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Subject: Re: double fuck you, you slimy prick

First of all, Rosamond, that was uncalled for.

But, come on, Bart.  Just because you never heard of him, doesn't mean he's a piece of shit.  
What's up with the purity test? 

Piece of shit?  Purity test?
Who are you quoting?
I just want some Democrats to fight back.

What does he have to do, die in office with his hands around someone's throat?

I pay attention to politics more than 97% of America. 
If I barely know who a guy is, he's not very important.
It's like a supermodel - if I haven't heard of you, you're not so super.

You say you watched his speech.  You call him a "quitter" and a "surrender monkey."    
According to him, he wanted to retire in 2000, but stayed on to fight Bush.  I believe him.

So what did his staying accomplish?
Did he stand up and call Bush on his crimes?

You say, "The more I learn about Obey, the less I like him."  
What the fuck have you learned?

That was uncalled for.

I know very little about him, other than he praised Tim Russert, the sell-out, for-rent whore. 
And his "surrender to the teabagger" speech told me all I needed to know.

According to, he voted WITH HIS PARTY 99% percent of the time. 
He's fucking old.  Let him retire in peace.

Maybe you're right.
Maybe he'll be replaced by a Democrat with fire and guts.

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