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Subject: more on Gaster being a racist fuck

My point is, you're calling someone a racist without any proof of racism other than
a sign that has no racist content.  Simply because he's white and lives in Georgia?

No, that's not why.
Republicans and Teabaggers were 100% silent when Bush went on the biggest spending spree in history.
Bush wasted trillions of dollars (not to mention thousands of military lives) and they remained silent.

But the minute the Black guy got in, they organized to "save America" from the "evil Kenyan.".
Bush spent those trillions making himself (and other oil buddies) rich, while the money Obama spent
was for stimulus tax cuts, saving the banks, saving Detroit and literally saving America's economy.

THEN the Republicans and Teabaggers were 100% outraged at the "drunken sailor" spending.

Did you know the Republicans, including Ryan, voted to raise the debt limit 7 times under Bush?
But when Obama got in, they refused to do that and it cost America a downgrade in credit.

You're trying to tell me that wasn't about race?

If the white guy spends $100 on liquor, that's OK.
If the Black guy spends $10 on liquor, they call him a hopeless drunk.
Bottom line, if Obama's race isn't the answer, what is?

You can always says it's not about race, but until you're able to articulate the reason
why Obama's $10 is worse than Bush's $100, what other conclusion can we draw?

I can defend anything I've ever written which is well over 15,000 web pages.
If I can do that, why can't ONE Republican defend their hatred of Obama?

If it's not race, what is it?
Maybe you're the guy with the magic answer?

People were walking around with signs saying Bush should die, Kill Bush. 
Telling Obama to kiss his ass is far gentler than the majority of things said about bush. and not racist.

You make a poor point that because he's a business owner that makes it racist or wrong?
A business owner can't protest but some nameless person on the street can?
The former takes more guts if you ask me.

It takes guts to be a racist in rural Georgia?

Anyone with a crayon and a cardboard box can make a sign. If  Obama spend the $100 on liquor
and Bush spent $10 and Blacks hated Bush, ...well, ...that's never happened but I would NOT
endorse the Black guy's illogical sign the way you're standing behind Gaston.

Gaston is an employer with money and we must assume he's a player in politics so yes,
his actions hold more weight than "some guy on the corner with a sign."
Plus, odds are the Black guy with the "Bush should die" sign was hired by Karl Rove.

And maybe people address you that way,
because you address them that way on you're website.

(I thanked Ricky for being polite, possibly a mistake on my part.) 

  Just a thought.
 You are proof that I play fair when I fight with a Republican.
 I have the truth on my side, I don't need any tricks to win.
 Until you can answer the question about the $100 vs the $10,
 we can only assume race is the X factor that you can't own up to.

BTW, are you rich?

If not, Bush fucked you too, real hard.

The super-rich did GREAT from 2001-2009 - how'd you do?
The last stats I saw said the super-rich went up 250 percent in net worth under Bush
while the non-rich went up one percent - but that was before the housing crash. 
Voting for Bush (and hating Obama) will get you more of that.

Are you one of those guys who has nothing but will fight to the death to be sure
the OIL companies get another trillion dollars in tax breaks and unneeded subsidies?

If you're rich, then I can understand your greed. If you're poor,
why are you fighting so hard to give the super-rich a smoother ride?

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