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Subject: Helen Thomas


I know (and appreciate) how you prefer to stay out of issues related to the Middle East madness,
but Ms. Thomas was pushing the big red button that will set off any good Zionist. 

Without getting into it... doesn't she have that right?  People who've never left Des Moines
or Tulsa often have super-strong feelings about the conflict and I always wonder why. 

Her "home" country was invaded and occupied - but she shouldn't have an opinion?

If Mexico invaded and occupied the United States should we be polite
and "watch what we say" when asked what we think of the Mexican invaders?

She was denying the historical attachment of Jews to that scrap of desert; claiming that they
were and are all carpetbaggers invading from other countries, and that they should all go back
where they came from, whether it be the U.S., Russia, Poland, Germany or wherever. 

But isn't that logical for a person of Lebanese descent?

New subject:
Does Israel have the right to invade and occupy ANY COUNTRY
that they feel would be militarily advantageous for them?

If they deem Bulgaria a threat, can they invade and occupy Turkey?

In the mind of Ms. Thomas and the vast majority of Arabs (and Persians) in that area,
Judaism is a religion, and there is no such thing as a “Jewish People”.  If there is no “Jewish People”,
how can there be a state for the Jewish People.  In other words, the State of Israel has no right
to exist as a Jewish State, and their version of a “two state solution” is the “West Bank” and
Gaza Strip as one state, and Israel (or whatever they will rename the country) as a secular
Palestinian majority state (it would be a Palestinian majority state if they were permitted to
empty all of the refugee camps into Israel, as they have always demanded) next door. 

I know nothing about any of that, but maybe we shouldn't decide what Helen thinks.
She said what she said - let's not extrapolate other meanings from her words.

Ms Thomas blew her dog whistle, and the “dogs” understood perfectly what she meant.

You know more about the situation because I have chosen to remain ignorant about it,
but saying "(The invaders/occupiers) should go home" is a lot different than saying
they have no right to exist.

Had she said, "Fuck the Jews, they should be wiped off the face of the earth,"
then I could see how someone would be justified in using a Hitler comparison.

Is her crime having an opinion?
Or is her crime being a journalist with an opinion?

If Mexico invaded and occupied the United States, for whatever reason would Joe Conason
and Gene Lyons and I have a right to say, "They should get the hell out of America?"

I say yes.

One last thing?
As always, this is about to snowball into a shit storm, but if you have an opinion and you want
it printed, you MUST start your e-mail with , "Bart, I read your Screaming Eagles story."

I don't have an opinion on that 4,000 year, nobody-wins war,
but I do know you gotta be religiously insane to want to live there.

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