There's no "shutting up," we both agree, but polls show him losing to Romney and Huckabee.

Take the bet or admit the obvious.  Despite having been dealt a terrible hand coming into office,
by any objective measure, Obama is doing a better job than Clinton, and is easily on track to get re-elected.
 The Daily Brew

I think it's healthy for our party that you and Tally think he's doing a great job.

When the White House hears that two people have been found who are happy with Obama,
perhaps you two can get work in the White House for Obama's second term.


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