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Subject: a problem with Obama  


<>Whether or not your report of that oil slick was accurate, the point you made is worthy of repeat.
After the BP spill, Obama SHOULD have gone on TV and declare that HIS regulators will inspect
every oil rig with a fine tooth comb.

I don't think anybody expected Obama to plug the leak instantly, but everyone DID want action.
There's a saying in the Army: "do SOMETHING, even if it's wrong!".

Bobby Jihdahl(sp?) did just that. He was out in front on TV nearly every day, flapping his arms wildly,
doing something. Granted, nearly all of it was wrong, but who cared?   He stole the political spotlight,
and made Obama look disinterested by comparison.

Obama *could* have immediately retasked his own regulators/inspectors in a very public demonstration.
The public needed to be reminded that Obama WAS working on the problem. Instead, they saw an aloof
manager  just sit back and wait for things to become worthy of his attention.  Worse, when he did appear
to take the reins, what actually, did he do? He made some comments about 'kicking some advisor's a$$'
but I honestly don't know if he did even that.

That's a problem with Obama. I'm a supporter of this administration, but I CAN'T name ONE THING
Obama has actually done, in the wake of that spill.

Bart, if you can list some things he did, please post them repeatedly, to help remind us.
    --dave in Portland OR

It's the same with the economy.

EVERY DAY, Obama should be in the news that he's working hard on jobs,
because he knows jobs, jobs, jobs, is all we want to hear from him and he's focused
like a laser beam and "It's the jobs, stupid" and every other cliche that exists.

He should be making us sick with all the attention he's paying to jobs.
Bart's Law #1 Voters want to be lied to - especially in hard times.

I suggest at least three photo-ops per day until the election.
Monday - first thing, do a town hall at some factory, followed by a visit to some small business
and then an invitation for the local Rethug to debate you live on TV in late afternoon.

Tuesday - Repeat.
Jobs, jobs, jobs, that all we weant to hear from this White House for the next 8 weeks.

OR, we could have non-stop investigations for the next two years.

And how will the Obamas react to a new Ken Starr pawing thru Michelle's panty drawer?

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