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Subject: Melting Velveeta

Bart, you wrote:

> If it's true that "Velveeta melting Democrats" won't vote for Obama,
> when do you want to find that out - now or on November 6th?"

I like Mexican Velveeta with Rotel and Tostitoes Gold.
And I'll vote for Obama.  Just for the record.  :)

Joe, I'm there, dude.
I married an Okie gal, and we have Trailer Park Nochos every Easter!

Actually, the opposite is true.
Mrs Bart could attend a White House dinner and...

Sidebar in a Sidebar:
I just flashed back to that swear-to-Koresh true story
when I found myself drunk and alone in the White House.

Any of you old timers remember that absolutely true story?

October 1998, I remember the date exactly because that was the day those nasty,
spread-eagled Dr. Laura Schlessinger photos spread like wildfire around the web.

ha ha

It was kind of a fun couple of days for me.  (This was in my Blue Period)
I sat drunk and alone in the White House, looking at the paintings and the antiques on the walls,
then as time went by, the Secret Cervix discovered me and let me go.  So I got back to Tulsa and 
I opened my e-mail and I hit a vein of historical gold ...that was a good 33 inches wide, so I decided 
to make Dr. Laura the friction-dream of every hyper-hormoned 13-year old on-line pervert in America, 
a legend in her own f-ing time.

...there's some good shit in those back issues.

 Click Here to see ALL of Dr Laura's nasty-ass, spread leg pictures

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