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Subject: double fuck you, you slimy prick 


David Obey is an old man who has served since the 1960ís. 
He richly deserves a few years of peace in his dotage

Webster's defines "dotage" as "a state or period of senile decay 
 marked by decline of mental poise and alertness."

After hearing his retirement speech, I might agree with you.

Can you say the same?  Have you accomplished in your life what 
Rep. Obey has given in any random year of his service? 

*I* didn't ask tens of thousands of people for their vote,
only to quit when the kitchen got a little hot with Teabagger bullshit. 

And maybe Obey's got a long history of big-time accomplishments - I don't know.
I've barely heard of this guy who's been in congress over 40 years.

For your nasty comments, I say fuck you, double fuck you. 
Youíre a slimy prick.  You only stand off to the side and throw rocks.

Rosamond, one of us has a nasty mouth and makes a lousy first impression.

I attacked a public figure for cowardice and for praising the racist enemy.
You attacked me for having an opinion.

You could've made your point like a lady.
Instead, you chose a different path.

Who do I have to be to have a problem with quitters and surrender monkeys?
Who are you to be OK with him being chased off by racist teabaggers?

Do you know what your hero said when he learned Tim Russert had died?

"Tim Russert's death is ...a body blow for the nation and for anyone who cherishes newsmen and women 
who have remained devoted to reporting hard news in an era increasingly consumed by trivia."   Link

Your hero thought this guy...

...was a great reporter who personified 'hard news.'

The more I learn about Obey, the less I like him.

...and screaming "double fuck you slimy prick" at me does nothing 
to help Obama beat back the Bush bastards who are ruining America.

In your world, the quitters are heroes and the fighters are "slimy pricks?"

Are Democrats stronger with more quitters or more fighters?

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