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"On the video, both participants are naked. Rielle Hunter is propped up against the hotel bed headboard, 
with John Edwards belly-down on the bed between her legs. As Hunter, the campaign's official videographer, 
holds the camera, a smiling Edwards performs oral sex.  Because of the camera angle, Hunter's face is not visible, 
but her distinctive jewelry is. Not only does candidate Edwards know he's being filmed, one source says, he's also 
clowning around and "graphically performing for the camera."    Link
   -- Diane Dimond, The Daily Beast

 Mugging for the camera?

 While performing oral on your who'ore?
 While running for the White House?
 While your wife is stricken with/dying of cancer?

 Somebody that crazy got that close to the White House?

 Had things turned out slightly different, Edwards could be VP right now, knowing she had a tape in her hands 
 which compromises Edwards which compromises the White House and that's almost scary.

 Really, John?
 Mugging for the camera?

 Do you realize, John, that the purpose of that camera was to record your triple political felony?
 Why would you play the fool on the tape that'd make you Loser of the Decade if you get caught?

 Of all people, who would expected that John was hiding a monster that insane in his brain?

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